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    A loan back you say?!
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    What you’re really asking is: ‘What’s it all about, Ralfie?’
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    You're going to have to get used to this. The PFA has started a best-director award for Instagrams. Fahrmann is plainly going for a moodily crepuscular style based on the German Expressionist films of the 1920s, but apparently faces stiff competition from Mrs Vardy with a more Benny Hill-inspired poster-colour view of footballers' wives and their knockabout lives, complete with annoyingly 'fun' music. A dark-horse entry to keep an eye on is from the entire Ipswich Town squad, of a ravaged post-apocalyptic landscape, devoid of people.
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    You have not responded since. I am not trying to be pedantic - it is an important point. Nobody would be happier than I if we had a genuine billionaire fan prepared to invest hundreds of millions into the club - or alternatively a Sheikh (or even an oligarch) etc. However fans, naively imo, talk about "investors putting money into the club." Where are the examples of this? Where has it had a transformative effect? The "investor model" that fans claim they want is a busted flush; it doesn't work for the fans in the long-term, although the investors occasionally do ok (e.g. Sullivan and Gold @ Birmingham). If you don't agree with this, you should provide examples of where it has. I predict that there are far more examples of where it has failed. What fans want is what they have always wanted - someone to give the club money. When I was young, it was tens of thousands: today it requires hundreds of millions - it is why the "donor model," although attractive, is unlikely. This leaves us with building slowly and steadily as our best chance of regular Premier League football and the odd cup. If you disagree with my analysis, you really should be able to identify a number of examples where it has worked for clubs over the long term.
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    Leicester or Wolves or Sheffield United. I used to want to be Bournemouth or Stoke or Huddersfield. To be honest, I might still want to be Bournemouth. There’s a long way to go.
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    Perhaps we could offer to pay them the £3 million at the rate of 5p in the pound?
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    You stand little chance of getting a reply (of any sense anyway). 1. The consensus of many of the "investor advocates" on here is that the amount of money we need is "enough." Nothing specific 2. They caution us that the money has to be spent wisely, but without any explanation of how this objective is to be achieved and if it is so easy, why everybody doesn't spend it wisely? 3. They explain that it would lead to us becoming successful, like Leicester, carefully ignoring all the examples of other clubs that have tried, failed and have been left in the doldrums for years, even though there is an example less than 50 miles down the road. 4. They naively expect the "investor" to give us money - despite all the examples of investors lending it secured against the assets of the club. 5. They rarely acknowledge that the purpose of an investor is to take money out of the club, not put it in. 6. They naively ignore the fact that Norwich would be an asset strippers paradise, unless we were sold for well over £100 million. Blooms £200 million would be nowhere near enough in today's inflated transfer market. 7. But I can tolerate their what I perceive as their naivety and lack of understanding, and understand that they are passionate fans who want the best for the club. What really irritates me, though, is that those of us, who feel that we have some degree of financial acumen are said to be less ambitious or passionate about the future of Norwich City. I don't want an external investor because it is more likely to impede our progress than help - unless we get a Bloom or Gibson. Failing this or a Sheikh or other mega-rich donor, a long term policy of building incrementally rather than thinking short-term has to be the best way forwards. I think it was Jim Morison who said, "We want the world and we want it now." Well in Norwich's case, I want the world too, but recognise that we might have to be patient, rather than looking for easy quick-hit solutions that are more likely to fail than succeed.
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    Always read the smallprint, Ray.
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    We would definitely win the league playing with twelve men
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    God I miss the days when we didn't have to do in depth analysis of players social media posts.
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    That’s nothing buddy, you want to see his missus
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    Well he's been back in training all week so hopefully he'll be ready for the Bournemouth game.
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    If you're so ashamed of our club best you go off and support someone else eh? To be honest it sounds as if you already do!
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    Hardly in depth Mr 'King, aren't many reasons why players are at training ground in the evenings and the video clip was on a rather public site. I'll grant that he hasn't been spotted at Morrisons or Argos though.
