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    Any club that finishes above Norwich this season will be promoted in my opinion, very well run club with an excellent manager who looks to have made some very good signings. I see Norwich and my club as very similar, well run clubs with with a very strong family feel and strong sense of community. The hardest thing for me as a supporter is not being able to go to matches, as a season ticket holder of over 40 years, going to the match is part and parcel of every day existence. The sooner we can find an effective vaccine and get back to normality the better, crazy, crazy times we are living in.
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    Thought I would wish you luck for the new season apart from when you play us and give you the lowdown on your new signing. Ben Gibson was absolutely superb for Boro,he is an out and out defender who leads by example and gives everything on the pitch. He was our stand out player when we were in the Premier league and we all expected he would end up at a top 6 club when we were relegated, Ben paid the price for being too loyal the following season and his form dipped. His move to Burnley was a disaster for a lad who likes nothing more than playing and I have no doubts whatsoever that once he's regained his match sharpness there will not be a better defender in the championship. I just like all Boro fans wish we could have afforded his return.
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    People moaning about Cantwell is just irrelevant and pointless. The fact is he's probably one of our best technical players and up there with the best players in the league. We are lucky to have him.
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    Seems unlikely, knowing the first rule of fight club?
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    And again, there you go making stuff up to back your arguments. What was indefensible about last season? Sustaining three injured centre backs? Not spending money we don’t have? Playing youngsters who had helped us get promoted in style the season before? I can and will defend our approach last season, and so will many others who support the club. “Our last jaunt in the top tier for an indefinite period” - can you give a reason why do you think we are unlikely to go up again, or are you making stuff up again? Because of the way the club is now run, we are better placed to bounce back than we ever have been after previous relegations. If Delia and Michael “have stated that the club is 'no better off' in that league” (source and date?) that is because in previous Premier League stays every pound that came in - plus more - has been spent on the players that you and others think we needed to splash out on. I highly doubt they would say that is the case any more. In other words, it was a statement of financial fact, and nothing to do with your fantasy that they don’t want us to be a PL club. And your last paragraph is bleak in the extreme. You seem to believe that merit in football equals the amount of money owners are prepared to spend on their club - and “any club”??? Really? Note I said spend, not invest, as invest implies a return at some point and what you suggest would be an ever escalating money war - there would never be a return.
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    Sell Krul Sign Gunn
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    In case you missed me on Anglia News just now, here I am!
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    To be fair I remember them taking it on the chin well and all of them wishing us luck after the game, there's never been any rivalry between our clubs either that i can remember anyway.
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    Are you the old boy that sits near me that always makes the 'they don't know who the dad is' joke every time they see a double barrelled name on a team sheet?
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    The internationally acclaimed economic news website, The Southend News Network , has some rather depressing figures
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    That bit in bold is just, with the exception of football being big business, incorrect. We went up with relatively low levels of investment, but what we did was efficiently targeted and yielded dividends. However, it was less in players and more in the academy. (Which actually makes me wonder, considering how effective it was last time, maybe there's room for another bond issue for further enhancements, or to finance a stand upgrade in a few years time?) What's not sustainable in this day and age is this notion that wealthy sugar daddies bankroll expenditure ad infinitum. Without even pausing to mull it over, the likes of Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan and Leeds have all seriously struggled after their wealthy bankrollers stopped and ownership changed hands. Other clubs have ultra-wealthy owners and still can't do jack-all, including our Suffolk rivals. I'm sure there are plenty more examples. Those who seriously think a wealthy sugar daddy is a solution are the ones who need to "wake up".
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    Super prospect and all of our own making. His increasing overweening arrogance might annoy some (not me,) but he's young, wealthy, a local hero and will mature into probably one of the best youngsters to come out of Carrow Road. This latter point is always unpredictable with ALL these youthful players of course. I just don't get the microscopic criticism though.
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    Thanks WBB https://www.statnews.com/2020/09/09/astrazeneca-covid19-vaccine-trial-hold-patient-report/ this gives an update with the specific details (not that I’m really any the wiser about the condition). this says it is different from the previous case which was unconnected to the vaccine. It’s not clear yet whether this case is linked to the vaccine. the Economist has made the point with some medicines /vaccines, people with some conditions are ruled out from taking them. As you say, this could and probably will make the “best case” timescale slip and that’s got to be a problem for Trump, silver linings etc
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    Yessss, we're back! I'm going to do my damnedest to post my pick every week this season, as I've been a bit of a flake for the past couple of years. It's going to be a really tough ask to get a winning six in the current circumstances, but if anyone can do it then @Kathy can! I'm going to offer Ajax as my banker this weekend; they're 1/5 to start off with a win away to Sparta Rotterdam. Quite short odds for an away win, but home advantage is obviously diminished in the absence of full stadia and the gulf between the two squads is colossal. As for @norfolkngood's wagers on the Norwich match, I really like @Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man's shout of Dowell to score the first goal at 9/1, but embellish that with a scorecast of Dowell first goal and Norwich win 3-2, and you're looking at 300/1. Enticing. Good luck, everybody... may the football gods smile upon us this weekend.
