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    Back with 3 negatives in our house. Unfortunately my daughters house not so lucky with grandson and granddaughter both positive, but being 7 and 9 they are already getting over it after a rough couple of days. Suspect we will have some more in that house, unfortunately our son in law is a shielded but is only mid 30s so hopefully ok. All because somebody thought it a good idea to assume their symptoms were not cv and went to work as well in a pub, wearing a mask at no time.
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    Do you have any more Fox / AON/ Breitbart talking points to be demolished, or are you done now?
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    No I didn't describe the grievance as unhinged. I described the President's and Fox New's exploitation of the original grievance as unhinged. Just as there was a grievance with the EU that has led in turn to the unhinged execution of Brexit as a no-deal disaster. The de-industrializaion of the American mid-west is a very real problem, but it was enabled by the backers of the Republican Party, just as de-industrialization of the UK is a very real problem, enabled by the Conservative party, and Brexit as a "solution" to that problem will just make things worse. Those manufacturing plants that stayed have automated - partly because of the absurdly high cost of US medical care - which companies have to absorb as there is no national health care system - and agricultural jobs are declining as small farms are going bankrupt as trade wars and tax policy rewards agri-business. IN energy there are more jobs created in renewable energy project than in fossil fuels. So sorry you are wrong. "Socialism" is a word that Americans have no understanding of. It's bandied about by Republicans every four years. Biden is about as middle of the road as you can get and the "left wing" of the Democratic Party is about as far left as the Liberals in the UK. Jobs are not being taken over by immigrants. If the factory no longer exists because Republican / Tory tax policy encouraged the factory to relocate to Mexico or China or Poland, there are no jobs to take are there? Wage depression by immigrants has been disproven time and again. Breaking up Unions much more relevant. Trump was able to prove with his response to the Virus that despite a skill in re-branding everybody else's accomplishments as his own - the Obama/Biden economy, NATFA trade agreement, McConnell's judicial appointments - when it came to him leading, he failed. And in the process proved his mendacity, corruption and callousness - and how he was able to bankrupt casinos - so yes it probably did cost him the election. If there is rioting it will come from fascist groups like the Proud Boys - already itching for a fight in Washington DC on Saturday. Trump has failed miserably to bring any businesses back to the USA. Almost every claim that he has made about that has been proven to be a lie. No new car factories in Michigan, no new steel mills in Pennsylvania, no new mines in Kentucky or West Virginia. Just a massive con job for the past four years of his "leadership" Overall your post is a massive fail, just like Great Leader Trumpski, the communist lover. Putin Xi Kim
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    “He’s been tweeting, talking about how he won this state and that state. We have to pay attention to those tweets because he’s the president,” Acosta concluded, before deftly sticking in the rhetorical dagger. “After January 20th, he just goes back to another crackpot on the Internet.”
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    You can if you want, although I can think of a better description in your case. You seem to be looking for equity in how we address different races. The problem is that we are not starting from an equal position. You've probably not grown up in a country where there is recent history of people of your race openly being refused consideration for jobs, housing or using services. You and your family have probably never been abused in public for the colour of your skin, let alone attacked. You've probably never not got a job you were well qualified for without a reason, or had your application quietly shelved because you have a 'funny' name. You've probably never had graffiti on your door, or faeces or fireworks through your letter box because of the colour of your skin. You've probably never had a teacher give up on you because "your kind aren't academic". If you're white and have grown up in the UK, you and your loved ones will not have not experienced this sort of continual prejudice and unspoken animosity as a constant throughout your lives (maybe with the exception of Travellers). Imagine living with this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 months of every year. It wouldn't be surprising if you felt you wouldn't be ambitious and try to enter spaces where you're not expected to be, that it was too hard, the likely opposition and rejection weren't worth the prize. We *all* have unconscious biases, black or white, male or female, young or old... We think and behave based on our experience, and our experience is of living in the country I describe above. We see few black football managers, or policemen, or politicians, and absorb the impression that these are roles that black people don't do. The same often applies to women, disabled people and others. Without a *conscious* effort to understand and counter bias, it will not change.
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    It's sad to say this but either Trump is now deliberately trying to undermine or obstruct American democracy - and incite his 'base' as well Or. He's clinically quite mad and delusional. In either event he needs 'relieving' of duty quite quickly. One hopes calmer heads will prevail than many of the current Republicans and the deranged protesters on the streets. One could add for Pence and the GOPs that "All evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
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    Nutty i have fudged around down the back of the sofa and found a tenner for us to have some Euro 2021 fun tomorrow so can you put it on the following games please........ NORTH MACEDONIA v Estonia. ALBANIA v Kazakhstan. NETHERLANDS v Bosnia. AUSTRIA v Northern Ireland. CZECH REPUBLIC v Israel. DENMARK v Iceland. All HOME WINS and playing tomorrow.
