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    Something a bit different for you coming up this week. On Thursday at 7.00pm the Canaries Trust will be hosting an online Q&A entitled 'Women in Football'. This isn't a 'Which player has the nicest bum?' type forum, but an in-depth look at achievements of four top women in what is a very male dominated world, and the problems they may have faced in their careers. You are also invited to ask questions. We have as our guests Zoe Ward Business and Project Manager NCFC, Mariela Nisotaki NCFC lead scout (how many of you knew City had a female lead scout?!), Deborah Dilworth FSA championship and Networking Lead, and Di Cunningham Director of Norfolk FA. The event will be hosted by popular Radio Norfolk presenter and big Norwich City fan Karen Buchanan. All of these women have reached the top in their respective fields and the evening should turn out to be interesting and entertaining. The event is free to attend and all are welcome including blokes! To find out out how to register and how to ask a question, click here: https://www.canariestrust.org/womeninfootball Hope to see you all Thursday. Kathy #womeninfootball
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    I've also seen quite a few people bringing up the Gore recount in 2020 but there isn't really any comparison in terms of the size of defeat.
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    Not enough leeway is given to young players who move to this country from abroad at a young age. Take Placheta. He's 22. Aged 22, I had just finished my studies and moved back to Norfolk. I'd just got my first proper job, was yet to move in with my girlfriend and was living with my Mum and Dad while we looked for a place to rent. I had passed my driving test, but couldn't afford a car. It was probably the first time I really felt like a "grown up". In among my friends is one person I could think of who at 22 would argue he was still very much enjoying his youth. Meanwhile, Placheta has upped sticks and moved 837 miles away to a new country. He's never lived abroad before. May not know the language. Moved at a time where Covid means he either drives home (a 16hr journey, FYI) or risks a flight. No clue how Poland are doing tackling COVID; from a quick look at the google statistics, not very well seems to be the answer! He has to learn the rigours of British football, try to adapt to a higher level of football and learn to gel with a new boss, new team and new surroundings. We are doing okay so far this year. Against Preston, when I had the chance to really study his movement and what he was doing, I thought he did okay. I think we can and should cut a young man who has made a brave, big change in his life at a time where brave, big changes are just that bit scarier than normal, a bit of slack.
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    Some more suitable songs. Stevie's lyrics espescially.
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    Thanks. I aim to be around to challenge Jools and RTB for a long time.
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    this is the interim report, basically there is a bit more exchange between the relevant companies involved in the trial which (hopefully) is a mere formality at this point. They also have several other trials due to complete which will provide even clearer evidence of how effective this vaccine is. Normally you have time to wait for such formalities as many of us young, healthy lot do but for the more vulnerable, it is clearly worth getting the vaccine out there. I don't imagine the final report will be far off now. Just to remind people that now more than ever is the time to stay safe and hopefully next year we won't need to "learn to live with it" or "take it on the chin". It will take time for this to all be distributed and things to be brought back to normal but stay patient, keep informed from reliable sources (preferably primary sources) and enjoy what you can safely
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    It only took Sleepy Joe 48 hours to develop this vaccine. He's relentless!
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    Between a c0ck and a hard place was another one I’ve heard.
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    "Make America Rake Again" https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/09/four-seasons-total-landscaping-trump-gardening-merchandise?
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    A tweak in the hamstring isn’t severe, but needs resting. He was out last season with a similar injury, so I would say it is precautionary.
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    That sounds about right Yellow Fever. Today's firing of the Defense Secretary being a variation of the "stabbed in the back" excuse the Germany army leadership and right wingers used at the end of WW1 - just in reverse this time.
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    Question answered, we have 40 million ordered, which he states is 2 per person meaning 1/3 vaccinated ie 20 million. So the 10 million doses I have to assume is 5 million people.
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    STOP THE STEAL! I will be convening a press conference with Norfolk's foremost legal minds at the prestigious Norwich Fencing and Landscaping to expose the truth behind this fraudulent quiz
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    Hasn’t someone already started a thread up about NCFC players and the upcoming friendlies which you’ve already even commented on?
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    The rate of progression in women’s football, since the 2012 Olympics especially, at all levels has been incredible! Very good to see!
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    I currently live beside the ground . I hear the goal music 60secs before we “score” on iFollow . That said I think the coverage is ok. It’s not sky from 20 different angles but it’s not as bad as people make out.
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    Yup- signed up along with Miss Beard !
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    Don’t normally come on here anymore but just to let you know Pfizer is 92 % effective. Boris making a statement to the Nation tonight.
