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    Out gardening, my mind wandered to who I would be most keen to see signed up for next season and whom I would be most disappointed to see leave. I found myself wondering who my current favourite player is. I came to the conclusion Tim Krul. I hadnt been a fan of Krul as a keeper prior to him joining us. I thought he was ok, but didnt particularly rate him. I like keepers with character, and in his youth, he didnt seem to have much (from what little I knew of him, maybe Newcastle fans would disagree). I was very disappointed we couldnt keep Gunn, and when Krul came in I wasnt particularly pleased. I thought his best days were behind him, that he may have injury worries and this seemed a step down from Gunn. In the Championship, particularly the first half of the season, he seemed nervous, and he always seemed to have a mistake in him. But I gradually warmed to him. Since he has been with us my opinion of him as grown and grown. As he grew in confidence after a long period warming the bench and injury problems, he started to become one of our most important players. In a league where we havent dominated games like we did in the Championship, his keeping has been outstanding. But more than that, his leadership, his character, his passion have been inspirational. In a young team he has become hugely influential. Right now, I am struggling to think of a keeper we have ever had who has been as talismanic and had as much character as he. I dont like keepers as captains, but he is captain material. He might be my favourite ever Norwich goalkeeper. Anyway, this thread is 'Who is your current favourite player', not how much do I love Tim Krul. So who is your favourite at the moment?
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    Totally agree. One of the things I loved about Lambert's 'Wingless Wonders' was that the players themselves were so likeable. In an era where many of the players are fundamentally unlikeable, you rooted for these players. So many of them had encountered rejection and rebuilt their careers, showing their strength of character. So many of them reached the height of their ability, because they recognised what an opportunity they could carve out for themselves. Holt, Johnson, Pilkington to name a few - players who had played at the lowest level, had had normal jobs and were now taking taking their chance. Not arrogant kids told they were world beaters from day one and handed everything on a plate. These were players you could identify with and wanted to succeed. There is a lot of that in Farke's team, and so I totally get Christophe Zimmerman. What a role model he is
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    More Cummings related shame on the governments handling of the virus. Seems like the Chief Nurse was dropped from the daily briefings for refusing to spout what the government wanted her to say on Cummings. Really brings into question the integrity of those who have appeared. Well done her, shameful business.
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    There are so many choices in this squad. Klose and Hernandez are the most 'fun' characters. Everyone loves the characters. Zimmermann and Krul are the passionate leaders. Everyone loves the leaders. Cantwell is a local boy. Everyone loves the local boys. Buendia is the best player. Everyone loves the star player. Pukki is probably the most humble and down-to-earth. Everyone loves the everyman. Alex Tettey is Alex Tettey. Everyone loves Alex Tettey.
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    So after three months and much uncertainty we can resume Rays Funds albeit under very different circumstances. It will be a new experience for us but I’m sure you PUPs will make it work. By 20th June many leagues across Europe and beyond will be playing again so there will be enough choice to restart the six results. One difference is that the fixtures are played through the week but I suggest we stick to Sat/Sun/Mon like we always have. I have been given the extra finance needed to see this through. Here is the revised rotas for the first three weeks : - Six Results 20/06/20 – @Hector Brockelbank 27/06/20 – @Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man 04/07/20 – @Mandie Moos Mear Kat For the Norwich predictions I think we should just use the weekend games but include Fridays. PUPanon has kindly agreed to fund these games. Norwich Picks 19/06/20 – @lincsy88 27/06/20 – @Hissing Sid The first week the fixtures were cancelled should have been the third of an annual event to remember and honour top PUP and Superfan Chellecity. I have checked with @Hissing Sid and we have agreed to use the Manchester Utd cup game to honour Chelle. Although some people used the money they’d sent on accumulators that weekend I still have fivers from @Diane , @Parma Ham's gone mouldy and @Diesel Doris. So you three and anyone else who’d like to send a fiver can make an extra pick for that Cup game with any winnings going to SarcomaUK. Last week I received an anonymous donation of £30 from a kind poster on this board. I have revised the totals accordingly below. This donation took us passed another milestone with the total money raised by this community nowe passing £15,000. We presented £3,000 last month and already have £178 towards the next presentation. As always a massive thank-you to our benefactor PUPanon for making the Norwich match picks possible. Also to all the Pink Un posters who send me pledges and donations. And to our sponsors Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. Their money all goes straight into the presentation pot. The CSF and the groups we help fund really appreciate this support. For more information on our sponsors take a look at their websites below:- http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ https://www.kareplus.co.uk/norwich/ I would like to just add a special mention for our sponsors Kareplus who have been out in the community making a huge difference to vulnerable people throughout this pandemic. I think that's it for now. Just a reminder that Rays Funds is for the whole Pink Un community so please join in with your picks and suggestions when the thread returns next Wednesday.
