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    My favourite ever player for Norwich and a true joy to watch. His signing for me was one of the biggest ever for this club and at such a pivotal moment. Happy Birthday
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    There is such a thing as herd immunity through a vaccine or natural heard immunity which would take many years with an infection rate in low single percentage points and a lot of deaths. Meanwhile it is levels of social distancing and test trace and isolate. It is a trade off between lives and the economy and society also depending on local circumstances. There is no absolute right or wrong. You can’t exactly compare the UK and Sweden. Sweden has inherently more social distancing than the UK and more healthcare provision so what is right for Sweden at a point in time is not right for the UK. The UK position may well look like Sweden but only when sorted out healthcare provision in terms of PPE test trace and isolate. Also it is impossible to know for sure which are the right strategies where and when unless you are measuring the impact on a timely basis. Germany is looking to increase the testing capacity from 700k a week to 4.5m a week with a corresponding increase in tracing capacity. The UK is also rightly intending to follow the same strategy. to a lesser extent which is consistently agreed by experts. UK is just not testing and tracing in the community at the moment so not in a position to manage lifting restrictions on a scientific basis. This is all consistent story across reputable media sources and rationale countries. It is consistently agreed that you need to keep R below 1 to stop any healthcare system becoming overwhelmed. Exactly how and when you do that is open to just based on educated guesses until more data which is why there is general agreement you should lift restrictions gradually while monitoring the effect and that some restrictions will remain for the foreseeable. I’m totally fine with what Hancock and CMO said yesterday. Clearly the UK was not as well prepared and decisive as the likes of Germany and S Korea but the policy of trying to catch up with these countries is correct given the better performance of these countries.
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    I think that it is far too early to start discussing which approaches worked best or worst. 1. I fear that we may be nearer the start of the pandemic than the end, in which case the figures are just an early snapshot and certainly not a full enough picture to draw firm conclusions. 2. I am not at all sure about the validity of any of the statistics in any case. We know that there is significant dispute about the accuracy of our own figures and this is likely to be repeated everywhere. It is very difficult to obtain valid data sources and imo the best data will emerge later when overall deaths are compared to historic trends (with other variables factored in). Where the data is of use is in identifying trends, so long as we continue to use the same source. In other words, we can tell the curve has flattened but international comparisons are only rudimentary at best.
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    It does, and it says the same for everyone else too. A question I have is given the evidence from Italy, why didn't we instigate social distancing earlier? It looks like there was a lost 2 1/2 window of opportunity there and if we had have started the policy a week earlier many deaths could have been avoided.
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    Plain digestive & cheddar = food of kings I'm also unhealthily partial to a Viennese finger, pink wafer, or those stupidly generously thickly bechocced rings (one of the Fox’s classics?). (All of these have potential innuendo value but am not bothering to work on it, as I’m too overexcited about the thread topic) Golden crunch are incredible. Malted milk and party rings deliver unbelievable taste and childhood nostalgia. Basically, I will destroy anything beginning with B & ending in iscuit
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    I think it was because they were "mending the roof whilst the sun was shining," (whilst borrowing record amounts of course).
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52401062 It's incredibly harsh; he was just trying to retrieve the ball after Lamela's penalty.
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    Is it possible to filter out any post with the word Brexit in?
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    I have supported the govt where they have done well and criticised them where they have done not so well. That some countries like Germany and S Korea have done better so far is clear. That these countries were better prepared is clear That the UK has focused on emergency planning for Brexit rather than the number one rated risk of a pandemic is clear. That NHS has lost staff because of Brexit is clear. That immigrants are critical to UK is clear. I fully appreciate that people want to deflect and deny but some political policies mean that the UK is less prepared than it otherwise would have been. I think the Govt is now trying to do its best but they will inevitably be failings which are being exacerbated by previous policies.
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    Thanks to everyone for their questions, we had over 50 altogether from the social club outlets & via email so we've sent them to the club to add to all the ones they got asked and onel will be live on ncfc twitter tonight to answer a selection You don't have to be logged onto twitter or have an account to watch, you just need to google Norwich City Twitter or hopfully this link might word https://twitter.com/NorwichCityFC?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author He's live from 6pm onwards
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    In all honesty, I don't really see the point in comparing actual numbers of deaths in different countries, when there don't seem to be any definitive guidelines for how a COVID-19 death is reported. Really doesn't seem like there's many firm conclusions you can draw.
