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    Never done this, definitely guilty of never really understanding it/giving it time from the start and therefore not really paying much attention to it - for that I can only apologise. I always found myself a little 'out of the loop' and confused whilst everyone in the thread definitely knows what's going on! I should have spoken up and just asked sooner, I can't offer any reason why I didn't. However, top informative post from Nutty, which has led me to message him to get involved and importantly throw my name into the pot of donators too. Good work, great cause. Thank you Nutty for making this easy to understand for those of us who somehow missed the boat. I hope you get more responses because of it.
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    If you've seen the PUPS thread that appears every week in the season and wondered whether it was open to everyone then the answer is YES! It is not some exclusive club, and new participants are always welcome, to boost the numbers and help a really worthwhile charity. Just to explain the history, RAYS FUNDS, otherwise known as the PUPS, was started by my good friend Ray Ducker (Arrdee) to benefit the Norwich City Academy. From August 2013 the money raised each year has gone to the COMMUNITY SPORTS FOUNDATION and specifically the PAN-DISABILITY GROUPS. And this fund-raising is helped by the very generous support of our sponsors, TURNER EUROPEAN CONSULTING, KARE PLUS & PUPANON. How It Works · Every Wednesday during the season we start the new thread. · The 'Pink Un Pickers' (PUPs) then each choose one match from the weekend's fixtures and post that as their suggestion for a specific result. It is normally a home win but it can be an away win or a draw. · On the Friday evening the nominated picker from our PUPs rota selects six results from the week's suggestions and these half dozen selections become our £10 accumulator bet for the weekend. · The PUPs rota is made up of the previous season’s top 40 in our PUPs League. The league is determined by order of correct picks and is a fun competition for the message board. · There is no requirement to pay to play but obviously we need £400 per season which is met by PUPs each sending a tenner at the start of the season. But those who can’t pay or want to try it out for a week or so before committing themselves are still very welcome and are usually covered by those who can. · We also have a £10 NCFC MATCH BET funded by an anonymous benefactor, in which PUPs suggest specific bets on that weekend's game, and the nominated picker uses them and their own ideas to as to how to wager the tenner. How much have we raised? So far the total is more than £15,000! This has come not just from the two bets outlined above but from pledges, competitions and other donations thanks to the wonderful posters on the Pink Un message board. Here are the latest totals:-
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    Good job Churchill wasn't a racist like you or the battle of Britain would have been a very different turning point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._303_Squadron_RAF No. 303 Squadron RAF (Polish: 303 Dywizjon Myśliwski "Warszawski im. Tadeusza Kościuszki") was one of 16 Polish squadrons in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War. Flying [[Hawker Hurricanes, the squadron claimed the largest number of aircraft shot down of the 66 Allied fighter squadrons engaged in the Battle of Britain, even though it joined the fray two months after the battle had begun "Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry," wrote Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, head of RAF Fighter Command, "I hesitate to say that the outcome of the Battle (of Britain) would have been the same."[7]
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    Wow, that’s a bit of a shocker! I’ll be vetting all my future posts for Bill-isms and taking them out immediately.
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    It would be even funnier if we leap frogged them into 17th spot and they went down without us.
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    Good stuff Flying Dutchman !! I’m having a bit of this ! Ipswich v Posh away win ( what else ) Norwich to win 2-0 .
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    Right, let's get involved then... Fulham V Huddersfield - Home win For City, Duda anytime goalscorer (brave, but really like what I'm seeing)
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    This view is so 2016. For those who voted because of immigration it wasn't to control it, it was to reduce it. The control element was only added later to make this seem slightly more acceptable. The reason that immigration was perceived an a issue was down to a relentless stream of scare stories pushed at the electorate by leavers, the Mail, the Express, Guido etc in order to win the referendum (very successfully as it turned out). Now it is won, the stories have stopped and you know what? It is no longer considered an issue. You know why? It was never a significant problem. The Johnson plan is to bureaucractise the system. Immigration will continue much as it would have before we left the EU but the immigrants will just need to fill in the correct forms. The drivers remain the same: shortages of low paid manpower in the hospitality, care and agriculture sectors; shortages of skills in the health and technology sectors; and the need to maintain growth. Immigration will be starved of the oxygen of publicity. Free movement will remain for the highly skilled and the rich, for the lowskilled there might be a change of the colour of some of the faces and hugely expensive red tape that will need to be paid for by the British taxpayer. Apart from that numbers will be the same as they would have been if we remained.
