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    Blame refereeing standards for some of the issue. Player does his best to stay on his feet in the area despite being fouled - nothing given Player goes to ground easily instead of staying on his feet - instant penalty What incentive is there for honest, hard work and sportsmanship when it gets you nothing in return from the ref each time?
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    Ah yes, we must ignore the poverty in this country beacause another country has it worse.
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    Upsetting Birmingham fans is like upsetting fans of Bingo by calling the numbers incorrectly. Todd will 'upset' far bigger, better and more relevant in the years to come! They'd love him in their side.
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    Maybe if they didn't try kicking lumps out of skillful players they wouldn't go down as often.
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    Just lovely really . Comforting .
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    The measures being voted on were to extend the scheme that was in place over the summer holiday until Easter 2021. They weren’t intended to end long term poverty. They were intended to be because hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of parents who were employed six months ago now aren’t or shortly won’t be through no fault of their own. Aside from that, are kids more likely to stay in school if (a) they’ve been getting free school meals over the holidays or (b) they haven’t been getting free school meals over the holiday and have gone and got a job at 14 instead in order to feed themselves?
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    and how do you think he came about... have a read up on history before commenting you ignorant prat.
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    All measures appear to be different stopgaps to try to minimize both deaths and economic ruin in some unknown balance, whilst waiting for an actual vaccine to appear AND be proven effective. NZ have been very effective in their measures, but as ICF rightly points out, it's far easier for them to do this than it is for the UK, helped at the same time by people who actually LISTENED to the rules and followed them correctly. We've had marches against face masks, people refusing not to go for a drink, gyms refusing to close, people socialising regardless of lockdown rules, covid deniers who claim it's purely fake news, all against a backdrop of a government that seems to regularly ignore expert advice whilst ensuring they overspend on simple things like excel spreadsheets, and making sure that lucrative contracts for PPE go to their chums regardless of their ability to actually supply them! No social gatherings unless you want to join Boris and chums in a grouse hunt, no breaching lockdown unless you have to drive hundreds of miles to test your eyesight, no shaking hands unless you're the PM (who then catches Covid), the whole thing is a colossal farce. Why does everything have to be in the background, why can't groups like SAGE simply come out publicly immediately after advising the government and say "We told them to lockdown based on our expertise, knowledge and projections and they totally ignored us!"? Like many, I simply don't know what to believe any more, but what I do know is that as a member of a higher risk group I'm more concerned about getting Covid and possibly dying from it, then I am about pubs closing and people having to restrict their socialising for the near future. But that's just me, other people could feel totally the opposite, but I do question why I have to keep working and living in fear each day whilst others blithely don't worry about it and instead want to moan they can't nip for a pint...
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    MOTM for me. I've been a big critic and didn't want him to start today but he was our best player tonight in my eyes.
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    An absolute thorn in Birmingham’s side. Good to have him back.
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    I often like to take a look into our opponent's forums after a game to get a view from the 'other side.' I did this with a Brum forum after last night's encounter. They (the Brum faithfull) were as obsessed with Cantwell as many on this forum seem to be. Almost every posting referred to him, some with praise, most with derision. The comments were also rife with comparisons with Grealish, their absolute hate figure. Two seasons ago Norwich City was all about Teemu Pukki, now it seems that young Cantwell has assumed that mantle among opposing fans. The talent, the fame, the wealth, the hair, the obvious flamboyance all provoke envy among those who's lives are lit up by the highlight of a football match on a Tuesday night. I sense a degree of purposefulness on the part of both Cantwell and Grealish, and many others before them. It's showing off to a degree, but may be these successful youngsters have a right to act the way they do. Clearly both are extroverts who want to be noticed and to stand out, knowing full well this rankles among opponent fans, and even elements of their own support. I do not think that Todd Cantwell was particularly guilty of unreasonable play acting during last night's game, I 've seen worse on a weekly basis in PL highlights. His style and looks make him conspicuous, especially when he plays as well as he did, and he sure got a battering.
