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    And respect to you, Lakey, for standing your ground on the issue. It's not about Mary Whitehouse prudishness, it's about protecting the reputation of the club and the brand we've built around it.
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    Brilliant news. I note that the club have stated that they'd had pressure from other partners (so other sponsors), nobody had really considered that angle had they! Still leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, particularly the posters on here who have sought to defend and rationalise the deal at every turn - utterly embarressing for them. Glad the club has seen sense, I bet Delia was not very pleased with this deal and will have been asking questions about whether some execs now have too much autonomy. I'd pay an extra tenner for a sponsorless shirt if that helps the club at all this season.
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    But he is representing them at next years Eurovision Song Contest
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    If you still don't understand what is wrong with a betting firm that uses 'ambassadors' to market itself to the hardcore p o r n industry then I guess you will continue to be perplexed. No reputable UK company could possibly be seen to have any connection to such a firm, let alone it be their main sponsor. I pointed out a day or so back that Norwich City's other sponsors would be pressing the board to scrap this deal, and it seems that was happening. The crude sexualisation of women and the soft core innuendo stuff was far enough beyond the pale by itself, but the hardcore p o r n connection was way way beyond.
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    I wouldn't expect people to hit correct steps every time, hence the calls for heads to roll being rather too shrill for my taste. All I can ask is, if an error is made, that it is owned. They did that, and they did it quickly. Very fair play to them.
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    I have good news for you! There's still plenty of jobs and opportunities in our wonderful world just ready and waiting to exploit women, and ****bags like you ready to consume the content and pretend that it's all right because "the woman chose to do it". Often young women take these jobs as it's the only way to fend off poverty for them and their families. We absolutely have no idea about the women behind the BK8 adverts. But it's absolutely right that nothing of the sort should be anywhere near a club who values inclusivity and equality as NCFC do. And fyi, comparing NCFC pulling out of a sponsorship deal to controlling and coercive behaviour is a sickening afront to victims of domestic violence. You've gone from being quite amusing to yet another vile POS infecting this forum.
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    Absolutely spot on - saved me saying it. I guess it’s the right decision for the wider community thing. I stand by the club’s right to have entered into the deal to start with, along with their right to back out of it once they realised it wasn’t quite what they thought.
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    'Heads will roll' Come on. This is so 'angry mob' it hurts. Heads don't need to sodding roll. They listened to you angry lot and they apologised. There is a hell of a lot more we have to be grateful for to the people currently running our club. There is no need for anybody to be sacked and I personally want to make it known (not that they read this board) that the work of our present custodians I am delighted with and I hope this model continues in its guise for many years. Are you saying you think it would be fair for you to lose your job every time you make a mistake? This is a Club that believes in giving people chances. Where's the Community spirit in pitchforking for people's jobs? Makes me sick.
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    Sounds a bit too close to **** for my liking Good grief I hope not. I'm a veggy and can't stand the stuff. That's fair enough. But...am I the only poster that needs to be told something once and not twenty times. I can read and understand an issue and a poster's views. I'm reasonable enough and have am fair minded even to accept a view too I disagree with (like this issue) but I've found the constant barrage of views (not just by this poster) reminding me of the saying "methinks you do protest too much". I think it's incumbent to fight back strongly when people are starting numerous threads belittling or rubbishing an important issue. If we don't do that, this board can look like a lads only place - and it shouldn't.
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    We don't need to attract the 'top talent'; we need to attract the rough diamonds and young potential willing to sacrifice a bit of short term income for the opportunity to play and improve on the biggest stage. We have a proven track record of giving players the chance to shine and then letting them move on. I'd say that makes us a very attractive prospect to the right kind of player and it actually helps us to weed out the mercenaries who would only come for the money.
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    Apparently it’s going to be Hertha but they have asked for a redesign for the shirt. At first glimpse I guess it’s ok
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    I think that's why Asian betting firms are so prevalent in sports sponsorship - betting advertising is banned in some of those markets but premiership football is huge. The shirt sponsorship is a way around that. But I know what you mean - apparently, Yokohama tyres paid Chelsea £40million per year! Did that make them shift that much more rubber? Did they misunderstand the term 'Chelsea tractor'?
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    Breaking club statement - Hotdogs will now also be removed from all food kiosks within the ground and replaced with less phallocentric snack options. Apples
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    There's a piece in the Torygraph today complaining that the EU knew the deal wasn't a good one for the UK and they should not have signed it. Also says the UK signed 'under duress'. I must've missed the picture of Barnier with a gun in one hand and a pen in the other. Sadly some people are going to believe this absolute b0ll0x.
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    No, it was a (not very funny) joke.
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    Good stuff, a lot of clubs would have dug in and spent the cash. This is going to trigger a few people on here. They'll be more offended that the deal is cancelled than the people who were offended by the deal in the first place.
