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    I'm going out on a limb to suggest the twitter account isn't supposed to be taken seriously...
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    Because it is absurd and some people happen to find absurd things funny. If you don't, fair enough, but do you really need to tell everyone? I generally find the occasional 'friday jokes' thread that pops up on here terminally unfunny but I don't feel I have to post and let them know.
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    Because in the context of a self funding club that it appears has to rinse its fans for every penny it can get with its away membership scheme it would be interesting to know if the directors are paying their own travel and expenses on match days in keeping with the “self funding” principle.
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    Something to celebrate Thanks again Alex. I've been able to update the totals with your wonderful donation. It took us past £14,000 since we began and this years presentation pot to £2,243....
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    I'm just going to leave this here.
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    Probably done by Robert Snodgrass.
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    Thanks Fuzzar. Those guys are heroes - I'm just some argumentative old git on a message board who's hackles rise when people who profess to be Norwich City fans stick the boot into our young players on a public forum.
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    Utter & complete tripe. The team you're suggesting would get slaughtered. Tettey is about 5,000,000% better as a DM than Tom. I can only imagine you've watched one game about 2 years ago when Tettey made a mistake. Otherwise I can't imagine in what way you 'watch' games in general. I suspect you've succumbed to the Useless Tettey mythology because he isn't ambitious, plays safety first & doesn't score many. Eden Hazard he isn't. There's no-one else at the club who can do the job as well as Alex. Nobody. Amadou is possibly the only one with the power, but his positional awareness is nowhere near. This really gets my goat. When BJ was at the club he was always getting the plaudits because of his 'swashbuckling style', usually consisting of charging into tackles & missing completely, or smashing the ball over the bar (in fairness he did score occasionally, & had a powerful header on him - he was actually better in a more attacking role). Time after time we'd get overrun down the left while Alex stopped everything down the right. But nobody noticed. Grrrr End of rant.
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    Approx two thirds of our goals have been conceded during set piece situations or crosses into the box. There are probably a few reasons for this - we're not the tallest/physical team, zonal marking and in-play tactics like not doing enough to cut out the crosses into the box. We have improved defensively this season and it has now become more about killing the game off with a second goal, instead of conceding too many. On a slightly different note, our most sought after players are wingers, full backs and Pukki. Godfrey aside, the core/spine of our team (Hanley, Zimbo, Trybull, Tettey, McLean) are probably upper Championship players.
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    No - just produced the balance which was sadly lacking in your original posts.
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    Meanwhile............ back in the real world an unbiased observer writes......
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    I guess you either watch the games with your eyes closed or listen to the games on the radio. He has been bossed by almost every striker he has come up against this season, no where near good enough to move on to a top team yet and no surprise we are looking slightly better without him currently, performances have been much better as a team.
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    Britain’s future outside the EU was secured last night in a momentous Commons vote. Jubilant Boris Johnson smiled as MPs marched through the voting lobbies to give their backing to the Brexit Bill, marking an end to three years of bitter wrangling. Bill was passed by 330-231.
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    He’s also a Norwich fan isn’t he?
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    I’ve been to Rock City twice while on stag weekends in Nottingham. The first time I got thrown out for having a go at someone for wearing a Cradle of Filth t-shirt. (If you know the band you’ll know the t-shirt I’m talking about). The second time was a bit quieter
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    Are you just Waveney with a Brummie accent??
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    Why would you be interested in that?! I couldnt be less interested..
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    Here is the second most famous AI
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    Could do with a smaller training top (hoodie to you born after 1980).
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    The lack of self-awareness is strong in this one.
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    Read your rule book Vinnie. Your not allowed to criticise the owners on here as they are personal friends to many. That said none of this is Farkes fault.
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    A very odd statement given the club is bottom of the league and is a dead-cert for relegation and is going to have half the team sold by its owners come August. With fans like this no wonder the club gets the board it deserves.
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    Although most have acknowledge that Tettey has played well this season, I haven't read much about specifically how much his passing and composure have improved this season. Watching him closely in the last few games, he is now much less prone to a panic pass and now capable of doing a dummy half-turn and playing play-maker esque passes at times (see assist for recent Pukki goal as example). This is something that has clearly been coached into him, as up until now he had never shown signs of ability to do this. He had always been great at screening the defence but to add this to his game at his age is great credit to both himself and the coaching team. Long may it continue. As a sidenote, in the past 3 weeks, he has also completed 85+ minutes in 5 games (the other being 75 minutes against Villa when chasing the game), making a mockery of 'he can't play 2 games in a week'.