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    To offer a counterbalance to the thread of gripes... I'll start. When the ball hits the side-netting and the away fans think it's gone in... a distant cheer, followed by a massive "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" from the home fans as they realise what's happened. When some form of animal gets onto the pitch. When the ref falls on his árse. A good old-fashioned 22-man brawl, with bonus points if the commentator says "Nobody wants to see that". FA Cup First Round Proper day, when big League One clubs go to tiny little sheds in the middle of nowhere to play on a ploughed field.
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    You might well be agreeing now but all these points that May should have understood right from the outset were being made by Remain posters, while Leavers were spouting their simplistic cake-and-eat-it nonsense.
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    I don't know why folk who have given up feel they'd be on the "naughty step". Throwing in the towel is lack of bottle. Not naughty or nice
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    I would imagine that giving new contracts to at least a dozen players over the summer made it abundantly clear that was how he was going to do it. To what extent he was the driver in that decision, we'll never really know; was it a case of being told his budget, and deciding to spend most of it on bonuses and new contracts for existing players? Or was that the board's decision for which Farke was forced to toe the line? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle ground. I'd imagine that the 'sustainable future' rhetoric needed to be bought into rather than not adequately rewarding those players who had overachieved to bring us the title in order to finance new players on greater wages. Can't really argue with the logic; the problem was that, Byram aside, the players we brought in have added very little support to that squad of players (Drmic, Fahrmann, Roberts, Amadou). A ton of key injuries in the first few months really didn't help the squad to make the step up either.
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    Obviously I haven't had any trouble at all
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    We got promoted unexpectedly and had no funds to back the manager with.... what's that phrase your Mom used to tell you............. it doesn't grow on trees!!!!! How much was the lad Sheff Utd signed from Preston (Callum Robinson) ..... the one that's already on loan at West Brom - £7m. How much rubbish did the club have to put up with for signing Naismith and RVW for similar amounts? They should never have signed an Everton reserve anyway and admittedly it was a different era. but still, damned if they do / don't. There are a few things Farke could learn from Wilder (the.... we're going for it vs we expect to be 20th messages for example) and he's having to learn on the job, but overall, what he and the club are doing can only be applauded. Evident improvement in our performances, we aren't far away from seeing results, they are honest and transparent with supporters and have created a club where everyone is in it together. That'll do for me. The difference eh!..... the fine margins perhaps and what confidence does for a team. Sheff Utd are doing well, not because of the signings but because collectively, they've found a way to get results and up until now, we haven't but the defensive base they have is a better starting point than ours was. Despite the money they have spent, would be interesting to see the market value of their players compared to ours; suspect that cumulatively there's is significantly lower than ours. OTBC
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    Brexit Factsheet Number 14,792: Could the UK have created loads of free ports while it was a member of the EU? Yes Why did it not do so? Because while freeports sound great, buccaneering mercantilism personified, the reality is they are a gimmick with at least as many downsides as advantages. Why are they suddenly 'being proposed then? Because if you are cutting yourself off from the world's largest single market and about 70 immensely advantageous trade deals around the world, including with Japan, for example, then one way of pretending you are filling that enormous self-harming gap is come up with gimmicky notions that were rightly rejected when economic sanity prevailed.
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    The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.
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    I have replied within your original post. I have edited for reasons of space, but have tried to take the overall point into account.
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    Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak has announced a ten week consultation to rapidly establish ten freeports across the UK, covering sea, air, and rail ports. The ports, once designated as free, will have no domestic taxes levied on any goods within them. Taxes will only be levied when a product leaves the freeport, and enters the rest of the UK… This has the effect of encouraging international business to come to the UK to process or store goods with little to no red tape, bringing jobs and investment in the mainly coastal communities that have been neglected during the UK’s membership of the EU. Ten are set to be designated by the end of the year. Industry leaders have already started lobbying for freeport status… A large North East ‘Virtual Freeport’: The Port of Tyne, along with the Port of Blyth, Nissan, the British Ports Association and the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, has been pushing for a large North East ‘virtual freeport’. CEO of Port of Tyne Matt Beeton said Government’s freeports consultation and commented: “A free trade zone targeted at growing the advanced manufacturing and renewable energy clusters would boost global trade across key North East locations – helping to secure existing supply chains and attracting many more in to the region from overseas. Freeports in London and Scotland: Chief Executive of the Forth Ports Group Charles Hammond said “Our network of international connections, streamlined customs systems and developable land close to key markets in the Central Belt of Scotland, Greater London and the South East mean our operations are ideal locations to support existing or fresh manufacturing and processing business opportunities.” An Atlantic freeport in Wales’ Haven Waterway: Andy Jones, Chief Executive of Wales’ largest port, Milford Haven said “A free trade zone covering the international businesses on the Haven Waterway will help them maintain competitiveness in a global marketplace. Our proposition will boost our unique engineering, fishing, marine renewable energy and oil and gas cluster for future generations.“ Of course none of the above has any relevance to the UK leaving the EU according to our political comedienne, Hermione
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    Stiepermann was my favourite player last year. He had a couple of relatively straightforward chances to score at Anfield in the opening game and if one of those had gone in I'm sure his performances this year would have been better. I certainly don't think too much faith was shown after his performances last year.
