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    And you reckon Til’s Pervy !
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    I'd be very interested to see exactly how "clear" you felt it was if you'd been dealing with 150 upset Year 11s all day, panic stricken as they knew there would not be exams but no idea on how they will receive grades as the government didn't tell them. Or if you had been dealing with enquiries from 700 parents all at once, whilst trying to sort out the year 11s, who were wanting to know if their job was exempt, but you weren't able to tell them because the list of who is and is not exempt has still not been published by our glorious leader. Or if you were trying to arrange staffing for Monday and the start of skeleton schooling without any kind of idea about the pupil numbers involved, or what you were meant to be doing with the kids who do come in - is it education or is it childcare? Maybe better not to comment on things you clearly know **** all about, although I grant you that doing so would leave you with very little to say about anything.
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    Access your Sky Sports package online and you can suspend payment until this Coronavirus is over but still receive all the sports channels. A few clicks and job done. Just checked my future payments and bingo the subscription has been reduced straightaway and all channels still active.
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    @Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB has sent me his selections. We decided to go with 11 picks which cost £2.75: - 6, 7, 9, 17, 21, 24, 25, 29, 30, 35, 46 Thanks and good luck SOB and all you PUPs
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    This current crisis does highlight many peoples problems with the EU, in that what is it trying to be? If it’s merely nation states trading and cooperating on key issues, why does it need a multi billion pound budget, Parliament, Commission and President, why does it have it’s own courts, rules and budget laws, as well as it’s own currency? There’s no need for all that if it’s simply nation states, they could have something similar to the Asian TPPA agreement. If however it’s much more than that, if it see’s itself as above nation states, able to threaten the Italian government over its proposed budget, the Polish over their judiciary, implement crippling austerity on the Greeks etc, then where is it during those countries times of need? Before the virus the way it largely dumped the migrant crisis on Italy and Greece was shameful, now with Covid there is little in the way of practical help for Italy or Spain, in fact the EU Courts fined Italy during the middle of the crisis for using state aid to prop up tourism in Sardinia. The EUcant demand ever closer union then simply leave members to fend for themselves during a crisis
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    They must be reading this thread. This will relieve a lot of worried people. More to be done but can't complain today.
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    Who wants to go halves with me and purchase one of these suits? Then run into a panic buying crowded supermarket screaming..... "WHICH WAY DID HE GO!!?"........
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    Looks like pubs and clubs and leisure centres in London will be closed down today. Another incremental move, why not just close the City down now, its going to happen soon anyway.
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    Whatever emergency measures are enacted they should all have a sunset clause. History is full of emergency measures that continue long after thr emergency has lifted.
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    We all know about the lockdown in China that seems to have had excellent results in controlling coronavirus. But i have been looking at South Korea, a nation that has been battling the virus quite a longer time than Europe. In SK there has been no lockdown of any kind, but after a couple months or more the amount of those recovering is exceeding new confirmed cases. Theyve a system where they test anybody who has been in contact with a confirmed case. vigourous tracing which includes a few Orwellian operations that likely could not happen in Europe like credit card activity, CCS footage and mobile phone tracking. Also SK has had a constant daily testing capacity of 15,000, allowing them to build to nearly 300,000 testings, way higher than anywhere else. It also shows, that with big effort, mixed with some debatable practices that could be classed as to snoopy in western lands, that lockdown is not the only way to get on top of controlling the spread of the virus.
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    Sorry RTB but you really don't get it do you? You are now describing the EU as "toothless", when previously supposed to be "a European superstate". It never was that - this was only propaganda to deceive the gullible. It employs 55,000 staff across 28 countries (average c 2000 per country). Lloyd's bank employs 75,000 by way of contrast. It doesn't have the powers you were told it had and never did but you seem to have just swallowed the propaganda without any critical understanding. I'm not quite clear what your criticism of the EU is - is it because it is too powerful - or not powerful enough?
