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    I can’t get my head round most brexiteers all being like Alf Garnett, Till Death Us Do Part! I mean if they bought into Farage...... Classic part of their script! Sums up our Brexiteers on here.... Alf Garnett: Well, I mean, see if we go into Europe... Else Garnett: I thought we was in Europe. I mean, I thought we always have been. Alf Garnett: I know that, yer silly moo. I'm not talking about that aspect am I? I'm talking about the Common Market aspect of the going into Europe. Alf Garnett: Old Enoch's against it, in't 'e, eh? He don't want no more bloody foreigners over here. We got enough bloody foreigners here as it is. Bloody country's swarming with E****s and Kr***ts and Fr****es and Spa*****es and Brussel Sprouts. All coming over here and taking our jobs off of us, aren't they? Else Garnett: Well, we can go over there and take the jobs off of them. Alf Garnett: I don't want to go over there, do I? Else Garnett: Wish you would.
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    I've checked with John Redwood and he says we should all be growing our own sports wear. I've planted a Nike bush and my raised beds are full of Adidas.
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    The Scots should look at how the Baltic states have thrived since leaving the influence of their malignant, bankrupt neighbour.
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    SC is a simpleton, RTB is in the gutter looking down, Jool's is well frankly delusional and PM is quite often simply beyond the pale. I know its tempting to try and correct like an exasperated school teacher some of their most egregious comments (sadly last night I got drawn into one as well) but in truth its totally hopeless as they are all it seem beyond rational factual argument. In that there lies however a deeper truth - most on here have fairly fixed views (the rational vs irrational it oft seems) and we aren't really trying to persuade the unpersuadable whatever the facts - but the 'floating' voter who may be amenable to realities. However, I tend to think of them all as prime examples of base humanity and all that is rotten and wrong with the UK. Much like Trump was the same for the USA.
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    Let him leave after his contract expires this summer.
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    My point is, some things aren't as important, not all illegality is the same, We all break the law at some point and some of the hyperbole on here is ridiculous.
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    Alas I don't have a picture of Myleen Klass wearing it
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    Scored again tonight. Still wish we had kept him.
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    The fans seem to be warming up to him.
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    I was listening to this on Radio Cornwall. They were suggesting that maybe they could persuade Britain to eat more shellfish. Mrs KG and I, simultaneously, shouted "stop being greedy and bring the price down". They have been getting top money for so long by exporting that they couldn't give two hoots for the British market. £12 for a local Crab that is smaller than a Cromer one. These people were warned. They were told and told it would be difficult to sell it after they had caught it. Its no good telling the world because of Brexit, you now have a boat full of shellfish if you can't sell it to your old market.
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    Or even May 1st 1707 (Act of Union).
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    Having worked out of Aberdeen for over 6 years then the last 15 working with firms in Aberdeen it’s certainly noticeable that potential wealth and growth is in Scotland, not just offshore but renewable energy a big shift, certainly other areas too. Sad that the Scottish want to leave the union but certainly understand why, a vast majority in Scotland voted to stay in the EU. As Brexit if you get a second vote for independence then good luck, joining a potential of 27 countries and large market economy must be far more attractive than staying in with 17 million Empire loving English, taking England back to 1900!
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    No disrespect intended but I fell out of love with international football years ago. The bias of the players called up mixed with the passionless displays. Playing for England used to be the pinnacle for players but caps get handed out too easily nowadays. The bulldog spirit of Italia 90 is a distant memory.
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    Aye and what suited Brexiters in wanting to take the UK out of the EU now shows up in dislike of home nations (with whom they probably share at least 50% DNA). As noted before it's possibly about a really archaic 'master and servant' mentality. In this case the view is that the Scots are labelled the scroungers. Nothing to do of course with decades of macro economic policy and differential geographic capital investment.
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    You can tell the idiot never qualified to get into university. The irony, of course, is that all this has happened under the rule of Westminster government, which for the most part has been dominated by the Tory party. That he is too stupid to see this comes as no suprise.