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    Hi TRF What I have said all along is there are 2 different arguments, the economy and health we each have the one that matters to us as our top priority. China for instance managed both, but in the West would we keep to a proper lockdown and then real social distancing and have our neighbour thrown in prison for breaking the rules for a good reason, probably not. Here we have argued over both and ( in my opinion ) not succeeded with either. Unfortunately by not dealing with either this is where mine and your problems are. I appreciate people will die from other things, but I don’t know the answer as if you have cancer for instance and catch Covid that it is not good, as now shown on many cancer wards. The economy will be in a total mess, but what do you do ? Let the people up North starve whilst telling them they can’t work to protect the Southern cities. The only answer I know is get the virus under control is the only way to stop people dieing, becoming unwell, shortening people’s lives ( nobody knows yet the after effects of having Covid ), and to start repairing the damage that has been done to the economy. Our views ( and both should be respected ) are totally different. Mine is we should have locked down a month earlier, we should have come out of lock down a month later, we should have had a circuit break 4 weeks ago and track and trace should have been up and running properly. My conclusion and method had we have suppressed the virus then our economy could have recovered. The other view of course is we should never have done that, we should have let the virus run through the population, kept everything open and the economy would not have suffered. Only my view but there would still have been the excess deaths amongst for instance cancer sufferers as if they caught Covid what would their chances be ?. The likelihood is the mental health of just as many would have suffered being terrified of the disease and would the economy really not have suffered, I don’t know. So for me I have no idea which way was best. Trump tested a Nation by using the let it run through the population theory, we will see how that went down with the people in 2 weeks. Brazil has done the opposite still I wonder what their results are on people being tested for cancer, or having it catching Covid and dieing. I suspect ( but I don’t know for certain ) they are worse than ours. So my point is nobody knows which way is correct, that is something for history to tell us. I was asking your solutions as I was genuinely interested. To me my solution is getting the vaccine out there, but even then we are talking next summer before it takes enough effect to alter where we are, and ( again my opinion ) people giving false info on the vaccine will delay people having it. Those most at risk even after being vaccinated won’t be as protected as somebody young, so who knows until there are treatments that work where we will go. You may see an extreme where people not vaccinated are banned from certain countries, you may be told unless you have your green pass you cannot enter a football stadium or a pub, again only history will tell. Unlikely in this country but you may just be told you have to have the vaccine, you will certainly be told that in some countries such as Russia, China and North Korea. What has worried me therefore is the information, which I may have misunderstood or maybe from somebody with a similar user name. Did I understand correctly from another thread regards only 8 beds being allocated for Covid in Manchester ? If so I would like to pass that to my MP as that means many English people will unnecessarily die from Covid. Again there was a comment on the come on Sarah that indicated the vaccine has only been in development for a few months, this as I understand it is not correct and some of the vaccines are not even a chemical ( if that’s the word ) they are an electric shock to stimulate certain parts of the body to fight Covid. Your views are respected by me as I have learnt to live with the virus, but I probably contribute 1/2 of what I used to contribute to the economy and that will remain the same until I have my injection. I no longer visit pubs and restaurants, I no longer go into shops for a quick spur of the moment visit to blow a tenner. I don’t travel to different places in my free time, and I don’t even pay £12 for a haircut, my wife does it. Unfortunately my view remains, that this Goverment has made poor decisions regards the suppression of the virus, and because of that the economy has gone t**s and many people with other diseases have died because the virus has not been suppressed. And before you think that’s political I have voted Tory all my life ( including last year ) but never again whilst Johnson is in charge. Hope that clears the air.
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    No, I would just like you to put that “give me freedom or give me death” BS to bed. We are talking about the UK’s future trading relationship with our neighbors, not a starting a war you moron.
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    You ALWAYS need to say less.
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    Don’t forget the other scapegoat Rupp, who was very good tonight as well.
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    I've been, the families i saw tended to look after each other pretty well and the kids were fed. Real sense of community and togetherness. That despite a disgusting and unnecessary campaign of destruction from capitalist America that decimated the country. Cambodia is actually one of the worlds fastest growing economies as well. I didn't notice their government waste billions of tax payer money on contracts for their mates and then claim they can't afford to help either.
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    Watching those cloggers bought back painful memories of that ****house 1-0 loss to them just before the playoff finals. Absolute anti football- no idea how fans can support teams who play like that.
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    Just nice to see opposition fans slating him tbh. He must be doing something right.
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    Cantwell made the challenge which disoriented Stearman at Huddersfield leading to the winning goal. Vs Brum he was fouled for the sending off which seemed to break their concentration. He's an absolute pain in the a*se for the opposition and I'm very happy we still have him.
