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    I don't post often these days, but have to on this one. Can't believe people are knocking Kenny Mclean, on Friday night he gave some close attention to Maddison. who got angry and even got booked for complaining to the ref, had he been allowed to play his usual game Leicester would have given us more problems than they did, unsung hero. None as blind as those that cant see.
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    I read the other day that this season there have only been 3 games where we had more than 2 fit/available centre backs (Godfrey included in this number), now I haven't done the research but that does sound like it could be about right. That's only 3 games where we have had a centre back on the bench as a backup. Every other game we have had to essentially play whoever is available there (Godfrey a lot of the time) So, pray tell, at what point could we have afforded trying Godfrey in CDM? Hint: The answer is 'we couldn't' Also, saying Tettey hasn't been good enough at all this season inclines me to think you probably haven't actually seen him play.
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    As a fellow ex goalkeeper, I loved this comment
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    How far sighted we were
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    No - isn't now and never was! If you believe that you've been 'had' If sell something to the USA I have to meet FCC rules etc - an FCC declaration and so on. If I want to sell something into the EU - the 'CE' mark etc. For China the 'CCC' etc. You can make whatever you like but it has to meet the local trading rules wherever you sell it!
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    Oh, oh!!! I think I know this one, thanks to Paul Moy. Isn't it all to to with Brown selling off our gold reserves 20 years ago?! In other related news the government's own estimate of its Brexit jewel in the crown, a trade deal with the US, is that it will increase GDP by a whopping 0.2 per cent, while its estimate for Brexit overall (other economists have it even worse) is that it will hit GDP by between -4.9 per cent and -7.6 per cent. Absolute genius.
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    Stolen from Twitter. Coming from The S** I take this as a compliment.
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    Could we sign him and then loan him back to the Turkish club ?
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    Are you and @Rock The Boat having a contest to be the biggest idiot on this thread? It is simple, the UK has the sovereignity to import and manufacture to what ever standard you like. The EU has the sovereignity to block imports from the UK that doesn't meet EU regulations. If the UK wants free trade access to the the single market it will be obliged to follow these. The more the UK diverges the greater number of barriers will be in place. That, and there will need to be a mechanism to enforce this.
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    Except that under the genius renegotiating skills of B. Johnson esq. Northern Ireland is now, as the EU wanted all along, to all intents and purposes staying in the single market, with no border between it and Eire. So the border, with all the necessary checks will be in the Irish Sea. Except, again, that according to B. Johnson esq., despite having agreed to that, including the checks, there will be no such checks, raising the threat that the UK will in effect be able to export such products into the de facto single market area ( N.I.) and the de jure area (Eire). So, if you were the EU would you trust him to keep to the agreement he has signed or would you expect him to break it?
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    No it doesn't, and the EU arn't saying that anyway. Two things are getting confused here, deliberately by the government and their fellow travellers. The EU has no problem with the UK consuming chlorine washed chicken, hormone raised beef and GMO now we have left. It is British consumers who are objecting. They have no problem with the UK having substandard products, dangerous toys and dodgy electricals. They just don't want the UK to export these to the EU. What the EU wants is to protect the single market. This took a lot of effort and time to create, much from the UK, and they will not accept a deal that trashes this. If the UK wants a triple zero trade deal (tariffs, quotas, dumping) they will accept the obligations that comes with this. If not, the UK will have to accept the constraints on trade that comes with being a third party.
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    Let’s put it this way. Governments don’t react the way that world governments are if it’s not incredibly serious. Everyone should be concerned and prepared for the worst and hope to hell it doesn’t spread. As for your comment about it not being a fierce virus. It is for people whose health is compromised, asthmatics, diabetics ect
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    Brexit Fallacy Number 14,573: Both sides are posturing over future trade talks. Nope. One side (the UK) may be, for - as usual - internal consumption. The other side is simply stating the obvious.
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    If public assembly is restricted, EFL clubs could lose up to 25% of their projected gate receipt sales for 2019/20, assuming ST holders will be entitled to refunds. What happens beyond this season is anyone's guess. Employment contacts will still have to be honoured, for their duration unless force majeure exemptions can be applied. Most other overheads will continue to accrue, including debt payments. It only dawned on me this morning that many club owners will have no choice but to liquidate their clubs immediately as they will become unviable overnight. It could be carnage.