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    Clear indication that BMW are putting place plans to leave the UK. Put all your legacy (e.g. petrol and diesel) production in one factory, R&D and future production (e.g. Electric) into Germany. When there is enough legacy engines just turn off the lights and close down.
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    I think the movement is more about getting away from elitist / right wing politics and from some quarters, an appalling dismissive attitude from Westminster, especially Johnson but not ignoring Cameron and May. Tory leaders have played a blinder in polarising attitudes north (and now West). I have come to support that drive because I sense I would be a nationalist too if Scottish. I've asked myself, why would I want to tolerate such attitudes? I guess you'll get what you want RTB. The break up of the union would leave a little England. I suppose you may hark back to more feudal times (the local squire and the serfs) in a vision you want for England. That makes sense to me...people like to be governed, told what to do, to know one's place in the strata of society (I'm speaking here of those of a conservative persuasion....who dislike egalitarian values....the "hot beds" you've noted RTB). It's a politics and a society of the middle ages of course. But....everyone knew their place. That must be a big appeal for a conservative. Also, perhaps, you think it's good because the left would be squeezed out much more if Scotland left the union. That also makes sense if I was a conservative. It would be a kind of 'job done' to have achieved that I suppose. Labour, the greens and liberals might have to form alliances or face decades in limbo. For me, I'm very hopeful now that Scotland does leave (but this is because I'm thinking about their best interests rather than my own) and likewise Ireland re-unites. It's shocking to read what English colonialism has done. Scotland has the chance as a few commentators in that article alluded to, in moving towards a higher tax economy associated with scaled up social projects (and community level provision) which some Scandinavian countries have (the happiest societies in the world for years). That would appeal to me far more than a failing neoliberalist model in the UK currently. Just look at the level of inequality, social unrest etc. As someone who has lived in the north for 40 plus years RTB I've seen it first hand. And I wouldn't expect you to understand feelings about London/southern centric government policy and I don't mean to be patronising saying this....you just have to work in the field of public service for a long while to see how divisive Tory policies are, how they reach deeply into societies and communities. It is profound. It's an experience (as a Norfolk boy too) that's shaped my outlook and influenced my entire career / vocation. Therefore, the independence movements fascinate me. As stated before, I sound like a Brexiter. Now that argument is lost I can see sadly why our other nations might want to leave and I wouldn't blame them. I see England as vastly impoverished from being outside of the EU (it never was perfect). It's going to get worse. The light though is the possibility of a move to newly independent countries where one might find a more progressive politics and where one might contribute too. That's a better vision for me anyway.
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    I can just imagine the scenes at Conley this morning. Webber bursts into Farke’s office waving his phone. ”Here Daniel, have you seen this post on the Pink Un?”. ”No. Why, what does it say?”. ”Apparently teams have now worked out how we play! How frustrating! Especially as no-one has a clue about how any other team in this division will approach a game, but they know what we will do!”. ”Sh*t! What can we do?”. ”It’s ok, the answers here as well” ”Fantastic, what is the secret?”. ”Well, you know how we’ve spent nearly four years coaching the team to play in a certain way? And bought players whose skills fit into that style? And instilled the same ethos into the academy which has had all that money and effort invested into it?”. ”Yesss....”. ” That’s all wrong! We should be doing it differently! We should be better at attacking, score more and not let in goals despite weakening those improvements we’ve made to our defence!”. “Oh, and apparently we risk losing the ball when the goalie passes it to a defender, so a random boot upfield will work much better”. ”For sure! Why didn’t we think of that? Give me that phone and let’s get cracking...”.
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    As long as it's Norfolk mint tea and not that foreign muck from Yorkshire.
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    Jesus! That's because they each FREELY decide to join the common purchasing scheme. NOT ONE of those 27 countries was obliged to. EACH one of them had the option to do this entirely on their own if they wished. How do you not undertand these very simple points that have been repeated to you ad infinitum?
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    He's a great example of how you have to evaluate the individual player rather than the team he's playing in. Godfrey always had all the attributes that would naturally stand out in a team with better quality around him and playing on the front foot. Same with Aarons. Doesn't matter if we conceded a ton of goals last year.