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    When it comes down to it Trump lost by a bigger margin than any sitting President since the 1930's. He failed, he failed big and the only reason the RWNJs can come up with why this happened is fantasies on the Internet.
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    Whatever our differences I hope you get over it quickly.
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    He seems like a decent guy and just loves football. Always impartial towards us and fair in his analysis.
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    Hahaha you can't actually believe that? I clearly gave you too much credit when I said you seem an intelligent person.
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    You lost Jools. Get over it.
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    Why wouldn't you wait until the courts have listened to the lawsuits and ruled upon them? That is true democracy. All I hear from the Biden side is to shoutdown the judicial process, as though they have something to fear about the outcome. If Biden and his supporters are so overwhelming sure that there is no vote manipulation then they would welcome the judicial process to prove the cleanliness of their victory. But that's not what is happening. What are they afraid of?
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    It's Liam Rosenior, Leroy's son. He's a coach with Derby's first team. Don't know much about his coaching credentials, but I thought he always came across very well as a pundit on the EFL coverage on Quest.
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    Keep safe. None of us wish you anything but good health.
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    Jools has had a 5 years start on Trump. “he's just another crackpot on the Internet.”
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    Figures in Broadland dropping back a bit on Zoe
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    Can't agree with that. In all the time Drmic has been with us, I've not seen one decent shot on target from him, wheras Idah is strong and a good physical presence and at least he gets shots on target with power now and again and has scored this seaason already. Yes, he has a lot to learn, but I'd rather he was playing than someone who has never made any impression at all.
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    Its a free hangover. If you are going to feel rough in the morning anyway you might as well take the opportunity
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    Sorry to hear J. Hope you continue to feel okay.
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    Another small drop in the ZOE App numbers today.
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    I'm thinking of the long term. As you say the data suggests that infections were reduced, that was the aim of the policy, but was the policy the correct one? If the result is only to delay rather than prevent infections overall it won't really have achieved very much. If the result is to delay the peak until the hospitals are completely full with other problems it could fairly be judged as disastrous. In truth we will only know the relative success or failure of any lockdown once we have a vaccination programme underway or if we sees patients being turned away for sake of space in hospitals. France recorded nearly 1000 deaths yesterday. A lot of these lives lost were lives saved by their first lockdown- ie lockdown did not prevent them dying of covid, it just delayed the point at which this happened. True 4-6 months of extra life is precious, but I'd prefer lot , lot more if I was in that position
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    BB generally gives an informed unbiased opinion , seems an ok lad. For a Binner!!!
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    He always seems apologetic when talking about his team these days.
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    Probably one of the only places in Britain that appreciate his help.
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    I think you win the highest scrabble score for a set of picks Purple.
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    Come on Gibraltar, pride of Britain!
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    Happy days! Let's hope he puts him in charge of defending all the future criminal prosecutions too. Then he can put him in charge of the cell cleaning rota.
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    Isn’t RTB the “nazis were socialists” guy? Nuff said.
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    Bernie Sanders isn't even a member of the Democratic Party .... and no Socialism isn't a threat to the US or UK - what do you think they are proposing to do anyway - establish a national health system, create an equitable tax system, raise the minimum wage, ensure polluting companies pay for any clean ups, require voting systems to be updated so voters cannot be disenfranchised on a whim? Shocking isn't it?
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    But you most certainly did describe Trump voters as 'voting with unhinged grievance' that is as clear as daylight. Your reference to the media was to make the point there will be 'no period of reflection' a completely different point altogether. Another incorrect fact you mis-state is to claim that factories no longer exist in the US due to Republican tax policies when you are fully aware that factories actually returned to America as a result of sanctions that Trump brought against countries such as China. And although this thread is not about the UK, most of the factories that left this country have gone to EU countries due to EU funding those companies to move. The irony being that we in the UK have been paying our taxes to fund the EU to remove our industries. Well, thank goodness we have hopefully stopped that little lark. And while undoubtably 'socialism' is something that Republicans bring up every four years, I will remind you that it is a word on the lips of many Democrats such AOC and Bernie Sanders on a daily basis. Socialism is now a real threat to the US as it is the the UK. There has been very little violence from the right - which I would denounce anyway. But violence from BLM and Antifa is becoming a way of life in parts of the US. How more more needs to burn down before you accept the truth?
