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    I wouldn't, I'd start a few more identical posts as an experiment and see where they go. I reckon we'd see, depending on how many you launched, in order of likelihood: How crap Hanley is A pile-on on LDC after he says something that would go unremarked if anyone else posted it Who gets paid what in our squad, and someone would drag up that terrible site that said something like Todd gets about £500 a month while Byram is getting £75K Self-appointed forum police posting links to other identical threads How overpaid footballers are and how it is ruining the game, ending up in another European Super League discussion A Delia out thread At least one thread with repeated attempts at trolling by Midlands and/or Waveney A huge argument with TVB The rest would wither and die What have I missed?
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    Johnson must be relieved that Cummings decided he could stay on as PM.
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    Knowing the "totally unbiased attitude" towards the big clubs by the PL, the refs and VAR, it'll be just after we score our 3rd goal to go 3 up
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    Some great posts, especially some of the research done by Badger, it's really appreciated because i'm too lazy to go and do it myself half the time! There was a topic of conversation on the radio the other day about the 'modern football fan' and this entire thread is perhaps a case in point. It's certainly different even from when I started supporting about 18 years ago. At the time, you could take a football match in isolation and simply enjoy it or be annoyed about it, but still experience it. I feel the same now. There's a lot on this thread though who have basically said there's no point in football because our owners won't spend enough money, or don't have enough of it. Maybe i'm just too relaxed about it but if i'm watching good football, if i'm watching young players from our academy prove themselves, and if i'm experiencing the kind of ride we've had for the last 10 years then I think i've done pretty well as a fan. I've definitely got my money's worth. There's such a long, long list of clubs bigger and similarly sized to us that haven't been able to experience even a quarter of what we have, yet for some it's still not enough. I get the whole 'always look to do better' approach, but who can tell me that doesn't seem to be what Farke, Webber and everyone at the club wants too? They certainly proved you all wrong when you wanted Farke sacked after his first season. They then proved you wrong again when you said we "cant compete in the championship with all these rich clubs". You were definitely proved wrong when you said "we're no better than Ipswich". * *you applies to a general group of posters who will know who they are and likely react badly. Soz.
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    So you're saying we have the same model as all the clubs in leagues one and two but we've spent 5 of the last 10 years in the PL. Amazing! How ever good must our owners be......
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    Can always go back to his job selling Cadbury's Smash :
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    Good grief Nuff, you've absolutely nailed it. Every single damn point. You've won the forum.
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    Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
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    I am in South Africa for now and on Friday I am off wine tasting followed by a barbecue, so I will need plenty of help. I spent 3 hours in the lounge at Johannesburg airport today pouring over the matches this weekend, so much so that my girlfriend gave up asking what I was looking at. I would like to chuck an extra tenner in the pot and do 2 lines, so extra suggestions would be great. it is an honour to do the selections and I will do my utmost to add to the pot.
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    It's all very well studying Burnley as a model to follow. But this is just a small window in time and very soon nobody will want to be Burnley. They will move seamlessly on to the next club who happen to sit there. There's been 36 different teams in the PL in the past 10 years. 7 of them have been there for all 10 years. So 13 places have been divided among the other 29. No wonder the go to "wannabe club" has changed so often. It's difficult to see how a club like Burnley or like Norwich can be established in the PL with such a turnover of clubs. And that's without Leeds, Forest, Derby and Wednesday who will surely eventually get a turn on the gravy train. All things considered it's difficult to see how Norwich and Burnley have spent half the last 10 years in the premier league. It's a hell of an achievement by our owners and theirs. But ours get scant credit from those who covet other people's money on here. Those with long memories will remember the time when the binners were a wannabe. "How could they get someone like Evans while our owners didn't even try". Of course when it all unravelled for them, and folk realised, Evans became the type of owner we didn't want. But if we'd done what was suggested it would have been too late after we found out...
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    Whatever the underlying reason for Honda leaving, it’s going to be chalked up as a direct outcome of Brexit. The same for anything positive. And people will judge Brexit on the positives v the negatives in due course.
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    Well, when I say full, what I mean is nearly full cos someone's gotta post summat for them to fact check. Apologies for my inaccuracy.
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    How many times before it gets in your head, Honda leaving had nothing to do with Brexit.
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    Nephew Tom. As far as I am aware , his only crime so far is to be Delia's Nephew but the poor lad gets a right slagging on here. It'd be just effing brilliant if he proved to be an exciting and accomplished owner carrying on his Aunties good work by taking our new approach to ever higher levels. Great post nonetheless Nuffo.
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    Over to France for my pick.. Lyon v Strasbourg Home WIN ooh lala Canaries to win either half! (Personal bet I'm put a quid on us to win 3-2) OTBC! I wanna see some Liverpudlian tears this weekend when we ruin their 'perfect season' Good luck everyone!
