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    https://www.smh.com.au/national/this-is-not-normal-what-s-different-about-the-nsw-mega-fires-20191110-p5395e.html Unprecedented dryness; reductions in long-term rainfall; low humidity; high temperatures; wind velocities; fire danger indices; fire spread and ferocity; instances of pyro-convective fires (fire storms – making their own weather); early starts and late finishes to bushfire seasons. An established long-term trend driven by a warming, drying climate. The numbers don’t lie, and the science is clear. If anyone tells you, "This is part of a normal cycle" or "We’ve had fires like this before", smile politely and walk away, because they don’t know what they’re talking about.
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    I am not entirely convinced that your mate who works in Tesco Huddersfield is necessarily in the know, he may just be bull****ting you
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    Karlan Grant is a real talent, would be an excellent signing but probably quite expensive.
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    I don't think you could clear up your bedroom
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    Darling, you really must work on extending your vocabulary. I've yet to see you post more than the same sentence in the past three years. Is it a medical thing?
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    I’d rather have different views from the norm if it meant I have better humility and thoughtfulness about the world, compared to the racist and jingoistic views of an old bigot like you. Enjoy your win Swindo, it’ll be us in the younger generation that have to clear up your mess
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    I think we should continue playing the system the team is trained to play rather than make wholesale changes to accommodate a player who impressed in one cup game against a lower league sides B team. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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    With so many new contracts being signed recently, I thought I'd collate them all. Green dates mean that the contract has been signed since our promotion was confirmed (ie. they will be on a Premier League contract). Grey/italic players are players who are surplus to requirements or out on loan. An orange 'H' before the squad number denotes that the player is homegrown. Feel free to point our any oversights or inaccuracies, and I'll update it. We've done well to tie down so many of our heroes to new Premier League contracts; of last season's squad, only Heise, Hanley, Tettey, Srbeny, Thompson, Lewis and Leitner are still on contracts agreed before we became an EPL club. GOALKEEPERS 21 Ralf Fahrmann (born 27.9.88, age 31): signed on loan until 2020 (contract signed in July 2019) H 1 Tim Krul (born 3.4.88, age 31): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) 33 Michael McGovern (born 12.7.84, age 35): signed until 2021 (contract signed in April 2019) H 38 Aston Oxborough (born 9.5.98, age 21): signed until 2020 with club option to 2021 and on loan to Wealdstone until January 2020 (contract signed in April 2018) DEFENDERS H 2 Max Aarons (born 4.1.00, age 20): signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 3 Sam Byram (born 16.9.93, age 26): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 6 Christoph Zimmermann (born 12.1.93, age 26): signed until 2023 with club option to 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 4 Ben Godfrey (born 15.1.98, age 21): signed until 2023 (contract signed in June 2019) 15 Timm Klose (born 9.5.88, age 31): signed until 2022 (contract signed in May 2019) 16 Philip Heise (20.6.91, born age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in January 2019 and on loan with 1. FC Nürnberg until summer 2020) H 5 Grant Hanley (born 20.11.91, age 28): signed until 2023 (contract signed in November 2018) H 12 Jamal Lewis (born 25.1.98, age 21): signed until 2023 (contract signed in October 2018) Sean Raggett (born 25.1.94, age 25): signed until 2020 with club option to 2021 and on loan with Rotherham for 2019/20 (contract signed in August 2017) James Husband (born 3.1.94, age 26): signed until 2020 and on loan with Blackpool for 2019/20 (contract signed in July 2017) MIDFIELDERS 24 Ibrahim Amadou (born 6.4.93, age 26): signed on loan until 2020 (contract signed in August 2019) 8 Mario Vrancic (born 23.5.89, age 30): signed until 2021 (contract signed in July 2019) 19 Tom Trybull (born 9.3.93, age 26): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 17 Emi Buendia (born 25.12.96, age 23): signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 14 Todd Cantwell (born 27.2.98, age 21): signed until 2022 (contract signed in July 2019) 23 Kenny McLean (born 8.1.92, age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) 11 Onel Hernandez (born 1.2.93, age 26): signed until 2023 (contract signed in June 2019) 18 Marco Stiepermann (born 9.2.91, age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in May 2019) H 34 Louis Thompson (born 19.12.94, age 25): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in October 2018) 10 Moritz Leitner (born 8.12.92, age 27): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2018) 27 Alex Tettey (born 4.4.86, age 33): signed until 2020 (contract signed