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    Basically it saves costs all along the chain ... less capital held in stock, warehousing etc. Allows more cost effective efficient manufacturing and hence more competitive products. Think of the whole JIT supply chain as just one long conveyor belt factory manufacturing an end product and then it should be obvious why it can't work if there are customs and border breaks that throw metaphorical spanners in the works... hence the dire warnings about the consequences.
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    Whoa, whoa, whoooooooooa, mysterious girl, I want you to keep a safe distance. To be fair to Peter Andre he says that he didn't have anything to do with this and he hugged anyone who wanted a hug. Not Insania.
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    Voddy is good for de-icing your windscreen......although my tongue stuck to a frozen wiper blade arm as I attempted to lick the excess off.....
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    I'm not knocking a fantastic performance, but had we had more clinical finishing in front of goal, we'd have plenty more points on the table. Jamal took his goal beautifully. Chested it, waited for the ball to drop then picked his spot. Duda had a great long distance shot, but then had a great chance from centre of the penalty area and just seemed to choose to slam it, rather than place either side of Schmeichal This isn't a criticsim of Duda, but we're creating chances every game. Just seem to be lacking the composure to stick it away. still, we're given ourselves a chance, and need to keep the momentum going against Sheff U
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    Meanwhile back to the OP, how did McCallum play?
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    Why didn't I think of that.
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    Why are Brexiters struggling with this?
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    I take comfort from the fact that we have the toughest looking manager in the PL.
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    It's usually April but I've been talking to Emma about doing it on 21st March as that is World Downs Syndrome Day.
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    Perhaps if people watched the game instead of the ball they would realise the good job McLean does.
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    I think McLean is preferred as he is one of the only central players we have who has some all round game and no glaring weaknesses. Most of the CMs in the squad excel in one area but are lacking in many others which you can't get away with in the premier league in the same way as the championship. You could easily look and say Vrancic is a better creator, Leitner a superior passer/dictator, Trybull is better at breaking up play and Steipermann at taking it down from the air and winning headers. McLean does a little of all of that without standing out but can contribute in all those situations which would mean he can offer a little more to the team as a whole.
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    They obviously haven't seen us fans in "The Blankets"...
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    This shows me one thing. How powerful media, news, stories are. In turn the truth of any given situation should be validated on its on merits and from a single point of view and experience. That single view point is mine in my case, and yours for yourself. The question then is what you decide to build your view point upon. I'm waiting just like the flu bug, like SARS, like ebola, I still have no experience of any of them in my 44 years, so ignore the hype as it's for a another reasons of fear and control, and so far they are doing a dam good job of it. Just under 6000 people die each day of booze related deaths, each day, every day, and do we shut down the source? When was the last time you were scared of a pint! Hope the people really start to see the madness of our politics sooner rather than when it's too late... Yes I'm off to get my tin foil hat on!
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    Mrs KG just arrived home with all the rations needed for survival over the next months. Of course the real winners from this crisis will be Tesco.
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    And as an addict of cuppa soup you worry about sanitised chicken!! The Dangers of Instant Soup April 12, 2019 Instant soup is a fast food that has become quite popular in recent years. It’s an easy and cheap option for people without time to cook and/or eat something healthier. Also, even though people who eat them don’t necessarily consider them healthy, they tend to believe they are healthier than other fast foods. However, people don’t know that this isn’t the case. You cannot easily digest instant soup Studies have found that instant noodles remain intact in the stomach even after two hours. This is a lot more time compared to other types of homemade noodles. This has many implications in terms of digestion since your stomach doesn’t usually hold food for so long. First, the digestive system can experience strong tension. This is true because it has to work for hours to digest these highly processed foods. When a food remains in the digestive tract for a long time, it also impacts the absorption of nutrients. Keep in mind that noodles and instant soups don’t offer many nutritional benefits. Instead of nutrients, this type of food has a long list of additives, including the toxic preservative tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ). It’s very likely that this additive stays in the stomach with the noodles. This can potentially cause serious health problems as it’s digested with the noodles themselves. Only 5 grams of the TBHQ preservative can be lethal Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) preservative is a petroleum byproduct that can be tricky since it often appears as an “antioxidant”. However, consumers need to understand that even though synthetic chemicals can have antioxidant properties, they’re never the same as natural ones. Synthetic “antioxidants” stop the oxidation of fats and oils, lengthening the shelf life ofprocessed foods. Most processed foods, from most brands, use TBHQ. In addition, varnishes, lacquers, insecticides, make-up, and perfumes often contain it in order to lower the evaporation rate and make the substances more stable. Experts have found that as little as 5 grams of this additive can be lethal. In fact, the Dictionary of Food Additives states that being exposed to one gram of TBHQ can cause symptoms such as: nausea and vomiting ringing in the ears delirium a feeling of asphyxiation A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that women who ate greater amounts of instant soup had a higher risk of metabolic syndrome. This was compared to those who ate less, regardless of other eating habits or exercise. According to this study, the women that consumed instant soup twice a week were 68% more likely to get metabolic syndrome, which leads to many other more serious diseases like obesity, arterial hypertension, high blood sugar, triglycerides, and low levels of the good HDL cholesterol. Also, people that ate more instant soup had lower amounts of important nutrients, such as: protein calcium phosphorous iron potassium Vitamin A Vitamin C Furthermore, the levels of bad fats, calories, and sodium were higher.