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    I love a challenge. https://fullmatchsports.co/norwich-city-vs-manchester-city-full-match-highlights/?tab=alternative22 Use the first 'alternative 1st half' and 'alternative 2nd half' buttons above the black screen to watch each half. OTBC
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    Personally, I think the UK government are doing an OK job. Just like the rest of the world, they are dealing with something that is unprecedented in the modern age. They will make mistakes along the way, as all countries have, because of the nature of the beast we are dealing with. Every country is different in its culture and organisation, and every country is at different stages of this virus, meaning responses vary - this does not mean one country is right and one wrong in the actions they take. We will only really know what actions worked best in 2 - 5 years time once this crisis has gone and a project is undertaken to review the affects of the actions taken. As for Johnson - some love him, some hate him, some couldn't give a sh*t either way (as is clearly evidenced in this thread). If he didn't go to the news conferences some would say he was hiding, others that he was correctly leaving it to the experts. If he does go, some will say he is showing leadership, others will say he should leave it to the experts. All I care about is that clearly the medical experts are leading our response. They are the best we have and they are doing the best they can to protect those most at risk of harm. I'm currently self-isolating for 14 days and my parents are going to have to tuck themselves away for 12 weeks. If that keeps them safe and others, then it's a small sacrifice to make. OTBC
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    They are certainly setting themselves up to look incredibly crass the way they are planning to try and get these matches on. We’re in a situation here where retired medics are being asked to come out of retirement to try and fight this. I can’t see any way any medics will be allowed to attend sporting events in these circumstances. They is no way any matches take place until this is over
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    A very steep uphill struggle, and one that he himself has already undermined several times on this very serious issue even though he's supposedly got his serious face on and is being 'guided by the science'. Party politics do seem to have gone very much into the background at the moment, as they should, but the fact that we happen to have a PM with no credibility at all amongst a huge chunk of the population is a practical problem. If even the Daily Mail was laying into him the other day then it just show how little credibility he and the whole government has. Given that context I don't think Johnson being on telly every day is doing us (or him) any favours, would be better if he left it to some health professionals.
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    No need. Look at Sterling v Dollar v Euro relative valuations over the past couple of weeks. The markets are quite able to work out who is stronger v weaker, and the UK is bottom dog.
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    Yeah, the following maps are taken from a BBC article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51858987 We're supposedly lagging Italy, and this is already a week old, but the virus was clearly out of control in Lombardy
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    DDJ . Going to be needing stuff like this . One of my favourite classics is David Lean’s version of Great Expectations. With Norfolk boy John Mills . Two films I’ve really really enjoyed I the past year are Three Billboards Outside Ebbing , Missouri and Bad Times at the El Royale . Both absolute crackers . If you want a series , then End of the F*****g World ! is one of the best I’ve seen for a long long time .
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    It's only SD quality I'm afraid but it's better than nothing! OTBC
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    It is not about what will happen, it is at this stage a case of what is the intent and that is something that will have an effect on the former as to contracts there is talk about extending contracts to beyond 30th June...which rather suggests what the intent is
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    Once Upon a Time in the West... One of the greatest films ever made. "You brought two too many." OTBC
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    Sorry to hear that JF. Hope there are further measures to help people in your position.
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    Tim Martin is a successful businessman but a piece of Shiite when it comes to anything outside his empire Now they have to shut, he can replace the border dirty, sticky carpets
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    It was obvious from day one selfish people were panic buying, and I feel the whole situation in regards to this continuing is due almost entirely down to the greed of the supermarkets themselves. Christmas is a time when they make a huge profit. Generally nothing is reduced as they are very aware the great British public oes into panic mode as the shops are shut for a whole 24hrs! It is therefore no surprise that when Christmas extra times five comes along that they allow unfettered access to stock on their shelves and continue to do so. They could have made an effort from the start to regulate the disgusting hording by many, but profit was their game and none of them took a stance UNTILL public pressure came into force. Even now only a few supermarkets are making a token gesture. What about the NHS staff, Police and other critical workers never mind the elderly? Supermarkets need to hold their collective heads in shame. And as far as relying on some sections of the great British public to be fair, responsible and community minded by thinking of others before hording? Not a chance!
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    Diane Abbott is delighted that the BBC has stopped filming Holby and Casualty so that the staff can be released to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.
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    Popped up to M&S Foodhall near Asda this lunchtime to find plenty of bread, milk and most fresh fish and meats plus a limited supply of fruit and veg. I understand M&S at Longwater was much the same picture according to another poster on here i rang up. Hats off to you Fenway Frank, just keep up the good work.
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    Social distancing, about the only benefit of our zonal marking system. Of course all the carp about the season being played out behind closed doors is total bollards, it will be abandoned and City will be in the EPL again next season, whenever that begins.
