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    I’m interested in these games because I’ve not given up on our lads, no way - I couldn’t disrespect them like that. Sure, we have every chance of being relegated, I’m not blind, but supporting Norwich is not a competition to me I.e to see who’s right or wrong on how our season pans out with ‘I told you so’s!’ (Unfortunately, some clearly see it that way). This may come as a surprise to some, but believe it or not, we’re not the only group of supporters that think our team are going to be relegated come May. Bournemouth, Burnley and Villa fans largely see no light at the end of the tunnel especially, and have also downed tools from what I’ve read and heard speaking to a few. And rightly so because they all have serious issues. So at the very least 1 set of us 4 groups of supporters will be jubilant come the end of the season, so someone will be ‘wrong’. It was no surprise to me that we looked a completely different team without our talisman Teemu yesterday. That is no disrespect to Adam as he tried, and credit to him because that was a very tough game for an 18 year old lad to start his league debut. But I’m sure Teemu will be back against Bournemouth next weekend, fresh, fit and raring to go, hopefully with Duda behind him, and we will be much improved on yesterday’s showing. I will watch Bournemouth and Villa’s game today with interest, sorry folks, but I’m not giving up on the lads yet.
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    Lakey stop being so precious . You lecture folk , starting your own threads where you can easily join in on myriad others . You cannot be surprised when you tell people how to think that you will get a reaction. I suspect you need this board more than it needs you . As a consequence you aren’t going anywhere.
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    It’s a shame that you feel that way, honestly. Last season was as good as anything I’ve ever enjoyed as a Norwich fan and in many ways better. I was proud that we were bucking the trend and that we had brought through youth players and that we were playing scintillating football and that we were polishing rough diamonds. It’s not been so enjoyable this season. Although the sense of pride I feel when I watch us play remains. In Emi Buendia we have as good a footballer as I have ever seen play for us and even if we fail to win another point all season, I’ll still savour the enjoyment he has given me with his talent. Lots of people bemoan the fact that we “haven’t given it a go” this season. Paraphrased, we didn’t spend much money. We didn’t have the money, of course which is what (yet again) sparks the envious glances to whichever club is flavour of the “nouveau riche League table” at the time. The same people though, would be as equally annoyed if we were bottom of the league having “had a go” and spent £50m. It’s disingenuous of them to suggest, as Richard Balls did on Twitter, that they’d be appeased if we’d “had a go”. That they’d be HAPPIER if we were £50m WORSE OFF because that would show some faux notion of ambition.
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    If Villa get relegated after spending almost 100 million then it could cost them their club. I agree that we could have spent more - particularly in defence - but I'm not going to be overly critical of SW's methods because he's done an excellent job so far and I have faith he can continue to develop the club both on and off the pitch. If we had Neil Doncaster at the helm then I wouldn't be quite so confident!
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    I know, to be honest this is a very good Man U side too! Yet some on here expected us to turn them over! The truth is we are stabilising the club this season, it was clear at the start Webber and Farke we’re honest with the fans, the players deserve this year and if we’re not good enough it’s not through effort, it’s through lack of quality in depth and experience at this level. As I said to buy Amadou would have cost us 9 million and just how many of those criticising the lack of investment, would then be saying why didn’t we learn from RVW? Sometimes the club will never win!
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    Good on you! This is the first decent post I've read for a while on this forum. As opposed to they dont affect us diddly squat
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    Farke doesn't have a Saudi prince behind him. Farke performed a miracle last season. He deserves a free hit at the big time.
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    ...even the signings we have made were poor Fahrmann...an expensive sub Roberts ... less said the better Amadou ...unfortunate that he was forced to play centre half at the start...but has now been available to play in his apparant favoured position of holding midfielder for a couple of months....the fact that he's seemingly 3rd choice for that role behind Tettey and Trybull indicates a 'no thanks' and a return to sender in the summer Drmic.... came with a history of injury problems ...and has followed suit Byram...decent back up for both full back positions...will be important next season one way or another ...a hit rate of 1 in 5 when looking to bolster our squad us clearly not good enough
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    Totally agree with and been saying it all season. No one expected us to do a Villa nd spend £120m, and no-one expected us to repeat investment on the Naysmiths & Klose's of this world around £7-10m. But our scouting has been good and has proven that players like Hernendez, Zimmermann & Buendia are out there. So I can't believe that players couldn't have been bought for around £5m more or less that would have improved the squad. Byram is an excellent addition at £750k, but the summer signings have been extremely poor with his exception and we always needed to improve our defence
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    You're forgetting. Never in the history of economics or business has a company been sold that didnt want to be sold.
