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    Non-Football section please Pete.
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    I totally blame Johnson for this. For his own ends, he did not put India on the red list, and up until 2 weeks ago, red list travellers were crushed in the arrivals hall at Heathrow along other passengers. We are 15 months into this pandemic and he is still behaving like an idiot. For all his nationalistic flag waving, shouting about how we are ahead of Europe, and all of this could not have happened without Brexit, just look at what’s happening in Germany. It didn’t even need to go to penalties, and yet people still defend him. It feels as if I am in a parallel universe.
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    Yes, indeed. You may have seen those pictures on the news? He had a long swim built into the schedule and big choices in the BBQ segment... hamburger, bit of salad, a bottle lager (direct and not decanted) as well as a selection of dips. I noticed no sausages on the menu however but maybe they had rather overdone those? Then there were the countless photo ops. Seriously, overall, I believe he cut a rather isolated figure. Plenty of time to talk about Global Britain but then insisting we were an island and that the EU needed the UK more than the other way round! Unbelievable. The truth is that other leaders made more sense in their second language than he did speaking in his first.
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    To this day I don't think I've seen a better goal than the van Basten volley. How the hell did it go in? Cross was too deep, Soviet keeper was in top form, Marco had some ankle issues (didn't he always?), ridiculous goal on a huge stage. Took people, including the Dutch boss Michels, a few seconds to realise he'd cracked it in. Still unbelievable, 33 years later
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    Afraid I have to agree with Jim and Kenny on this one, Hoggy. It is typically parochial of our owners to limit their ambitions to this planet. There is a whole footballing galaxy out there just waiting to be conquered, but you would never know it from the way the Stowmarket Two speak...
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    True, but case increases should not be ignored. I agree the vaccine appears to be holding deaths and hospitalisations down, but at some point the increasing case graph will drag the other 2 up. Also large case numbers increase the likelihood of mutations which could reduce the vaccine efficacy. A few weeks to see which way it's going is little sacrifice to be on the safe side.
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    Has any signing anywhere ever not gushed about a combination of the new club’s ambition, squad, fans, stadium, facilities, glorious history? Suspect it means as little (or as much) when they do it here as when they do it at their next club. Other than that it makes us feel good for a bit, and that it might actually be a bit odd if they didn’t have something positive prepared for when they’re inevitably asked.
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    Not necessarily -- individual scouts will not know all the targets that a club is pursuing. Clubs do tend to build some 'Chinese Walls' around scouts so that all of a club's strategy cannot be leaked should one member leave. Windows are planned 6 months to a year in advance - a scout switching clubs in one window isn't likely to mean a massive change in direction in a recruitment plan. Chris Jones, although highly regarded is a scout - he is not a Head of Recruitment or Sporting Director - these are the people who build the strategies and make the deals.
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    Copied 3 tweets from this bloke who I follow for updates on Covid in case folk wish to do the same. In summary, he is very cautious on the Delta variant, supports sensible precautions once we 'open up' (citing wide public support) and he has a very sensible plan for going ahead. His other posts also indicate an inquiring mind on other topics (G7, tax and international cooperation etc).
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    He may not have had a shockable rhythm until you saw the defibrillation. I wouldnt criticise the medical assistance I would hail it. He is alive because of it. 100% successful outcome
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    Sorry I know this is an English club forum, but everyone is excited up here at bonnie Scotland once again loose in tournament football. We are pretty confident of getting out the group stage for the first time ever and of beating The Czech Republic. But I suspect it's more of the same as they are no mugs and we beat them last time while they had most of their team out due to covid. Reckon they will have something to prove.
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    Why? It's June. The Euros are on. Go out, get some fresh air. Enjoy the sunshine. If you find yourself nervous about NCFC in the close season, then try and find some perspective and realise -
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    That Duda chap looks decent for Slovakia, we should look to sign him......
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    Nigel Clough ? Give your head a wobble Lakey.
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    Repost from the other thread; Individual scouts will not know all the targets that a club is pursuing. Clubs do tend to build some 'Chinese Walls' around scouts so that all of a club's strategy cannot be leaked should one member leave. Windows are planned 6 months to a year in advance - a scout switching clubs in one window isn't likely to mean a massive change in direction in a recruitment plan. Chris Jones, although highly regarded is a scout - he is not a Head of Recruitment or Sporting Director - these are the people who build the strategies and make the deals. Worth noting also, Norwich have multiple 'lead' scouts covering the same areas. He is not 'the' lead scout, but one of many scouts the club employ.
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    To be fair, alternatively, he could have praised their generous pay and rewards structure, which would be truthful but not go down too well. Or their recent footballing successes and trophies... which would be both unpopular and untrue. ‘Ambition’ feels about right for the situation.