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    That comment is ageist, I’m going out to look for a statue of a young person to pull down
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    I'm getting my popcorn ready for this thread in advance.
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    Warney is a good mate of mine and we spoke about this when he was asked, he really took some persuading to take it on as he genuinely didn't believe it was him. I'm really proud of how well he has done, he has always worn his heart on his sleeve but is one of the best guys I know and extremely proud of where he comes from.
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    Krul Klose Godfrey Zimmermann Aarons Vrancic Tetty Lewis Emi Cantwell Pukki
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    That's such a good question!!. To watch on the pitch, it's Buendia, he's magic. In terms of just general favourite, it's Tettey for me. Loyal to the club, loads of character, been a vital cog in the team for years now and his jig against Leeds will live long in the memory. Krul would be a close second though - he was so nice when I met him - went out of his way to have a convo with me when already running late (for the promotion parade). Mario third.
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    For me it is Christoph Zimmermann, just love his attitude and character. The fact he almost gave up football altogether to be a teacher and went from a player in the third their of German football to playing in the Premier League is a great story.........
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    A heart-warming sound clip of the North Walsham-ite and former Diss Town striker, showing that there are still some very genuine and human individuals within the game, and that success and honesty are not mutually exclusive. This is a man who hesitated for a long, long while before agreeing to take the Rotherham job when offered it. Reading between the lines, it helps to explain why he hesitated. This is the antidote for all of us who have been sickened by unholy rush of the EPL to push players back out on the pitch too soon, and by the Government using the word 'elite' to mean 'controlled by serious money'. It is obvious that this was unscripted and off the cuff, and all the better fr that. His players will love him for it. It is a speech for our times in the language for our times. Above all it is a reminder for all those who sit in the stands or come on this message bard with few thoughts other than how they can score points off other people, a reminder of what football should be about. It is the voice if a very decent Norfolk and Norwich man, a man who brings decency to the game.
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    Drmic scored against spurs today. Just sayin
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    It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change's gonna come.
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    A bit touchy Purple? Of course you're correct about some of the more positive aspects of the boomer generation (I count, just, as one) but I'm afraid there was a significant majority of an older complement of voters returning the Brexit vote. And, it will be future generations of younger people paying for it. It's one of a few remaining (I believe, realistic) hopes of mine that the younger generation will effect as big a liberalising change as the best of the boomers. My other half used to moan (during the latter Brexit vote stages) that older folk ought not to get a vote after a 'certain' age (to be debated)...because they would not be around to see the effect of their vote. It was a deliberately provocative statement of course and she was not entirely serious. Now, I realise too, that maybe your post was perhaps half tongue in cheek. Yet, we boomers are to blame for lots of things. We just need to be open minded enough to accept it. Thankfully (my view of course), you're an example of someone who voted against Brexit. It's only in the last 8 years that I got a real insight into the EC through my work, with several visits to Brussels and attending events and speaking with lots of people from many countries. It was so educational for me and actually life affirming. Not to be part of this wider community or a member, let alone psychologically, is one of the biggest regrets in my life, such is the strength of my feeling. Not to be part of a big community of folk, all with different ideas and to hear their thoughts on societal and economic change, let alone their idealism is truly depressing. It's such a loss. I'm going on now, time to stfu.
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    I think it might be an idea to start teaching it.
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    Michael Gove's piracy charter.
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    Looking increasingly that instead of taking back control of our borders the approach will be to leave them wide open. Doesn't help going the other way because we can be pretty certain the EU will control their's.
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    Zimmerman. Should be captain in my opinion
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    We need Rhodes and is Jamie still playing, surely it’s time to get him back for a third go too!
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    Thank you Herman. I think you've done a brilliant job. As have all our PUPPPs with 18 different suggestions. The coupon is on and here are the details... I have a feeling we are going out with a bang! Good luck Herman and all you PUPPPs
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    Wow, big positive statement. Hopefully they’ll put money where mouth is too, and make concrete moves to redress the balance at various levels
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    Thank you all for your picks, shame I can't use them all but I has to whittle down to 11 using a highly scientific and patented approach. 1, 3, 4, 14, 19, 22, 33, 34, 39, 46 and 47. 39 for me as well, Osnabruck V Bochum (Danno) Cheers Nutty for letting me pick. All the best to all.
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    Mother knows best!
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    Or it might explain your user name
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    Todd's transformation this season has been highly impressive. I was firmly in the 'give him a season on loan in the Championship' camp, but he has gone up a level in ability and physique, Id say he was definitely our most improved player
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    Of course not. He is you.
