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    That's great news Canary Jedi. If it's true Barcelona have signed your Dad for 5 years instead of Max, we can all breath a little easier.
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    People can support who they like but generally I've found you get better, more knowledgeable and balanced conversations about the game from those who support smaller teams or local fans of big clubs. Liverpool fans are particularly an example of this. Most actual scousers I know who support Liverpool are much more knowledgeable than the ones who are from London or similar. I worked in an office in London full of plastic United/Liverpool fans and the amount who thought I couldn't have any idea about football because I supported a 'small, **** team' was amazing. Big club fans also seem to lack any self awareness/understanding of the game outside of their bubble. I noticed recently a journalist tweeted about Macclesfield going bust and the responses were 80% Man U fans saying 'we'll be next due to the Glazers mismanagement!' as if them not signing a player for £80m is comparable to an entire club going out of business. As Ged says above, most of these fans are numb to success at this point- how much do Man U or Chelsea fans enjoy winning the League Cup for instance? For us, it'd be one of our most treasured memories, for them it'd be underwhelming. I think you can see now on social media that fans of clubs like this almost take more joy in other clubs failing than they do in their own clubs success.
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    Not football related, but got offered tickets for centre court at Wimbledon one year, on a week day, so as an opportunity not to be missed I took a day off sick......unfortunately when we got back and watched the highlights, every time the camera went on the players in their chairs in between games, we were in full view of anyone watching just over the shoulder of Boris Becker.....
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    The Zoe study is the best measure for me, now showing nearly 13000 cases a day
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    I just don't like it when a pseudo Liverpool supporter with no pubic hair, falsetto voice and a broad Cornish accent having never left the county, takes the mickey at me for being a Norwich supporter
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    ... My confession: I used to say I was a Liverpool fan (and my sister was a Spurs fan). As a kid I went to Carrow Road quite a few times and even played there. I really enjoyed playing the sport and watching it. But I then got a disease in my knees that stopped my playing and the resentment began. I hated football in my teenage years. I was going through a rebellious phase and didn't like anything that was popular. One day a good friend of mine convinced me to watch a game over a few beers and it happened to be the 2005 Champions League final. It was such a brilliant game and I was hooked. I went out that summer a bought a Liverpool shirt (the green and white one). For the next few years I was a Liverpool fan. A few years later I moved away from Norfolk and started mixing with 'outsiders'. I realised 2 things: I have no connection with Liverpool, and Liverpool fans are absolute tw4ts. So I disassociated myself from them. I started to follow Norwich again. I've always been proud of where I am from and for the last 10 years I have been a Norwich fan. I have been to quite a few games in recent years and, when the time is right, will be getting a season ticket. I've just moved back to Norfolk. I love the club and I don't care if we are in the champs or PL. OTBC!
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    If this is how it plays out, what will be irritating is that we will no doubt be accused of blocking his move or holding him back just because we didn;t allow our pants to be pulled down. When in reality Barcelona will be the ones who will have used the player to get their other target (or get him on the cheap).
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    Well yeah but you hate pretty much everything to do with NCFC so you might be a little pessimistic on this one.
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    Have you noticed how supporting teams Out off area goes with age bands? A few people I know that live nearby support Leeds. They are mostly older than me , so presumably it because of Leeds winning the title in the early 70’s? Then you get Liverpool fans , again roughly the same ages as the scousers won various trophies. Man Utd next as they took over , and I can even think of one young lad who supports Man City . Each to his own but I have to say , what’s the point ? People that support Liverpool that live in East Anglia can’t really support them can they? A bit of early life glory hunting ? I get those that move away , but I’m struggling to see the point otherwise ?
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    That's a new one on me, never heard it called that before.
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    #Kexit is trending on twitter.
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    Yes - but lots have it mildly or even asymptomatically. If you were a tradesman who only gets paid when you work you might think twice about a test 'on the off chance' if you felt you more likely had a mild cold or similar - perhaps an acquaintance of somebody who did have it - let's wait and see. It's just human nature. You can see it on here all the time. Two weeks no pay and a lot of inconvenience (even fines) is a great persuader you don't have it!
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    I would be so bored supporting a constantly successful team, or at least a team with that much expectation. Love my club, how its run, and when we achieve its through doing it our way (which I think is the proper albeit old fashioned way). Need the lows to appreciate the highs too, and we have had enough of those! I was born in London and as a youngster 'supported' West Ham despite moving to Norwich at less than a month old. However once I was old enough to go to matches my support for Norwich was started and it will be lifelong.