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    Rap/grime legend Kano http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/robinson-kane.htm I believe he was in the same U13's team as Ian Henderson.
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    Watched 20 mins just now to give it a chance. Desperately poor! Crappy jumble-sale set, crappy presenters, crappy guests. Summed up for me by interviewing a guy from the Falkland Islands to mark 39 year aniversary since the war; he moved there 35 years ago.
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    Imagine a striker force of Hartson and Sibierski with Elmander just off them. The lack of pace would be something else.
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    After seeing someone mention Linvoy Primus in another thread, I was thinking who would make a team of players who were strongly linked with us but never actually signed? Obviously the strike force has to be Shola Ameobi playing next to Quagliarella. Primus in central defence. Carl Cort doesn't count as he actually signed for us in the end. Who else makes the cut?
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    I thought he showed moments of quality while he was with us. There wasn't much time to adjust and he was brought in to immediately change the tide on a failing season. It was a big ask.
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    Well Farke let Buendia take an awful lot of free kicks last season and he was utterly gash at it. (don't tell Aston Villa though ).
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    Would be good to celebrate a decent signing... Or a good new sponsorship or a great new kit. Fingers crossed. Buendia's departure and the other silly nonsense definitely bought the joys of last season to an end.
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    Would love to see Sweden win. Can't stand this poncy tippy tappy stuff.
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    Queue the multiple explanations of why looking for additional investment will result in financial ruin and the club playing Kings Lynn in 4 seasons time from the hoards of posters whose dreams have been slowly eroded away year after year until such time they welcome the pain and suffering caused by their captors like a warm security blanket
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    Seriously-I think if he does, he could be in trouble.
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    Grew up in Australia. Plays for QPR. He's done alright for us in recent games, but tonight just not sharp enough
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    No, I'm quite serious.....
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    Are we going for an XI of the best players linked with us, as some of those mentioned were utter dogshoite. Lucas Biglia has got to be in the best XI.
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    ...yep, a work permit fail. #earlybrexit In recent years Domagoj Vida
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    Kenny had to be withdrawn from the squad due to injury. But he's on media duties for the BBC for Scotland games so that should be quite a laugh!
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    I like the culture he has created, the better relations with the mdeia and fans and generally there is nothing to dislike about Southgate - he's a decent guy. I think he's doing a reasonable job. Having said that i think tactically he is a little lacking, is slow to react in games and still does not quite know his best side. I think he got the formation right finally in the game yesterday and that formation really suits us so thats a good start. I do, however, think our two best full backs were on the bench so the team selection was a little bit strange.
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    'No Norwich players get near the squad' How dare you, Ruddy and Redmond had like, at least a cameo
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    In future, why doesn't the club suggest a new sponsor, then immediately inform the loyal support of the intended/proposed sponsor by social media email etc.... Y'know, that loyal support that possess no or very little business acumen, who then with due diligence then said "Whoa, wait a mo' - have you seen this?"..... Then quite rightly our concerned and loyal support immediately raised concerns about the intended but unsuitable sponsors, after the loyal support having just doing some basic and easy investigative detective work on t'internet..... That resulted unfortunately for those currently employed at Carra (who's job is to source this much needed sponsorship for NCFC) and for some reason or other.....failed to notice or overlook the repercussions?..... Or maybe, they just chose to ignore it, as they only focused or became 'target fixated' on the finance and not the whole picture?..... (Especially the picture with sausages).....
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    Yeh, the only way out of this is to get as many people as possible double vaccinated, if that means delay in opening up to prevent another large wave then so be it. I fear we have already missed the boat on that one with large numbers of people still not protected and the early stages of the wave now embedded.
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    I don't get the "defensive" accusations. Today he played a 4-2-3-1 with the full backs given free reign to push on while one of the midfield two dropped back and the other linked the play to the fairly fluid forward line. Any of that sound familiar...?
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    He was, at Southampton until that infamous 9-0 defeat, Pink Un stating he had started 21 of 22 Premier games. Also yes lets get this Topic correct, the title of which says Leeds agree a deal...nowhere is there any evidence of this, reports just saying Leeds are highly interested etc etc...there is a big difference between being interested and a Pink Un report laying out a deal and structure of the deal. I agree with Lakey in that this IS an important position within a squad and if we can get Angus in for even a sum that may eventually reach perhaps 6 mill then i think its a super deal and i personally rate Angus highly. Get it done.
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    Gunn isn't good enough to be a regular starter in the PL.
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    I saw this yesterday and I must admit I had never made the Benny Hill connection before . Once you see it you cannot get the image from your mind!
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    When I was working in a hospital in New Zealand we had a patient who went into cardiac arrest halway across a pedestrian crossing. This particular patient was extremely lucky that the person behind them just happened to be one of our Consultant Cardiologists. True story
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