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    Got to admit it’s a little frustrating coming into this thread to read rumours and just more back and forth about buendia and who’s upset who. Any chance we can just bring this back to its original purspose? Should be a fun and exciting time…
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    You must be joking, Indy. Hogs, as you call him, knows so little about football he actually thinks teams play in formations! Seriously, I am not making this up. He believes players don't just wander around aimlessly but stay in certain supposedly discernable patterns. Of course it is nonsense, like people claiming to see shapes in ink blots. Luckily City1st has been on hand to put him right.
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    But this is naive. "They need to get on with it" The club have likely been working on it since before the end of last season but thats simply not how transfers work. This is where the whole thread is completely pointless. Clubs won't let Good players leave until they have a replacement lined up. The euros only just recently finished and players only just started to come back from holidays. And let's not pretend NCFC are some unique standout here - has every other club concluded all their transfer business now?
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    So we need a new thread then ?
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    Win a car, funds to the CSF https://www.communitysportsfoundation.org.uk/news/win-a-lotus-elise-final-edition-and-support-the-foundation/ If like me you don't want a Lotus Elise 'cos getting in and out of it will be harder that signing a quality CB just give £9 to the CSF. https://www.communitysportsfoundation.org.uk/make-a-donation/
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    I absolutely hope that we don't pay over the odds for someone just because we've put them on a list. It's a ridiculous notion that we can magically find a couple of million down the back of the sofa to 'push the boat out'. We have a limited budget available for transfers which also includes signing on fees, agent fees, wages and bonuses. We will undoubtedly spend it all. We need to ensure we get the maximum value for money. Let Brentford pay £3.5m more than we were willing to pay. We have to be smarter rather than just paying more.
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    Aye, it's your positivity that sets you apart on this board Fred.
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    The thing is, this is not a 'normal' Tory government. This one a highly populist and does a lot of its business through slogans. "Get Brexit Done", "Levelling Up", "Freedom Day", "Global Britain". Cabinet ministers must go to school somewhere where they are reminded to say this in each statement they make. Even Javid yesterday turned his Covid declaration into something like spin - for the vaccination programme. You could say it was not a good story but he tried to turn it into a good one. These slogans are meant to project drive, ambition and delivery Yet....it's all rhetoric. Brexit hasn't been "done" as we can all see. Like me signing for a house but the whole thing needs reconstruction before I could ever live in it. We are NOT Global but we are weakened internationally. It ISN'T freedom and for lot of people it is a goodbye or if vulnerable, it is a scary future. And people will have heard his levelling up speech...there is NO detail. Covid policy and responses throughout most of this government's term has been like watching a listing ship. Hell, oh for a John Major or Thatcher type government (and didn't expect to type that). Even May would have fared better I believe This administration also looks paralysed, subject to polls as I posted the other week. It therefore often backtracks. It is devoid of REAL ideas. It performs U turns The main object is to keep power - to "take back control". Forget the ridiculous slogan about the EU this control is about taking it from parliament (just look at the lack of scrutiny at the moment, evading questions and challenge). They are trying to undermine the civil service (look at who has been pushed out or has resigned). It's taking back control from the judiciary (consider the proroguing attempt and the scathing stance of the Supreme Court last year). Even the BBC isn't safe - certainly not the liberal Channel 4. How many times does the BBC Newsnight service state they asked for a minister but none was available. Only extreme regimes avoid scrutiny. Does this not appal anyone on this forum? It uses people of high standing and cronies to dominate the media. The press isn't neutral (and see comments on BBC above). As @TheGunnShow says, there is little opportunity to challenge because of FPTP. Look too how the government is trying to introduce Voter ID through. Pesky younger voters might not like this adminstration. They are also looking at changing administrative/constituency boundaries. They want more blue walls Slogans have bought off many Tories who still will vote for funny old Boris. Yet, one small glimmer of hope is that if there are many more voters like @TheGunnShowand @Well b back then perhaps, just perhaps, there could be more by elections like the recent one. A more decent, liberal alliance perhaps? In the meantime expect more culture wars - and the few folk on this forum who try and stoke division too - the "wokes", the "snowflakes" etc. Division is obviously high on the agenda. Look at the statute for Northern Ireland. It will lead to blood on the streets. It doesn't need little me to see this As long as they can scrape in and keep doing well in the polls it is all Johnson wants It is one of the poorest quality cabinets in living history, absent of real understanding. Listen to them, they just talk generalities. Why? Because there is nothing much underneath. Listen to Williamson, listen to Truss, listen to Raab. Gove too - yet he is far more seasoned at bullsh1t Look at what has been done, more importantly, HOW it has been done and how much it has been about themselves and not FOR the general public
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    There are countless forwards that have developed into top players after the age of 21. Look at the top scorers in the prem last year. Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Vardy, Watkins, Bamford. I'd be happy to pick him up and see what Farke can do with him at whatever the market rate is.