in May 2018) FORWARDS 35 Adam Idah (born 11.2.01, age 18): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 22 Teemu Pukki (born 29.3.90, age 29): signed until 2022 (contract signed in July 2019) 20 Josip Drmic (born 8.8.92, age 27): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) H Carlton Morris (born 16.12.95, age 23): signed until 2021 and on loan with Rotherham for 2019/20 (contract signed in May 2019) Finally, here are all the squad members listed by year of contract expiry, with (+1) indicating we have the option of an extra year: 2020 Fahrmann (loan), Oxborough (+1), Raggett (+1), Husband, Amadou (loan), Tettey 2021 McGovern, Vrancic, Morris 2022 Krul, Klose, Heise, Trybull (+1), Cantwell, McLean, Stiepermann, Thompson (+1), Leitner, Pukki, Drmic 2023 Byram, Zimmermann (+1), Godfrey, Hanley, Lewis, Hernandez, Idah 2024 Aarons, Buendia
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    It was a much more enjoyable game without VAR, Idahs run for the pen would,I feel , have been called offside by VAR, but in real time,I'm not surprised that it wasnt flagged. I slagged a poster off yesterday for living in the past, now I feel as if I want to go back to.pre VAR days, no, actually I dont, I just want VAR scrapped for now then reintroduced in a much more free flow version. I dont want the clear and obvious ignored, but I do want borderline offsidedecisions taken in the old fashioned way.....advantage to the attacker.
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    I fully realise that I'm merely a young pup Purple. I like to see myself as a sort of Adam Idah figure on this board. You and Nutty I see as Tim Krul/Alex Tettey types.
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    We've got Idah, Adam Idah I just dont think you understand He came from Cork City, He's better than Henry We've got Adam Idah!!!
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    I doubt they're worth anything like that in reality. Buendia wouldn't be worth much more than Maddison was. The rest less than that. They're good numbers to frighten off other clubs though.
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    I think it may have been one of the most difficult, because to bring in proven PL players would have broken our wage structure, not to mention huge transfer fees. Look how much we're valuing our brilliant young players at - after half a season in the top division! Farke had faith in Teemu to be an outstanding PL striker, which is what he's proven to be. Few PL clubs have more than one striker at his level, so Drmic as back up looked a decent gamble. I suspect we tried for one or two others as well, but they would necessarily not have been dead certs either. We're trying to do the near impossible - in the short term. As is constantly reiterated, this ownership is in it for the long haul. Personally I find the whole situation exhilarating. It's heroic. And seeing us completely outplay teams who've spent tens of millions on squads is fabulous. D'you know what? I don't really care about winning per se. Walloping the Blind School holds no appeal for me. The only reason to keep winning is to keep on competing against the best, to pit your wits, skill, courage & character against the best, to test yourself to the limit. I'd rather see us clinging on in the PL, failing sometimes because the opposition is just simply too good, beating others sometimes when it all comes together - so long as we give it our best - rather than smashing the PNEs of the Champs, or, God help us, losing to Lincoln City . So I want to be in this league for as many seasons as possible; the question is how we do that in the long term, & if that means risking relegation from the PL sometimes & having the ability to retain a promotion winning squad rather trying to buy short term success & long term failure then sobeit.
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    To be honest the people on here that call others A) Binners - because they have some other ideas than the current owners Or B) Happy Clappers - because they support 100% The owners regardless of performance on the pitch Spoil what could be a very decent discussion site regards anything NCFC... I understand why lots just can not be bothered... Modern life I suppose.
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    Trump will I suspect take the view that the more Iran is squeezed through the application of sanctions the more unrest will develop within the Iranian people and there will be greater pressure from within for regime change.
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    We're not wildly outnumbered as has been explained before. 48% voted for Brexit parties. 52% voted for anti-brexit/2nd referendum parties. But due to the way our electoral system works the people with the most seats, wins. You won, but you are not in the majority. It's quite simple to understand,
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    I certainly wouldn't want to see him in central midfield. His final ball is world class, and we need that as close to the opposition box as we can get it. He's also a very good dribbler and he runs with the ball a lot, and we've seen what happens when he tries this in deeper positions and gets caught out. He's a player who definitely needs at least two midfielders behind him in order to maximise his qualities.