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    True, but this is just only an example. Raab didn't like it, because Starmer skewered him on several points. Starmer also put him on notice that he expected Raab to be able to produce the figures of care worker deaths next week. He is already driving a weak government's behaviours. As with calling out the exit plan, or lack of one. There was no plan, and no intention of developing one but now the government is scrabbling round trying to develop one. Good work, more to come.
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    Hard to beat a chocolate hob ****(n'o'b) Apparently **** is a bad work
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    Westlife should just cancel the band
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    that must be the real fear, as however tragic the loss of life is in 1st world countries there is a thought (and evidence) that they will get the virus under control (of some sort) what will happen in parts of Africa and India where similar medical resources do not exist areas where the virus could mutate/remain only to return to wreak havoc and that is not intended to demonstrate a callous attitude towards those people, whose lives are just as important as ours - we have to begin to look at things like this globally - it recognises no borders, race or coloured bits of cloth either
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    Bump. Lets choose some different picks for the picker.
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    One of the young 'uns, Idah or Josh Martin?
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    I think it was meant to be metaphorical
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    We are going to get wave after wave of this no matter how successful the initial lockdown is. its what makes all the carping about which country is doing the best atm such a load of old tripe, its only after we get a vaccine and look back that we will ever be able to judge how successful we have been and what the real cost is for future generations.
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    Shed the pounds with Jeremy?
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    Got to say fair play to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, they have melted down all of their trophies to provide the NHS with vital equipment. Lewisham Hospital have thanked them for their new pair of tweezers.
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    I thought the answer was that Tangie knew how much Watling walleted from their transfers...
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    Of course the Government is doing its best. They have no reason to be doing anything else. Problem is that maybe their best isn't good enough Maybe losing an election as a pandemic begins is no bad thing Our plan, last amended 4 years ago, wasn't the best for this virus unfortunately and it took a bit too long to realise it.
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    My point wasn't really aimed at you T, as you clearly are well-informed on the topic, and I do agree that there have been (as always) shortcomings within Government policy and response. Indeed, I don't really know of anybody who has suggested improvements could not have been made in hindsight. My gripe is with those who, unlike yourself, conveniently gloss over any of the positive and rapid responses made (IMO rapid hospital construction, economic support for small businesses/employees/NHS, lowering the peak enough that the NHS has coped), and instead simply focus on what they consider problems and weaknesses. It is obvious to anybody with even half a brain that they are seeking to use and twist anything accordingly, under the guise of "concern" for front-line staff or whatever is convenient. I am sure most can recognise the usual folk on this message board, but this sort of partisan attitude is seems endemic across social media in general, and in my opinion not a helpful attitude when trying to assess how ways in which pandemic responses can be improved in future. I think it is absolutely reasonable to suggest that the German and South Korean responses have been superior up to this point, but it's important to remember that we are really only just getting over the first wave and most experts consider the possibility of multiple waves throughout the year. This is going to be a long haul and I will reserve final judgement until the world is returning to some sort of normality, and we can review this awful period both in terms of preventable deaths, and long-lasting impacts on the lives and livelihoods of people in the UK.
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    one of my own 1. Why are Sheff Weds called the owls 2. Who are the Royals and what was their original nickname and why 3. Name Lincoln City's nickname, and why 4. What club was once known as the Bank of England 5. Can you name all three WBA nicknames 6. Who were once known as the Lilywhites 7. A nickname for Newport County 8. Known as the (old ) Invincibles 9. Everton, why toffeemen 10. What stadium would you find the Terriers playing at answers tomorrow - Thursday,
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    Lincoln Imps is cathedral based ?
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    I've no idea what the strategy was or even if there was one at all. I would guess of the many things that were discussed in the early days some scientist mentioned herd immunity which the simpler minded politicians and their advisors ran away with as a 'get out of jail' free card without any deep understanding. When it became increasingly obvious that it would be a disaster they changed. They had too. Strategy - I think the government having one at all is the true myth. Since we had to lock-down (only after the direst predictions and if I recall large groups of scientists about to resign / go public) and with many of the more sensible sports already closed (i.e EPL) and schools following - I will leave the Cheltenham lot as a group of lemmings (being a RWNJ tattoo them all on the forehead DNR) - did the government 'conceed' to a shut down. Since then they have been totally reactive, behind the curve and playing catch up. Yes lights on nobody home including No 10 ! Strategy - what strategy ?