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    All four Great Offices of State are in the hands of Brexiteers!
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    Don't forget Jarvis - he stole a living from this club for years, the sick note, made of glass, can't believe he got a professional contract when we knew his injury record... etc
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    Thanks, but I really think I've missed loads. For one, a thread where someone slags off an ex-player (RVW, Snoddy, Russ...) and half the forum try to persuade the other half that they're not deluded and whoever it was was an under-appreciated genius.
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    Forum bingo! A particularly scathing 'Nuff Said today then...
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    Liverpool supporters aren't any different from ManU's. The greater amount are not Scousers. My Niece's husband is a Norwich lad but supports Liverpool.
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    Really!! How about sharing which clubs in league 1 and 2 these clubs are?
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    Just stop them travelling anyway and we'll play without away supporters, apart from them that paid the extra fifty quid earlier in the season to become priority members of course.
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    Yep, he's been a useful fool for the liar for the last few months but clearly his usefulness has passed, so its time to bring in someone who will accept Cummings' orders without quibbling at all - which let's face it is going to be necessary since they need to unearth several magic money trees very quickly!
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    In general I agree. I think the state of modern football is such that you have to take games/seasons in isolation. If you think too much about the bigger picture it all gets a bit depressing as the competition is now so warped that really the most we can hope for is finishing 7th and winning a cup. I also don't really have any problem with our current owners. They bought the club back when being owned by someone worth £20m was potentially a slight advantage. It is not their fault that the insane inflation in football has rendered them one of the poorest owners in the top two divisions. Where is do have an issue is the decision that this ceiling imposed by this lack of funding must continue in order to keep the club owned by someone with the surname Smith.
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    Nobody gives a sh!t what celebrities like Brad Pitt think about politics. If you look to celebrities for your moral and/or political guidance them you're a bigger fool than I thought you were. Yet you repeatedly get your information from agencies that suit your point of view. Can't you use your own brain for a change and use reason as a basis for your opinion. The reason I mentioned Pitt was people, not just celebs, who I can'r stand either, recognised that the Senate refused to hear witnesses because they wanted to cover up the truth. And you back these people. And will blindly continue to. I am a socialist but was not being fooled by Blair's lies. I can and could openly criticise my own party for lying, deceiving, betraying the people they call members. I don't follow any mantra obediently but you are obsessed with the right wing. And yes, you are having your day at the moment. But believe me, our day will come. This bunch of lying, egotistical leaders on the world stage will be eventually found out. And then where will your views be answered?
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    Think you are wrong about nearest team, Shalke 04 are based in Gelsenkirchen, just down the road ,35 km, from Dortmund . I am sure of this as I used to live there and would regularly watch both teams as I was only an hour away on the autobahn. That area is very similar to the industrial Midlands in England, with lots of big and medium sized cities and clubs, one running into the other in a massive urban belt. Hard to find Shalke on a map as it's a district of Gelsenkirchen, a bit like hard to find Aston Villa in Birmingham.
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    Good News Larry the Cat still in a job
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    I'd take a very safe bet that his idea of Boris leaving on WTO terms is similar nonsense.
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    That graphic makes me realise just how terrible that Leovegas logo was... No Tettey... No party!
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    Julian Smith aside (who helped to restore power sharing at Stormont), there's a lot of useless people gone. Mind you, there's still Javid, Raab and Patel in senior positions, so I doubt the overall quality is going to improve.
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    ...... and all very low calibre (even for this government!) ministers. Can't believe any of them would have got anywhere near the cabinet had it not been been for their hard Brexityness.
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    Reading this I kept thinking 'I'll highlight that bit as something I agree with', turns out I just agree with the lot, well said. Also, did you just drop a microphone after posting this? If you didn't, it's an opportunity wasted.
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    Love the news, hate the way the graphic looks as though we've accepted we're going down in 19/20. Why they did that I don't know! May as well have just left it blank, without the arrow. Anyway. Good to see he's been with us since the year 1213. Alexander the Great indeed!
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    Sounds like the cabinet reshuffle is going to be pretty brutal, but I'm not sad to see the back of Leadsom and McVey
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    Absolutely this, it baffles me. I love the guy, one of my all-time favourite Norwich players. Let's get our thinking caps on and make a chant for him!
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    Italy this week for me and the mighty Verona, fresh from beating Juventus to continue the push for Europe... Udinese V Verona - AWAY win For the City game, Tettey to celebrate his new contract extension with an anytime goal! (Any chance of some increased odds for specifically robbing Jordan Henderson of the ball, nipping past Fabinho and smashing in a 30 yard screamer?!) Good luck everyone
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    I'm not sure about next seasons all green kit.
