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    I accept there is a big gray area when watching streams of content that have no legal method of viewing them in the UK, but I don't really understand the point of trying to split hairs with regards to the current iFollow broadcasts of our games. Whether it is demonstrably illegal or not is surely irrelevant, in my mind it is morally wrong to watch if there is a legal and affordable way of doing so. If someone wants to carry on and watch such streams, particularly if they could comfortably afford to pay; then that is their personal decision to live with. Trying to justify it by basically taking the "nobody gets prosecuted for watching defence" seems a little silly. Suggesting it's okay as the club don't see a direct proportion of each purchase strikes me as someone who recognises it's probably not right but is trying to justify it to themselves. There are all sorts of commercial impacts to legitimate viewing figures - e.g. the club being able to negotiate a better contract whenever they choose to renew. At an even more basic level, if everyone chose to watch an illegal stream then there would simply not be a service to watch as commercial viability is going to be next to nothing if costs are not covered. Basically, if you want to watch a naughty stream of a Norwich match rather than pay the asking price, that is your decision. But let's not try and hide behind an argument which is effectively "here's an obscure reference which proves it is not illegal". Morally I can't see there is any justification for illegally streaming a match you would purchase legitimately if there were no other options.
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    Dont let’s get too down about all this, as has been said the overwhelmingly dominant covid virus in the UK is the Kent variant and there is good evidence that the AZ vaccine works well against that. This is what we need to concern ourselves with. The study in SA leaked to the FT was very small and only involved young people, it’s not a demographic that we are hugely concerned with in terms of serious ill health. The new J&J vaccine had a much more extensive trial than this study and was shown to give good protection against severe ill health even against the type of variant in SA! The J &J vaccine is very similar to the AZ and causes similar antibodies to be produced! The crucial thing for us is to get the infection rate down and prevent people becoming very ill and dying, let’s stay focused on that and not get too hung up over studies and reports that are not directly relevant to our current situation here. Just to add this from Fauci this evening...... Fauci says vaccinate quickly to fight COVID-19 variants (Reuters) - The best defense against the evolution of COVID-19 and the emergence of variant strains is getting as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible, top U.S. infectious disease doctor Anthony Fauci said on a Monday media briefing.
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    And that’s lunch. Please reconvene at 12.40rs for the afternoon session of hypocrites anonymous.
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    There's also an interview with Kate Bingham on the other thread saying roughly the same. Why Swindo thinks lying will win any argument is anyone's guess.
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    I think most people agree but also don't care. I dont need my politicians to be exciting. We had an 'interesting' president for the past 4 years and a 'character' in charge of the UK. I'll take Gordon Brown/Joe Biden boring competence any day of the week.
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    I thought the same thing . Mitrovic goes down holding his face in the sort of agony that would see most of us in ICU for a fortnight , and it doesn’t get any kind of mention. Week In and week out we see it . when Emi got his red against Burnley it was no different . Football accepts this nonsense as part of the game .
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    It's the Roger Daltrey who was prevented from touring in Holland with his band, The Who, in 1966 due to a lack of Work Permits Though this isn't really about The Who, they are big enough to look after themselves. Its the smaller artists who will suffer more
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    Alas I don't have a picture of Myleen Klass wearing it
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    Because we would have done it exactly the same way even if we had voted remain.
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    Yes. I think a few of us have said this for a while. We arent clinical or close to at the moment whilst Hourihane gets a single opportunity from 25 yards and buries it into the bottom corner. However, generally speaking as a coach Farke will be happy. We generally create a lot more chances than we give opposition teams as evidenced by the graphs above and that should, in theory mean that results naturally follow.
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    Don't worry, there's an absurd IPO coming to offset that..
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    It is preventing hospitalisations and deaths. In which case, people getting a very mild illness should be neither here nor there.
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    He doesn't of course - he says 'we must get better at Plan A'. This season we do have a Plan B also - he just happens to be injured at the moment. But do carry on attacking our team at every opportunity - we expect nothing less from you.
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    I think it would be fair to say that the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement isn't very good for anyone in the UK or EU who wants to trade or cooperate. Or have I missed something?
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    Before SA types became a thing we were in a situation where we would likely be trying to hold R at less than one with a combination if vaccines and controls with the latter reducing as the former rises. I think though that we need to try to see SA off so need to hold R at a lot less than one and even more so in certain areas.
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    I'm not sure having a plan for holidays saves any lives!!!
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    I think he was pretty underrated as a player (and not just for us) Good servant for Norwich in his short time here
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    This is the only explanation that seems legit for Dean's atrocious decision
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    I think we'd beat all the teams in league one comfortably. The binners on the other hand are yet to win against anyone in the top six. Ridiculous comparison and so weak to suddenly support the binners through your own teams disappointment.
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    The vaccine is good news CK. Just keep an eye on the figures on reducing hospital admissions. We must also trust Van Tam on this. And whilst there may be blip along the way we must look at the overall trend. As for the football, maybe a nice solid victory over a tough, defensive minded Stoke this weekend will provide us all with belief. A nice 3 or 4 goal haul will do. And finally, the weather will change this weekend (Sunday to be precise) and if you look hard enough there are snow drops and daffodils coming through in gardens and parks
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    You PUPs are truly amazing! I just received an anonymous donation of £100 from one of our PUPs who wanted to share some good fortune with us. This will go straight into the Presentation Pot for our DS and Pan-disability boys and girls. Thank you so much on their behalf. Stats to come later after the Atletico game is done...
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    Same here with Crewe. Went to watch a few years ago when visiting family. Beat league leaders Lincoln City 2-0 I think and have looked out for their scores ever since.