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    In India, pigs are often kept in pens behind toilets, when they hear the door close they rush to be first to the outlet pipe, shoving their snouts so far up the pipe you can feel the breathing on your posterior. If the pipe was an inch or two shorter they'd be pulling the shoite out of yer Arris, mind you they'd probably provide a wiping service too, with their searching tongues . I wish I had known that when I had my piles removed Corkie. Might have been less painful using the porcine method
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    SAGE advice it works well to make stuffing...............if you have the thyme err.......Basil (or Rosemary) ps it is Herbs you farkin witless yanks Herbs with an H as in your president Herbert Hoover, or Herbie Hancock
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    I think what we might agree (although probably not with Brexiteers like yourself) is that the EU has never had any responsibility for the healthcare of its citizens, that always has been the province of national governments, and its interesting to see how the bullying, controlling superstate has rather dramatically morphed into 'the toothless behemoth that it really is'. Perhaps all the national governments exercising the national sovereignity that you foolishly believed they'd lost might have helped a little Believe what you like re the UK experts, although I'm not too clear who you mean. I presume the English experts as the Welsh and Scots seem to have other ideas. I didn't think you normally paid much attention to 'experts', or facts for that matter and unfortunately at this stage the facts/numbers (viz no of deaths) don't justify your faith in these particular experts.
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    The channels are an absolute wasteland right now so not surprised they've done this.
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    rather self explanatory
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    It would nice be see the highly paid stars volunteering a pay reduction to help out. Not holding my breath though.
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    Thanks for those Bob. I haven’t seen any of them although I did read the book of the Ritual a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. I shall tune in to one of them tonight.
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    What was the avocado, Puy lentil and Kalamata olive status? Apples
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    I watch the conferences every afternoon. I want to hear what we are doing, the actions being taken and what these are and why. I want to be told like a good citizen. I want to be educated (points 1, 2, 3, 4) like I'm being lectured to from an expert in his craft (who has done all the research and even has learned friends next to him). To hear vague waffle is appalling. And each time I turn on, I am wishing he might change. He doesn't. He is the wrong person at just the wrong time. He needs to be announcing stuff like a new bridge, a new billion pound building. He needs to be someone playing to a gallery not the nation about a deadly disease. We need gravitas, seriousness, we need cold analysis right now.
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    Can’t argue with that. When times get tough we begin to realise who really are the most important people in our community, and all of a sudden we recognise true value.
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    Why don't they abolish the winter heating allowance or lower the State pension if you think they are not bothered about old people? And take away their bus passes while we're at it? That'll force them to stay home.
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    Sorry to be factual but if you have an employment pension then it is most likely to be invested to some degree in the stock market. That's the truth, and all markets can go down as well as up, as we are seeing. I don't see that as terrifying people, I see that as being honest and making people aware of the facts.
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    My point still stands. When people like Pugin quotes figures of wealth they are including the value of land in those calculations. Indeed land is the biggest single asset type in monetary terms held by the richest. And what usually follows when the Pugins of this world quotes his statistics, the follow-up cry is usually 'why don't we distribute that wealth more fairly?'. It's a noble question. But it is also an impractical question. If you were to divide up the 60% of world's land that is not covered by snow or mountains then each person would get around 11sqm. In other words, not much use to anyone. So it's very relevant to point out to people that if they do wish to make use of comparative statistics then they ought to use meaningful data.
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    I thought this was a thread about the Daily Mail
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    Rather than pay back, maybe deduct the money from the next seasons payments. If the season is scrapped.
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    If this is true this will influence their decision making, sadly football sold its soul to the money men and women long ago and as big fish says the PL will look after number one above the integrity of the football world.
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    I have run out of toilet paper but i found a lettuce in the fridge so had to use a leaf. It was the tip of the iceberg.
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    Players will have to take a 25 percent cut or have no job.
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    If the PL clubs have already received the £792 million they should tell Sky to go pound sand. And let them claim the money back from their insurance company. Or put 11 players in each half of the pitch and have one of them kick the ball around between them for 45 minutes while the other jogs laps, and then switch around at half time. There, contract fulfilled.
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    There’s an app for this. Netflixparty.com provides a space for you to chat whilst watching.
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    This is all a bit confusing for a thicko like me. One says there is, another says there isn't. With polar opposites like that, I'm surprised that this God issue hasn't caused trouble throughout history. God job they all agree on which God is the real God ......
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