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    You could spend a couple of minutes thinking about why 72 million (which I think I heard is the highest ever vote for a losing candidate (assuming he lost)) felt a grievance in the first place. You describe this grievance as unhinged. Personally, when ordinary workers in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and fossil fuel extraction are seeing their jobs disappear to China or disappear to to signing up for international protocols that destroys American jobs but allow similar jobs to continue in places like Russia and China, then maybe those grievances are not so much unhinged as justified. And when those self-same workers are finding, at worst, their jobs are being taken over by illegal immigrants and other abusing the system that controls right of entry to the country, or at bet, depressing the wage rates through increased competition for those few jobs remaining then not only do they have justified grievances but are understandably down right angry. Don't kid yourself that people voted for Biden because they wanted his socialist policies or because they want the borders opened up to more illegal immigration. If Trump lost it was to an invisible microbe. Without Covid, Trump would be back as President with an increased majority. But the American people have shot themselves in the foot because the next four years will see more violence, more rioting, more out of control cities like Portland and a switch of businesses away from the USA, a trend that Trump successfully reversed. Well I hope your new masters, BLM and Antifa treat you well, Surfer. You are going to need all the luck you can get.
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    Future Prediction: Boris Returns Triumphant from Brussels:
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    Thanks for this extra line Purple. I think I've qualified for the PUPs Olympics finding all these I've placed them with Bet 365 where the potential return is £24.43. Here are the details... Non Bua Pitchaya 1/5 10:00 Sat Olympia Cluj W 1/8 10:00 Sat Polonia Bytom 1/6 12:00 Sat Belisce 1/8 12:30 Sat Plates of Caviar 1/6 15:30 Sat AD San Juan 2/11 16:00 Sat They look really good to me so if we get that bit of luck we always need it will be plates of caviar all round Good luck Purple and all you PUPs
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    Let battle commence With thanks too Kathy, Tilly and BTTSanon May the best PUP win...
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    Idah needs to go out on loan in my view. He doesn’t quite look ready for Championship football but could do with regular games somewhere.
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    Thanks to all for the suggestions, all of which have been studied and studied again! All home wins in this case: South America World Cup Qualifier: Brazil to beat Venezuela (early Saturday morning). Nations League: Denmark to beat Iceland. Polish II Liga: Gornik Polkovice to beat Garbarnia Krakow. FBiH section of the Bosnia-Herzogovina First League: Rudar Kakanj to beat GOSK Gabela. Spanish Second Division: Leganes to beat Alcorcon. COSAFA Cup: South Africa Women to beat Bostwana Women. - Nutty, I will send you a second set of six in a while. Group 3 of the Polish III Liga: Polonia Bytom to beat Polonia Nysa (my pick). East Section of the Croatian HNL: Belisce to beat Slavonac Bukovlje. Group 11B of the Spanish Tercera: Platges Calvia to beat Esporles. Group 15A of the Spanish Tercera: San Juan to beat Corellano. Romanian Liga I Feminin: Olimpia Cluj to beat Carmen Bucaresti. Thailand League 2: Nong Bua Pitchaya to beat Sisaket.
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    I am always aware that movies are in the main escapism. Was American Sniper telling the real truth or editing the bits that portrayed him as a merciless killer who shot looters in New Orleans. But to ignore John Wayne's bigotry is like saying I still listen to Gary Glitter songs. Their morals disgust me. And whatever your opinion about Wayne's movies, I was replying to RTB about his disgraceful comments about Native Americans. Hattie McDaniels could hardly have played a different role in Gone with the Wind. And surely it was essentially a romantic film set against the backdrop of the Civil War? A war that wasn't ostensibly about black lives.
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    I feel dirty for reading that, but this part stuck out; "...it has been reported that some Remainers in No10 may begin to have a greater influence." There are no remainers left in the Conservative party let alone in No10. These ****ers will blame anyone bar themselves.
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    Can you imagine the meltdown from the Tories on here if it turned out a Labour Prime Minister was making decisions about key hires based on the opinion of their fiancée? Laughable.
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    Any chance you've previously talked up crass reasons (and voted) for the UK to be independant from the EU?
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    The Welsh lockdown doesn't seem to have done much good to their R rate.
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    In the springtime this message board was in meltdown when our positives were higher than any comparable european country. But now Italy and France are way, way above the UK nobody mentions those countries any more. And soon Germany will be higher than us. What will posters say then? Nothing, I expect.
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    As we are now well into the winter respiratory hospitalisation period, increases are sadly to be expected so these numbers to remain high for several more weeks. In normal years it tails off quickly after the end of December. This will be true for all countries in the Northern temperate zone but probably worse in Eastern European nations that missed much of the initial epeidemic.
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    Not too long until the Geminids in December but for now there's another set of meteors to watch for anyone interested. Skies might be favourable. https://www.cnet.com/news/how-to-see-the-fireball-fueled-northern-taurid-meteor-shower-peak-this-week/
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    Really, all they have to do is simplify the use of VAR and that is to make the offside rule dependent on where your feet are and make it so the whole foot has to be offside so it gets rid of those stupid little toe being offside kind of decisions. It's surely not that hard?
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