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    And lots on here didn’t really rate him! He was our best central defender by a long way.
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    Don't know what all the fuss is about. The defender's elbow is up at forehead height for no good reason and there is a connection. Has to be a red card by the book. As for pundits calling it out....they are the same pundits that often say "he was touched so he's entitled to go down"........go figure.....
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    Don't bring the legal arguments into this thread as well......
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    If you're into seafood KG - I highly recommend https://www.catchmawganporthbeach.co.uk/ >> The guys who run it used to own a restaurant called "The Breaks" on Tolcarne Beach, Newquay. Me and my partner both agree that the food at The Breaks was certainly top 2 and maybe sneaks it as the best we've ever had (The only competition is the best seafood restaurant in Rome!). The owner is the head chef, so quality will be the same - he has worked with Raymond Blanc and James Martin amongst others. Reasonable prices (it's not cheap but for the quality of food, it's really good value), stunning food, and casual, chilled atmosphere. Was an incredible meal. I've not been to Catch as not been back to Cornwall in a while, but there's a good chance we will schedule a trip down at some point in next year or two and we will probably go to Newquay or surrounding area specifically to be reaonably accessible for that restaurant. The food was THAT good.
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    I mean, they are both irritating people but both deserve to play for England.
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    Pedantic point, but you've spelt 'as high as ninth' incorrectly
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    Again you're right but I have absolutely no idea why this needs spelling out to adults.
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    I'd keep him. His game isn't based on pace and physicality but on his footballing brain and his technical skills. He'll probably be fine at 38. Plus his dead-ball skills are better than most. He most likely wont be a huge help in the Prem as a starter because out of possession he offers little - in possession its a totally different story with this guy, he's something special. Even if we get Premiership football next year we should probably keep Mario.
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    First there was Ray Then there was Ken Then there was Mike Which makes.....
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    Why would they do that? At the start of the season they offered to sell you a shirt for £50. No obligation. You accepted. Your choice. I was also made the same offer, I declined, knowing they would be cheaper at a point later in the season, however I have an added risk, that I could have less choice by way of size of style (home away etc). Some people will feel the opportunity to buy at £35 is a fair one, others will wait, knowing they will (stock allowing) be able to buy at a lesser price. No one forced you too buy at £50 & you're happy with your purchase. That's all that matters. However a note for future, they ALWAYS reduce the shirts further into the season. I personally think full price is too expensive for what they are, so wait until it falls into my budget. How a streaming discussion got onto this I don't know, but it's still illegal, irrespective of if you're going to be realistically be charged with it.
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    We've always got a good crop coming through, just need a decent coach to get the best out of them. Bring back El Tel.
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    Woke this, woke that. This is a cricket thread, keep your woke SJW stuff to yourself!
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    To be fair, Pirlo wasn't there to shield a back four, he was there to hit dangerous passes out of the deep, to be a close-range out ball for harassed defenders and speed our game up that way. If you want Vrancic in the deep, you really need to change from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-2-1. I actually think he suffers from that problem - he's not fast enough of foot to be a number 10, not to mention his passing's better out of the deep. As someone else said, he's good at sneaking that half-yard of space, but he's more likely to have it in the deep. In fact, I'd go further and say bringing him back gets the best work out of Hernandez and Placheta if it gels. But he needs two men in the deep alongside him, and if in the Premiership, double it. If Farke's wedded to 4-2-3-1, I'd let Vrancic go. If Farke's willing to change things around, keep for a year.
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    Agreed - but some are more 'accidental' than others. That said ignorance is no defense & you still have to pay the consequences if caught. That is where Hoggys point came in, whilst you can make your own judgement based on what you know, its irresponsible to to state factual inaccuracies when others are likely to follow your ill informed advice. What people do themselves is up to them, but because ive always driven at 50 in a 30 and never been caught, doesn't mean I never will, and nor will you.
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    How many do you expect ? 4 ships are quite enough.
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    Yeah this is a problem- players have been incentivized to go down because referees won't give fouls if they don't. Personally I'd like to see less of that, doing away with nonsense like 'if there is contact its a penalty' and also trying to get players to help referees do their job rather than spending 90 minutes trying to con them.