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    That wealth table is becoming more important than the league table. If you put your faith in that why bother playing any football at all. Just present prizes and silverware to the richest owners. On silverware we've won a championship and Wembley final in the last five years. That's more silverware than some of the PL also rans. Something else that's often overlooked is that if we have new owners we won't be adding money to what we have now. We will have a completely new identity and there's a less than 50/50 chance we'll even be as successful as we currently are. Would you gamble with your own possessions at those odds?
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    How could I forget the ginger Pele.
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    Where do Mike Milligan & Lee Power stand in this discussion? Does Andy Townsend count as Irish? Johnny Gavin? I don't think I'll mention Gary Doherty...oops!
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    The message board contacts me daily to see if I have anything to add.
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    That's the difference in a nutshell.
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    So how are you getting it so wrong so often?
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    I'm not an expert, but I think nginx has the ability to scan posters' previous posts, then allocate access to the forum accordingly. Its algorithms calculate each poster's worth to the forum, and society in general. This may be why you're having issues?
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    Well done, you have taken stupid to a new level.
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    No one but an anti-vaccination crank and paranoid conspiracy theorist with no relevant expertise , qualifications or evidence to back up anything he says.
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    Well @Jools, as ever just a little google proves you (and @SwindonCanary) wrong and @Herman right. Nothing to stop free ports in the EU, in fact there are a number https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/customs-procedures/what-is-importation/free-zones_en. In 2012 the UK had 5, and indeed the Isle of Man still has one. However they are problematic, and present a risk of crime, money laundering and tax avoidance. The job boasts are likely to be greatly overstated and it adds nothing the the UK's productive capacity. Fact is there is raft of anouncements coming these days to keep you a Guido excited and distract from the real economy. None are likely to actually occur in the short term, or probably at all (another Boris bridge anyone?)
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    Great news Paul, does this mean we can go back to eating bats? Apples
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    Very true Planso, we are a gnats Jimmy away from being quite an impressive side with a great footbal style. Credit to all at the Club, we looked like a basket case just over two years ago.sure, we nay well be relegated , but still in good all round shape. A few ifs and buts and our season could have been very different and by that I dont mean if we'd spent more. Tim Klose injury, Amadou being eclipsed by the man he was brought in to replace. Drmic injury adding to pukkis workload, I could go on but these topics ha e been covered ad nauseam. I still bet a pound to a pinch of shoite that there'll be yet another thread soon saying " if only wed spent more"....it'll be disguised of course but will soon show it's TRUE nature......how boring. Plenty more seasons to come, and we haven't even finished this one yet.
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    Yeah it was just a shame we never signed Jason Scotland during that time. (We WERE linked with him a lot which was pretty funny... "If you can't get a Scottish player Granty, just get one whose name is literally SCOTLAND")
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    Thank God you said it. I love a new, fresh topic. I can't actually believe Sheffield United's spending compared to our lack of hasn't been covered yet this season.
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    Tony McDonough @tonymc39 · 5h As the Government prepares to create 10 new freeport zones around the UK, data shows Liverpool could see a £739m annual boost and the creation of up to 12,000 jobs - Liverpool Business News #freeports #Liverpool Freeport plan could boost Mersey economy by £739m a year - Liverpool Business News As the Government prepares to create 10 new freeport zones around the UK, data shows Liverpool could see a £739m annual boost and the creation of up to 12,000 jobs. Tony McDonough reports Creating... lbndaily.co.uk
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    Nah, they won't, I told you, they only sign 'ol bangers - so keep your diary free in June / July, you might get an unexpected call from Gene Wilder...
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    And with that sentence you are proving to everyone here that you have completely lost your grip on reality. Please don't ever quit posting though -- Your contribution is hilariously entertaining
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    I'm sure whether this is a little thing or not but I love that we still play at Carrow Road and not some out of town stadium
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    No man is an Island. My friend Barry is
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    Oh my god I hope Sheff Utd don't buy him!!!!
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    I think a team like Sheff Utd would be very interested in signing Pukki. Top scorer for them this season is on 5 goals but so many players in their squad have chipped in from the off. Potential European football on offer too next season and we know they won’t be shy spending a few quid to improve further.
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    "The hair looks good"? How about this one. Flock of Seagulls anyone?
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    It was all Culverhouse. As Ipswich (plus Wolves and Villa) have found out. And Kings Lynn
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    Any good work bringing in Scottish players is automatically discounted by the Mark Fotheringham years. Apples
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    Herman, it really is refreshing to see that the armchair climate sceptics have now become armchair epidemiologists...the world truly is in safe hands. Apples
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    Sorry, but I disagree. We don't need to win games by 3, 4, 5 goals to improve the goal diff', though it would help:) If we do win the required games (lets say 7) by just one goal then our goal diff would reduce by at least 7 taking us to -16 and if Watford, Wetspam and Villa lose the same number of games by the same margin the their GD will be -23, -20 and -22
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    They certainly are, its incredible how the UK\Ireland relationship has totally turned around over the last few years from the days when we called almost all the shots, both economic and political, to the ridiculous and humuliating cave in of creating an internal UK border - the Boris border in Irish Sea. Of course having strong backing from the rest of the EU27 helped the Irish considerably but IMO the real difference is that they've got some grown up politicians who were always going to outmanoeuvre our poorly prepared, incompetent and untrustworthy muppets. The Sinn Fein campaign was interesting in comparison to the SNP's but very intelligent given they also have to consider Unionist opinion in the north when it comes to a border poll - they look as though they are prepared to play a longer game than NS but the weekend was definitely another small step towards Irish re-unification.
