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    An injury free Tettey is one of our most effective players, and has been for years. Strong in the tackle, knows his limitations and doesn't tend to make silly passes, occasionally unleashes a thunderbolt shot and works tirelessly the entire time he's on the pitch. One of our best servants of the past 10-15 years, and criminally underrated by some IMHO.
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    Fair play, he's played really well since returning to the side. Good old fashioned centre half. Whisper it, but exactly what we've been missing.
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    After many years of use I put aside my lucky City scarf today as the magic seems to have drained out of it. Mrs R bought me one of those new scarves that have the smart very thin stripes a few months ago, but I've been reluctant to give up on the old favourite until now. I thought I would give it an outing tonight just to see if the luck would change. I assume the four changes were due to resting certain players but it was nice to see Vrancic get a start and although Byrom has played well, Lewis has done little wrong before the injury. Steipermann and Hernandez completed the line up. Once again we were treated to a cagey five minutes with both sides playing sideways rather than forward.. City were the first to show some intent when Hernandez broke down the left before Lewis had a speculative crack from twenty five yards that fizzed a yard wide of the visitors left post. Then on eight minutes, Gazzinga, in the Spurs net had to make a smart save to his right as Steipermann evaded a couple of tackles in the box and toe poked the ball towards the far corner. We were still rueing this opportunity when Spurs had an even better one at the other end. Zimmerman hit a pass straight at an opponent and the ball bounced kindly for Kane to bear down on goal. Hanley forced him wide but the pass set up Deli, for what from our end look like a tap in. Somehow he side footed it over the bar. City were starting to dominate now and were playing some nice stuff with Buendia at the heart of everything. Just past the quarter hour the little Argentine won a midfield duel and the ball broke kindly for Vrancic who surged forward down the middle. He had good options to both left and right but the Spurs defence seemed to part like the Red Sea and he let fly from the edge of the area with a shot that Gazzinga got half a hand to, but could not prevent City deservedly going one up. Spurs upped the pace and there was a hairy moment when Kane looked to be through from a long ball but somehow Krul was off his line quick enough to deflect the ball for a corner. Then minutes later a combination of Hanley and Zimmerman deflected another goal bound shot. City were still giving as good as they got in what was a good open game. With Tetty and Buendia snapping into tackles in midfield City were seeing plenty of the ball and Spurs had to defend strongly at times. Just after the half hour it looked like City had doubled their lead when Vrancic, hooked a superb ball for Pukki to chase down the middle. The City talisman chested the ball down and made a few yards before driving the ball past Gazzinga, into the net. The crowd went into raptures and the players were already lining up for the restart when there was a VAR check signalled. There had been no flag and no appeal from the Spurs defenders and again it took more than a couple of minutes for someone three hundred miles away to decide that Pukki was half an inch offside. This is killing the game that we know and love and even if it means mistakes will occur, I feel we need to go back to the old system. It's becoming almost impossible to celebrate a goal spontaneously anymore. At the half I felt we were fairly comfortable and worth our lead but in the light of recent home games there was little room for complacency. Spurs brought on Lucas Mora, at the start of the second period and immediately looked a better side. Krul, had to go full length to his right to keep out a shot but the City defense appeared to be keeping Spurs at arms length. With ten minutes gone Kane clearly fouled Lewis on the edge of our box as he leapt to clear. In the act of tumbling his arm brushed the ball and to the amazement of all around me, Mr. Friend gave the visitors a free kick. Such are the small margins, and if someone would have laid me evens I would have bet that Eriksen would score from it, which he duly did. It was very disheartening and Spurs might have had another only for Deli to be pulled up for offside. Just after the hour mark City finally had a stroke of luck of their own. Pukki found himself in space in the area and as defenders moved to close him down the ball seemed to change direction and leave the keeper stranded, going past his left hand as he was falling to the right. All was right with the world again but City were now pushed right back as Spurs upped the pressure. Vrancic had taken a couple of knocks and Steipermann appeared to be running on empty so it was no surprise when they were swapped for McLean and Trybull. As time ticked down there were a series of desperate blocks as City held on and even Pukki was drawn back to bolster the barricades. One of those blocks from Zimmerman was truly memorable but he took some punishment in the process. I was just beginning to think we would hang on when City broke away down the left only for Trybull to lose possession on the halfway line. A quick ball was played to Kane cutting into the area from the right and this time Zimmerman got it all wrong and went right through him for a nailed on penalty. Krul did his usual but Kane's shot into the corner was unstoppable, even had timmy gone the right way. Cantwell came on for the tiring Tetty but City could not force another chance but at the very least they continued to hold Spurs at arms length and I thought that in the end they were well worth the hard earned point. The annoying thing is that we have looked so good at times this season without getting much reward. Surely at some stage we will win a game playing poorly. Other teams seem to manage it on a fairly regular basis. I am in two minds about the new scarf because the luck was a bit mixed tonight but I shall wear it again on Wednesday and hope it has warmed up a bit. Buendia again superb, Mario, great vision and a fine goal.
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    Having kicked the cat, punched the wall, sunk a bottle of wine, shouted at the Mrs, complained about the world being totally unjust I have eventually calmed down. Easy to walk past it but Tettey should be praised big time, not our most glamorous player, with a reputation for not being able to play more than one game in a week, he battled brilliantly on Boxing Day, and again today with very tired limbs he gave everything, hats off to him.
