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    Well that's one in the eye for all those on this forum who were happy to hand the Championship trophy to Brentford during the week....with 18 games left....
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    I think we have had enough of your amorous Valentine's antics for now, thank you
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    If Brentford rate him, sign him up. They are the best team in this division and will clearly storm the PL, probably winning it in their first season.
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    A genuine all rounder (and a bloody good one) which means that people without a football brain will never see why he's valuable. He doesn't play so many games for Farke and get capped by his country so frequently for no reason.
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    I really can't understand what's gone on here?! We've been repeatedly told that Brentford were unstoppable. Could somebody please explain?!
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    Which is exactly why we need to address the issues that make black lives objectively *less* valued because of systematic and insidious discrimination. That doesn't mean that white lives matter less; just that black lives need a bit more support right now to bring things towards equality. It's not complicated.
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    Justifiably so. The speed with which some posters not only threw in the towel on our chances of being champions, but also bowed down to pay homage to the footballing geniuses of Brentford was embarrassing.
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    Farke playing 4D chess getting Morris to Barnsley
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    Good for them, empty gesture which isn't actually having an effect. Should never have linked itself with BLM which was always going to be an issue because of the far left political group. From the start should have been done via the Kick it Out campaign.
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    At last, a team with some balls. We've had this nonsense before games for far too long, along with the obligatory, cringe-inducing shot of the players taking the knee before each games highlights on MOTD whilst the commentator preaches to us all.
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    I genuinely don't understand how anyone can seriously criticise a player (especially a foreigner) before at least ten games. The current culture of instant judgement and projection of opinion is depressingly hollow and usually inaccurate.
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    Maybe they'll get to play three games after the season ends so they stay up...
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    Based on Barnsleys result today, he metaphorically dragged his bottom along Brentfords new carpet and left an almighty great crap stain on it....and then pissed on it afterwards.
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    Vaccine target has been reached. Well done all concerned
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    I think Marcus Rashford and all the other black footballers would love to "get on with the football" too. Bit of a shame that they have to deal with vile racist attacks on a daily basis from people who have the audacity to describe themselves as football fans. Sorry you feel so "sickened" by MOTD commentators expressing support for their black colleagues.
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    This was the day we found out what he was about. A lot of players would have gone quiet after that howler, just tried to keep it tight and just see out the game without any mistakes. He decided "farke that, I'm going down the other end and I'm making something good happen". Excellent movement to create a bit of space, and a cutback that was absolutely inch-perfect.
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    Why don't us fans start a just go fund me page from ncfc to KL I'm sure a lot of local fans would chip in and try to help save them?
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    The amount of abuse online of a racial nature shows that it has to be highlighted and made social unacceptable. Taking of the "knee" is a sign that players don't find it acceptable. Not taking a "knee" doesn't mean players find it acceptable. I would support any means to help eradicate racism and racists from out sport. Think it now needs to be more than a gesture.... Harder fines, jail sentences, bans for life etc.
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    Im not panicking you **** I just feel like I dont want to be forced to eat unlabelled carcinogenic **** because you were too thick to see through nigel ****ing farage. Thats not panic, just frustration
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    Taking the knee isn’t going to stop racism. Nothing in my opinion will ever stop racism. But taking the knee is a gesture of support to people who have experienced racism. I hope that NCFC continues to make this gesture of support and if they decide to stop, I hope that they replace it with something else in the same vein. And for people who are fed up with seeing and hearing the message before games-well I’m sure that others are fed up with seeing and hearing racist messages sent to them. Your feelings are immaterial compared to those of the people who have been subjected to abuse because of the colour of their skin.
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    They did a short jazz dance in high heels and stockings, quite entertaining.
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    You've got this ar*e about face. The people causing division are the vile racist groups. It's literally their whole purpose in existing. Perhaps Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement shouldn't have stood up against racism and should have just 'let society evolve' instead?
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    The benefit of a National Health Service.