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    Yes - and the summary The Bottom Line When Britons voted to leave the EU, Brexiters campaigned on hard-line immigration and border control. Much like Trump supporters, the Brexiters felt they had lost their identity. However, now as negotiations occur between the U.K. and its former partner, risks to the U.K. economy have never been higher. If policy makers can't strike favorable deals, the U.K. will have a new economic identity, just not the one Brexiters promised.
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    Very creative and funny response but sadly you missed the point. If you had read it properly I suggested tweak the tactics not change completely. I have no idea where you read a random boot upfield. You may have missed your vocation and perhaps you should consider becoming a BBC reporter.
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    The George Hotel gets excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.
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    I think it should go further than that - all diving and playacting should just be a red card offence? With a 3 game ban? With retrospective bans against players if its missed in game. That might sound harsh but its the only way to cut it out now, and on reflection I think it is ample punishment - Playacting is usually done to get players sent off yes? See Buendia's second yellow versus Middlesbrough, Mitrovic yesterday, Xhaka in the FA cup final, Lamela to Martial at Old Trafford etc etc. And all of this behaviour is completely allowed with no punishment to mitigate it. So there is zero risk and a possible reward - therefore why wouldn't a player do it? And on diving*, right now if a player dives in the box and it works out - he gets a pen and sometimes a red for the defender, but if it doesn't work out he only gets a yellow? So in terms of risk and reward, again, why not dive? Its always worth the gamble win or lose. In both instances - the rules need to change so that the potential punishment carries as much weight as the potential reward, only then might players start behaving honestly! Its that simple! *By dive I mean throwing themselves on the floor at the slightest touch - see Salah yesterday. Go for the obvious dives and those 'exaggerating' contact and players will eventually learn to always stay on their feet - it just wouldn't be worth the risk. I'd much rather players tried to stay on their feet in all cases, and sometimes not get the decision (see what happened to Povedka for Leeds at Chelsea earlier in the season), than everyone throwing themselves on the floor at every single touch. Yes, there was a bit of contact, but he played on and clearly wasn't actually hindered by the touch at all - so not a foul. But rather than point this out match of the day call the player 'naive' for not going down. So irritating how engrained it has all become.
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    I would also like to see our fastest player on or near the halfway line because it normally takes two players out of the opposition attack. I would also like to see us attack much quicker, at present we rely on the possession based game where we string together far too many passes to get to the oppositions penalty area this gives the opposition time to organise their defence to nullify any threat. I feel that when we are playing packed defences we must shoot from distance more. Having watched Brentford a couple of times I noticed how quick they can get the ball forward I would like us todo the same whether its more direct passing or using the speedof Placheta and Hernandez.
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    Which midfield or wide player would you drop to play 2 strikers? Why would you change zonal marking at corners when we haven't conceded from a corner for a long time? Why do you think that if we leave a player up for opposition corners that that player will actually get the ball if we do clear the corner? Why do you think that we end up giving the ball away when Krul gives it to one of our central defenders? You do realise that this actually hardly ever happens don't you?
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    I’m not convinced about playing Vrancic deeper, but would be delighted if it works. But we need to see Onel playing as we know he can, would be like a new player if he can do it. And we spent a bit on Dowell didn’t we? Time to step up to the plate. I’d also like to see more of Idah, he definitely improved things against Swansea, and probably a bit less of Placheta if I’m honest.
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    Ironically you could say that about 3/4 of our defence last season. Lewis, Godfrey and Aarons are all excellent players but they had zero PL experience between them and our playing style often left them ruthlessly exposed.
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    And none of them were anything to do with him. Watch the highlights.
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    RTB with some impressive comprehensive 'research'. If it wasn't for the majority of people inside Scotland (you know, that place where they stand for election) I'm sure they'd just give up.
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    Before I chime in with my usual tripe just like to say how delighted(Not) to find talk of Scottish Independence on a Norfolk football website. Sick of endless referendums, political turmoil and everything politically in Scotland being about independence. End of rant. Carry on talking.
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