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    Haha fair enough just thought I'd make a thread other than moaning about the team/contracts/owners/manager/ anything to do with NCFC
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    You can only measure failure at the end of the project. We are WELL ahead of where we SHOULD be, after JUST 2.5 seasons of the Webberlution, and so, actually, we're over succeeding! No one thought we would be a Premier League team when we kicked off against Birmingham in August 2018 but we won the league - were we at THAT stage suddenly supposed to flush the project down the toilet by copying what we had done in previous promotions and risk relegation and financial jeopardy AGAIN??? The Webberlution deserves patience and can't be judged YET!
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    If you go back and look most were happy with our business in the summer.
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    You could do but it would win you the admiration of Piers Morgan. Some might think that too high a price to pay.
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    When you are promoted you can keep your players, but you have to change your approach OR you maintain your system but upgrade the players expected to perform within it. I think Norwich this season are proving that you cant keep both your existing philosophy and players and expect to survive. The Norwich system might be good enough to stay up with better players making it work. Or the current crop of players might be good enough to keep us up with a less idealstic and more battle-hardened/combative tactical approach. But I think we're proving that doing both (same players, same system) and trying to play like Barcelona with kids, rookies and Championship players ends in only one outcome
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    There are never any guarantees in football and anybody who thinks that getting out of the Championship is easy needs their head examined. However, if/when we go down what we can say is that we will be in a much better position at the beginning of the season to go up than we were last season. Yes, we may well lose some of our best players, but we will get good money for them. In addition we will have two more seasons of parachute money and presumably we'll still have a number of players in our squad who know all about The Championship and who have proved before that they're good enough to get out of it.
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    Outplayed today, killed off by the softest penalty and the players looked to lose a bit of heart after that. Tried to play Farkeball, but couldn't get going and Utd just too good today - it wasn't a disgrace, it wasn't a disaster, just very disappoionting. Best we get over it and move on, we still have plenty of games where we will play better.
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    It's fascinating but it was never about facts let alone hard numbers. We all know that Boris and his merry band of Brexiters can't do maths - that was obvious from the side of the bus or more recently nurse numbers. I suppose we could have quick whip round - £170BN / 17.4M = approx £10K per head of a Brexiter. Suggest we add it to their tax liability as opposed to the future generations to pay. Make it 'real'. No snow-flakes.
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    It’s interesting that in the summer there appeared to be a good deal of buy-in to the strategy from supporters, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating....the reality of being so near yet so far doesn’t quite feel so good! I said all along that we conceded far too readily last season and either needed a tweak in tactics or personnel as it would otherwise only get worse at the higher level. Given that we didn’t do either, it can’t be that big a surprise to see our goals against tally being higher; nor our goals for being lower as we are playing better quality defences. The annoying thing is that I don’t think it would have taken that much to shift our degree of competitiveness.
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    I know it’s partly benefit of hindsight and what ifs on the injury front but I don’t feel anyone can justifiably argue we got our business right in the summer, either acquisitions or money spent. Byram was an astonishing bit of business, but one success is dire return in the bigger picture. We knew both Klose and Drmic were injuries waiting to happen so I find it baffling we didn’t plan for that eventuality. Also expecting the entirety of our 1st team from last year to make the step up was naive in the extreme. We didn’t sign a single player who improved the 1st 11 and arguably only Byram offered competition, that was the real disappointment for me. One or two first team additions could have made a huge difference, such small margins between the season we are having and what could have been.
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    On balance this was the best thread of the day. Whilst my attempt at humour seems to have been lost on a few, we did get a traffic report, a geography lesson (who knew the Lake District was to the North of Manchester?) and an re introduction to Tebay, one of my most favourite service stations . I say one of, because my absolute favourite services are Bishops Stortford and Clacket Lane (both to the South of Manchester by the way) Yes I have lost the plot. I admit it.
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    I thought you would have been back on that other thread to correct what you posted....no ?
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    You "get a grip" you attention seeking narcissistic preaching old c*nt. Why does this need a thread, why is it that everybody else can happily share their opinion on the match thread? Is it because you're a self-righteous pompous pr!ck? Yes, I think that's the reason.