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    Just got in Pissed as a fart Lads done great Hope nobody is moaning about City tonight Goodnight
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    Past few games have left me absolutely gutted , this takes it to a new level . We were superb against a team who were in the Champions League Final last season , us a newly promoted side made up of a glorious mix of youth , underachieving talent , free transfers and lower league foreign players . Best thing for me today , Carrow Road . Noisy , p***** off , totally partisan ! BRILLIANT . So f*** VAR , f*** the premier elite . Don’t think they want us do they ? Where is Norwich anyway ? Sod them . They’ve got us because we’ve earned it the hard way and I’m not gonna give up on it easily . So let’s put aside all differences for one game , and take all our different frustrations out on Palace next game and take the atmosphere at Carrow Road to a new level . Win that ...... game on .... Apologies for swearing.
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    http://chng.it/ysLbVvH7 petition on line if anyone feels strongly enough to sign.
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    Great goal, magnificent pass... Shockingly bad offside call... PS Kane was offside before the handball that led to the goal....where was VAR there? Ruining the game
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    Sat in a pub on the Wirral watching it on my own and the whole pub was in uproar. His foot was clearly behind the defender. It’s horrible. It was such a good goal by pukki. The game is gone and made up with your fans singing as much. It’s just **** lads it really is.
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    The t**t in the van should be interviewed and made to justify his decision. Then sacked for being a t**t
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    Nobody watching this game can say that decision was good for football as a whole. Amazing pass, wonderful control and lovely finish, all in the bin thanks to VAR. I bet that wouldn't have been disallowed if it was Liverpool, Man City or similar who'd just scored it...
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    @Puntino is your man for that. If there's enough appetite among fans, could we use some of the ACN money to print anti-VAR cards? I know the club itself wouldn't sanction it, but surely there would be nothing stopping volunteers from waiting outside the turnstiles handing them to people as they enter the ground? If it can't be done officially through ACN, I'd be more than happy to start a crowdfunder independently as a concerned fan.
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    That last picture just winds me up even more. They’re nit picking over whether a finger nail is offside or not but how can offside really be that exact a science? I mean how is it even possible to determine the precise moment the ball separates from the, in this case, Vrancic’s boot? the whole VAR thing throughout this season just stinks of corruption.
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    You cannot determine an offside from a TV camera that is not exactly in line with the players. Pictures like those above do not take into account perspective because one player will always be closer to the camera that the other player. The drawing of different coloured lines does not overcome this and will not determine whether it is offside or not I have watched countless horse races where the finish has been close and the impression from the TV camera was that horse A has beaten horse B. However, after the official photo is shown, taken from a camera that is pointing directly along the finishing line, it actually transpires that horse B has beaten horse A. The only way to get this stupid rule 100% correct is to have cameras positioned all along the touchline or have a moving camera that keeps up with the play. Only then will you get an accurate decision. But neither of those options are going to happen.
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    I wonder how much drama it would add if managers decided to take their side off after 35 minutes following a few bad VAR decisions. If you're going to get cheated out of three points why not just rage quit like weekend league in FIFA?
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    I really would love to start a petition to get this debated in parliament as to wether VAR should be removed from football ( in the EPL ) as it is destroying the game. The first hurdle to get it in the public domain would mean a 150 people would need to sign. Would that be possible ? After that the next step would be 10,000 which means the government have to respond. The 3rd and final step is 100,000 signatures in 30 days. It then has to be discussed in parliament or the government have to say why it is not being discussed. Would we get the support of fans from other clubs ? Would many on here who know their way around other club message boards and I am sure have contacts in the sporting media world be prepared to inform such contacts ? Am I just over reacting or is it something that really needs doing as the EPL are just ignoring the fans. I just feel something needs to be done before our game is destroyed.
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    Should be based on the position of the feet (it is 'football' after all) and not the underarm or the beard or the little finger. Solved.
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    VAR has 100% ruined football. They just make up new rules as they go along. It is a shambles
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    To do that though the angle has to be in line. How the **** anyone can overturn the ref's decision based on that bizarre angle is ridiculous. The NFL manages to do it just fine so there's no excuse for VAR to get it wrong in a sport where the line is much easier to see. The rule in the NFL is that if there is no clear evidence to overturn it then the ruling on the field stands, which is how it should be. Ref can use monitor at pitch-side to clarify at any point, as it should be.
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    There won't be one person in the country who will agree with that decision (of course Spurs fans will be relieved). That shows what a farce VAR is.
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    It wasn't offside. Even by the tightest of margins that's the thing, it was at worst level. You can guarantee if that was Chelsea or Man Utd at their home grounds v us that goal would have stood 100%. We do not get decisions at this level, never have never will.
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    Its not football anymore. That was no offside ever. When Vrancic played that ball he was clearly onside. Bias.
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    Erm, yes, Andrew Neil has ripped many a Right-winger a new @rsehole, including Farage, Mogg and Delingpole of which you've posted here yourself with delirious delight in the deleted EU thread -- And of course, there was the following: Give it up, Hermione --- You're making yourself look like a jumbo idiot.
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    https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/ It's a sad indictment that after all of this time this lie has to explained to the stupid.
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    You're not known for your comedy so the jokes are easy to miss.