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    So, as expected, Tim Krul has been called up to the Holland squad. Totally deserved. To think that at the beginning of last season Tim was making bad mistakes and getting slated by some on here. Since then he has been brilliant in every way - a great goalkeeper and a massive presence and a leader in our team. Well done Tim - and well done to the genius Stuart Webber who brought a Dutch international goalkeeper to our club for a transfer fee of precisely nothing!
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    Yes, that open border between China and Italy has been a real eye opener.
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    It's difficult to say because some seem to be realism fluid...
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    The self appointed realists on here tend to disagree...
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    "It pains me to say it, but the way they run that football club at the moment is fantastic" That must have really hurt https://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/kieron-dyer-on-ipswich-town-s-league-one-slump-1-6553635
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    Sensible. It should be a non political effort.
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    Apart from the pubs... When i have friends who don't know Norwich I always take them on a walk to see the City. Most of it is a walk on the "inside" of the river. 1. Starting near the Railway station at the path near the Compleat Angler - alongside the river, round Pulls ferry (where they brought the stone for the cathedral) - views of the back of the cathedral - 2. Have to cross the road near Bishop's bridge near the Red Lion (currently closed) then back on the path up to Cow Tower (part of the Old City's defence system). Follow the path to the left - you will go past the Adam and Eve about 200 yards away on the left (the Oldest Pub in Norwich) and the Old Jarrolds factory over the River (you might sit in the Jarrold Stand). 3.Cross the road at Whitefriars and stay on the path. At the place of the Old Ducking stool for nagging wives (!) you have to cross the road and find a little alley near the Ribs of Beef and continue along the river. On your left, you get a good rear view of Elm Hill - the old Tudor streets in Norwich (better view than the street itself, which has lots of more modern shop fronts.) 4. I leave the River walk by cutting through the grounds of the Art School and up St Andrew's Hill. Near here you can find London Street which will take you to Bank Plain and on to the Cathedral Close (which I would class as a must see). However, before doing this, you might want to just go to make a small diversion and go up to Castle meadow and see the Castle. You have to pay to get into the Castle and although it is interesting, you might not have time. 5. I would recommend the Cathedral and especially the Cloisters, which are really atmospheric. From the Cathedral Close, you can walk down to Pulls Ferry and rejoin the walk near where you started. It's a good walk if you want to see some of the Old City - not that far 2 or 3 miles? On the other hand, you could just go to the pub but as a proud Norvicensian, I'd say this was a waste! I hope you have a good time and bring us some luck!!
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    Ricardo we would all like to read your match reports next season. Please!
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    Perhaps they should have built some kind of wall to stop that sort of thing... Apples
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    The Fat Cat and Canary could be a good place for you to check out. Not far from the ground and they also have another two pubs (one of which is my local and houses their brewery- it's called The Fat Cat Brewery Tap). Then you also have the Coach and Horses near there and that plays host to home and away fans without any issue. Good atmosphere, always bloody rammed though! They also have Chalk Hill Brewery (a micro brewery on site) Pals and I often go to the Wig and Pen or Ribs of Beef. Again, a couple of nice pubs not far from one another. The Ribs has a better selection of craft beer if that's your thing. As you'll notice, Norwich city itself isn't particualrly big! You can wander around it quite swiftly and there are plenty of places to check out alng the way. As for restaurants... Go check out Shiki and see if baby Farke Life is there! Our market has a superb selection of street food now and also hosts Sir Toby's, who sell lots of different types of beer/cider etc. Enjoy your stay and here's hoping for three points on Saturday! OTBC!
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    The possibility of a newly emergent zoonoses spreading as it has was widely considered long, long before coronavirus became a thing and the delay, contain etc advice appear to follow a standard public health intervention approach of primary, secondary and tertiary care. There are scientists that have spend their whole careers waiting for and expecting this.