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    Watched him 10 - 15 times and never been overly impressed with him. A striker who doesn’t take many shots or get into dangerous positions. His best attributes have always been he works hard and does his defensive work. I suppose at 21 he can develop still (I must admit I thought he was older). Might generate a bit of revenue from the USA as well. £5m wouldn’t be a bad deal, but wouldn’t go anywhere near the reports that suggest €10m.
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    Has to be the least interesting article which literally said nothing of note.
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    It only becomes serious when cambridge starts a thread on a player Alex.
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    If Todwell hasn't proved he will still need to go out on loan to Rotherham ..
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    My nephew took over my account. Nothing to do with me.
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    Big Match Revisited on every Sat am just after Racing Preview on ITV4. Saturday edition included NCFC v Man U from 19/4/80.
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    I and for those following our little group of Wembley attendees and their families ( and some friends ) are furious, one rule for them one for us, let me tell you some more. 1. For most it was near impossible to book a test until the day after they wanted one, Javid gets one straight away. 2. For most of the group it took 24 - 36 hours to get their results, somehow Javid seems to get his in about 3 hours. 3. Test Trace and Spread took 48 hours minimum to contact anyone, the vast majority of the group still have not even been contacted, I personally spent 3 days chasing them to get a reference number, they still have not contacted me 6 days later, yet Johnson and Sunak were contacted in the middle of the night, so they must have contacted Javid within a couple of hours. 4. When my wife asked about the pilot they were quite clear ‘ you have to be selected at random ‘. Did Johnson and Sunak win the lottery last night as well ?. They were both selected, now apparently there are certain sectors that go on the scheme, do they get an all paid day trip to Durham Castle as well. Why should any of us isolate ?. I will not give any clues as to who but one of our group has now decided they will no longer isolate. Don’t care wether this was Starmer, Johnson, Sturgeon ( I accept different rules ) I am absoloutely f****** fuming. I always have the app on as I thought we all had the same rules, I have now switched it off.
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    I don’t mind a new transfer rumour thread. ”official” transfer rumour threads get to the stage where there’s so much rubbish on them that I don’t bother opening the thread anymore. Or even worse, it’s probably descended into a childish argument by now anyway. Threads more than a few hours old normally do. SO thanks OP bringing this to the fore. face value stats don’t sound amazing but if he’s as wizardry as he is weasely I reckon he could be a winner.
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    This is a genuine photo of a pre season game between NCFC (wearing their change Lotus green kit in 2003/4 ) and Plymouth Argyle who in error wore their home shirt . You decide .
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    Think there's already some discussion about it on the transfer rumour thread. Feel free to come join in, Maltese
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    Why did you bother to come back City 1st ? The board has been trundling along quite nicely then up you pop and we’re back with all this nonsense. How about a more permanent arrangement next time ?
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    1976/77 season on ITV4 every night from Monday at 5.55
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    I wasn't aware there were multiple threads about this. I must have chanced upon one. I thought this one held some water. Again maybe I'm wrong.
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    Makes a nonsense of the idea we can wait for everyone to be double jabbed. There are a large number who just don't seem bothered about getting jabbed at all.
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    For folk who like graphs here are a selection of indicators that provide an overview:
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    Can of worms you've opened there! Gibson is a much better all round defender than Godfrey was whilst with us (he may well have stepped up since then), which is quite a helpful thing to be when you're playing as a centre back; heading, distribution, positioning, tackling is all better. He's not as good at shooting or charging upfield, and he doesn't "look" as good on the ball or as cultured a player, but I'd much rather have Gibson and £20m odd in the bank than what was a very weak Godfrey in the latter part of that season. Godfrey may well turn into the Everton version of Van Dijk in time, but when he was with us he was still learning in every game and that, as you intimate, isn't what you need when battling for every point. It concerns me slightly that we are about to put Andrew O in the same position. A better all round player already than Godfrey, but still way too lightweight for a major role every week.
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    Not the whole article, but main snippets... "Which means this summer needs to be different and so far, the signs are encouraging… Angus Gunn signed permanently as a more-than-able goalkeeping back-up to Tim Krul Kosovan forward Milot Rashica joined from Werder Bremen for an initial £9.4 million Midfielder Billy Gilmour will spend the season on loan from Chelsea and started the friendly at King’s Lynn, despite only joining his team-mates for his first training session that morning Another midfielder, Pierre Lees-Melou, is completing his self-isolation after arriving from Nice That is the business done with the £38 million departure of Emiliano Buendia to Aston Villa as its backdrop. The question is, what happens next? “In every area, we need to stay awake and strengthen the squad a little bit,” says Farke. “Centre-back is one area but perhaps another full-back option. Four midfield players have left us (Alex Tettey, Mario Vrancic and Marco Stiepermann, and the end of Oliver Skipp’s loan from Tottenham Hotspur) and we have two back in, so that’s an area we could strengthen. Also up front. “The only area where we are safe right now is the goalkeeper position, so there is still some business to do.” The last line is delivered with a smile. Aarons got a minor knock in training, Giannoulis is out for up to a fortnight with an early hamstring strain and Byram’s long-awaited comeback has had a minor setback — although Farke remains hopeful he will be involved this season. Norwich have a ceiling for what they are willing to offer, along with continuing to implement Championship wage reductions that kick in should the season end in relegation. This pragmatism often puts them at a financial disadvantage when recruiting against clubs that feel more secure in their top-flight status. Norwich feel they are in a significantly better position than two seasons ago, while also knowing that two or three more deals could elevate the strength of that feeling. “It’s a good base,” adds Farke. “The squad is strong so far and if we find the final pieces I have the feeling it could be a great window for us. But it’s too early to judge that.” "
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    Did he ever come out of the closet once he,went in? I'd say no.