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    I also struggled to pick one. I would keep 90% of our current squad if i could. We may be bottom of the EPL but the football has been great and i have enjoyed watching City
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    This is a tough question. I love watching Todd, Emi and Mario and i would hate to lose any of them. I really want to enjoy another season watching their talent. So my favourite player this season has to be Mario. Superb delivery, vision and tackler and always so calm and composed. Hate to lose the 3 already mentioned plus Tim Krull, Teemu, Max and Jamal but we know we will sell our fullbacks. I love our squad and admire so many players.
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    Who would have thought that statues of slavers, mass murderers, pirates and thieves had so much popularity. What does that say about the UK as a country and these people as individuals? Clearly the Colston statue should have been rehomed years ago to be put into a contextual setting. That it wasn't is one to the root causes of it being pulled down in such a manner. We should now rehouse all similar statues, not to erase our history but to understand it better and move forward.
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    For the avoidance of doubt i am not City1st !
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    Thanks Eddie To confirm Nigel is fine to do the picks for 4 July - I'll set a reminder for him! And, just echoing earlier comments about how our fundraising is used, happy for this to be expanded to whichever causes you wish to support. OTBC
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    Probably not. I guess he’ll go with McLean which I wouldn’t be unhappy about. Just picked Vrancic to add the slightly more attacking intent we will need to score enough goals to win games and stay up
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    Krul Godfrey Zimmermann Klose Aarons Tettey Vrancic Lewis Buendia Pukki Idah
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    Whenever we sign a new player, the first thing Mrs Frank does is ask to see what they look like. There’s been one or two but I can’t remember who they were. Personally I thought Mylene Klass looked pretty good in a replica shirt.
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    Just had a painter and decorator round to do some work on the house. Couldn’t believe that he’s a currently furloughed British Airways pilot. Made a lovely job of the landing.....
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    oh dear, poor bigots "The UK has abandoned plans for full border checks with the EU on 1 January amid pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has accepted that businesses cannot cope with problems stemming from the outbreak and at the same time deal with post-Brexit disruption at the border. Instead, the government will bring in a temporary light-touch system at ports." ....as it continues to fall apart
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    Virus seems to be surging in southern and western USA (hence the sell off off on stocks), Brazil, India etc. Give it an inch and it will take a mile.
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    Climate appears to make no difference according to the WHO.
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    This one meant something more violent in the 80's but is remarkably apt right now
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    If we sign him we sign him. For me to be happy about it he'd need to be taking a fairly huge wage cut- he's reportedly on £40k a week at Sheffield Wednesday, even 25% of that would be too much for an aging back up who does little outside of finishing. I think my issue as much as anything is the fact that every time the mere suggestion of a striker is floated, people seemingly can't see beyond Jordan Rhodes. He isn't the be all and end all of strikers there are plenty who could do what he does. Yet the obsession seems to mainly stem from being a nice guy in the dressing room- as far as I can see we've got enough of those.
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    Maybe the two Italian doctors who wrote about the large drop in viral loading they were seeing in later positive tested cases were correct and the virus simply loses it's effectiveness over time.
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    Where, anywhere in the world is this second wave. Everywhere appears to be having a long slow tail but no appreciable second wave.
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    There is an excellent article, which covers the former in a very brief read Those who do not view the world through the eye holes cut in a bedsheet, will find this an excellent read https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/11/robert-clive-statue-whitehall-british-imperial "We are thus given the impression that the British were always on the side of the angels. We remain almost entirely ignorant about the long history of atrocities and exploitation that accompanied the building of our colonial system. Now, more than ever, we badly need to understand what is common knowledge elsewhere: that for much of history we were an aggressively racist and expansionist force responsible for violence, injustice and war crimes on every continent." However, my thought is that is only 'we' if you choose to define yourself by deeds done by those born in the same geographical area, but long dead. It is only 'we' as long as you do not challenge the myths and lies. For my part I can rewrite history........................................only this time, truthfully.
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    We could never build up a debt of nearly £100m in just two or three years. We are never likely to sell off Colney and then rent it back for use within two or three years. Our season ticket sales will never drop from 22,000 to under 12, 000 within two or three years. As for gloating we surely have a lesson or two to learn from that "big club up the road" with it's "bulging trophy cabinet." Remember the infamous note-waving incident from supporters who are now continually disgruntled about the influence of money in the game. Remember plans to have a banner carrying plane fly over Carrow Road when we were relegated to L.1? Remember banners on bridges and flyovers on our way to Wembley? The original countdown clock? We are all aware of the "swings and roundabouts of outrages fortune" that exist in football so gloat while you can.
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    If we go down, I look forwards to Stieps making you eat your words, just as he did to those who wrote him off after his first season.
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