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    Only if we have another CB coming in. Surely to goodness we wouldn't leave ourselves with only three centre backs after last season's debacle?
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    van Wolfswinkel Learnt my lesson after that.
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    Angus Gunn available for loan... could be a good move to keep Krul on his toes.
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    Class act of a young man. Shame the questions put to him were so naff, but he handles himself well regardless......
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    Yeah, she got it. Stupid person.
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    Because it's "Look at me" Lakey.
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    There's no need to crow about it. Sorry, but I couldn't resist.
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    One season after turning the team around the previous season. Then a season in the prem with no resources. This season is the true test. To be claiming he should go now is simply idiotic of people to suggest.
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    I was livid when we signed Gary Megson - he turned out to be a very good piece of business.
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    Would have to say none other than Teemu Pukki. Despite 2020 where he’s not been at his best, probably down to slight injury issues taking him off the boil, you would still have to say he’s been a remarkable bit of business on a free who has caused many a fantastic night under the Carrow Rd floodlights.
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    Calm down Bill, I haven't kicked your cat.
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    Whether you or I had heard of him is immaterial. Like most City supporters, when things are looking in the 90% bracket that we’re actually going to sign said player, I always do a bit of research on them. The fact he’d been in the Real Madrid academy did indeed excite me. It’s not often, if ever, a player with that kind of background rocks up at Carrow Rd and it didn’t take much research to find out he was a creative AMF. Generally if you play in one of the more exciting positions and are in the youth ranks at Real Madrid then that’s a pretty good marriage I would say. So yes, he was the last player that excited me. Each to their own
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    Grant Holt. Thought he would score enough goals to get us promoted from League 1. Never dreamed he would then score enough to get us promoted to and stay in the Premier League.
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    He'll fit in well here then
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    Lol Lets be fair, did you see him play when he first signed ? As I said before was sheer class before his injury at Palace and many were relieved to see him stay that close season when he had suitors from lots of different clubs. Unfortunately never managed to get fully fit after that, ( often through no fault of his own ) so to say over rated is harsh, I would say more an unfortunate injury at Palace that dogged his career. Pity we never got to see him back fit.
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    It was a reference to Longstaff, not Bailey, and it was meant to be ironic
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    Owen Bailey is a centre-back (although very worryingly he can also play defensive midfield according to transfer mrkt - and just when you thought you were safe from 'he's a defensive midfielder not a central defender' posts ).
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    I can confirm that the 26 year old Sean Raggett is no longer a city player.......................
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    Do you know something about Daniel Farke that we don't?
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    I'll be honest, I personally think it's disgusting. It's clearly a situation that is designed to best suit the premier league. We don't need two extra weeks. We need the window shut. Two months into the new season with the window open in this day and age is ridiculous. It's clearly unsettling players and teams - and not just ours. I hope every EFL club plays hardball with EPL teams and bleeds them for every penny, especially after the EPL said they wouldn't help out the EFL financially due to covid putting many clubs at financial risk. It's clearly going to have an impact on us too. I believe Webber is on record for saying that project restart saw a loss in £15-20million in revenue normally expected for that period.
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    Since he never said this the only possible implication is that you're making things up.
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    I am still convinced had he not gotten injured in that Palace game we would have stayed up and he would have moved on to a big club.
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    Good luck Ben. Not often a deal is good for so many but in my opinion it’s great for for him, Everton get a possible future England captain, with work still in progress, we get a substantial fee after developing a young player that has a little further to go to become the finished product and York now probably have any financial fears they had over the next few months eradicated. In addition we have Ben Gibson now who will probably ( but who knows ) never become good enough to be England captain, but maybe just what we need to be able to defend better.
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    Your post started off well, Gibson looks the real deal.....but you ruined it by dissing Zimmermann. Zimbo is a class act - as shown every time he gets a run in the team. Makes the odd mistake, but they all do. If they stay fit, should be the best pairing in the division.
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    Btw our results this season are not incomparable to how we started the League last time we smashed it. And that fact seems to be largely ignored, for whatever reason. If we were getting battered by teams I’d be concerned, but the performances are improving, and we’re dominating the ball, I think we could just do with a bit more one touch zip and pace with regard to how we move the ball. Most of the players have shown to devastating effect last time we were in this league, the quicker we move the ball, the more effective we are - teams just don’t get a chance to regroup so easily when we play like that. Hopefully that kind of tempo will start to show itself soon : )
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    The last Centre Back we sold to Everton did ok!
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    There is no need to panic. Really. This season the team have played well in parts although individual errors from Skipp and Pukki have cost us 5 points.Hardly Farke's fault. Both the Bournemouth and Derby games showed that teams who set up with 5 at the back and drop deep to negate our attacking through the middle can stop us scoring. Both of these games were settled by an outstanding strike. In the Derby game we came close to scoring several times including a missed penalty. We dominated much of he game against Derby but couldn't finish it off. It was a game we would have won if Pukki had scored the penalty. Sacking Farke would be the most incredibly stupid decision. The side does need a better game plan against the 541 because Pukki gets outnumbered 3-1 and only gets the ball supplied from wide areas.