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    Dont expect any credit
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    I shall be running a raffle for my seat should the worst happen. Tenner a ticket
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    Totally agree - Kenny and Tettey were excellent in stopping Maddison from playing. We were also very good at not conceding free kicks in and around the penalty area, though the number of corners conceded was less impressive. However (I'll say this quietly), we do seem to be better at defending set pieces recently - Hanley's presence is a major factor in that.
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    Fact is we've played this season carrying players in those two CDM positions. None have been good enough and it's the one area that if we were effective, it would allow all our creative players more confidence to express themselves and our full-backs to get further forward more often. Very disappointing that we haven't even tried Godfrey in there to see what difference it might make.... given our results there's really nothing to lose. Perhaps Daniel has been too stubborn and you have to wonder whether as a club we are too sentimental.... can't see the mileage in keeping Tettey around for another season if he's not good enough for the Premier League (he isn't), then why not look to develop a player that will be. Godfrey has all the ability to be that player.
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    All the "no deal" Brexit stockpiles now being used to help preparedness for Corona, yet another benefit of Brexit.
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    I commented on this during the game yesterday. He threw the ball a huge distance with very little effort. Absolutely useless to us but impressive nevertheless
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    Why is this an EU issue? Isn't this exactly the type of non-trade issue that leavers would have said is the responsibility of national governments or national governments in alliance.
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    You will have a different perspective in the next week or so. This is serious.
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    How about no one gets relegated or promoted this season and we just start again next season.
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    There is a much longer post to be written, but it is Sunday night... In short, this is not a UK government like any other, in several ways. Its basic guiding idea is that the public is as amoral and uncaring as it is. That is a bit of a gamble.
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    He gave another great quote on their relegation, something like " I hope they enjoy their sexy football......in league one"
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    Thanks Parma - no more thanks allowed - so very happy to respond directly. You are my favourite, and most learned, poster on this forum so your compliments are humbly received. Pockthorpe set the tone and I'm very happy to follow his lead, with the help of PuPs suggestions.
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    Whislt I wish this statement was true, is it your first day on this forum? Take your time, have a look around
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    Agree with you about McCarthy, you were never that great to watch under him but he made the unit greater than the sum of its parts. However, because you're an Ipswich fan on a Norwich forum, I'm afraid I have to illustrate your point with the following video:
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    They tried, but their star striker Norwood had the gun
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    McLean gives us the option to go long as he’ll compete for headers with a good degree of success, unlike Vrancic or Stiepermann or actually most anyone in the attacking line for us. Add this to his overall contribution in tackling/closing down opposition and he can play some great attacking passes, and it’s easy to see why DF keeps picking him.
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    They like statues. It helps remind them of when their grandad's were just boys. Perhaps we should ask this bloke....
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    Personally Kenny has won me around with his performances ,it's just a shame he does not have many assists or goals to his name but I will bet on him to score Tonite.
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    Levi Stubbs. One of the great vocalists. He was a real true humble star. He refused to change the name to Levi Stubbs and the Three Tops. He refused to sign contracts as a solo act. He demanded the groups money be split equally four ways. No Prima Donnas.
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