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    More being released What comes next with the Pfizer vaccine? Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online Pfizer CEO Dr Albert Bourla has said today's news (that their vaccine is 90% effective according to latest results) is "a great day for science and humanity" and a "significant step forward" for the world in the battle against the pandemic. The US company Pfizer and German manufacturer BioNtech now want to apply for emergency licensing so that the vaccine can start to be given to people in general public outside of trials, possibly before the end of the year. They still need to gather more safety and efficacy data before then and demonstrate to regulators that the vaccine can be made to necessary quality standards. If all goes to plan, the vaccine could be available soon, but stocks of the shot would need to be kept in ultra-cold storage - at around -80C - which is challenging. The UK government has already pre-ordered 30 million doses of the vaccine, which is given as two dose, a month apart. Initially, it would be given to some of the people at highest risk - frail, elderly patients and healthcare workers on the front line of the pandemic. The jab is an mRNA vaccine that uses genetic code from the pandemic virus to teach the body's immune system to recognise and fight the infection.
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    Had the Swansea right back guessing every time, as he can go inside or out equally effectively. What a great gift to see in a player
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    You had better let Cambridgeshire Canary know.
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    RVW was £8.5m and Naismith £8m, so I'm giving myself that one. Therefore I got 17/18, I went for Ashman over Keelan.
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    Always good to know that just beacause you don't live in a certain city you can't support said citys club I mean I was born in Norwich and has been the only club I have ever supported all my life but nah beacause I live elsewere now it would seem I can no longer support us What a load of nonsense
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    Prove it. Remember you good ole boys in Deliverance. By the way, I'm all fixed thank you. Thanks to the NHS, I have a clean bill of health. I have never encountered two more complete morons than Jools and yourself. As I said earlier, you have no grace. No compassion. And nothing to contribute.
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    Let’s get this straight before this goes any further... Ipswich Town are not a football club
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    Ben Godfrey, though a graceful and athletic player, has much to learn regarding defensive nous. If he aquires that , he will be a great defender. He is brave in the block and the tackle, has a sensible haircut and naturally warm hands. I think we do look more solid, but how much of that is down to Skipp n Rupp and how much is down the centre halves only detailed analysis could really tell us.
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    I see what you’re getting at, but a) it was Leeds and b) it was Bamford, so that counters any ridiculousness and makes it ok
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    iFollow on my iPad works great. Zero issues for every game shown so far this season. I have a monthly subscription.
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    Biden won, the world is a much better place and we are very, very happy about it. Thank you for your concern
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    Bet the poor **** wished he really did have covid now!
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    Possibly. Trump spoke to a marginalised group in a way no one else could or would. In the UK starmer is trying to bridge this gap. It is for Biden to do that there now.
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    And Max. Bet they both start for us against Middlesbrough though
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    Mark, I’d make the assumption that a dose would be treatment for one person, so enough for 10 million, but who knows!
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    Perhaps Redwood can be given his most useful role to date as, "Fish Master General". We can task Chris Grayling to find him a boat and send him out to sea patrolling OUR waters where he can inform OUR fish that they have a patriotic duty only to enter OUR fishing nets and not stray from OUR seas.
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    Between a dildo store and a crematorium. Dare I say it, a-s-s-e-s to ashes, dust to dust.
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    I’m not sure where the confusion is here. I clearly said a minimum of 15 points from 10 matches is required, IMHO for Farke to still be in a job. We had 18 points from 10 matches, 4 more than the number required for Farke to be removed from post. Had we only had 14 points at that stage, we’d have been between 11th and 13th, dependent on GD. Given the shambolic end to last season, how many fans do you think would be content with us languishing in 13th after 10 matches?
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    Thanks R, didn't realise the 2.5% referred to the 7 day rolling average. Good news, anyway.
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    Poor old Donald! Will soon be wearing a suit the same colour as his face. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/trump-s-imminent-departure-from-the-white-house-makes-him-vulnerable-to-lawsuits-and-investigations/ar-BB1aO1kO?ocid=msedgntp "In his testimony to Congress, following his investigation, Robert Mueller was asked by the Republican representative Ken Buck: “Could you charge the president with a crime after he left the office?” Mueller replied: “Yes.” Buck continued: “You believe that he committed – you could charge the president of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?” Again, the response was: “Yes.” "Trump is the subject of 15 inquiries, criminal and civil, by nine federal, state and district agencies into his business and personal finances, including his tax affairs, his campaign, his inaugural committee, and charities associated with him!.
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    Psst. If you are not from around here we don’t need to hear your opinion. You are now living in Paradise so just relax and enjoy life my friend.
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    On Related Parties the only declarations that appear to have been made over the last 3 years are the core interest for Directors only. No declarations have been made for the Executive Team albeit the mural at Colney indicates that they had some. No declarations have been made for promotion bonuses for either Directors or Executive Team.
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    Our defence is certainly different without Godfrey. Less pace and technical skill, but probably does the basics better. Despite the constant criticism by some of our fans, our defensive record this season is actually excellent and has improved since Godfrey left. We've conceded just five goals in eight games without Godfrey. We're no worse off without him and we're richer, so all in all, I think we can be pretty pleased with the business we've done.
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    Never underestimate Leeds going full Leeds and pulling a Leeds
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    I can walk around the stadium both inside and out with my eyes shut so i will be donating my tickets to a worthy charitable cause.
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    I can see some more self indulgent pompous posts
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    You get arrested for that sort of thing over here
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