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    Who's the replacement though? It does sound like a fortune for Kenny McLean, but next season he'll bring goals and assist again in the Championship. Not like proven Championship players cost £2m these days is it, we go and try and steal a decent Championship midfielder and we'll get clubs asking for £8m for the replacement. Signing cheapo players from Germany clearly very hit and miss, I'd rather keep McLean for next season than take a punt on another Bundesliga 2 player. McLean is one of those dependable 7/10 every week players that you need to keep you ticking over.
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    Add to that spirit that we've won 3 of our last 5 in all competitions, and lost only 2 in our last 7. The losses coming against Man Utd and Spurs (narrowly), both away. It's all about perspective really! Come on boys, 3 points against Newcastle and all those teams directly above who had written us off by now may well start looking over their shoulders. Long way to go, but it's not quite over yet...
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    I learnt it before talking football in the work place was banned.
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    Yes , and two others on 25 points . Still plenty of time to bring them down into the relegation mire too if they go into free fall . They all bloody well sodding deserve it for different reasons !! Unlike our beloved and glorious and untainted NCFC !! Looking forward to going to Newcastle this weekend . We have nothing to lose now and everything to gain . Hope the team approaches it like this . Absolutely no fear please !!
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    Alright Pups good evening from work... Top6 - Cyprus - Anorthosis v Doxa. Home win. Hopefully nobody tries to bomb the ref this time. Norwich. Draw no bet for Norwich at 2.25 Anyone interested watching try selecting a match to help us out.
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    Paul do you understand what is meant by a right?? Because it would appear not, and you always get it wrong because what you assume is commonsense is actually total ignorance. If you are talking about EU citizens who are living in the UK, which is what we were talking about, then 'allowing them to remain' doesn't come into it. They have a right to remain, they are entitled to remain, they require no permission to remain - what part of this do you not understand?? Just as the millions of UK citizens currently living in EU27 countries also have the right to remain there if they wish to do so. More ill-informed (and frankly unintelligible) nonsense from Paul Moy.
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    Rather proves what I mean, Cameron asked for something the UK didn't need and the electorate now are not particularly bothered about getting and we are leaving because he didn't get it. Madness.
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    Really good to see that we sent the academy kids (U14s) to Auschwitz this week to learn about the horrors of the holocaust - Great initiative from the Premier League and vitally important. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/premier-league-holocaust-educational-trust-canaries-visit-poland-1-6488220 I deliberated for a while before sharing this but felt it's important to do so. My grandfather was a Polish Catholic and was incarcerated in Mauthausen for 2.5 years - He was selected by the Nazis as one of 5 people in his village who had the skills to organise a rebellion and they were pre-emptively put on trial and sentenced to imprisonment as political prisoners. He was the manager of the biggest employer in the village, a dairy farm so had the experience of organising and directing people. They put him on trial with the dentist, the doctor, the teacher and the solicitor from the village, accused of the crime of "breeding cattle that would attack Germans but not Poles". They were convicted on the testimony of a solitary witness, a girl from the farm with severe learning difficulties, whose testimony was obviously coerced and scripted. The 5 made a pact to survive Mauthausen. During his time in the camp, my grandfather had a nail hammered through his stomach, survived Tuberculosis with no treatment (if you were too ill to work, you were stripped, hosed down and left outside to freeze to death) amongst various other atrocities. Mauthausen was nicknamed "The bone mill" by the Nazis and although Auschwitz has a far higher number of victims, Mauthausen had a reputation for being the cruellest camp of the 20. There was 16 hours forced labour every day, much of it in the stone quarry where you would cut 30KG blocks of stone, transport them on your back up 100+ steps to the top of the hill, and then go back down for the next one. Whilst the prisoners were doing this, the guards would be taking pot-shots and murdering prisoners who weren't working hard enough, or even just at random. Mauthausen had gas chambers which killed about 36,000 and was also the home of Aribert Heim, the camp doctor who was number 3 on the FBI's most wanted war criminals list after the war finished. Aribert Heim was on par with Mengele, and conducted experiments by selecting prisoners at random and injecting their hearts with petrol, orange juice or various other solutions and timing how long it took them to die. He conducted operations for no medical reason, with no anaesthetic, removing organs and leaving patients to die on the table. When the Americans liberated the camp on 5th May 1945 they found his office decorated with human skulls, lampshades and cushion covers made of human skin and various other "trophies" of his victims. 