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    Sorry - this kind of garbage from so called supporters needs to be called out. Please don't post unless and until you've calmed down because you just make yourself look stupid.
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    Rubbish. It’s fine margins. Coventry huffed and puffed but weren’t peppering the goal. Chucking a youngster on just for the sake of fresh legs may have worked, it may not have but to call it poor management is disrespectful and just wrong imo. I realise I’ll be in the minority but I trust the manager that’s got us to the top of the league (and promoted from it in the past) over us armchair fans.
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    It's actually very simple. Only things posted on the official thread will be counted towards any future Pinkun Hit Lists, or are able to be referenced in 2 years time RE: hindsight and pointscoring. I only hope that no important posters get injured whilst posting on the unofficial thread, which would be typical ATM and would really harm our chances in the official threads.
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    My point is that the margins are fine. If Cov’s goal goes past the post or MM saves it then DF is a genius for keeping his experienced players on. If he brings on a youngster or two with ten minutes left and we concede people complain that we put kids on in a situation they weren’t ready for. He can’t win. Putting players on for their debuts when a match is on a knife edge is a risky thing, his gut feeling was obviously to stick with the experienced players and unfortunately it didn’t work out. That’s life.
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    Farke says it's a bang to the shin rather than an ankle injury, so hopefully it won't be too bad.
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    Big supporter of Farke. Best manager we've had for years. I'm questioning that the match was slipping away. And I am a fan expressing a view. Who is talking about not trusting the manager. I'm talking about a lack of decision, not ripping him apart. Try getting annoyed at someone else because I'm guessing you're not happy with the result so choose to rip into someone with a grievance. All views are relevant. Have some respect yourself for the possibility that we all see things in different ways.
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    If we come away with 3 points today, having had 12 fit professionals, I'd say that's probably our best result of the season. A mad amount of injuries.
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    Jeez. Before kick off, I, and many others were quite happy to avoid defeat today (not defeatist, just realistic) and move on, and if it wasn't for a last minute goal, we would have been ecstatic tonight, yet here we are running this to pages and pages of basically minutiae. I was jumping around at 1-0 and as has been said by another poster earlier in the day, felt that a win today would have been one of the results of the season , but I am more than happy to take a draw, no matter what the circumstances. Could the substitutions have been different? Of course they could. Could those (non) substitutions have been effective? No one really knows. It's conjecture . Just because one option didn't end up working (but it came bloody close and didn't fail) doesn't automatically mean the alternative would have worked more effectively. Was it right for Zimmerman to have been one of those substitutions? As a fan I would say yes. Another fan would say no. DF said yes. Should one of the other subs have come on? Some fans say yes, some say no. DF said no. Rob Newman and Darren Eadie were talking at half time about us not needing to chase the a 2nd goal, but just control the game as Cov weren't that effective, and we came very close to doing that, just missed it by a gnat's todger. What a difference one conceded goal does, hey? How quickly the mood can change. Anyway, we are top of the League, with a whole team's worth of very influential players still to come back into the squad, throughout the season, so I am thoroughly enjoying my Guinness tonight with so much to look forward to.
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    Whether to use the kids aside, Robins cashed in on our fatigue making five changes from midweek and then 5 pairs of fresh legs from the bench. As for the subs maybe McLear could have given the side more legs during the last 20 mins. However considering Farke's record with youth I'm reluctant to question him. I still would have started a young striker, left Stieps at number 10 and played Vrancic deeper. Take the point and move on.
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    I understand that bringing on several youngsters wouldn't have been wise when you're defending a 1-0 lead with your backs against the wall, but some fresh legs up top could've helped. But as is always the case on here, Farke can't win on here as he is always criticised whatever decision he takes.
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    Here come the moaners! 10 unbetaen with the injury ridden squad and yet here they come crawling out the floarboards, odd how silent they were last week though
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    This one is the “official” one so I guess it depends if you want to tow the line or be a rebel!
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    Every cloud has a silver lining.............. a great opportunity to blood some kids
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    Guys, best to ignore @Teemu’s right foot. Absolute cretin of the highest order and there is absolutely no reasoning with him. He thrives off peoples replies so best to just mute and ignore him and let him crawl back into his cave where he belongs. Just be glad he isn't the one calling the shots!
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    Well I disagree with this because you can't guarantee Daniel Farke doesn't necessarily agree with it
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    I think Farke has made great subs this season in the main and has been proactive. A big contrast with previous seasons. My disappointment was that that game was so winnable, right to the end. It need a change to affect the dynamic because Coventry were just coming at us in the last 15. It may not have worked and no pointed fingers from me for trying. It's not making that decision. Of course he knows more than me! We were all watching at home and could just see it all unfolding. Stiepermann was blowing. Perhaps as a manager you don't pick up those things from the dug out that the cameras pick out? Though I doubt it. He was walking back after each attacking phase. I don't want to single him out either ...he had put in a shift out of position. Anyway, ultimately, it is what it is eh.
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    You say you can't see how it could have done any harm bringing them on, I literally gave multiple examples as to what can and does happen when young players who aren't ready come on in pressure situations. Of course they may have risen to the occasion, worked hard, not committed silly fouls or lost concentration. But which person is best placed to make an educated guess on that? I'd say its our head coach with a proven record of integrating, playing, coaching and improving our young players. Not Barry from Sprowston who took a break from plumbing to point out where Farke went wrong.