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    This is another great opinion piece from someone that has lived it. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/08/european-touring-radiohead-brexit-colin-greenwood
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    I don't have the stats for every team but I think Brentford, Barnsley, Watford, Reading and Luton have all created more chances than us in the matches we have played against them.
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    86/87 ...sadly only used for 1 season. A kit ahead of its time ...35 yrs old!, wouldnt look out of place today....
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    Three posts since he joined last night all within a a few minutes and comes back 3 hours ago and edits all three with different links at the bottom of them but no wording changed on the original posts.
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    If you are over 70 don’t forget you are no longer awaiting the NHS to contact you, you can contact them if you have not been contacted. You can book it online ( link in the bbc link below ) or by telephone on 119. Also if you said no and changed your mind same applies. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55980053
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    That’s an interesting comparative, so both Swansea and Brentford are at least equal to or outscoring their expected goals. If I remember rightly in 2018/19 we outsourced our xG quite significantly too. This season, surprisingly, overall we are better at creating chances than the above but significantly worse at converting those chances into goals. Likewise at the other end we have conceded far more than the expected goals against would suggest (whereas Brentford and Swansea show much less deviation). So either teams have been extra clinical against us or we’ve just been a bit unlucky, or we’ve got a really **** goalkeeper but that’s definitely not true.. Hard to understand what the cause is there! Ultimately though, we can look at those stats and say clearly we are doing a lot right and have maybe been a bit ‘unlucky’. But without the cutting edge we kinda deserve what we get if we do drop out of the top 2. Being clinical when creating chances is every bit as important as creating the chances themselves. But hopefully we can change that soon!
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    The quality of the chances we create, the quality of those we give the opposition, and our retention of the ball is the best in the league. Our inability to finish the chances we create have hurt us. Swansea really don't create very much and Brentford create a lot of good chances but also concede a lot of high quality chances. We are underperforming relative to those statistics while Brentford are slightly overperforming.
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    I am sure it will but unfortunately regards the South African variant there is no data to support that. In the U.K. the Oxford vaccine works well against our dominant strain the Kent variant, and we should be able to keep the South African variant at bay until August, when a booster is available. My suggestion was do we swap our Pfizer orders for the millions of doses of AstraZeneca available around the world ?
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    Haha! Expect to see "Crown Jewels IPO" anytime soon.
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    You're two or three years late in your observations. Farke says 'we must try harder at Plan A'
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    They key is still about level of severity, if the AZ vaccine keeps people with the SA variant out of hospitals and cuts potential death then it’s the main driver.
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    The WHO held their meeting today so it will be very interesting to see their outcome as the Oxford vaccine is an important part of their strategy and there are nearly a billion doses that will be prepared by The Serum Institute of India. Personally I think they will find a way to approve it, but it certainly isn’t a given.
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    Looks like he has stepped up from being a lurker on this thread now Greavsy.
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    Neil was once a fine journalist, but as you say those days are long gone, by maybe a decade. That is why the BBC binned him off, that and his melt down on This Week when Owen Jones confronted him over racism at the Spectator. The world has moved on, I would be very surprised if there is a market for this kind of station and if it survives a year. At best it will canabalise the RWNJ YouTube channels.
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    I think people are getting hooked on this eradication idea, it’s not going away, we talked about this last April, it’ll be a controlled virus like Flu. The flu vaccines are only 55% effective and we accept a level of death without shutting down the globe! The same will come of Covid, there will be a level of death which will be deemed acceptable against the cost. Once we get there which will be a vaccine which sees at least 80% of all people out of hospital and death caused b6 Covid at the levels of flu we will return to a normal way of life! I think we’ve become too focused on the threat and searching for an answer to something which will need to be accepted as a way of life.
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    Where have I denied that? I'm not arguing what I have and haven't done in the past. My main gripe, as I've stated numerous times (which you'd like to think you'd have picked up on with your fantastic knowledge of posters history) on this thread alone is the fact that this is a difficult time for Football Clubs and we currently have a service provided which allows us to watch the matches whilst simulatenously financially helping the club. My second gripe is people mis-representing the law and causing problems potentially for other posters who might take KG's words as gospel when they're actually wrong. Also, you didn't need to make a new account to say it TvB.
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    thas ah cos we hetter measire it in that there scentugrade. it wont be so cold if it were farrenheight
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    Are you accusing Kate Bingham of lying ? She said ‘ nothing to do with Brexit ‘ and the ‘ MHRA were completely separate from the EU ‘.
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    That’s the way I see it to as it is vital that we keep the South African variant at bay until we have a booster. As you would expect, now the full trial data has been released South Africa have suspended AstraZeneca jabs and switched to Pfizer. I assume we will carry on with our strategy to immunise as quickly as possible. There is surely a conversation to be had with lots of AstraZeneca currently available. Maybe close our borders ( completely ) and swap our Pfizer orders ( once we have enough for dose 2 ) with AstraZeneca from South Africa, EU, USA, Australia etc. Then slam down on any variant positive. We then give ourselves 2 options, if it is found to prevent severe COVID lovely job, if it does not we will have our booster ready for end of August. I have put the above for a discussion, not fact or a personal opinion, would be interested on views. The trial results by the way are now out 20% effective against South African, likely to be the same against Brazilian and if the Kent / South African combined variant was to take hold. Of course it maybe a second dose of Pfizer whizzes the efficacy back up.
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    And none of them were anything to do with him. Watch the highlights.
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    He's a great example of how you have to evaluate the individual player rather than the team he's playing in. Godfrey always had all the attributes that would naturally stand out in a team with better quality around him and playing on the front foot. Same with Aarons. Doesn't matter if we conceded a ton of goals last year.
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    Happy birthday Jordan Rhodes is a valid thread you are right. We should all wish all our explayers happy birthdays. They are obviously avid readers of the Pinkun forum and will appreciate the sentiment.
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