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    In the last 6 months we have raised a massive £4000 for the Community Sports Foundation with everyone's help. Thank you to everyone who has supported our zoom events, auctions on twitter and those who made donations to help us. All very humbling in these difficult times, so just wanted to say we really appreciate your support and generosity Happy New Year from us all, take care and keep safe Diane ( on behalf of NCFSC )
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    Given the awful refereeing performances of late, how about some appreciation for today's ref. I thought he had a very good game, and was almost anonymous (as it should be). Can't remember him giving a decision I didn't agree with.
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    I think when healthcare staff and teachers can't get vaccinated it wouldn't exactly look good if footballers could rock up and get a jab...
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    What an absolutely superb pass for Buendia's goal today - great vision to see it in the first place and perfect execution of a very difficult pass to get right. Has been good since he came back into the team - lots of dynamism and generally good on the ball.
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    He won't have a girlfriend to steal.
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    I think that there might be a bit more to it than that. I see the Government's encouraging of organised sport as more of a moral booster. I've certainly found watching a lot of football and others sports quite a game-changer as my area drifts down through the tiers. Constant reports of loneliness, mental and health problems caused by lockdown must not be ignored. An outlet somewhere is useful. Man cannot live on Netflix alone.
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    Considering he's a right-footed centre midfielder playing at left back he's been excellent. Yeah he's made the odd mistake, but that's to be expected really when he's playing as wildly out of position as he is. Imagine if we had to play Vrancic or McLean at right back, it would be a disaster, so the fact that he's played 15 games there without much incident is such a credit to him. Nobody in our squad could've done a better job filling in. He has looked a little tired last couple of games, but Farke also said a few weeks ago that the guy really needs a rest, but we just haven't been able to give him one. In the main, he looks composed and cultured in possession, physically strong and good defensively. I'd love to see him alongside Skipp in holding midfield. Really don't think it's necessary to lay into him considering he's a young guy in a new country who's done a thoroughly decent job in an unfamiliar position, and saying he's not remotely close to any of our other midfielders is just plain wrong.
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    Sure, he has made an error or two, but he has done very well overall as a makeshift during this run overall considering he had never played there before in his life. But deciding that he isn't a worth a run in the team in his best position based on performances in a position that he's never played before is ridiculous. Stiepermann wasn't up to much at left back but was a key player in his actual position the season after, Rupp was crap on the wing last season but looks the part in midfield and I'm sure there are loads of other examples.
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    The reason Quintilla isn't playing at the moment is because Sorenson has done superbly at left back and is fully deserving of his place in the side.
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    He's too slow for a 10. Brilliant when deeper. I think Dowell and Placheta will both make an appearance later.
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    My 18 month old is wearing his new Norwich shirt for the first time today, so if we win its all down to him.
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    Good to see Barnsley having a go. A better game to watch and gives us space to play our game.
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    As irresponsible as the Premiership and EFL still continuing with football as covid numbers rising throughout their respective leagues. But mustn't let common sense get in the way of a money making machine.
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    Come on guys. Just because you don't recognize the name and it's relevance, doesn't mean it should be dealt with in another way. Yes, I know there is a non football forum, but I don't know why everything can't live on the same pages, just have a different tag/colour attached so any non football posts can be ignored by those that don't want to look. It's not that onerous to look through a page or two to find the thread you want (or search for it) if you really want to read or reply to it. Mountain out of a mole hill springs to mind It's not taking anything out of your life to click on a post and scroll down a couple of replies to realize what it is about, is it? A few sconds that you won't get back again? Come on I knew exactly what the thread was about as I love the darts , but if someone started a thread about a F1 driver/Horse racing jockey etc and just put their name on the title, and i clicked on it, realized it was of no interest to me, I wouldn't go looking for my pitchfork (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean). Let's not start 2021 with mild indignation. Spread the love guys
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    OP: I really can't agree with this. Yes, the odd error has crept in, but considering the following: 1. Fixtures have been coming in thick and fast due to the congested nature of the season (and a pandemic) 2. He's not had a replacement to give him a breather, linked to 1 3. He's playing completely out of position in a new team, in a new country and isn't really all that left-footed 4. Mentally it's more draining to be playing out of position then I'm amazed he's stood up as consistently as he has. He's shown a lot of game intelligence considering he's had to learn a new position off the hoof. Mark my words, there's a real player in there - and when he gets into midfield and takes a few games to get partnerships established, he'll show you. Sørensen and Rupp together, or Sørensen and Skipp together - that looks a really good midfield two.
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    Derailed??? I think we'd have all taken where we are now back in September? Considering Sorenson had never played LB before then I think he's done extremely well, and surprised he hasn't made more errors in all honesty, I'm looking forward to him getting a chance in his natural position at some point.
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    Has he stolen your girlfriend?
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    I'm one of his biggest critics, I don't rate the guy at all, but he did have a good game today, and that was a great pass for Buendia. I'd still rather have Rupp or Tettey over him, but credit where credit is due today.
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    Would put money on it McCallum isn’t being recalled this window. He’d have been back here yesterday. Looks fairly clear that Farke and Webber want him to get weekly starting first team football at this level, so he can actually develop rather than have him here just rotting on the bench. Sorensen has exceeded expectations at LB. Not surprised he hasn’t lost his place. Why should he? With Quintilla just back from injury then you’d expect him to get the minutes next week in the cup and then it comes down to fitness, form, suspensions, training etc who starts. No way after just 7 games or so can we be on the cusp of triggering any sort of clause for Xavi with his parent club! No one really believes that do they?!
