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    Oi! I can talk for myself! I think we are seeing certain players coming of age now - Cantwell's penalty and improved effectiveness over the last couple of games has dispelled some doubts imo and Emi on this form should be in. Idah did well too - the maturity is there. So - Krul Aarons Godfrey Hanley Lewis Tettey Maclean Emi Duda Cantwell Pukki Definitely think Vrancic and Idah should get some minutes, especially later in the game when there will be more spaces for them to exploit.
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    My argument in favour of Vrancic is that he offers the range of creativity and passing that we've sadly lacked for too much of the season, leaving Pukki et al with very little ammunition to work with compared to last season. We saw midweek the number of excellent balls he played to Drmic or out wide to Aarons which none of our other mids can perform with such accuracy and consistency. The trade-off is his weaker physical presence and lower level of tackling ability compared to say McLean. Two things win games - defensive stability to not concede, and attacking threat to score goals, but if you don't score the best you can manage is a draw, whereas the goals we've been lacking could get us the wins, but only if our forward line is well supplied with the right kind of balls, Vrancic gives us that in a way that nobody else does IMHO.
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    Reserving judgement. Thinking back to what happened with Stiepermann and Vrancic and am holding out hope for a similar outcome.
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    Much maligned but what a defensive organiser. Grant's run in the side has seen us improve defensively and, Wolves aside, cut down on the goals conceded so we actually have a chance in games. And he is Captain for a reason: Character. An experienced pro. Well done, Grant. You have come through from a difficult start to the season.
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    Thank you all for your PUP picks. Over 20 different picks so far and counting, so here’s my six selections. Liverpool v Bournemouth - home win. Celtic v St Mirren - home win Swindon v Forest Green - home win Crewe v Stevenage - home win Wigan v Luton - home win Strasbourg v PSG - away win
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    Thank God for that, I was beginning to wonder how I would get up the stairs in my Hazmat suit.
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    Yes, but that would happen to an even greater extent if we tried to mark man-to-man at corners. The problem is that overall we've got a short team which isn't particularly good in the air. The reality is that Premier League teams are horribly good at exploiting weaknesses at corners and free kicks. Zonal marking at corners is the least worst way for us to defend these, given the limitations we're working under.
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    This zonal marking thing is a total red herring KG. We defend free kicks the same way as every other team. It's corners where we defend zonally - and lots of other teams defend corners zonally too. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to defend zonally or man to man - if you don' jump - both ways will be totally ineffective!
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    Bit too simplistic to say "we didn't concede so therefore"... I couldn't disagree with you more so thought i'd look up the stats (source: whoscored.com) Vrancic was statistically our worst player by some considerable distance, only achieving a 5.7 rating. He was dispossessed 3 time from a holding midfielder position, which at this level of football is usually suicidal. Vrancic only made one successful tackle. Comparably in less time, Mclean wasn't dispossessed once but won the ball for us 3 times. In fact, Vrancic was the worst rated player across both sides. As I said, I love Vrancic. I was defending him during his first season when people said he was no good. But anyone claiming that Wednesday is a good example as to why we should start him is seeing a very different game to the general footballing world!
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    Vrancic is one of my favourite players but Wednesday night was more of an advert on why Farke knows better than us (and consistently proves it, despite the fact our fans like to think they know better!), rather than an advert for why Vrancic should play more.
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    Don't think it's been mentioned yet on this thread, but another plus point for McLean is that you can see he's working hard to develop himself as a player. Nowhere is this more evident than the improvement in his weaker right foot. When he first came here he did look rather 'one-footed', but it's been noticeable as this season has gone on that he's got a lot better with his right - smashed one against the bar against Palace with his right and of course on Wednesday night it was his well struck right footed shot that led to our goal.
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    I think the problem with Rupp is he's been thrust into the first team XI with little settling in period and Farke has expected a lot from him. Will judge him properly after the summer and the new season. He essentially a utility player, with Farke playing him in numerous positions. You wont see the best of him until he's played a fair few games in one position, but I hear what your saying.
