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    Well if you like it so much why don't you go and live there. 😀
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    Why do you think their incompetence is just to spite us? Are you only nine years old? They have messed it up throughout Europe with the vaccine. But I doubt anyone decided to mess it up to get at us. Only someone weird would think that.
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    I'm amazed that anyone takes any notice of stories linking us to players. 95% of them are little more than lazy journalism or clubs and agents trying to move a player on. Webber has done very well at keeping our actual potential signings out of the press.
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    What's the betting that this is currently the most used sentence by UK citizens?
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    Some good and grown up politics.👍 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/britain-ready-to-seal-covid-vaccine-deal-with-eu-ts6pmj0tk
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    You are right, we should go back to signing big name international players who have proven themselves in the Premier League.... Like Naismith, Jarvis, and Elmander.
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    Vaulks "ageing"? I mean, if you want to get technical, with each passing second he gets one second older, so we are all ageing. But he's 27 and a half. He's half way through his career. Year younger than Holt was when he signed for us, and a year older than Hoolahan was at that same time. Not every signing has to be a 20 year old that you hope you can sell on for a £15m profit, if a player signs for us and plays six years of regular football before being released, that is also something to consider a good investment! Iwan Roberts was 28 when he signed for us. Darren Huckerby was 27, Teemu Pukki was 28, Tettey was 26. Its just a ridiculous thing to say!
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    Have you ever tried getting any sense out of him?
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    There is no better club.
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    Agent Cook - enough said. Hope we don't run out of special agents.
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    He is better in a front two with Mulder
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    call ? has he phoned you ?
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    and it all seemed to be going so well poor binners 😪
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    There was a stat before the game that Cyprus had lost 18 of their last 23 away games so I thought it would be a good option, shame Croatia didn’t make it a bit more comfortable for us! Good luck with the other games Eddie!
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    "noggin" seems to have hit the nail, "you cant polish a turd" 😀
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    Seeking members at launch of Bush party
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    “ Dreadful, gutless and just depressing “ That’s one of the more complementary quotes
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    650K and of those 250K second jabs, great stuff
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    Alba made pretty low grade radiograms
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    I'd take 90% any day. Unless of course its China and Russia where every political decision is well over 100%🤐
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    The potential demand has always been underestimated and if extra seating ever became available I would guess at least 5000 would be snapped up.
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    An interesting study:- "Denmark ready for quick unlocking as experts say risk of third Covid wave is low Nine of country's 10 political parties backed wide-ranging plan that would see majority of restrictions removed by end of May Denmark, long an advocate of a cautious approach to Covid, is ready to take a "calculated risk" and unlock quickly in the spring after scientists said the risk of a third wave is low. Last week, nine of the country's 10 political parties voted to back a wide-ranging plan that would see the majority of restrictions on normal life removed by the end of May, coinciding with vaccines having been offered to all over-50s. That is in contrast to Britain, which should reach the same vaccines landmark by mid-April but will not fully remove restrictions until late June, when the entire adult population will have been offered a first dose. Starting on April 6 with the reopening of hairdressers, restrictions in Denmark will be eased every two weeks, with larger shopping centres allowed to open from April 21 and indoor dining returning from May 6. Danish officials are aware that the unlocking is likely to lead to an increase in Covid infections and hospitalisations but believe the problem is manageable. Discussing the first stage of lockdown easing in late February, Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister, said: "We are taking a calculated risk. The lockdown is starting to have very grave consequences. But the reopening comes with a price – the more you reopen, the more people will be infected and the more people will be hospitalised." People queue for Covid vaccinations at a centre in Copenhagen earlier this month Credit: Ole Jensen/Getty Images Europe Denmark's confidence stems from the solidity of its test and trace system and the impact of vaccines on hospitalisations, said Prof Christian Wejse, a specialist in infectious diseases at Aarhus University and an adviser to the Danish government on contact tracing. "Offering vaccines to all above 50 – that's about 40 per cent of the population," he said. "Although that is far from herd immunity, it is still something that is likely to take a lot of steam off the epidemic." The country is operating what he called a "very heavy testing regimen", including twice-weekly testing for those who go to work. Denmark's contact tracing has proved its worth just months after being overwhelmed by the country's second wave. Despite schools for younger children and most shops reopening in February, there have been eight weeks of relatively low infections. "We've put a lot of extra effort into contact tracing, so it's been possible to shut down most of the outbreaks we've had," said Prof Wesje. A "corona passport" scheme will also be in place, requiring people to have been vaccinated or tested negative in the previous 72 hours to access certain public spaces such as restaurants and barbers. Unlike in the UK, politicians are not targeting irreversibility in their erasing of restrictions. If hospitalisations head back to January's peak, when close to 1,000 patients were in Danish hospitals with Covid, restrictions will snap back. Nevertheless, expectations are positive. "I think we all expect to be more or less done with this when we get closer to herd immunity," said Prof Wejse."
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    I think these are the Watford players from their first team that are on international duty-Sema, Cathcart, Bachmann, Zinckernagel and Gray.