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    Have we lost a competitive game to a club whose population was smaller than our ground capacity ? 4th March 2020 Ipswich 0-1 Fleetwood Fleetwood population 25,939 Poorman Road capacity 30,311 oh dear
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    Anyone who thinks Norwich would pay £10M for a keeper has lost the plot.We would want a whole team for that amount.
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    Following from a previous post ... my wife and I have come from the States and have managed to get two tickets to Saturday’s match and will be attending Carrow Road for the first time! This will also be our first time in Norwich. To say we’re excited is an understatement. Hopefully, viruses and rain will hold off and victory will prevail!! We’ll be staying two nights in the city center. Where should we go pre match, post match, etc.? I’d love a couple of pub and brewery recommendations. And the wife loves her wine. Any good restaurant spots? Other tips? We’re easy overall and are mostly looking to relax. Sunday we’ll recover from our hangovers and probably walk around a bit and do some sightseeing. Cheers to you all!! #COYY #OTBC
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    They will be closing things down within the next few days anyway. Far better optics to act quickly than to be seen to be forced into it.
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    As people like quoting scientific experts - “From a purely scientific standpoint, putting in place a combination of interventions as early as possible is the best way to slow spread and reduce outbreak size,” said Prof Andrew Tatem at the University of Southampton. Our problem is not the science but our politics.
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    Burnham is an old fashioned conscience politician, a man of the people, an honest and caring human being. The speech at Anfield was made before the tide had turned in favour of the Justice for the 96 people. He is, of course, a football man, an Everton fan who was fondly received at Anfield and who is now loved and revered as Mayor of Manchester. ( I know what you are thinking, he's their Kenny Maclean!) Needless to say, Burnham wants nothing to do with the den of iniquity and ineptitude which is Westminster. He steered a million miles wide of Corbyn and Macdonald. Putting him up against Boris Johnson would expose the impostor. But it ain't gonna happen, is it, as there is no centralist political movement in the country. Sad times.
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    Not really a Socialist. Somewhere between that and a one nation Tory. Taking some of the best principles from both extremes. 'A little from Column A, and a little from Column B' - Homer Simpson. So, politically, no one to vote for. Probably have most respect for Andy Burnham who is a died-in-the-wool Blairite, so no one would call him a Socialist. (Find his address to the grieving crowds at Anfield, and you too will be converted).
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    I’m sorry but if you all feel like that then take control yourself! If you think we should be in lockdown like Italy, then do so! Why do you have to wait to be told?
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    No, he was born that way
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    ***** BREAKING NEWS! ***** Sadly news has just reached us saying that the first member of this group has sadly died because of the Coronavirus. In his house they found 500 cans of assorted food, 100kg of pasta, 75kg of rice, 200 toilet rolls and 30L of hand sanitiser which he had panic bought from Aldi “just in case!” The whole lot collapsed and buried the daft b*st*rd!
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    We will see our acceleration in the next few days when things start to shut down. I would have preferred to see it happen last week.
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    Mixed messages does not even cover it Nutty. I will carry on as usual.
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    You’ll be OK, the forecast is for a month of rising amounts of people catching it, summer should curtail it to some degree, thereafter, there’s already three vaccines in advanced testing, pretty sure come November there will be a vaccine for you old duffers! stay safe and do what you can.
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    Wba to win at home is my suggestion for my friend Lappin - good luck For Ian, I'd suggest a 3-1 win - good luck and thanks for all the support you give us at ncfsc I'd also donate an extra £5 to be split between csf & Ian's SarcomaUK charity £2:50 on 2-2 and £2:50 on 3-1 Good Luck Pups ( Will give you a fiver tomorrow Eddie)
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    Wow, well done Boris, such a simple but straightforward interview with a professional who illustrated clearly the reasoning behind this country's medical, scientific and professional model approach as to how the virus is to be tackled in the UK. I guess this means hes not taking advice from youtubers and footy forum fans..cant please everyone of course.