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    Perhaps if they learnt that to win a football match they have to cross the halfway line
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    You're literally the worst poster I've ever seen.
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    Klopp asking where was the VAR if Michael Oliver didn't see it....... Err.....it never happened. VAR only 'sees' things that no human being in 'real-time' could call; invents its own interpretation of the rules; helps encourage 'simulation' by endlessly playing some soft challenge over and over until a flailing finger can be shown to have brought the 12 stone 6'3" CF down in the box just to get the stats up - and line Bet 365's pockets. But can't be used to overturn an incorrect throw in, corner, rolling spot kick, or a ball over the goal line. Muppetry
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    What an amazing turnaround in terms of his performances and fans attitude towards him. Would be hilarious if he keeps it up and is then in the running for POTS given many on here were questioning if he had ANY footballing ability last season! Guess that proves that Farke/Webber have far better idea about player’s abilities than most of us on here.
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    reminded me of this famous commentary
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    This is why as supporters we really should give new players an actual chance. Bought with the view we may end up in the Championship through no fault of his own, and to his credit, he will be more than aware of the criticism he’s received but clearly has taken it like a water off a ducks back. It takes a certain kind of mentality to respond like that. Some killer through balls tonight, and quite incisive. Based on his performances thus far, he won’t be losing his place any time soon, and rightly so.
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    You normally do
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    I can’t see where it states the clubs would not compete in domestic leagues? It’s almost a revamp Champions League into a full Elite league for rich clubs to share the wealth between them. Only 5 English teams would be involved. The chief reason the big clubs want to cut the Premiership to 18 teams to play less games and more focus on this Elite league. I would be all for the big six as others to bog off permanently, I’m pretty sure this elite league would run out of favour. I know I certainly wouldn’t watch.
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    Agreed I lived in Wymondham until July and moved to a place called Brownhills not far from Walsall. Living here I realise how sheltered I was in Norfolk. We are level 2 and fast approaching the higher level. People here are different as we are surrounded by it. Our epicentre is a place called Bloxwich where it seems like a tsunami pushing out. We have somebody working on the frontline and they are a wreck. They tell us the reason the Nightingales can’t be opened is half of them are in isolation and they can’t get enough new people in to staff them. The description they give is like a horror film.
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    Dont forget to cut the stalks and not pull them up. Please leave the mycelium in the soil to keep growing.
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    I saw some of the shaggies near me a few days ago. I'll give them a shot! Thanks Shrimper you're such a fun-guy!
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    I don't think we will ever know for certain unless there is a genuinely independent judicial inquiry. The outrage of Cummings being present was that it interfered with a process of a truly independent meeting motivated purely by scientific knowledge and expertise. Connected to this, we also really need to know what questions the government put forward for the scientists to answer. I am deeply suspicious that a lot of the early recommendations of Sage were premissed on a large number of caveats introduced by the government as a result of its lack of preparedness for a pandemic. I don't think it is wildly speculative to imagine the questions were something like, "Given we don't have access to anywhere near enough PPE for the next month what does the committee recommend regarding ..." Let's hope this all comes out in the future.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAke3P4hKZA&feature=youtu.be&t=29 Hope this clears things up Kirku
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    I take the ones that are halfway through their life cycles. I always find they taste the best. Fried in Garlic and butter and Olive oil served on toast, nothing better after an early morning walk.
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    I prefer to look on the bright side and nobody gets out of life alive. Keep smiling, you're a long time dead.
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    That’s not true! Certainly over priced ****e sausage rolls every ground I’ve been!
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    You really are blind aren’t you. Enjoy post Brexit, I’m happy to still be working for a Norwegian firm, travel on my second passport and enjoy the cultural riches the European cities and people have to offer.
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    If the season finishes without collapsing I think we will win it. At the moment we are like a car engine on a winter morning, not properly warmed up and spluttering along in the early stages of the season. But there's plenty of glimpses of the smooth running engine coming through and the team selection gelling. Pukki's injury is a bit of a worry but Idah and Hugill offer alternative solutions. Other outfield players are chipping in goals, the defensive midfield is shaping up. Fingers crossed for no injuries to central defense. Overall I think we will be better quality than the promotion team of two years ago.