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    No you’re not the only one. McLean is underrated by fans (myself included last season until he won me over with consistently strong performances). Statistically the best of the CDMs next to Tettey last season, he’s clearly much better equipped with his all round game to be effective in the PL compared to Vrancic or Leitner. Excellent reading of the game, strong in a tackle and the air, decent pace and vision for a pass (though admittedly not as big a range as Vrancic), as has been said, watch him play rather than the ball, then you’ll see
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    Yep I noted that too. One of them was Cantwell, ran straight over to Emi who was sitting on the ground complaining, picked him up, dusted him down and had a word before they both sprinted off together. Really great leadership qualities shown there for a lad so young. Todd is becoming a top class pro and a real role model, proud to see him develop.
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    Thought you might like to know that there is a photo of you in the EDP today
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    35 years ago. Have they ever beaten us in a game that meant something? @JUBWICKS75
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    Under 70's would need to take ID incase they look old, but can't prove it. Instead of ask 25 it can be ask 65
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    Coming so soon after the physically draining heroics of last night this is going to be one hell of a difficult game. Hopefully the feel good factor and momentum of two excellent wins on the bounce will counteract this. Good thing about last night was the Pukki and Duda had the night off and that Tettey and McLean weren't on the pitch for too long. On the down side it looks as though Emi might be injured again and Godfrey and Hanley were both limping on occasions during extra time. Assuming all fit I'd go. Krul Aarons - Hanley - Godfrey - Lewis McLean - Tettey Buendia - Duda - Cantwell Pukki (Rupp in for Buendia if Emi not fit)
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    No. Nothing infact has really changed. Nissan are continuing their previously announced investment and are yet making the very same warnings. As Herman says the local rags are in fact far more factual and balanced... not trying to cherry pick and enlarge facts out of context to meet some political spin. Nissan want largely free frictionless trade. It's up to Johnson to deliver that knowing the consequences if he doesn't. Ignore the Boris bluster. It's all in detail.
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    The EXPERTS are saying 60-80 percent of the population will get it. Most will get a very mild form. Its the number needing hospitalisation that is the problem.
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    As a heads up, PSG has been postponed, so unless the bet has been placed, it could be wise to change it.
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    Bet365 - Bet Builder - Player Card - Krul & Henderson
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    Is this the once a seasoners moaning about the away fans standing?
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    Of course it would affect her, as it probably would many club owners and board members I'm sure. However, she isn't a manager and much less crucial as a presence, which is clearly the point... Also, just an example of the many issues this would raise. But yeah, cheers for that, I definitely should have listed everyone over 70, starting with spectators
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    Good evening all! I'm putting my selection in a little early as it's almost beer o'clock. For the game I can only go positive as it is not in my nature to be a negative ninny. However, I do like to take a few risks! £2 BTTS £2 Norwich win £1 2-1 Norwich win £1 1-0 Norwich win £1 Hanley anytime scorer £1 McLean anytime scorer £1 Both keepers booked (Molly, this is completely left field and right up my street) £1 (Bet365 Betbuilder) Norwich win + over 2 goals both teams combined + Pukki anytime goalscorer
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    Isn't it a several years old Winky fact which he's rolled out again hoping that we won't notice that today's real Nissan news is their first quarterly loss since 2012 and the cancellation of last year's share dividend. Plus the chief exec saying 'we need to do more re-structuring than originally planned' - when Japanese car companies start talking like that I think we all have a pretty clear idea how things are going to turn out....
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    Perhaps if you also reported the Nissan warnings given by Gupta over tariffs today I'd take more notice. Old news. Spin for the simple. Nothing changed.
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    Did really well last night and not just the penalty. What a prospect he is and he did so much better than Parrot who is supposed to be the next big thing.