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    We should be building a team around Krul not grabbing money for him. First name on the team sheet for me.
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    League 1 to be based on last 20 games
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    Oh there is such a range, light, full flavoured, fruity, sour, great depth. I work in the beer industry and tbh everytime I taste a belgian beer I say I am at home. As it really feels, to me, as the best you can get. But I get it. So much choice, I actually work for a mead company now selling palatable 4% meads. Best way to describe is like a delicate fruit cider without the sweetness and a little taste of honey. It is Londons first meadery in 500 years and in the us every 3 days a commercial meadery opens. It is stocked at the plasterers arms in pottergate and Sir Toby's on the market. Nice little sales pitch there
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    Without wanting to get sycophantic, do you guys REALLY have a problem with Nutty? I've never met him, but even without the work he does for PUPs, he seems like one of the nicest, most even-tempered people you could hope to meet. Bizarre.
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    Got to remember it was only a couple of months ago, if that, that some posters were crazily wanting Fahrmann to get a start ahead of him! Looks even more crazy now than it did before, and it looked pretty crazy then!
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    Puuki's work rate is immense and the link up with Buendia almost telepathic. I would stick with him. If he gets the service he will score again and his confidence will return. All strikers have these spells.
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    A week or so ago Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz ridiculed the threat of the coronavirus by wearing a gas mask on the floor of the House of Representatives... Fast-forward to when Gaetz discovers he has been exposed to someone with the virus, and a resident in his congressional district has died, and it suddenly doesn't seem quite so hilarious. So much so that he gets himself tested although not exhibiting any symptons of illness apart from those from which all Republicans suffer, and is now self-quarantining himself.
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    My shed is full, I was buying up vodka several weeks ago, often nip down to sanitise.
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    I have always thought that it's very simple. Paying to attend a sporting event entitles you to verbally express approval or disapproval within established boundaries. However nothing, ever, entitles you to stop behaving like a decent human being. This principle must always remain paramount.
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    You can't get 70,000 people in a cinema. By the way, the people of Norwich are voting with their feet as regards entertainment venues.
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    When you pit "just not good enough" against a detailed analysis backed by stats, always pick the analysis backed by stats vs hand-wringing. Even if it's not correct, you have the opportunity to learn something. Subjectively Norwich looked more dangerous with Drmic playing alongside Pukki. The second half of Sheffield game quite good for Norwich. Statistics support this firmly. Drmic had the highest xG at 0.9 (fbref) or whopping 1.73 (understat). Pukki, despite being widely criticized, only had xG of 0.3 (fbref) or 0.6 (understat). His underperformance is still probably within reasonable range compared to "dry" periods of other top strikers. It's annoying to see people whine about lack of quality when the problem is mostly lack of chances created. Most chances simply aren't nearly as good as Norwich fans think. Heck, even Pinkun staff is starting to ignore facts, to the extent they've now stopped counting Pukki's penalty goals (xG 0.76) as "real" goals and forgotten the stolen Tottenham goal, and calling for Pukki to be benched for Drmic (Who has the most chances missed by any player on the team, behind only Byram and Buendia ). I guess none of us are safe from the effects of frustration. I should probably call them out for this bit of silliness, as they've usually been on the point...if I have the time. Now the following is based on subjective observations: Play three CBs at the back when can. I have noticed time and again that Lewis is lacking confidence in going forward when facing pressure. When he loses confidence he no longer can perform even a throw in decisively. He becomes either a wet blanket or shaky. With confidence we have seen what he can do at the other end. Play two at the front. The opposition have for long been able to calculate how many Pukki runs they can let through without compromising their offence (one or two). Without Buendia they can feel secure from Pukki. With Drmic next to Teemu, they have more to calculate about. Drmic has the xGs of a striker (if not the goals yet), but it was Drmic's header what convinced me. It's not just the header. It's the headache for the opposition. Start Buendia always. Duda...I don't have the stats, but I just don't agree with the general sentiment about him. I saw him play 2nd half against Sheffield (missed 1st half) and he was quite good before getting tired towards the end. He has the talent. I don't think he is disinterested, more like confused a bit and has non-chalant air about him. I think he needs to find a way to work with Buendia. But that may take more time than we have at this point. His corner kicks and potential for crosses is what keeps him on my starting squad. Especially with Drmic there. Tettey is stabilizing force in midfield, but there is a problem with him that is ignored. He takes extremely low chance shots far outside the box, and occasionally spends time to look for that shot. People rate kicks from far way too probable to go in. They make great highlight reel, but are damaging if there are basically any alternatives.