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    A sign of weakness by Trump. Putin would've ridden bare chested on a horse whilst biting the head off a live tarantula, dismounted, puched the horse unconcious and the sprinted off to the Kremlin.
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    I am sure the staff at Walter Reed, which is a forces' hospital, appreciate the irony of giving priority treatment to someone who dodged the draft with 'bone spurs'...
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    I got slaughtered for suggesting Pukki in the hole last season behind Idah, but I complete agree that its worth a try. I can see Hugill being our Kevin Davies and Pukki essentially thriving on his knockdowns and flick backs like Kevin Nolan. Pukki will score more with a few chances on the edge of the box than he will sitting isolated at the top when teams are just going to sit deep. Pukki the man when the opposition play a high line as he's the best at beating an offside trap, but most won't try that against us because of the pace we possess on the flanks (if Hernandez or Placheta playing). Farke really needs to be open to changing things earlier at least. If teams park the bus like Derby then just get Hugill on at half time, drop Pukki to number 10. If teams take the game to us then the game is right for Pukki leading the line, change it accordingly. I'd have had no problem with us starting Pukki up top against Derby if Hugill was brought on at 45/50/55 minutes when it was so clear that it was a game for him.
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    On the flip side I've defended Rupp since he joined yet for those who have thought he offered absolutely nothing, its equally a bit soon for them to be suddenly flip flopping in the other direction! I said from his first game for us that he obviously has a good engine, a good understanding positionally, tackles well and could pass. Certainly at this level I think he is an asset.
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    Back to Bournemouth, wait for it...
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    He says he's been injury free for 8 months, still only 28. If not us it will be one of our rivals.
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    Reminds me of a lot of years ago when I was a wee laddie and used to watch the reserves on a Friday night. We had a player called David Smith who had the strangest body length to leg length ratio I've ever seen. He used to spend his whole time going backwards. We used to go as a group and had a bet (sweets because I was under age for gambling ) about the furthest back pass he would do during a game, we used to shout wrong way every time he turned to goal. Those were the days
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    Timm’s been good for us, but with his injuries more than anything it would make sense for him to return home now, and I reckon he’d go with all of our best wishes. Can’t think of anyone to replace him that we’ve been linked with like we were for ages with Ben Gibson. But left field guess, if there’s any truth in the rumours of the boys from Newcastle, then I just wonder if Todd Cantwell could be making his way there to join his old mate Jamal, and we in return could be getting a goal scoring midfielder from them (Longstaff) as a replacement for Todd with the young CB coming in to fill the void of Timm Klose. Am sure I’ve heard Steve Bruce is a fan of Cantwell, and with Jamal bigging him up, then perhaps this is maybe how this all plays out. Cash for Todd and a couple of players from them. Just a random thought.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000mzph Radio 4s investigative show "File on Four" did a really excellent investigation into EFL team ownership this evening titled, "Fit For Football". If you have any interest at all in the regulations and practices that determine team ownership and finance this is essential listening. You can find it at the link above. There are some truly shocking (and indeed, heart-breaking) revelations uncovered.
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    I heard we've got a player coming in who will provide left back, right back, centre back, goalkeeper and right wing cover, all at the same time. And yes, yes we would, because we don't make logical decisions.
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    Priti Patel and Nigel Farage turning the boat round and sending him back?
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    We won’t, Wolfie - I doubt this is a shock to Webber and Farke so I guess if we’re going to get another CB from abroad then that has to happen today! That said, we could have something lined up domestically. Good luck to Timm - damn injuries, I don’t think we therefore ever quite saw the very best of a very decent CB.
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    Must have been quite an experience being an amateur manager and seeing a world cup winner lining up against your team. Great player for us and really did the local football some good by playing for Gorleston etc.
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    wtf are you talking about you dumb fool. What I have just quoted are the current US food regulations. You're the one turning a blind eye. Do try to use whatever constitutes the matter sloshing around in your cranium.
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    Indeed we should be careful. Its amusing how we get so many people shouting Farke out or Webber out and yet they either state very unrealistic manager replacement choices that would never happen or just flat out refuse to say who they would replace them with. I mean seriously folks if you want Webber out name me his replacement
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    Klopp has to go! Sorry got carried away, so used to reading idiots on here claiming Farke should
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    When he's on it, he's totally exciting to watch. Like a baby bull with electric pace & a ballet dancer's feet (well, err ... you know what I mean). Every match he plays I get the feeling this could be the one where he rips the opposition to shreds. Totally exciting.
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    I suppose because there has been a lot of criticism of Rupp before this last fortnight. In all honesty I almost fell out of my chair watching him playing CM for the first time again Bournemouth. In these two games - he just looks the right fit for the role. He hasn't score or assisted a goal yet so most posters are giving him a 6/10 but his positional play is good and he is looking dynamic in that position - unlike McLean who doesn't look the part cos he's played out of position there !
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    Fred - so good they named him once. OTBC
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    Pld 18 W1 D1 L16 Not sure there's an alternative or an argument about parting ways unfortunately, not just for our sake but for Daniels too. It's simply all too clear now this isn't going to turn back round to two years ago. It's like a slow and lingering death, time to pull the plug.
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