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    Wow one pass and we’re all supposed to appreciate a lazy arsed player who is so over rated it’s laughable.....it wasn’t a great pass Buendia made it look good. 😂😂 Not really today he certainly was our best player behind a possessed Buendia who was just brilliant.
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    I think being clear at the top when we know this team can play better and score more goals is a great position to be in. Happy New Year.
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    Are you sure she didn't say 'You' instead of 'They'?
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    Well I think he’s been an excellent stand in and the results since Quintilla has been out speak for themselves.
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    Oh here he is, the forum wankstain making up **** that noone has said to try and make an utterly pathetic turd of a point.
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    Tremendous skill. Super pass too. Kenny's been good again.
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    And yet we have averaged two points a game. Imagine how many we'd have if we were more decisive and didn't give away decent chances. 🙃 OTBC 💛⚽💚💪
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    The forgery of this thread is good. Can't tell the difference between this and an Official one. Good work Lapps, and at a fraction of the cost of the real deal
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    As Sonyc says they should listen to the pink un message board.
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    I think the whole situation regarding this worldwide pandemic has affected everyone, as the restrictions are very frustrating but totally understandable. What these Covidiots simply need to learn though is the common sense that the longer they don’t abide by the restrictions, the longer the restrictions will be in place
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    AstraZeneca have made a statement today that although the doses will not start to flow rapidly over the next couple of days they will be providing 2 million doses a week to the U.K. by mid January. This is 1 dose, then a second dose 8 - 12 weeks apart. Personally as I mentioned I don’t think that’s anything to do with quickening things up ( those people will still need their second dose ) as 2 million 2nd doses a week will need to be administered before anything else in March, April and May. I think it’s to do with efficacy increasing to 95% when spread over the longer period, but we will only know this for certain when the paper promised by Oxford-Astrazeneca is released. Pfizer have also made a statement with AstraZeneca saying we also have lots of Pfizer here, there is however lots of friction about their second dose being after 21 days, with GPS refusing to follow MHRA advice. There is lots of info around this from both sides on the internet, so may I suggest you have a look, and make your own mind up as that is getting very political. To answer some of the other points. I don’t believe at the moment there is a shortage of glass Phials. Russia and China seem to have produced their own, whilst the major producers upped their production sometime ago, but to avoid the PPE and mask fiascos around the world they decided they would only sell to vaccine manufacturers that ‘ were likely to have the first approved vaccines ‘. My understanding therefore is AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna ( as well as Sputnik and the 2 Chinese ones ) have no current problems with phials, I believe the confusion lies in AstraZeneca saying their existing 5 million doses are not yet in phials as it is not they don’t have them, but they couldn’t package it until it was approved. Indeed the Serum Institute of India will be the major producer of the vaccine, but it is unlikely the Western countries like ourselves and Europe will benefit from their doses. They are a partner of the AstraZeneca group and they will be supplying India but more importantly Covax ( the scheme to provide vaccine to the world ). They are expected to have 2 billion doses ready by I think the summer. They are responsible for seeking approval from India and W.H.O. and have waited until the MHRA approved it ( this was always the plan ). In the last few hours India has approved the Oxford-Astrazeneca for emergency use 8 - 12 weeks apart, interestingly stating 8 - 12 weeks appeared to give a much higher efficacy. I am hoping that ties in with my theory that this is the missing piece of the jigsaw as hinted at by AstraZeneca. They have already tried some dry runs on mass immunisation sites and are doing a full scale one tomorrow, with the plan to open completely from Friday next week. They plan to immunise 276,000,000 by August. As far as our plan goes I have no information. I do wonder though if we are going to hand this over to the military. There does not seem to be any problems with the number of sites, they seem to have been announced ( certainly around here ). There also seems no problem with the recruitment, tens of thousands have been offered jobs and volunteers have ( as I understand it ) swamped the volunteer sites. If I could find a problem in my head it’s hospitals and GP surgeries who are possibly having every second taken up with those that have the virus. Hope that helps.
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    Football in whatever form possible is better than no football at all. In my opinion. OTBC
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    The simple fact, and this goes right back to the beginning of this farrago, is that I and millions of others don't like being lied to. It's not even slightly hidden but blatant easily checkable lies. I wasn't remotely pro-EU at the beginning, it was just something going on in the background, but in the first massive brexit thread the dishonesty started within the first ten pages (£350 million, Turkish migration etc.) and this unnerved me about the whole Brexit movement. 4 odd years later the same is going on. The fact they still have to lie about something they cheered for says a lot.
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    I set that one up didn't I? Inadvertently
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    Lakey I know Vrancic is your favourite right now but he was very poor against Watford and unfortunately we all saw the weaknesses that we've said he has. Vrancic has to either make the tackle or at least a tactical foul.
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    Could have been worse, he could have called you Billy
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    Splendid idea and as long as you observe that so will I. Your past record is as bad as anyones and you even begin this post with an insult by calling me nosebag. So if you wish to apologise for that I'm more than happy to concentrate on the issues. If not, I shall consider myself at liberty to respond to insults in kind. I notice you also decided to insult BigFish in the same way so it's very hard to believe you're being sincere.
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    I suspect someone had had a few New Year’s drinks before posting last night. 😉
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    Francois still doesn't have a clue.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/mar/18/tampon-tax-scrapped-announces-osborne We could've done it much earlier. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/women/germany-tampon-tax-luxury-items-scrapped-petition-a9195601.html Germany did it in 2019. More ill-informed nonsense from Paul Moy.
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