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    Can you imagine DCBs wife (I mean, admittedly you'd first need to be pretty imaginative to think said wife exists) running into the house to greet him with major excitement "We've won the lottery!!!" only for DCB to come back with "What's the point, I'll probably die before I get to spend it all"
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    The problem with some fans is they forget this is a game, for entertainment purposes. If he comes in, helps us play some exciting football and entertains us, the fans, for six months, is that not a loan worth doing? For me, I think this is a good thing for the club (we're getting a talented player who on paper would seem to improve the squad), good thing for the player (he gets out and plays games at a high level to either put him in the shop window or back in contention at his parent club) and good for us fans as we get to see a player who seems to have a good pedigree. I say enjoy the ride without thinking their needs to be some master plan surrounding every signing.
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    It amazes me that season after season after season people still don’t get this.
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    This is by far and away our worst ever season in the premier league did she not learn anything from the previous campaigns? we are going backwards as a club not forwards when are we going to be rid of her and get a competent owner in ?
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    From the Pink’uns main page, Duda’s father has all but confirmed it, fingers crossed - sounds like Daniel Farke’s ‘pulling power’ (I don’t mean with the ladies) made it straightforward choice for Duda, and we have beaten off some serious competition by all accounts. If Palace in particular were one of the teams, that’s a real coup given Duda would have had the chance to join a side who are unlikely to go down this season, and earn himself a contract in the Premier League next season - I guess he must also feel we have a good chance to get out of this mess, assuming he’s vying for a move to the Premier League permanently. Just goes to show how highly Daniel is regarded back in Germany if this is the case - sign Duda and follow it up with Robin Koch and those 2 signings alone would be a very good window I feel. Those are the 2 most important areas I feel need covering, and both those players have very good pedigree so we’re certainly not done yet folks - I wanted to say ‘fingers crossed for Koch’ too, but I feared receiving a raft of unwanted offers in my private messages. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-ondrej-duda-loan-move-inside-track-1-6461419
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    Just back from Colney where the U23's kept up their recent good run with a narrow 2-1 win. An entertaining game with Shae Hutchinson scoring both our goals. Was evenly matched at 1-1 before Villa had a man sent off and we dominated from there on. Louis Thompson played for us, seemed to be a magnet for fouls with three Villa players booked for offences against him and went off in the second half after treatment for an injury. Hopefully just precautionary. As ever it was good to see the youngsters playing in the same manner as the first team with excellent passing and movement and composure on the ball (although interestingly they man marked at corners and set pieces rather than zonal). Players who particularly caught my eye on the day were Archie Mair in goal - imposing, good kicking and one brilliant point blank save. Timi Odusina who was very strong in central defence. Hutchinson, who has got real pace and took both his goals well. Josh Martin who is a beautifully balanced player, clever and skilful. Unfortunately the game ended on a bit of a sour note when in the very last play of the game a Villa player went down crying out in agony with what looked like a very nasty injury - hope he's okay.
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    What do we want to sign someone who's 33 in June for? There's no chance of a profit from selling him on. No ambition. Will that do you?
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    I've done that trip, on almost every occaision I've bumped into City fans at Tebay services on the way back. Once there was a father & son from Dundee who went to all home and away games, that's some dedication.
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    Outplayed today, killed off by the softest penalty and the players looked to lose a bit of heart after that. Tried to play Farkeball, but couldn't get going and Utd just too good today - it wasn't a disgrace, it wasn't a disaster, just very disappoionting. Best we get over it and move on, we still have plenty of games where we will play better.
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    Yes, that's pretty much how I see it.
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    Let's face it we're going down- but we're still in the cup and playing a beatable team that will probably rotate for the fourth round. So let's have some fun, put out our strongest XI for the cup and see if we can make some memories.
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    People laying blame at the feet of Farke are deluded. The guy has been criminally under backed. I feel sorry for actually. whats really sad is, the opportunity we had this season with our young talent, cracking head coach has just been unforgivably p****d away. It’s so depressing because an exciting crop of players like these don’t come along very often but instead of being backed and built upon they just been hung out to dry. Shame on the Norwich City board.
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    The lesson we have learnt is that all players over 5m are instantly Steven Naismith
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    Insults are the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position, trying to appear confident !
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    Trouble is, due to Delia & Co's complete lack of ambition, if we lose Farke & Webber, it's back to many years of mediocrity. What a missed opportunity this season. We're back to Doncasters "prudence with ambition" yet Deila just wants prudence!
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    One way traffic, we’re desperately missing Pukki’s work rate, movement and hold up play
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    Why you bother posting we'll never know.
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    I would say that if you cannot tell after 30 seconds of analysis it is not a clear and obvious mistake and therefore the goal should stand.....
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    As Farke says it's one thing performing against a second string Preston versus a Man Utd at Old Trafford. I hope people don't over hype an 18 year old still with tons to learn. Will miss a fit Pukki today I feel.. fingers crossed
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    We have shown a complete inability to score the extra 1 or 2 goals needed to kill off games we are dominating so I’d have to disagree that we don’t need attacking improvement. Asking any defence to hold onto a 1 nil lead is always a gamble, one we are continuously losing at the minute.
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    And trust Nutty Nigels judgement as well naturally,
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    There really are two Norwichs. Multiple times this season our performances have been outstanding and we've looked nothing like a team bottom of the table, and we've just been unfortunate to not get the points our performance deserves. Then there are performances like this where the workrate isnt there, the energy isnt there and the players look disinterested. You never know which one you're going to get. We seem to play better against the top teams. Perhaps this confirms Utd are not a top team