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    ...... not having this, 1p5wich have a great history that we can only dream of. Ask any of them, they can quote, chapter and verse, every player that played in the 70s. .....and with a tree growing on the roof of the stand, they're ahead of us on environmental issues. What's not to like?
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    Its fake. In photoshop they have used the burn tool. They've used the same tool on the front of his hair and overdone it on his eyebrows. It's a very amateur effort.
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    Steady on,old chap .......or you'll have the usual armchair experts,forum bullies,trolls and anti-Delia t*sspots,all with their vast experience of running a top-division football club,piling in to brand you as Happy Clapper for not advocating us spunking millions that we don't actually have
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    There may well be a difference between what's best for our club and what you or I think is best for our club. Afterall this thread shows massive differences between what posters think is best for our club. Why would any of us know better than the owners as to what's best for our club?
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    Due to the horrible weather I've had time to check details on some of the clubs you identify ... So far, three of the clubs do not fulfil your criteria as they have managed their finances very well before and during their years of success - indeed they have been stricter in their financial management that we have been. I have already given information about Burnley and West Brom both of whom were good examples of sensible financial management. West Brom did have a silly year after they acquired new owners and "went for it." This resulted in the immediate relegation. They have subsequently restored financial prudence and cleared out a lot of players, often at bargain prices, just to get them off the wage bill. This seems to have worked and their prospects look much brighter. They were lucky - they only had one year of financial incontinence, so their recovery should be swift. Swansea are another example of the benefits of sound financial management. their then owner, Huw Jenkins a life-long fan remarked in an interview, "I think in 99 per cent of the clubs that have problems, the issue is they forget the simple things. That’s probably true in life as well. If you bring in £80, then don’t spend £100. That’s not hard, is it?" In their first year in the Premier League, they made a profit of £14.2 million. this was followed by a profit of £15.3 million and £1.7 million the years after and then £1.1 million in 2014-15. So far, so good. However, then they forgot all the lessons of sound financial management that had got them so far. They started to spend more, made a loss of £14.6 million in 15-16 and sold out to US based owners to help the club "progress" (although the owners benefited financially as well - Huw Jenkins is rumoured to have made over £10 million on the sale). You may remember that the US owners appointed a US manager and Swansea struggled - they became one of only three clubs to survive having been bottom on Christmas Day - fingers crossed for us ! They did, however, make a profit of £13.4 million to offset the losses of the year before. the following year they were relegated, making a £3.2 million loss. There are imo two lessons to be learnt from Swansea's experience: 1. You can do well in the PL without borrowing and that it is through maintaining a style of play and running the club cautiously - the new US owners abandoned "the Swansea way" and they were far less effective as a consequence. 2. Don't believe the promises of potential investors! Swansea fans were promised extra spending which simply has not materialised. As the Price of Football website said, "Kaplan and Levien’s motives for running the club are mysterious... It’s probable that their aim was to generate some income from dividend payments from the club whilst it was in the Premier League or alternatively flip the club and sell it on to another ‘investor’ with the moral compass of an alleycat for a handsome profit, but neither has materialised to date." (http://priceoffootball.com/swansea-city-soul-train/) I promise that I am not going to be critical of all your suggestions KC , but I think that it is pretty clear that Burnley, West Brom and Swansea do not fit into the category of being a club that has borrowed to maintain its PL status. The success that they have had has been achieved using sound financial principles and NOT borrowing to buy players. Indeed in the case of Swansea and west Brom, their success was during the periods of prudence and the problems emerged after they had attracted external investors!
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    But why would you care? It would only make sense to be downcast if these Remainer predictions were fact-based and eminently plausible...
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    Fulham West Brom Leicester Southampton Wigan Middlesbrough Stoke Swansea Watford Wolves Palace Burnley A dozen teams. Now I expect you'll push back on some of these and that's fair as people define success differently. However all of these fit at least one of these criteria over the past 20 years and most more than one... 1) More premier league seasons than us 2) A longer single spell in the premier league than us 3) Winning one of the major domestic cup competitions 4) European football
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    OK. Taking the whole story at face value. Forget he's a celebrity Forget he is a bit irritating Forget he is wealthy Forget he has the public platform which few have Surely he deserves a bit more empathy having clearly lived a lie with his partner of 27 years, now having to have an agonising conversation with his wife daughters and family, and apparently having gone 50 years without a sexually fully gratifying relationship. It's no different to what can happen anywhere, in any walk of life, but let's not criticise him because he is famous!!!
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    I don’t think he gets the irony
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    Oh, and there was I cursing nginx earlier.
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