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    Just to clairfy - he's not been absent from "our meda too". PinkUn team posted he was in the stands along with Hanley and some of the other players not playing Vs Lynn. Shots of him being there have been shared about. On top of that, he is in some of the training vids the club has put up on youtube.
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    I'd probably loan out two of those three. I don't think Placheta is ready for the Premier League. I've always defended him and said that whilst he's very raw and lacking in end product he does have potential, but he doesn't seem to be developing his end product and footballing brain fast enough. I'd loan him out. I'd loan out Idah too. I think it would be better for him and us in the long term if he gets a season of regular football under his belt rather than just getting 15 minute runouts from the bench here and there, which is likely to happen if he stays, especially if we bring another forward. Omobamidele is probably worth keeping around though. He's younger than the other two so it isn't quite as urgent that he gets regular minutes, and if we use three centre backs regularly then he might get enough game time to keep his development ticking over. I now await the 'look what happened to Cantwell' comments.
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    Probably. But if it comes down to Placheta as wingback cover we will be in deep ****.
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    Yes that's what I thought. I did a similar post for her a couple of years ago when they needed more to go to Germany. Just to add Sue kindly asked me to post her number if people were interested.
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    The hippy bastar*ds! The whole street could go up at any moment. It's your duty to let Preeti know of this outrage.
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    I don't believe they give flying f***. Only the ballot box will cure this lot, if indeed enough of the electorate care.
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    *Cough*, it was Herman's nephew that actually took the thread off topic, Fenway Frank just responded to his comment..........
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    Oh dear..now you've gone too far! Did you actually watch the Champions League Final? Mount is our most important midfielder and that is in a squad with Kante, Jorghino (please stop diving J man) , Pulisic, Ziyech, Havertz (future superstar) , Kovacic,im not including Drinkwater! I know its become very fashionable to attack him but in the Euro's Southgate's absurdly defensive tactics meant he was isolated to a ridiculous level against every decent team and flogged his guts out for us anyway. I love Mase...he plays the game with a fantastic attitude without a hint of arrogance and is a huge talent. Tuchel does not suffer players who he doesn't rate - ask Tammy. Back to BG....Please don't break him! In a twisted way I would love to see him play against us and see if he can show Tuchel what a mistake he's made... I've never agreed with loan players not being able to play against their parent clubs.
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    The issue with that is that it ignores all of the squad development. Cantwell, Buendia, Hernandez, Roberts in 2019-20 Vs Cantwell, Rashica, Dowell, Hernandez, Placheta now. We have essentially lost Buendia but gained Dowell, Rashica and Placheta, whilst Cantwell is another season more experienced. AND we want to add another wide player. Do we have a single player that is better than Buendia? Rashica certainly has comparable stats and arguably has been playing at a higher level for longer - though clearly not the same player. Worth noting though, that Dowell started 14 games last season and made a further 12 appearances as a sub, scoring 6 goals. Buendia made 39 starts and two sub appearances scoring 15 goals. In 2018-19, Buendia scored 8 goals in 41 appearances. Buendia was not the player he ended last season as when he first arrived. Dowell has a full season working under Farke behind him now. What's to say he can't transition to be a better player the same as Buendia? Rashica too? We already know a focused and on form Cantwell is capable, but could he become even better?
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    Can you imagine the reaction if we'd bought a striker, two dms, two cbs and a winger all in the first week of the window and declared business done? Any money the same posters would be saying we should be more considered in our signings. I would love to know what the ideal time frame is and why people think that we are not trying as hard as we can to fulfil targets. But then, I'm a reasonable man.
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    It could be a similar situation to Gunn. He joins as the player to be groomed into Teemu's replacement. So while he starts out on the bench, as Teemu gets older, Josh would become our regular no 9.
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    It’s ok I’ve clearly not written my point in particular good way, I suppose it it’s also very semantic on what different people deem digging heels in.
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    https://audioboom.com/posts/7901128-mark-ashton-interview-running-towards-adversity Now your link is clickable. Huzzah, I am a wizard. No need to thank me
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    I'm not one to jump to the defense of faltering players but he's shown some real quality in tight spots and building from the back. I've said this before but he will keep or carry the ball longer than i thought was necessary at times but then he'll suddenly pick a pass and it makes sense. He has a certain intelligence when he's on the ball that is important to us.
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    Well, one thing is certain for all us lefties...that infamous poster Jools fella can't half pick winners.
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    Boris is god ! In his levelling up speech he has just claimed he personally increased life expectancy for Londoners during his time as Mayor.
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