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    The usual suspects criticising the board for selling all our good young players before it's even happened. If we go down we may lose two, maybe even three. But not the five or six people are crying about.
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    For me the key thing is ... stop repeating the failed strategy of the past whilst accepting that we won't sell out to a billionaire any time soon. This means ... 1. Starting with an ethos / philosophy / style and only recruiting players and a head coach to suit that. 2. Aiming to always be greater than the sum of our parts (round pegs in round holes). 3. Never being too dependent on one player / a manager. 4. Investing in young talent and developing it at academy level and with excellent training facilities before selling them on for lucrative profit - for further investment. 5. Seeing THIS promotion as an unexpected free hit to clear the debts, tie down young talent (core assets) to good contracts, showcase this young talent and give top level experience to our head coach and players. 6. Being in a far stronger position next season to fight for promotion than following any other relegation and CRUCIALLY returning to the top tier able to spend more than this time round. Like Burnley and WBA bouncing back and forth a wee bit before sticking for a sustained spell (are there any 'established' clubs lower than Wolves/Everton?). This is long term planning to make us an established top club without the risk that foreign ownership brings. I'm fascinated to watch it pan out and glad that we have a brave and intelligent club to be proud of but ... my fear is that (knowing the Championship as we all do!) bouncing back from relegation isn't ever a doddle - however smartly you plan for it ... it's a vipers' nest! I suppose at worst we'll only end up back where we were pre Webber/Farke but in a far stronger financial position and with some fab memories. Enjoy the ride!
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    I can only go on what has been said publicly, but my understanding is as follows: 1) The club continues to invest in Colney - work there is not finished - to attract talented yougsters. 2) The scouting network looks for good young British talent but also has finding young overseas players as a priority (Brexit may interfere with this). 3) Promotion to the Premier League will not spark a spending splurge on high-wage players with long and expensive contracts, so relegation will not cripple the finances as it threatened to last time. Instead the assumption is that a player or two or three will inevitably be sold, but the overall squad, bumped up with the next generation of talent, will survive, as will the style of play - arguably the main point of the sporting-director plan. 4) So there is consistency and organic growth in terms of the squad but also crucially with the finances (definitely keeping within FFP rules), giving the club the best chance of getting back to the PL, with the eventual aim that a gradual strengthening of the squad will enable it to get up and stay up. I doubt there is a specific timeframe on this. In general the plan is very different to the course pursued last time we went up and got relegated. The first part of 3) has already happened, of course, and last summer's transfer business exemplified 2).
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    If we go down we would more likely than not see our best talent leave and then discover that other teams in the Champs are still outspending us. Then we would be back to square one. My question to those who seem to think relegation is no big deal is this. How does that help us move forwards? What guarantees we can bounce back when many have not? What happens if we dont?
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    Agree entirely with King Canary's summary. I am a fan of Webber and Farke. I simply find it very frustrating that they have been thrown under the bus somewhat by the derisory spend in the summer. It was like asking someone to buy a decent and reliable family car for £300. I am not calling for either of them to go. I am asking serious questions regarding the level of ambition the board shows. Too many give them an easy pass for sentimental reasons. And I have said for some time that I think they are holding the club back these days, even though they saved us in the past. What this season has shown very clearly is that they are bygones of a different era. A board who wish to run the club on a national/local level in an era of global investment. It isn't working and, in terms of finances, we are falling down the ladder very fast. It is all well and good courting investment - but they want it without relinquishing control. And yet they cannot keep us competitive long term I fear without selling off the best talent and hoping for the best. That isn't a long term strategy to bring lasting success. Maintain it and prepare to wave goodbye to Farke, Webber, Buendia, Aarons et al... which is tragic because last summer was a perfect time to add four decent players and cement a mid table finish to cement a place in this division. Instead we are looking at relegation, sales and then a new four year plan no doubt.
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    Webber, as with Farke, is open to critique and deserves some criticism for the business of the past summer where he's missed far more than he's hit. The overall changes he seems to have implemented though far outweigh the negatives and I'm much more comfortable and confident with him in post than our previous set ups.