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    Well it can't be jarrolds. They have female lingerie models. Thats objectification according to the self appointed morality police. So any company who use models of any sort can't sponsor us. Can't be alcohol, gambling. Can't be food as people get eating disorders. Can't be any company with historical links to slavery or literally anything else negative ever. Can't be a meat company because vegetarians. Can't be a vegetarian food company because vegans. Can't be anything that has ever been linked to religion. Can't be any company with links to poor wages or conditions, which rules out every single Eastern clothing and tech company ever. Can't be any company linked to oil, gas, global warming. No company with links to dodgy money or people. Can't be any company who employ, or are linked, to anyone who has ever made a dodgy social media post. Erm...... Perhaps let's not have a sponsor, as the self appointed woke morality police will attack every company ever. I'd also suggest vetting of fans, and only allow those of a high level of morality, as defined by the committee, to support the club.
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    Emi is on 80,000 a week at Villa. I know he wanted to go but his wage with us would have been 35,000 this season. 80,000 a week, call that 300,000 a month, you're looking at around 3m per year in wages when were already paying 1.5m People saying we cant pay those kind of wages. Really? We couldnt have found 1.5m to keep Emi at the club? (I know this is simplistic, there'll be signing on fees as well). But what does Emi get at Villa this season that we cannot offer him? No European competition at Villa. A fanbase that loves him and a system in which he fits perfectly and guaranteed to start every week. At 33m its unlikely he wont be one of the first names on the teamsheet, but still, he's not established there. I know he wanted to go but Id be disappointed if we didnt make any financial attempt to persuade him to stay, if only for one more season. Money talks
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    £80,000 per week for 5 years equals £20.8 million, made for life
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    I'd be heartbroken to see Hernandez leave and legitimately think he still has something to offer! Zimmerman and Hugill will be kept around, I suspect, as safe backup options + good dressing room characters. Stieperman is probably gone. As are all 5 listed by the OP if possible.
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    Point is, we will not attract the top talent if we are £30k below the average Premiership wage. It's fine having £30m to spend but it's the wages that will be the issue.
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    Can anyone honestly say we won't? Can anyone honestly say we will? Say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't Say you're true, say to me, c'est la vie
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    Won’t bother writing them on my calendar, Sky will change most of it
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    There would need to be a sausage history due diligence process for applicants which needs to be signed-off by the Fan-appointed Sausage Appropriateness Committee and then a probationary period to ensure that no unauthorised sausage behaviour took place after the bond had been purchased (failure to comply means the bond is withdrawn and the money non-refundable). Seems reasonable enough. Apples
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    We'll get Brentford Away last game of the season, all we have to do is draw to stay up and we lose 6-0
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    “What a lot of football fans won’t understand is how little interest most of these firms have in the UK market and in UK bettors,” says Alun Bowden, head of European markets at US research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming. “It’s just about trying to get brand exposure in Asian markets where gambling advertising is banned or heavily restricted. It’s a game within a game, and you’re not playing.” This process involves setting up a website which is designed to “look and feel like a company or brand, but the contents and services provided on the website are operated and managed by a licensed gambling company”, says the Gambling Commission. “This is typically a commercial arrangement where both parties share any profit from the website.” The fact that you had to go to the second page of Google results (and thus their complete disinterest in English language SEO) to find the page of a company who just recently invested £5m in a Premier League sponsorship deal is a strong indicator of the above situation.
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    What a hero. If only more men were brave enough to fight for women's rights to show us their cleavage, the world would be a much better place.
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    I do agree. You don't become that rich without pillaging from somewhere or exploiting, whether that is resources or just the environment in general. There's a sliding scale though isn't there, I like to think that our society retains enough of a moral compass to reach a general consensus on morality. JK Rowling's wealth is pretty much on par with Philip Green's for example. Both now only dollar billionaires rather than pound billionaires, one because they've given a lot of their wealth away to good causes, the other because they've had to repay a large chunk of the money they effectively pillaged from the pension funds of their employees. I'm sure you could find something to dislike JK Rowling for. But I know which one I'd rather have owning Norwich City football club.
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    Banham Zoo......We could have a parade of wild animals at half time.....and maybe chuck a real snake into the snake pit......
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    He didn’t. The Board did. I think Kensell got overruled by the board when they realised just what (another) **** up he’d made. Surprised it wasn’t sneaked out at 6am on fixture release date like the last ‘mistake.’ Well done to the club for pulling the deal. There are so many good and efficient people at the club- I’m just not sure he’s one of them.
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    Allow me to elucidate: it's about changing things for the better, not appearing to be a 'good person'. And while we know that we won't change the minds of the vocal minority who wish to defend their right to degrade and exploit women to the bitter end, we can at least hope to influence the wider debate so that the things which have been historically 'acceptable' will (slowly) stop being tolerated. Let me be clear: me and 'my ilk' don't care what you think of us; we just want you to stop feeling so brave about spouting your out-dated views. And we'll continue to call them out.