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    The TIMES Newspaper
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    Firstly, injury time may be deemed 'at the refs discretion' but it shouldn't be. It should be accurate so that a full 90 minutes is played and time wasting is neither rewarded nor advantageous. But what really gripes me is that refs seem to be oblivious to the word "minimum" in the extra time rule and announcement. Grammar! The word has been put in there for a reason. It's a MINIMUM of (e.g.) 3 minutes, not a maximum. How many times do we see teams deliberately waste time and then the ref blows up on exactly 3 minutes, if not slightly before? This reason alone demonstrates the need for proper time-keeping. It was (IMO) probably a more important issue than goal-line technology simply because of how regularly errors occur and how often abuse gets rewarded. One error happens every week, t'other occurs a couple of times a season, if that. If we're going to embrace technology in the game then start with the simple things first. An official timekeeper, off the pitch, would sort the problem and protect the officials from any abuse.
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    He is no better or worse than the rest of them. That is not a compliment, I think they are all pretty terrible, he just fits in.
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    Yep, agreed. I prefer Vrancic, but do rate Mclean. As I've said, I like him behind Pukki with the guile of Buendia and Rupp. The biggest issue surrounding it all is Tettey. Well, not so much Tettey, but the failure to upgrade on him. Had we found that mid twenties, powerful, athletic, EPL standard defensive midfielder, I think Vrancic would be a regular alongside him.
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    I realise I'm going full Lakey here, but here's a bit of a curveball: Krul Godfrey Hanley Lewis Aarons Tettey McLean Rupp Buendía Cantwell Pukki The obvious weakness here is that any injury to the back five would necessitate a reshuffle and a probable return to 4-2-3-1. Not suggesting that we should go with the formation above, just putting it out there as a potential alternative if Farke wanted to mix it up a bit.
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    You know it was only light-hearted ribbing LDC
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    He was better than both Vrancic and Trybull in the first half, yet he was the one getting stick.
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    I suppose it should be no surprise that a Farke player has improved and exceeded expectations. I look at Tettey on the pitch these days and see a player much improved - and that isn't just down to age - his control and confidence on the ball is much better than previously. Likewise with Hanley - he has improved too - again a testimony to the coaches and staff and the way things are done at the club these days. Brilliant to see.
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    Nice to see someone on here have a nice discussion about football and not jump on someones back for a difference of opinion
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    Shame Hernadez is injured as would prefer to see him on the wing rather than Rupp. I certainly dont see Rupp as a winger and as a number 10 I think we have better options available to us.
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    Rupp should never start for us in this league ever again.
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    It would appear (me included) were a little too quick to perhaps judge Hanley. He has become a real centreback of late cutting out his defensive errors. It shows you us fans from time to time are too quick to judge and all that's needed is a run of games and match sharpness.
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    Not to mention blaming the cost of the Coronavirus for not fulfilling their promises to level up the deprived areas of the UK...
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    They'll still have their arms around each other at corners though
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    I was lucky enough to be with Jerry Goss for a couple of hours this afternoon and he was saying this about the whole club. It's all about people. Fans, Legends, Players, Coaches, Management, Staff, Board and owners. In no particular order. Just about people. As a whole the club value people. I've known that for a while but it was brilliant to hear..
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    Slightly off topic but Daniel Farke's tributes to the kit men make you hope sincerely that this huge challenge comes off for the man. He has class as a character and appears to be a great motivator of everyone at the club including the fans- and neutrals looking on.
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    And a lot assumed Fahrmann would simply become our first choice keeper this season. Understandably rusty at the beginning of last season, he then became integral to the team and squad, and that importance and leadership has only grown since promotion.
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    Grant Hanley. Much better than many give him credit for. Proper defender
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    I don't post often these days, but have to on this one. Can't believe people are knocking Kenny Mclean, on Friday night he gave some close attention to Maddison. who got angry and even got booked for complaining to the ref, had he been allowed to play his usual game Leicester would have given us more problems than they did, unsung hero. None as blind as those that cant see.
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