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    which would suggest that EU countries can, and do act, independently of each other - something you rightys have always claimed doesn't, or can't, happen
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    Wait, what? Where is this and what the hell have I done!?
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    yes, that's it nothing in those concerns at all no PPE shortage, no nurse shortage, no test numbers failing, or testing station not close enough, no contradictions over strategy I blame those pro EU fanatics, the Mail, Telegraph and Times for posting, on an almost daily basis, criticism of the government's handling of this
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    Do you want to phone a friend?
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    Yes, perhaps in a few cases there has been an element of that, but by the same token some of the defences of the government and the minimising of mistakes I have seen on these coronavirus threads have plainly been politically motivated, coming from pro-Tories and pro-Brexiters.
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    like this, perhaps ? " in mid-January WHO were claiming that covid Human-Human infection was impossible."
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    Great - thanks for organising this!
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    Agreed, but the way I see it is that realistically there's only one true "exit strategy"; herd immunity, via vaccination or other means. The problem is, of course, that it's all well and good to suggest the Government shouldn't lift any lock-down measures until we can measure that reproduction is down to less than 1. From an epidemiology perspective this may be fantastically simple and obvious, but at what cost to the economy and therefore the lives of the vast majority who need an immediate income on which to live? It does grate on me when those with clearly vested interests seize on any scrap of "evidence", circumstantial or otherwise, to jump on the anti-Government bandwagon. This is going to be a pandemic for the medium-to-long term, and as such, IMO we should not be too hasty to judge any strategies put in place until further down the line.
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    Have to agree with this. I do not have the self-discipline not to scoff them all if I buy biscuits, but just about enough not to buy them in the first place.
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    67 million in the uk and London alone has nearly the same population as Sweden so scaling up won’t work in the approach Sweden have taken as rate of transmission in our large cities would be much higher, London would have been an absolute disaster zone
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    This illustrates the death rates per million population over time - first chart top five EU countries by population. Second a selection of countries. FWIW Belgium's numbers are just "off the chart" bad so there may be a reporting issue there. Source: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/daily-covid-deaths-per-million-7-day-average?country=GBR+SWE+USA+CAN+KOR+ITA Notes - UK in statistical tie with France for worst rate of all major European countries - but both rates falling. - UK almost perfectly tracks Italy with a lag of ~ 2 1/2 weeks. When did respective lockdowns start? - Sweden's rate is rising quickly and (excepting Belgium) may very soon have worst rate in Europe. - Why is Canada's rate so much lower than US? Healthcare system (public v private), population health? - US likely very soon to get worse than Italy, which has been a poster child in the US for what NOT to do.
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    Can he lend me a few quid?
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    Different strategies JF. I'm not advocating it but it's useful to consider in relation to the balance of health / economy. Only in time will we know who has managed better.
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    Yes 384 in Denmark and 1987 in Sweden so seems like a incredibly flawed plan that would have proved catastrophic had it been used here.
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    When do you expect to resume training again, and what do you think of playing matches behind closed doors with no fans?
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    Best thing that has happened to him on the football pitch... and the worst
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    I am also a biscuit monster, so I really cannot choose, the best I can do is narrow it down to fig rolls, ginger nuts, malted milk, hobnobs, chocolate hobnobs, digestives, chocolate digestives and bourbons.........
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    What's the funniest thing that has happened in the dressing room since you've been at Norwich?
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    Who was the biggest influence in his decision to come to play in England ?
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    Au contraire Monsieur A47 https://www.freewebstore.org/beckys-biscuits/Lincoln_biscuits_12_packs_Half_Box_FREE_DELIVERY/p4520066_17027118.aspx
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    Dark Choc all day long for a digestive, surely?! That or a Bourbon biccie for me all day long.
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    My granddaughter works in the checkouts at ASDA and was commended for those skills. Not sure they were skills she got from her dad @Duncan Edwards or her grandad...
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