2 days before the Nazis fled Mauthausen, they took everyone to a cave in the quarry and tried to blow it up. The Poles in the camp had caught wind of this plot and sabotaged it leading to a standoff, and then everyone being taken back to the camp. The Kapos (prisoners who helped the Nazis in return for priveleges and were equally as cruel as the guards) did not get to flee with the SS as the Americans approached. They were torn limb from limb, by hand by the other prisoners. Over 190,000 people walked through the gates of Mauthausen. Only 90,000 came back out alive. Amongst those 90,000 was my grandfather and all 4 others he had been convicted with. They fulfilled their pact. The dentist died 2 weeks after Mauthausen was liberated. My grandfather was one of 8 siblings. His father and one of his brothers had been killed 6 days after the Nazis invaded Poland. The resistance in the village had blown up a car with 3 SS officers in it. The Nazis didn't know who was responsible, so they made a show of force by taking 11 innocent men at random for each german officer. 33 men in total were taken to the town square, made to dig their own graves and then executed. Another of my grandfathers brothers suffered a similar fate, although he actually was part of the resistance and was caught. Another brother was in the Polish army and was massacred at Katyn by the Soviets. All the women had been repeatedly raped and abused by the end of the war. So of the 5 boys (plus their dad), my grandfather and his brother were the only 2 to survive. His brother was never spoken to again by the family and although nobody really speaks of it, there seems to be an implication that the reason for his exile was because he was a collaborator. This is the story of my family, but it is just one family that was torn apart by the holocaust. There were 11 million victims in total. It is largely remembered as part of the Jewish history, because 6 million victims were Jewish but there were 5 million more victims of the holocaust were murdered for their political beliefs, their sexuality, being disabled or simply no reason at all. I realise this is a few days after Holocaust Memorial Day, because I deliberated on sharing, but I don't necessarily think that this is just something we should remember on one day and forget about for the rest of the year. Equally it is not the only genocide in history, and the point of HMD is not just about the victims who died at the hands of the Nazis but also about the 3 million murdered by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia 30 years later, and the 800,000 massacred in Rwanda for being born into the wrong tribe in the early 1990s and the 500,000 plus who have been victims of the ongoing genocide in Darfur and countless other atrocities. The point of HMD is to come together as a global community and say NEVER AGAIN. That doesn't need one day in the calendar, it needs people to stand up and speak out against all forms of intolerance and inhumanity, wherever they occur. "The road to Auschwitz was built by hate, but paved with apathy" - Ian Kershaw.
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    Pity the bit that we have control over keeps on going up then. ...... LOL https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/11/28/non-eu-migrants-hit-near-record-levels-eu-migration-falls-16/
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    Nope still on topic talking history!
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    Thanks for such a brilliant response. If you want to get involved this season and send a tenner there are weeks in April and May free for you to be in charge and pick the final six. We didn't make the 40 tenners this season so that would be great. Equally if you'd rather just take part for a while and maybe start afresh next season that's fine too. The paypal we use for Rays Funds is: - canaryeddie@aol.com If you don't have paypal we can work something else out. Just message me. In order to win the PUPs league you have to pick in at least half the weeks so that has been missed. However I'm more than happy to run a 15 week mini league for PUPs who join over the next couple of weeks. Thanks those who sent the PMs. I'll always respond if anyone has queries or just ask on here because others probably have the same questions. I hope that clears a few things up. The opening post was quite clear, for one of mine, but those who know me will have guessed it was not all my own work I'll put this week's thread up this evening.
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    Blimey i have seen a lot of threads taken entirely off topic but this one is right up there. Not looked but is the TWTD meltdown still taking place ?
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    My paternal Grandfather was a Russian Jew who, luckily, came to this country before the Revolution. He married a Catholic so the Jewish faith was not followed as they male cannot, but we still carry the Jewish surname. The Holocaust remains the worst genocide in my opinion because something could have been done to prevent it, before the outbreak of war. Others such as Mao's and Pol Pots were difficult to know let alone prevent. But lets not assume that the Holocaust was the beginning of Anti Semitism. As I said about my Grandfather, he lived in Russia where the Jews of the country and those before and after the revolution as Russia absorbed conquered territories, were murdered and persecuted long before the Nazis. Does it stem from the belief that they sacrificed their saviour for Barrabas? Or just the image always perceived of Fagin like usurers? Just the word Jew is used to describe non Jews as something unpleasant. My next door neighbour, now dead, was an Austrian whose Father was in the SS. And despite knowing our name, 60 years after the war ended, still would talk about "the filthy Jews" and how her father looked splendid in his uniform. Why is this anti Semitic hatred still pervasive among young people who may have never met a Jew? I have no brief for Israel. I have visited the country and did not like the people I met, and do not like their use of the Holocaust, to in turn, treat their neighbours with contempt. But that is a Country not a Nation.
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    Yes this is my 2nd year doing this and its very confusing at first. But to keep it simple. Pick a game from Sat/Sun/Mon to win lose or draw Also a pick for the norwich game like 2 nil to norwich
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    It was never necessary anyway. Just a daft government brainfart to appease a load of bigots. Shame on you all.