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    Sonyc is one of the nicest posters on here. He was not being 'disrespectful' to Farke in offering his opinion. He's never disrespectful to anyone...even when they deserve it. OTBC
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    I'll bite. Bringing on a host of 18-year-olds who have never played a minute of professional football against a Championship team could potentially have had even worse consequences. There was a middleground, and I personally would've brought on either Omotoye or TDP up top for some fresh legs, but no more.
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    Will take a point in the circumstances, but I think it's fair to ask questions on game management again. We couldn't get out of our own half from about 55' and 40 minutes of pressure eventually told. Similarly, Zimmermann is clearly not match fit, been brought on twice into intense pressure and twice we've conceded late goals. It's a double-edged sword- subs wouldn't have made us as defensively sound, but with a bit more energy and intent up front we shouldn't have had to defend so much. Twice in two games we've given up the initiative late on, twice punished. Now all there is to be done is hope for positive news on Aarons. Disappointing, regardless of injury issues.
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    Fair result, still unbeaten for 2 months and sitting top of the table.
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    Yep I'm with you here, I can't see there have been much risk at all in swapping out those 2 earlier on, the tide of the game was turning against us big time and both Vrancic and Stiepermann were offering very little in terms of mobility.
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    Fine by me. Nice to know I think more like an actual football manager (and a successful one) than another Mr impatient hindsight miserablist
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    Don't lets get carried away with shoving on lots of academy lads. Lack of a goalscorer was all that stopped us winning comfortably. We got a point and are still up there. No blame today.
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    Said i'd take a point, little disappointing for their goal to come so late but we looked dead on 80 mins. Coventry were really pushing and it's a big ask to bring on a few youngsters 'just for energy' - you're asking them to, on their league debut, cope with a mismatch squad, an overload of championship players really pushing for a goal - it's really easy to say bring them on for energy without considering the other side.
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    This Sorensen lad has a lovely touch and more so, is able to find a pass. Really impressed with him.
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    The dumb thing is the international friendlies and competitions that have zero merit to them. Having a two week international break and then having to play midweek for 7-8 weeks in a row to catch up.
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    My 1 year old daughter's toy plays the tune to London Bridge and my wife just sent me this. Emi Buendia, from Argentina next I reckon.
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    That will be the same Bailey Peacock-Farrell who is only 24 and Northern Ireland need to put some fresh blood in their team. Not to mention he's got a bit of a problem getting past an excellent goalie in Nick Pope!!
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    Strikes me as that’s what someone from abroad would call the badge, and given that they ‘support’ Liverpool, it’s just your usual fair weather teenage troll from whatever country that will probably never ever go to Anfield in his life.
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    Who would be stupid enough to get a PCR test if you are asymptotic in the UK. You can’t even book a test ( unless you lie ) if you do not have symptoms. He refers to the Oxford / City College paper, which I put on here the last time you brought this up ( bizarrely you were telling us Liverpool testing was rubbish ). I suppose he is right it says if you are asymptotic it only picks up 76.8% of positives. When you have symptoms it is 95%+ accurate. When I put this paper up you said ‘ why should we believe the Oxford data ‘ when they said the test was 99.62% accurate. You are now saying we must read this. Why is it true now but wasn’t when I shew you how accurate tests were, in fact you called me a ‘ tool ‘ for believing the report. You even said you wouldn’t get a lateral flow test and was quite rude when I suggested they were 99.62% accurate. This is the same guy who had posts taken down because he doctored a Danish published paper on masks. At least try to remember what you have previously posted.
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    Ah, but I would have got that deal over the line (I agree by the way, we are going round in circles....now I'm off to the non football section to get more solid black and white opinions)
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    You can imagine the uproar if one or more kids had been brought on and Cov equalised or worse still scored twice.
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    How do you know it wouldn't have harmed? If anything we could have defended higher up the pitch and helped midfield more. But we failed to take our chances earlier. And teams will create chances. Even Lynn scored despite getting a hiding. But I don't understand the assumption that bringing on an academy player would have made us better. They are only on the bench because we haven't got anyone else.
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    He's not in the minority. Farke didn't 'cower' - Coventry barely created anything either despite all their huffing and puffing. Again, Farke knows better than you. So, so much better than you.
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    Is it still to the beat of staying alive?
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    I'm just glad for once people are talking about threads being made and it has nothing to do with me
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    So many youngsters on our bench Catholic priests all got excommunicated. Eventually.
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    Oh No! That's guaranteed us a Lakey Lecture. What have you done?
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    I mean, the Northern Irish setup don't think so. And that decision isn't made by just one bloke on his own, but his entire coaching team. There's not much in it between them but bigging up signing camp and then referring to McGovern as national league standard is just rubbish hyperbole
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    I'm hoping for January too for the most vulnerable Mark. Yetr at least in Tier 3 as @Well b back mentioned in a previous post, people may be able to access community (targeted?) testing that will give some transitional comfort (about ourselves and potential risk to others). Just have to hope that for all the good words, it is deliverable!
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    Skipp has done very well for us so far this season, but at this stage I would question whether he has the necessary speed and athleticism to make it as a regular midfielder in the Premier League.
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    The government should never, ever again claim to be following the science as they have clearly abandoned that strategy, if they were ever following it in the first place. Its a bit patronising to be told we will let you meet up with whomever, even if they are travelling from high infection areas, because of Christmas but we will put you back into lockdown later. and the government encouraging people to risk infecting their parents when a vaccine is days away is just irresponsible.
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