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    How can anyone know how hes performed pre season? We've not been able to watch for the most part. Cantwell gets a hard time by some for seemingly no reason. Has Aarons had a particularly good pre season? Godfrey? Buendia? But Cantwell pulls the short straw.
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    Cantwell is a great player to have at our disposal this season I really wish our fans would back him more as he could do great things for us this season instead of whipping him for his choice of gloves/headband.
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    You mean a misconception then.
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    I'd put Srbeny down as a 'no'. Other than that, I agree with the ratings.
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    FWIW Drmic would also be ready for selection after the Hudds game, too.
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    Maybe if he'd had a run of games there he might have been a revelation, but based on a tiny sample size of games it's hard to say one way or the other. Presumably the management didn't think so though.
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    Misses Luton and Huddersfield - he also missed Man City last season.
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    He's the cameraman.
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    The pressure is on this season. There is no hiding from it and nor should there be. The model in effect traded a Premier League for this season. The signings show a weighty (in numbers) investment in depth and indicate that dominating at a level we are financially comfortable at is the platform. The key was and remains the real weapons of Pukki and Buendia. Everything else is expendable, replaceable or growable. Goals and assists are wisps of gold thread in the wind and cover a multitude of sins. Statistics show that relegated teams mostly struggle. Our model sacrificed a Premier dream for increasing the odds of success and pulling power this season, so we are overtly designed to buck that trend. Top 6 must be a minimum target. It is the minimum target. Professional football. No hiding place. Parma
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    Very true he has Class just got to get his form i know it is only clips i have seen But i would love to see Placheta upfront in a Two or at a number 10 his pace to get past last man is unbelievable
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    Obviously I'd take either of them back, but there's no point either of them going from not playing at Southampton to not playing at Norwich.
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    It’s 2020 - you’d really think there would be better solutions out there than this.
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    Lewis wasn't making a choice between Liverpool or Newcastle. Liverpool were never interested enough to offer the required fee and it appears already had the Greek fella lined up. Maybe they thought if they could get him cheap he would be a useful 3rd choice. Maybe it was insurance in case that deal fell through. If Robertson got seriously injured there is nothing to say Liverpool wouldn't have gone out and bought another first choice. You might as well have said that Bayern Munich would have been a much better move for Lewis.
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    I doubt you could get cheaper. Professor Andrew Ridgeley is one of the leading financial experts in the world today
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    Going back to Dorling's analysis it looks like you are both right. His basic argument is that Brexit was swung by affluent old people, predominently in the south - “The real support for Brexit, in terms of numbers of votes, was in places like Cornwall, which was 57% for leave, Hampshire with 54%, Essex with 62% and Norfolk with 57%. It is those southern English voters that are dragging Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unwillingly out of Europe. The cohort of the Welsh electorate that swung the vote was indeed a subset of this - About 21% (650,000) of people living in Wales were born in England, with nearly a quarter aged over 65. The country voted for Brexit by a majority of just 82,000. Border towns and areas of central Wales with large English communities, such as Wrexham and Powys, recorded a higher proportion of leave votes, whereas Welsh-speaking areas such as Gwynedd and Ceredigion had high remain votes.
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    Prior to the game the club will email you a code which you can use ail you
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    Are you sure about that? How recently have you informed yourself about the advance of the federalist ideal? How aware are you of the true intentions of the Franco-Germany hegemony? Have you properly taken into account the cost of the institution that calls itself "Brussels?" Everything from massive and unaccountable costs inputs which make our own MP's scandal of a few years ago seem like the local vicar pocketing the cake money from the village fete to the nonsense of hundreds of MP's, secretaries and all the others who sit comfortably on that particular ill-designed band wagon regularly upping sticks to move to Strasbourg from Brussels and back again ... bothy expensively maintained buildings with a constant money sucking need? Have you taken a great deal of interest recently in the recent in-fighting about financing the PIGS countries due to their high Covid infections? Did you like the hastily convened compromise that seemed to leave nobody that happy? Or the massive debt that the "newer" Eastern European entrants have been building up even prior to the pandemic. What did you think of the Dutch attitude to this? Have you considered that the UK's contribution will escalate enormously in order to finance all this (if ever possible) whilst Germany benefits from a 50% reduction in the VAT rate it has always received in order to assist it's export potential? I could go on (and on.) I'm not getting at you, I promise. Just asking and would appreciate your views on these very significant matters. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/faq/14/summary-of-allowances
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    I don't think Amadou was too bad, never got a run in his best position. People judge him by his inconsistent performances at centre back which is a bit unfair. I do wonder whether we'd have been better off with him over Trybull to be honest. He looked a bit limited technically but without a doubt would have been a better defensive screen and had the odd burst forward in him.