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    We can’t hide from it forever it’s not going away. Once everyone is vaccinated We should be able to get on with normal life. The only reason we werent allowed to ,was to stop hospitals overflowing, that shouldnt be an issue in future.
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    Wow, that was brave of San Marino to put out their B team against the might of Gareth Southgates bulldog boys then 😇.
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    The last thing we need is some big time Charlies signing on big money who are not good enough. We have been there, done that and nearly lost the Club altogether. The way the Club recruits is not going to change just because we have been promoted.
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    Brentford would ask for at least 30 million. We wil never pay that.
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    Thanks Sonyc.👍 I caught bits of both during bouts of channel hopping but missed a lot.Hearing Ravel's WW1 experience was interesting,the eagerness to join in and help, and echoed a lot of men at the time.
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    If everyone gets vaccinated (twice?) ...we just have to get on with life
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    Heavy sigh. This (assuming promotion) is going to be a very long summer. Posters are going to have to pace themselves and try some exasperation/anger management techniques before replying...😎
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    Indeed. Hanley + Gibson has been one of our best defensive pairings in a long time
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    And I was there, best night I’ve had in that dump, the night made all the better as some **** decided it was a good idea to run up and down on top of the corporate boxes with his flag and got chucked out before the concert!
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    What you've failed to take into account that these figures will be off-set by the massive increases in the Flag industry and Priti Patel's one woman efforts to subsidise the UK Eyebrow Technicians. 😀
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    Another shouty gammon with a YouTube making up lies. If this is typical of where you get your information from @SwindonCanary, it is no wonder you are wrong on almost every subject. Pretty pathetic really
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    The expression about too many cooks comes to mind. I don't want to open up the whole Brexit debate again but the EU does nothing that a sovereign country can't do by itself. It has stuck it's oar into the vaccine rollout when it could and should have left it up to national governments. AZ must be totally peed off having to deal with both the EU and national governments in Europe. I see even Junker the former EU president is criticising VDL.
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    I don’t doubt that the EU are stung and embarrassed by this. But presumably (and I may be wrong) this is not a matter for the EU but for national governments?
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    I thought the bet was with me not Kiwi ? 😂
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    Sorry to be so late this week. A woman's work is never done.... 😉. There’s a lot of low hanging fruit this but that won’t help the PUPs much. Also I can already hear the scathing comments from the Larkman. Therefore I’m off to Ireland. Bohemians to beat Longford please. For BTTS Israel and Scotland. I can confirm that Til1010’s inability to cope with another woman winning the PUPs league last season has resulted in another £20 winging it’s way to Nutty at the end of the season. Whoever finishes lowest out of the forum police and me has to cough. Come on Bohemians. There’s a lot riding on this.
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    I'd relax about it to be honest, we know that our scouts will have almost hundreds of names for the short and medium term and for the eventuality of either promotion or if the truly bizarre was to happen and we were to stay down. It seems to me that some of these are being floated for reasons other than the truth; for example its a bit of a slow news week with the internationals and so thats filling the pages, some of the links appear to be recycling names we've been linked to in the past. The next is that with our strong position lots of agents will be trying to get their players names out there in the hope that either we pick them up, or other clubs will take notice that their player is being 'linked with soon to be promoted Norwich City'. I think we all have to temper our expectations, I love the talknorwich city lads for example but the 75 million budget thats been on their transfer videos is extremely unlikely and I worry too many fans are getting the wrong end of the stick of being in a better position to last time. I think its likely we will spend somewhere in the region of £20-35 million spread over maybe 5-6 players, possibly less players bought and a couple on loan too. Anyway, relax and enjoy it, if we do get over the line I think it should be a fun summer with plenty of twists and turns and maybe a few surprises too!
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    We're already past the part of the season we "needed him most", the job's done, we could get Brian McGovern back in at CB and still go up.
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    If we were Championship fine, but to avoid relegation we need an upgrade on Hanley and Gibson imo.
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    Rules have been in since December, its for all levels of English leagues that 15 points are needed for GBE not just PL.
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    When he was talking about schools returning (before they did), he repeatedly said 3 weeks between return and Easter. It was noted at the time this was utterly inaccurate. As I mentioned previously, its about 30% of schools who are breaking up today instead of Thursday.
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    I do appreciate the apparent unfairness of the timing, but we have known about this for some months and we have built a squad for this reason. We will put out a decent team whatever happens and they will play the way we always play. Whether that's enough to beat a "manager bounce" Preston is debatable but we have enough points in the bank to get through without too much drama.
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    Currently employed at Go Ahead Bagels
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    OK, I looked him up & he shares the same terrible views about women that Paul has. He was reprimanded and finally left the BBC after making lewd comments about a weather presenter, he used the terms 'hotties' and 'slappers' when describing women in the news. He's a 24 carat RWNJ.
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    I see no blue on the national flag of England
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    It’s an absolute nonsense link. Won’t be happening.
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