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    The big city for Kenny (28 year old) and Sitti (20 year old in a month) in return with about £9.5m in the kitty? Sounds okay by me!
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    So he plays the way Farke likes his teams to play?
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    Ah the 2 new guys posting within minutes of each other. Stick together for safety Pock, hopefully we'll both get off to a flyer (though if you see my shambles on super 6 weekly, it will be anything but...!)
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    Leeds will fall apart again, it's practically guaranteed. The recent form table shows you enough to suggest a carbon copy from previous seasons. As for Leeds looking for a "better calibre of striker than pukki" if they went up - good luck is all I'll say to that.
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    I have respect for the MPs that stuck by their principles and got themselves booted out. I have a begrudging respect for MPs like Steve Baker who also stuck by his beliefs. (Not sure what he believes at the moment as he has gone into hiding.) I have zero respect for MPs like Grant Shapps who hae no beliefs whatsoever and will do whatever is best for his prospects. I dislike MPs like Sajid Javid who have performed such a volte face, within months, that there is something seriously wrong with them and they should not be anywhere near power.
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    The secret lemonade drinker is back! Thank the Lord for that. I thought something must have happened to him. Glad you're ok Rob, after your sudden disappearance I feared the worst...
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    So Fawlty Towers is condemned to history??? Your blood pressure is going to go through the roof if you go to Tilly’s thread for””””” One for us Coffin Dodgers””””” the NCFC Team is made up of all white players DISGUSTING Tilly you racist
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    Good ol' Nigel (Mr Brexit) --- Winding them up to the very last
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    KIO Far from a racist 2 of my best friends who used my shop daily and who I went out with on a regular basis were both from IPSWICH, BOTH BLACK and NCFC players namely Ruel Fox and Louie Donowa both lovely lads. You don’t know me but like most of the liberals on this forum unless you mention Blacks, members of the LGBT then you are considered resist. It really pisses me off
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    Thanks for the reply. Don't worry - we are doing the elephant thing but I've been extremely thorough in picking the rescue centre we are going to. Don't want to visit somewhere where underneath the facade is abuse, so had to do my research and be careful in our choice. Re Norwich, I'll keep my eyes peeled
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    I went to school in Prague from 1972-76 so know exactly what it was like, having dual Nationality meant we moved back to the uk in 1976. There’s an excellent communist museum ne’er the new shopping centre in Prague, that’s good too. I’m planning a trip to Poland in a couple years, appreciate the info.
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    I was recently in Prague they had a fantastic display in the national museum on the Czech Pilot, engineers and ground crews in the RAF. Yes it wasn’t the best way to thank such a proud and fantastic people like the Poles back then. But there you go we had to try and appease the red army to prevent more conflict.....years of Russian rule over the Eastern European’s for forty years....I have Czech background and family still out there so know exactly what these years were like.
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    Used the old silver sleeve. Apples
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    Sorry matey, totally wrong.
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    Exactly the same for me . Been meaning to ask you Nutty how you get involved, but you’ve done it for me . Cheers .
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    It is relatively easy to understand as after all just look at the top of the league table.
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    We would regret letting him go. Big gap in the team if we lose his abilities.
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    We can't have a genuine discussion when you throw accusations of racism around at will. Nor when you make up stuff. I never claimed the Home Office is a model of good governance. I never even attempted to measure the competence of the Home Office. The actual point of my post was about you - more to the point, how ridiculous you are to throw out accusations of racism when a guy can't fill in a form correctly. It's nasty and insidious and I point it out to demonstrate that it is a common theme of people of your particular political persuasion. You do it as an attempt to shutdown discussion - play the race card to trump all other argument. And in order to do this you have to paint the French chef as a victim of the government, when is is nothing but a fool who can't fill out a form. It's not your business to get offended on behalf of other people, so I suggest you do the jogging on. I will continue to call out you guys every time.
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    I think people like you forget teams are signing an individual, not our defence. The fact he's been playing in a defence that ships goals doesn't really matter unless the team interested think he's the cause of them. They'll be looking at his qualities, attributes, potential and his advanced stats (not just 'he hasn't got an assist therefore he isn't creative'). The last left back Palace paid good money for was Patrick Van Aanholt, signed from then bottom of the league Sunderland who also had a defence who leaked goals for fun. I don't think Lewis is worth £30m but in the current market £15m would be cheap. If a team enquired I'd start at £30m but would imagine we'd end up settling somewhere in the middle of those two figures.
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    Weird isn't it, as I saw something the other day that Tim Krul was statistically the second best keeper in the premier league! Bl00dy stats!
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    The year is 2192. The British prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world
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