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    Love Todd, he's certainly not yet the finished article, and occasionally naive and sometimes frustrating.....He will improve, whether that be with us or at pastures new....... Like Mr Maddison, enjoy Todd whilst it lasts......I want him to go onto better things......I'm pretty sure he will.......
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    I don't know, but in the Championship my ticket works out just over £20 a game which I'm more than happy with.
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    Why would they loan him back to you?
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    Because of Pukkis age he isnt going to command a massive fee. Equally for how we play we know just how important he is to us. As things stand hes probably worth more to us than anyone is willing to pay.
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    I always think it's a bit of a misnomer to talk about the no 10 for this current City side. Reason being that our attacking formation is so fluid and the players are so interchangeable in the attacking positions they take up (particularly Todd and Emi) that you can't really pigeonhole them as right winger/left winger/no 10 in the way that you could for many other teams. (Hernandez does tend to stay out wide a lot more when he's playing though).
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    When Honda finally goes here in Swindon, it was nothing to do with Brexit, it was Honda changing the way cars are distributed. In fact it was not helped by the EU agreeing to a trade deal with Japan !
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    Yes I guess supply and demand dictates the price. It’s a little surprising though us being a community club who always put the fans first.
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    It's a key difference. Whilst making mistakes scouts are able to see our younger players potential at the top of the English game because they can watch them play against the best players in the world. It's far less risky than a James or a Maddison who hadn't played a single match in the Premier League.
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    £500k for your standard bong. Extra big bong would require a customs union.
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    If you want to roll the dice put Duda straight in at # 10. It’s why we arranged his loan.
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    Heads up: read whatever you can about Lev Parnas’s interview With Rachael Maddow tonight - it’s explosive stuff.
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    Personally I would argue caution with this 'try X at 10' thing that comes around every now and then. Buendia and Cantwell benefit massively from sitting in the half spaces, which is why both routinely pop up with telling contributions these days. Todd in particular really doesn't deal well with getting bullied and has almost zero aerial presence, both of which are a big part of our version of a #10. I'd say both players, as our 2 most productive attacking players after Teemu, are better off playing where they've been played.
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    Just like Razzle when I was 12
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    This video was so 'The Office' without even trying, Ondrej looked like he'd just walked into Wernham Hogg to help them increase sales in the regional office stationary fantasy league
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    I'd be amazed if Duda starts on Saturday as he has only played 49 minutes of football since the end of October. More likely to come off the bench.
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    Properly humbled to be given the task of picking this week - especially given that this week is the anniversary of us loosing Ray. Hopefully I'll do the lovely old boy proud! Look forward to seeing all your suggestions - I'll be looking to select the final six late Friday evening. Also wishing the best of luck to my good friend Gary with the City bet picks.
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    I understand what you're saying, and what you're getting at, but Hernandez unfortunately isn't, or hasn't been, doing what you're saying. And certainly the reality is: Cantwell has 6 goals and 2 assists this season in the prem. Hernandez has 1 goal 1 assist (but playing half as much). Cantwell actually has 1 key pass per game on average. The only player in the entire squad who has a better ratio is Buendia. So contrary to what you say Cantwell is actually the most likely after Buendia to create anything for us. I agree with the concept of Hernandez being a better option as our attacking 3 are in danger of becoming too similar and we need someone with some additional pace - but Hernandez has largely been ineffective.
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    Dont think Hernandez has done anything to warrant a start over Cantwell. I also think Hernandez works better as an impact sub whereas I dont see that being a feature of Cantwells game. Otherwise agree.
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    Unlike his team - boom, tish.......
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    Page 206 of the thread is just people insulting each other. Guys, if you need to change letters to avoid the filter you are probably not going to add anything to the debate, so why bother posting?
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    Certainly not sorry to see FFP cheats Bournemouth in the predicament they are....knew exactly what they were doing when promoted a few seasons back and then given a £7m slap on the wrist. ...spending £20m + on players when being allowed to play in the Premier League in a 12,000 seater stadium The premier league has a habit of catching up with these small clubs , who overspend and reliant on one individual rich benefactor, i.e Wigan, Fulham.....if they go down, might be a while before theyre seen at this level again #FairyTale
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    I think most reasonable people can see that poor Farke has been hung out to dry. Would you criticise Lewis Hamilton for failing to do well if he was given a cheap hatchback to race in?
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    You’re right. DF achieved a miracle last season, on a shoestring! Sadly the board expected the same this season, and allocated nearly £1m transfer budget! How could any board have done more! Even more sadly my money is on him moving back to Germany next season. Why would he stay?
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    I couldn’t agree more. If we’d played this formation from the start of the season we’d be mid table by now. It’s mad that Farke didn’t change to a 541 in recent games after we went ahead, to hold onto the lead. Instead he brought on players like Hernandez as an outlet, who don’t support the defence or worry the opposition too much. Although I love the attacking play, Farke clearly lacks the defensive tactics to grind out key points, while I’m tired of reliance on a predictably weak 4231. 541 in defence and 353 in attack suits us so well, as the only width we need is from the wing backs. Our quality comes down the middle of the pitch through Cantwell, Buendia and Pukki (perhaps also Vrancic in some games). IMO Farke should be focusing on not conceding and supporting the exceptional 3 to do their thing.
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    Most likely thing that might happen in a match sometime is a three centre back line up, with Godfrey as the middle man, but other than that, Godfrey is a centre back. Something like - Krul Zimmermann Godfey Hanley Aarons Mclean Vrancic Lewis Buendia Cantwell Pukki