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    Don’t know if it’s good or worse YF but today’s % in Scotland was 7.8% according to Sturgeon. "Nevertheless, today's number represents 7.8% of people newly tested. That is obviously a real cause for concern, but it also underlines why we took very decisive and very tough action yesterday."
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    So not ‘gone’ at all.
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    OK so I'm assuming Waveny is onto his 500th account then...
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    The huddersfield stream was mixed but thought the pne one worked well, sound and vision snyced and no noticeable lag. hopefully that level of service continues.
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    Football not exempt from Covid, hopefully this might force even the biggest clubs to start paying normal wage structure! When one player can earn more in one month than a 2nd division club needs to survive a year there’s something very wrong with football.
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    And the need for a new thread?
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    I think they only do about 6k tests per day so thats a big percentage of positives if true. Just checked and its 14 k so about three and a half percent.
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    Any one of them would walk into the Ipswich team though.
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    Yes, but the real question is how did we let his contract run down so he was able to leave us for nothing?!
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    I think the question is Sunday midweek - yes or no
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    I imagine that would fall foul of a few different laws.
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    I grew up watching Dover in the mid 90s (I lived in Folkestone before moving up to Norwich for uni in 96) - really sad to see them where they are now. It looked as though they were going to fold over the summer and they put up their entire squad for free transfer - unfortunately the players that were left refused to take a pay cut in line with the non-playing staff which caused a lot of bad feeling. They do have a reputation for being a bit of a sugar-daddy club (broke the non-league transfer record to sign David Leworthy around 94), but the chairman Jim Parmentier is a genuine fan who just happens to have a few bob... Not that dissimilar to our own owners. The difference being that regardless of the wealth of the owners, at non-league level ticket sales are absolutely essential income, even when gates are only around 1000 or so. I took my boy to Crabble just before lockdown and he loved it... Would be a real shame if he never gets to visit again. Cramming in along with 4000 others to watch an FA cup qualifying round replay against the old enemy Sittingbourne is one of my formative football-supporting memories. Sadly, the first of many to go to the wall unless the PL/EFL have an unlikely philanthropic streak. Also see that the FA is de-funding grass-roots football to the tune of £22m per season... It's all going a bit wrong, isn't it?
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    Good point Nutty. Look at how much stick Delia gets for the crime of letting NCFC run on a sustainable business model. She doesn't put money in but she doesn't take money out. NCFC can spend everything that it earns. You know, like any regular business does.
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    Perhaps the players will finally have to agree to that universal wage cut. Not heard much recently about how much they put into that fund/PR Stunt to support the NHS in order to avoid taking a wage cut. That seems to have gone very quiet.
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    Haha, he is in his late 70s but can still probably out-pace Klose!
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    Is she any good at writing bs on a bus?
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    Would Cummings be replaced by Sarah Vine? Apples
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    You need that clip of Father Dougal taking a funeral service.
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    Glory hunters - they just don't count. Recall when we beat Man Utd 2-0 in 2005 or 6.... the pub (in Plymouth) was full of Man U fans, plus my brother and I and we celebrated both goals... at the end, they all drank up and walked out.... not one of them said well played. Said to brother, the feeling we've got over this win, they never get, even when winning Champions League and EPL..... it's just not in their gut. They have no affiliation with their club and don't know what its like to go through bad times so can't appreciate the good. As an aside, supporting the Canaries must be infectious.... at the Norwich-Villa match last season the guy next to us (a season ticket holder in hospitality) was going berserk at the performance and at 0-3 he got up and walked out.... his wife turned to us, apologised and said, you wouldn't believe he's actually a Notts Forest fan! OTBC
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    You'd hope so. People have gotten far too used to getting things like this for free without having to consider actual consequences.
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    Seems many think Johnson should have gone further - matched Scotland on house visiting. I would tend to agree - Suspect this will fail and full on lock down almost inevitable later. Too little too late all over again?
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    It’s the ones who sneer and laugh after hearing you support a non-elite side:. “Oh dear, sorry for you”. An attitude immediately punctured with the revelation that actually it’s great and I love supporting them all over the country win or lose, and by the way, how often do you get to Stamford Bridge/Old Trafford/etc.? But still extremely aggravating this theory there’s no point in clubs having support , unless they are PL/CL, have >(X-1) trophies, and >(Y-1) stadium size. Where X and Y are of course their own team’s stats.