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    That is very true. As for a health minister getting Covid 19, it’s very hard not to smile and of course wonder how far this has spread in the commons. Looking at the age profile of those that lead or the prospective leaders of the US and the total disregard Trump has shown, one wonders where this could all end.
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    It sounds like unless we resort to lumping it long to a big un up front you are going to see how we play as plan A?
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    60% vodka does the trick
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    Ex Brexit party MEP Rupert Lowe: EU countries closing their borders because of the virus is proof that EU countries want more control back over their borders from the EU. Utter plum.
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    I agree it's not a fait accompli, but a sensible financial strategy will enable us to maximise our other advantages over most Championship clubs. We have one of the highest non-TV turnovers in the Championship with a strong fan base and a well-developed commercial operation. We also have a Cat 1 academy, relatively little competition and, so long as we maintain our current course, will have no debt to finance. Everybody's means are limited* (even Real Madrid) relative to what they might like to spend, but our financial capacity is very competitive for the Championship, where many clubs are without our advantages. Given this, we are always likely to be near the top of the Championship if we appoint well. The challenge is one of transition from a club that gets promoted and goes down again to one that gets promoted and stays up for several years. IMO, this is far more likely with a sensible budget. The risk, to my mind, is to fall prey to the temptation to "go for it," fail and then transition into a club with debt that goes down and stays down. I want us to be measured in what we spend because I am ambitious for our club and would like to see regular premier league football with Cup success, rather than one that risks it all on a throw of a dice hoping to get a six - then stays in the Championship and below for many years, like we see so often with others. * Very conscious of the apostrophe debate on another thread
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    I think you will find we have disease since the start of mankind. If you have human contact you have disease. The greater risk is not from causal contact in wider society but close contact with family and friends. The risk outside is considered low. So if you will want to stop this you segregate everyone and stop them having contact with family and friends and I haven’t seen anyone willing to advocate that. it is just a practical reality that most of those dying are unproductive so have limited long term economic impact. Everyone makes value judgements on the value of life eg when they vote Tory rather other parties , brexit rather than not with doctors and nurses leaving, watching sport rather than playing sport, and eating fish and chips rather than fruit and veg to take some random examples so I don’t see anyone in the Moral ascendency. And if you think that the Economics impact and resource allocation is not a factor you are kidding yourself And as Essayess I believe rightly pointed out I suspect all of us have experienced death some of it tragic and difficult decisions have to be made. There is no eternal life and there is a limit that society is willing to spend on healthcare and in the Uk that is more than some but considerable less than other European countries so we are all party to the current situation Personally I am willing to spend more on taxes and health insurance and a healthy sporty life and better healthcare but I fully understand that others make a different value judgement. well its safe to assume you don't have it. I think your cold, heartless, Spock like analysis is indicative of so many recently.
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    Well that wasn't what you said when the bond was launched Jimbo...
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    Positive note, with a bit of a dodgy defence in front of him, hes getting plenty of practice. Playing in a strong defence he may not get to do so much. We are keeping him well tuned for his national team , in fact Holland should stump up a pay rise to keep him here, if only football worked so benevolently.
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    Apart from Byram this Duda chap is the latest in a long line of signings from last summer and this January who have not added a jot to the squad other than to make up the numbers.
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