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    This isn't news to us YF. It has been going on for two or three years. And it has caused a lot of fuss during that time. One of the problem areas is the £1M grant awarded by the Government. Yes it may well provide some local jobs but the land is owned by a Canadian Mineral Rights Company and the drilling company is owned by a Norwegian multi billionaire. If the lithium is that important, why has the Government handed everything over to non British? Its a private company that will answer to its investors first and foremost. The forecast is for 21000 tonnes which compared to Chiles 8M tonnes is quite laughable. And the impact on the environment is drastic. The lithium is mined by pumping water in and out of the ground and letting it evaporate in huge pools or lakes to leave the lithium behind. It takes 500,000 gallons of water to extract 1 tonne of lithium. 105,000 million gallons of water! So you can tell Moy that as far as it is concerned, it will make very little difference to the supply of lithium as Chile has guaranteed it will make enough available even if the country dies of thirst. Any profit from the mining will go to Canada and Norway. And I will be living on Lake Lithium in Redruth.
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    Can’t we wait until all 46 league games have been played before deciding who does and doesn’t ‘deserve’ to go up? I think it’s kind-of what the league table is for....
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    This is the only highlight I need...
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    Seventeen games to go. Winning nine or ten and chuck in a few draws should be enough.
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    Absolutely, but sometimes the tools at Farkes disposal are not quite sharp enough for this style. Hanley, for example, it isnt his natural game. But he's making a good first of it. I'm not criticising by the way, I much prefer a total football approach. When it works, it's a delight to watch. And something to be really proud of as a supporter.
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    Ive just blown the pea out of my whistle.
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    Is this thread still for facts?
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    The useful thing about Tuberville being so spectacularly thick is that it now gives us a global scale for dumbness, to go alongside, for example, the Hoey Scale for Brexit Brainlessness. So I think we can rate the claim that the Nazis were socialists at 8.5 on the Tuberville Scale of Senile Stupidity. Some might argue that it should be marked higher, since it is a really cretinous notion to believe. But having read some of Tuberviile's comments on other subjects I suspect we will need to leave the 9 and the 10 free for even more absurd and mistaken beliefs. It may even be, like the amps in Spinal Tap, that we need to dial up 11s.
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    What a weird argument. He's not good enough for the Premier League because Premier League clubs didn't want to take him on loan aged 19 with only 23 games under his belt? By that logic we should have upgraded Buendia when we last went up- after all we managed to sign him without any Premier League clubs going after him...
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    Is that a full-English Brexit?
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    Perhaps you had better let Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the senate, know that. He holds Trump absolutely responsible for the violence: Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said on Saturday that Donald Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January. "They [the mob] did this because they’d been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth because he was angry he lost an election" https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/feb/13/mitch-mcconnell-trump-republicans
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    "...whilst populists tied themselves to nationalist symbols and motifs." Like this you mean? Anyway, it sounds like the Republicans threatened to slow government right down, block nominees and bring a halt to the Covid reliefs rather than bring truth to the people. The question is for Democrats, Labour, Liberals etc. How do we fight against people that have zero moral guidance without lowering ourselves to their level?
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    It's depressing, definitely. This isn't about "right and left" or "socialists". That's reductive in the extreme. Rather, it's a perfect example of 'history repeating itself' (think how weak administrations in Europe were sleepwalking in the 1920s and 1930s whilst populists tied themselves to nationalist symbols and motifs....the modern day example is "MAGA"). I think this sums up the whole affair better than anything
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    Wow - it is utterly bemusing how some people can watch a game/a player and come to such a wrong conclusion. I always mention Mike Phelan in these circumstances - underrated by many supporters because they couldn’t see the work he was doing, but Ken Brown reckoned he was great, Alex Ferguson bought him and he played for England. McLean seems to be the same sort of player, a lot of his work goes unnoticed and some supporters just don’t ‘get’ it.
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    A lot of us don't feel preached at and there's a good reason for that. Just a thought.
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    He does alot for the team. Some on here are blind to that and even ignore when he scores and assists and try to find an excuse why it doesn't count because its Mclean. Some people just need to have one
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    Erm... Have you not seen the Argentinian national sides of the past 60 years? I don’t think you could ever claim they weren’t fiery or passionate.
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    12th in Division 3 means that Ipswich are officially in their lowest league position in 65 yrs this evening!!
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