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    You’re not wrong TY, LiVARpool have been doing it all season
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    To add, what makes it harder than it otherwise would be - but not impossible, as some continue to believe - to mount a successful hostile takeover of NCFC is not PLC status but that the club/company is not listed on a stock market.
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    Gayle was mentioned as someone who we were offered for £105,000 a week. I don't think he's coming to Norwich any time soon. Bear in mind that Drinkwater is supposedly on £110,000 and Villa are covering all of that - he was in the team beaten 6-1 by City this week. So, no, you don't always get what you pay for. Norwich get criticised for not going for it - you can't say that Villa haven't gone for it; they've spent about £170m so far. Who would you rather be?
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    Its amazing to me that we have so many players apparently valued so highly when we can't win a game. It must mean the rest of the players are really, really bad! Aatons, Lewis, Godfrey, Buendia, Cantwell, Pukki are all supposedly worth about £30m each! Some reckon Godfrey at £50m. Even Krul, Klose and Zimbo are in the £10m bracket according to some. On another thread the club as a whole is valued at about £60m. Given we own our ground, lots of land around it and all of the Colney Centre, as well as these players contracts and about another 50 including the Academy, I may not be the world's best at Maths but if anyone fancies starting a consortium to buy the club, I'm in!! With that asset value against cost how can we lose? A supporters consortium buys it for £60m, we flog those 6 or 7, pay a thumping great dividend of about £120m, then flog it on again. Lots of angry people but what do we care, we're on a beach in Barbados! My point being that perhaps our players aren't really worth that much after all...…and perhaps our owners are not really bleeding the club dry?
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    I agree with most of what you say but developing youth requires more than 2 or 3 years. If we have this as an aim, we need to have a longer term perspective.
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    Of course it has already started, they would be nuts not to consider it. But that's completely different to throwing in the towel, and for me the team, manager, and fans who don't have an axe to grind, haven't given up yet. If we don't beat Bournemouth, then that obviously changes. But the fat lady has not got on stage yet.
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    I think both eventualities are being prepared for, they are not stupid.
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    The sale of Maddison was very important, but you have to take into account the sale of Pritchard and the Murphy twins as well, all young players being sold on for significant amounts. Imagine if the finances of the club had been in good state before we sold them, the net income from their sales (over £50m) would have been available for developing further. That is the position we are in today - a healthy club with assets we can sell for big money to attract new young players to the club and bring them through. As for things being bad in the past, yes, I would agree that club policies over the years have been flawed - but we all accepted McNally's idea of every penny going into buying players - and that got us into the financial mess in the first place. I agree that Worthy was kept too long, I agree that the Hughton appointment was not a good one as it meant complete change rather than trying to build on Lambert's philosophy (although of course I supported Hughton while here). I even agree in hindsight that the Gunn experiment was not good, although I think the idea was a good one with a group of Norwich ex-players in charge to develop a Norwich way of playing. So yes, mistakes have been made, but if you look at the present, what is actually happening now at the club, we are in the best place we have ever been in terms of saleable assets and in overall stability. I know we are struggling in the top league and lack of big finance is a factor, but overall the club is in a very, very healthy situation for developing itself, over a number of years. Even now, if we sold just four players and netted £120m plus, add the parachute payment if we are relegated, whatever that is - £60m? - we then have a pool of £180m+ that does not need to be spent on paying debts or non-sensical big contracts - it can be put into developing the squad, helping buy in other young talent to develop, even developing the stadium. We have a good thing going for us.
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    How do you know it isn’t? Have I missed something? Is there a written rule that states we sign players in a certain order according to their positions? There’s approximately 3 weeks of the transfer window left
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    I cannot think of a single area where the club is failing to provide me with the 'product' which I expect. Last season was fantastic. This season is disappointing. There is not a club in world that does not have disappointing seasons. Not one. The club has integrity, two-way respect, it provides a great environment for us all. It strives to succeed within its means. It is open and exceptionally approachable. It is always looking to improve.l I really don't ask for much more than this. Would I like Delia and Michael to be 500 times more wealthy? Possibly, but not if it spoiled the fantastic club we have.