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    I guess when you don't understand basic respect for other people, you have to give it some derogatory term like 'virtue signalling' so that you can ridicule it. There's actually nothing wrong with wanting my kids to grow up in a better world where they aren't so easily twisted to the perversions of disgusting old men.
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    If you genuinely don't understand then I suggest that you speak to some women about it. I have two daughters. I don't want them to grow up with *that* as a genuine career choice, let alone to be affected by the insidious sexualisation of women in many aspects of life.
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    Can we leave Ben Kensell alone now? He listened, you got your pound of flesh, your problem has been solved.
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    I'm going to suggest to Bill Kensell that each season ticket holder pays an extra £200 for the upcoming season - 22,000 x £200 = £4.4m. Covers the sponsorship shortfall and won't cost me a penny.
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    We could have "PRINCIPLED" on the front; "RELEGATED" on the back.
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    I suspect this was the real reason for your frankfurter outrage.
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    Did anyone else see the Israel cup game the other day where the ref disallowed a goal after there was a foul - he initially allowed play to go on before going to check it on VAR, spotting his mistake and overruling the goal. Throughout the entire process he was being hounded by the players of the team who scored, the coaches, it was horrendous to watch. The poor ref did his job and stood his ground, sending off a few players, coaches and substitutes in the process but I would not have blamed the man if he had walked off and not come back. Luckily we don't see so much of that here in the UK, but the behaviour of footballers as professionals and indeed celebrities in the spotlight is absolutely awful sometimes. I agree and hope that they use VAR to stamp down on this, diving and general poor attitude during football matches. It just isn't necessary. I think this whole going to ground to win a penalty nonsense also needs to stop. The problem is half of these issues are being caused by the ways the law making bodies are implementing the rules in the first place
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    I suspect that this was probably in part a financial decision. There would likely have been reduction in shirt sales and further damage to the Norwich City brand. There would be a cost associated with this. I wasn't planning on buying a shirt this year but now I likely will.
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    The whole thing was a grand plan to get an even better deal out of Quorn or Ecotricity!
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    Got to hope it doesn't hit our already stretched budget
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    That's brilliant. Well done NCFC. Ok, shouldn't have got involved in the first place, but withdrawing form it is a huge gesture to the fans and to anyone else watching, that we are serious about the community/social side of the club. Respect.
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    Just watching Peston and I am very confused. Why is it we signed a deal that the U.K. government are saying the eu don’t understand what they have done. What complete idiots would sign a deal and then try to break it and blame the other side .
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    In the interests of equality... I was regularly violently abused by a woman for years who wasn't an alcoholic. Violence by women against men is rarely talked about due to the embarrassment and it being treated far less seriously. "Battered women" in your context shows a gender bias as it can happen to anyone. https://www.channel5.com/show/when-women-abuse-men/ I would add that alcohol is actually banned from being advertised on players shirts. I would support banning gambling adverts on shirts too; but not only at Norwich City.
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    Hardly William Hill though are they, its weird. Type BK8 into Google and I can't find their website, the only twitter I can find has 0 followers and was created in April 2021. No wikipedia. Who are they? Are they brand new? Who is funding this sponsorship drive? Which individual is their financial backer, how did he make his money? All I can find at the moment is that they are registered in Malta (like most gambling firms) and seem to operate in a few primary markets where gambling is actually illegal. What due diligence has been done, who are these people, where did their money come from? Is it clean money? Or is it all illegal profits from countries where gambling is banned? I'm more worried at the moment that we may have got into bed with a bunch of crooks, and that's after years of Delia Smith taking the moral highground about not taking dirty oil money or taking money from oligarchs. Surely she is not best pleased that the club has sold out to the highest bidder with no consideration at all to values or integrity. If there are 'crisis meetings' I suspect it will be Delia and her husband, two white as white brilliant moral people who are probably less than pleased about this deal and questioning whether Webber, Kensell and Ward should have as much autonomy as they currrently do. Perhaps rubber stamping of certain things needs to go back to the board room. As a fan, I've bought into the idea of being self-funded and owned by real fans of the club and not taking dodgy foreign money, but what's the point in that if we're just going to get into bed with these weird faceless entities anyway? May as well go the whole hog and flog the club to some new money billionaire from an emerging market.
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    Thank you to Horsefly, Hoggy and Lapps. Only one nominated visitor allowed (which is my Mum) and for a pre booked hour only means I am on pins until she has visited and relayed how he is doing. Dropped the shopping off to them in the morning, seven hours later frantic call from my Mum saying an ambulance is on the way to my Dad. Poor old boy has dementia and is clearly not coping with being in hospital, he is a tough old boy so I have got my fingers crossed they can sort him out (infusion on each lung, pneumonia in one lung, water infection and sepsis infection in his chest). Health, life and my loved ones are my priority. Emii being sold to Villa just does not matter at all in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't.........
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