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    It may surprise you just how many people don't give a sh!t what Hollywood thinks about anything, especially those of us that live near there. They can spare me the shallowness and their hypocrisy. But apparently the permanently p!ssed off crowd obsessively care and always publicly whine about what Hollywood says. For myself, I prefer facts and seeing through verbal smokescreens. Maybe you should try the same thing. What is going on in the US and UK is not normal, in fact it's highly abnormal and everyone should wake up. We have seen these patterns of political behavior before. It's not Tories v Labour or Republicans v Democrats, it's wannabe fascists v democracy, justice, science, truth and responsibility. Whichever side of the political spectrum you fall on, those things are worth fighting for. In WWII our grandfather's generation did. Will you?
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    Been out all evening, and just come in to see this. Brilliant news. Love Tettey. I'll be gutted if he doesn't get a testimonial after his service to the club.
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    Would appear that those that run the club disagree.
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    Brilliant news . Gives us a chance to show him real love too hopefully . Should be singing his name a lot more than we do . Lovely bloke and has been a fantastic servant to the club .
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    I agree - but it's not just Burnley - there is no "model" really to follow - its just financial prudence. Other teams have done it, West Brom, Swansea for a while, us for a while (McNally mark one) + many others. As you point out, nobody outside the top 6 to 10 are "permanently guaranteed PL football. A very simple statistical model is quite useful I think, although it is very approximate. If you assume that in any given year 10 teams are almost certainly not going to be relegated, it means that 3 relegated teams must come from the other 10. This gives a 30% chance of being relegated. Of course, this is a bit simple, I am aware of the model's limitations. Some teams, particularly newly promoted, are probably greater than 30% others probably less so.
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    Thanks for the link KC. I would point out in response to your point about the purchases after relegation that they managed this because they had been careful in the past and had not exploited a "margin of error" that you are so keen on. I would also certainly hope that we have an aggressive bonus scheme - the costs of our promotion suggest that this might well be the case - perhaps one to ask at an AGM? As I understand the article, Burnley are open to extra investment but insist that it would have to be "sustainable" he goes on to say that they would consider it "but have never had a knock on the door." He also pointed to the danger of a new owner "losing interest" and leaving the club in trouble. What is clear is their determination to make a profit and to remain in the black. I also liked their attitudes to transfers, and suspect that ours was similar (we go back to ACM “We have a pot of money and might spend it if the right opportunities arise. We’re looking for value on players, and if we can find that, we spend it, if we don’t, we leave it." So KC - a convert to the Burnley way* now? (* It's not really "the Burnley way," it is simple common sense that has helped other teams like Swansea and West Brom, do OK, until changes in ownership (aka "bringing in external investment knocked, Swansea in particular of course).
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    Sorry Kenny, but that's the trouble of using a website like Transfermarket. They may act as a useful guide and as an objective site and have their uses but of course, they are essentially guesses and rumour of limited accuracy. The figures I gave you are from Burnley's published accounts - if they were inaccurate, they would be committing fraud. What the accounts show is that Burnley have been very frugal with their money. The limitation that they have is that they are not up-to-date. We do do not yet have figures for 18-19, let alone 19-20, however, there is no reason to assume that they have abandoned previous frugality. It is precisely because they have made a profit from transfers in previous years they were sitting with a big cash pile and may have felt able to spend more subsequently. They made a before tax profit of £27.3 million in 2016-17 and £45.1 million 2017-2018 - this is simply fact, unless they are committing fraud for the perverse reason that they wish to pay more tax!! A large part of this profit came from player trading (about £32 million) but it is also because they kept good control of wages. I would be very happy if we were able to emulate Burnley's frugality, because you have seen the benefits that it can bring if we look to the medium term rather than the short term.
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    Very coherent and valiant attempts here by Badgero and Nuttyo, but lads , you will never persuade someone who believes that on order for the club to grow, we must receive external investment . I can see both sides but err towards sticking with the current plan and trying to build our Club through sound recruitment , prudent sales and in club fundraising. I dont mind if this process is slow. That's just me, I realise some want success now, or preferably yesterday. No one is wrong, just some feel that having a gamble would increase our chances of ' success', it could but it could also increase our chances of failure. I'm not prepared to take that risk after the Club stabilising itself. Maybe I'm unambitious, I don't think so, as my ambition is to retain the core stability of the club while steadily improving on the pitch. My experience in football is mainly on the coaching/ player development side not the admin/ financial side , maybe that has skewed my opinion.
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    Chris Wilder has done a magnificent job and he has been backed by his board wisely. Shows what you can do with sensible investment. Hopefully we will do so one day and also achieve a fantastic season or two in the top flight. No City supporter would not want that...
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