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    1 GF, 13 GC, and still no points so I can only see them parking the bus. Did well against unbeaten Reading last night though, as it took over an hour for Reading to break the deadlock who ended the game with just 5 attempts, 1 on target whilst Wycombe achieved 10 attempts, 3 on target. Hopefully we will still manage to pick up 3 points from this game, but I think it will be similar to the recent fixtures against Derby and Birmingham
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    They weren’t going to win the league again, their squad is too weak, a couple injuries to key players shows that. I understand the payers frustration that keepers appear exempt from cards when they make dangerous challenges like that, it was really poor and much more a red card then Buendia’s elbow last year! But certainly Liverpool need to stop their whining it’s football and derby matches always have robust challenges.
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    His comment seems to be getting ready for his I told you so thread on Saturday. In that one comment he has the justification for us winning, losing and drawing to be able to say he predicted all 3. You are right as well he had us winning 8 out of our last 12 premier games but not beating Wycombe. Absoloutely agree with you however, this is professional football and no game is easy, break them down early should be a walk in the park, not get an early breakthrough Cantwell and Emi will need to find the solutions.
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    And just like that all the trolls crawled back under their bridge..............
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    He paid more in taxes to the Chinese state than to his own country.
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    Not quite the point you’re making, but similar... There have been a large number of articles in the last few days, none of which, unsurprisingly, have been mentioned on here despite all being published or referred to in articles which were available on (or from links on) the bbc or national newspaper websites. All of the below deal with the position in which 16-24 year olds will find themselves in a matter of weeks. Various articles on unemployment in 16-24 year olds and the idea that related poverty will lead to health issues. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/17/coronavirus-1-million-young-britons-face-jobs-crisis-within-weeks Headline self explanatory. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8852491/Report-says-16-24-year-olds-struggle-work-furlough-scheme-ends-month.html headline self explanatory. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/20/sage-experts-warn-of-impact-of-covid-policies-on-young-generation-z-harm-pandemic-coronavirus Sage wading in. Reports youth unemployment already on track to be highest since early 1980s (before we even consider any future lockdown or circuit breaker). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54545158 Former homelessness advisor to the government war in families won’t be able “to put shoes on children”. "I can't impress upon you enough that I think we are heading into an unprecedented period. We're already in it and it's going to get worse. And it needs a more cross-government and cross-society response." Prof Russell Viner, the president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, who is on Sage’s children’s task and finish working group, said: “This is a generation under threat. It will be catastrophically, disproportionately hit and harmed by the loss of economic and social opportunities as a direct result of the pandemic. We have taken money out of our children’s futures by racking up this huge national debt. “We have to face up to the fact that we not only took away the protective net we throw around our children by closing schools and redeploying the children’s health workforce, but then we mortgaged off their futures for the current reality.”. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/sn05871/ 300,000 people aged 16-24 who were in employment in March are now unemployed (about a third). Expect many more when furlough ends this month. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54543654 modelling suggesting two week circuit break could push economic recovery back by a whole year. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1342697/coronavirus-pandemic-unemployment-poverty-charities - https://www.health.org.uk/news-and-comment/charts-and-infographics/unemployment - unemployment and poverty cuts years off life expectancy. Posters keep talking about your grandparents dying if we don’t stop the spread. Adds a slightly different light when you consider some forms of stopping the spread might knock 10 years off your grandkids’ life. What were the buzz words on here? Sleepwalking into disaster, and heads in sand?
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    And the binners got thumped too! A good evening all round
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    Yes, they did a good job of being sh*t. . On a serious note, I do not believe for a second that anyone didn't realise what their gameplan was. It was blatantly obvious from 5 minutes in.
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    Your headline says more than your content. If anyone were to criticise Farke for that performance tonight then I’d say they were out of their minds. He can’t put the ball in the back of the net himself, he can only do everything he can to load the bullets. And that he did from the very 1st minute right to the 90th. We have the right man in charge. He deserves a bit of luck and fortune for bringing some of the best football played to Carrow Rd that I’ve seen in 40 or so years.
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    Understandable. It was hidden under the cryptic heading : 'Welcome back Todd Cantwell'
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    Not even his best game, a bit rusty and with lots of pressure on him after recent events, but got MOTM. Lot’s more to come. Shame on those that treat him like an opposition player. Seriously.
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    Please don't tell us you still believe the BBC isn't Lefty biased..
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