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    Remain voters know what they voted for. Leave voters still don't know 4 years later.
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    If I had his body I'd love myself too. Of course I'm not paid a large salary to train constantly and keep myself in great physical shape...that's my excuse anyway.
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    The GJ Smith hoarding is Blue and White - one team is playing Blue and White with Blue socks and one team is in orange and blue. One Luton guy is wearing Blue boots. Cannot see (sea) any Teal ??? Its a BLUE away kit !!!! Blue and white - and we lost!
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    Rochdale 17.4 million votes. Guido 7 votes. Facts4euRus 1 vote.
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    In Spain case numbers have been rising substantially for a month or so yet death rates are very very modest compared to earlier in the year so is this alarm really necessary? Let's hope not especially as the Government's new rules don't come in until Monday. Expect many barbecues this weekend with temperatures predicted at 26 Celsius on Sunday. Presumably Goverment ministers mobiles don't pick up the weather forecast?
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    He must be pretty tired, Wikipedia says he played 6034 times for Peterborough.
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    Crikey, that must be serious as he's actually a good player as well, probably worth a couple of million. Clubs usually resist sacking players that they can convert into cash! Don't think it would be appropriate to speculate though really Jiggy, as all the really serious accusations I can think of would be a bit unfair to randomly throw at somebody without just cause.
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    *somewhere in the background, Lukas Rupp can be heard breathing a huge sigh of relief*
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    Pretty much, you can improve running technique etc but it ain't gonna turn Snoddy into Usain Bolt.
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    Have we any any idea at all yet what benefits we are paying this price for??
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    Absolutely agree with this. Given the current climate, I very much prefer the club's approach to financial responsibility. I can see the club building a strong, well founded financial model where we are not in the balance between administration and reckless spending every-other-season. Promotion and immediate relegation was actually a really good thing for the club. We didn't spend stupid money when promoted. Webber negotiated and shored up all the contracts for the younger players to ensure the club had negotiating power, and once relegated, the parachute payments will not be spent on covering ridiculous journeymen wages to players who are looking elsewhere. The young players know they will get their game time at NCFC, if they are good enough. This creates an excellent youth development system that either produces quality players who play for NCFC, or they are sold for good money. Those who are not happy with how the club is being run are probably financially unstable in their own personal lives. While, those who believe that the club lacks ambition because Deilia & Co. are not spending ten of millions to get back into the Premier League are either naive or simply lack the intelligence to understand what Webber and Co. are working towards. For me, on and off the field, this is probably the strongest position the club has ever been in. I for one am extremely excited for the coming season and believe we will bounce straight back. My one concern is that Webber has set a timeline for his departure. I hope Delia & Co. can convince him to stay longer.
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    Yet another post full of your self-serving, tendentious horse do-do. There are things about the Premier League that our majority owners do not like. That is not the same as not wanting to Norwich City to be in the Premier League. What is the purpose of our owners? Like the owners of any business, it is primarily to ensure the ongoing survival and then success of that business. We can argue the toss about whether we are successful or not, but over the tenure of the current owners, for a club of our size and history, we are doing well against the majority of similar clubs you could benchmark us against - and against clubs that could argue that they are "bigger" than us, Leeds for one. What you and the others who see last season as 'not trying' seem to miss is any sort of perspective. It's like a gambler who puts all the money he has left on a bet because the bookie is closing. Webber didn't see a sensible way last season of spending all the money potentially available - although he did spend money on new contracts and several loans but that keeps getting forgotten - so chose to keep it to use on another day. If that makes us stronger in the long-term, then that was the right thing to do.
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    Yes or no is a bit too simplistic but when you consider we haven't lost money on Raggett, sold Watkins for more than we paid (didnt we get him on a free?) and we still don't know re Rupp (his low cost means if he has a decent season now it's more than worthwhile) I think you can actually make a case for even more good decisions. Which considering the financial level we're playing at is pretty incredibly levels of success really.
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    Maguire should be used to wearing it then...
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    Heartwarming to see Adelaide Canary keeping going the proud tradition of place-name Canaries being among the most miserabilist. Already looks like a strong addition to the ranks of Highland, Midlands et al...
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