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    Alright then, I'll bite and no doubt get called a plastic, but, growing up I went to see my local team but identified as a Liverpool supporter (it was the 80s), then had a similar epiphany about why I was supporting them when I went to secondary school which coincided with the start of the PL and decided I should support someone properly so started supporting Norwich and have done ever since. Thing is my local team was Carlisle utd and I have no connection to Norwich, I just thought they played nice football, seemed like a decent club and no one else would be supporting them. I've stuck by them through thick and thin and am now bringing my kids up to be Norwich fans. Although haven't made it to a game for 8 years I do still buy the occasional bit of merch (two ncfc gnomes in the garden for example). I would class myself as a proper supporter (though obviously not an elite supporter like waveny) and wear my colours with pride but I would fit into the OP's criteria for "can't be a proper supporter".
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    I recall a phone call on one of Danny Baker's many different radio shows about 25 years ago when some cocky little lad of about 12 years old rang in and started banging on about how great Liverpool were and how "we" were going to destroy every other side that season. Baker let him run on and then asked him where he came from..."Bournemouth" said the kid..."I reckon you can see Anfield's 's floodlights from your bedroom window, can't you?" and cut him off....!
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    "I'm not sure what good stopping people going out after 10 is going to do to anyone" @Terminally Yellow.....the virus is nocturnal....didn't you know?
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    I'm not sure if I've missed the sarcasm in this - but if it's sincere I'm sorry, it's absolutely Boris Johnson's fault. I wholeheartedly acknowledge that Brexit is the reason we have Boris Johnson as PM, and that the public, labour and bad luck all have played their parts in that little omnishambles. But allowing Boris a literal get out of jail card for being elected to deliver Brexit and not this is just wrong. The list of failings managed by this government during this crisis is massive. Lockdown was brought in far, far too late. The Cheltenham festival and Liverpool v Madrid matches taking place were absolute jokes of decisions. There's plenty of scientific evidence which suggests even a week or two earlier would have saved thousands of lives. Then we have PPE. Hundreds of thousands of units of PPE purchased which were found absolutely useless. Care homes, hospices, ambulance trusts and others crying out for it for weeks on end. Test and trace. Good grief, these words should follow this government around as a new by word for utter failure. It's the one thing that can really help us right now, the ONE thing this government should be obliged to get right above almost everything else (2nd only to funding and supporting the NHS, IMO). I heard a story from a Dad on Radio 5 Live of his frustrations trying to get a test for his young son. He's based in London. The test he was offered was in Aberdeen. Scandalous. Then there's 3 million self employed people entirely overlooked for financial assistance, masks - went from no, don't wear them, to advise maybe you should when you can't socially distance to now yes wear them everywhere indoors - and now this latest set of measures which will pretty much ruin anyone in the night time economy. I'm not sure what good stopping people going out after 10 is going to do for anyone. Bit of a rant this, even for me. Apologies everyone.
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    After watching zombieland today was reminded of this classic. There's only 20 seconds in the film but it lead me to investigate. Also. Ozark. a lot of good music in that. And worth a watch.
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    That's one biography I'd definitely be up for reading some day.
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    Download this app for all free streaming LIVE FOOTBALL STREAMING HD
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    No. You ask them to pay the going rate. If we have to give away our players just because a big club comes in for them then that blows a massive hole in the model. We shouldn’t stand in his way if they make a fair offer, not if they take the p**s.
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    Apparently not. The pubs have to actually shut at 10.
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    Cheers H. That last song encapsulates my feelings about Brexit. Best Brexit song ever (....how about that for a segway to another thread? ) FZ are still really important in Holland & Germany. Check out Marliese & So Long for their best known songs. Marliese is weird because it's written from the first person view of a stalker and when you know that it becomes so more unsettling but clever. Watts' songs are nearly always political or protest in content. He is now getting on (like us all) so the voice is deeper.
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    Thanks for your input lads, here's what Farke will actually do.... Nothing, nada, zilch. He will play the same team as last game barring injuries.
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    I agree, it's a form of assurance for some to 'support' a successful team so they do not have to suffer the embarrassment of losing / relegation. However life is not quite like that and I find it funny when you meet a mature leeds fan who's never been further than the Wash as they were successful at that time. Even more funny is knowing Norfolk born Spurs 'supporters' who have never been to the ground whilst I have. My youngest was leaning towards one of the big 4 a few years ago until I explained (in his language) not to be a glory hunter as firstly you will always be disappointed and secondly thought of as a tw4t. Took him to a few city games and he is now city through and through and a season ticket holder. Not a big 'fan' of the glory hunter. Plenty of them though
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    I worked with a chef that would tolerate talk about football but was never interested in watching a game or getting involved in the conversation, because it 'wasn't really his thing'. Up until about a year ago, where suddenly 'looks like Klopp has really sorted us out'. He's from Beccles.
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    We all know lots of people like this . Absolutely their right to do what they like . It all just seems such a terrible waste of time. I can’t see passed the Fast Show Arsenal supporter . SOCCER!
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