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    This thread is ridiculous except for a couple of sane voices. At the beginning of the season I was confident that this team had enough about them to survive and comfortably and actually thought we didn’t need to spend loads and that the strategy we were implementing was the correct one. I know that now looks unlikely, but I think a lot of that is down to misfortune with injuries and not getting results the performances deserves. I still think the strategy was correct. Nearly every player signed a new deal, which would have given them bigger wages and I imagine hefty one off signing on fees. SW has alluded to this. We also went out and bought some very exciting youngsters. Adshead was being chased by every club in the top 6 and Fitzpatrick is considered to be an outstanding talent. We have also tied down Famewo and Idah, both of whom I imagine will be playing a big part within the next 12 months. I think we would have spent £10m odd if the right players were available, but there’s no point just spending it for the sake of it. That’s how we got stuck with Naismith. We were also rumoured to have had a £15m bid accepted on deadline day for the French winger whose name escapes me, but he turned us down. The club have been open about the strategy and after last season SW and DF have my complete trust. They should have yours as well. This isn’t a short term project, it’s a long term project and even if it doesn’t work, we'll all still be Norwich fans, because if we wanted to watch a team win every week we would have gone and supported Man City or Liverpool by now. OTBC.
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    When Webber and Farke arrived we had big debts, were paying out mega bucks to players on long contracts and who contributed not very much. The infrastructure of the club had a future based on the Portman Road model and the academy had produced very little. All we had was one saleable asset in Maddison. Fast forward two years and what has been achieved is nothing short of amazing. Yes we're extremely likely to come down because we used the cash windfall to sort out all the highly expensive problems listed above, the alternative was to spend like Villa and Fulham and end up in sh!t creek again if we went down. When we go down we will be where we should have been when we came down under Alex Neil instead of the utter Horlics of a state we actually found ourselves in, after pi$$ing it away up a wall, to coin a phrase. This time we will be debt free, the players we have are worth fortunes rather than leeching away cash like Naismith and Jarvis, who couldn't be given away. The infrastructure improvements have been paid for and we have added significantly to our up and coming academy talent. It's not nice at this stage of the project and ultimately we may **** it up again next year, but we have given ourselves the best possible chance of taking the next step.
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    And I fear under this model it won’t ever change for us at this level. It will not enable us to compete consistently in the absence of a lot of luck, momentum and great coaching and this season we have had very little of any of those. Ultimately the lack of ambition/desire flows from the top and is our main weakness but my g*d we’ve not had any breaks this season either (even today Chelsea roll over for Saints after doing the same for Bournemouth). The injuries have been awful as well and Farke has been disappointing. I don’t think he fully grasped how important games against relegation rivals really are and I don’t think he knows how to sh*thouse a win in them. I don’t want him out (we are generally playing well) but I don’t think he’s earnt us any underserved points this season through great subs, tactical changes or being well drilled. I can’t remember a single point that we got this season that we didn’t deserve and we have left so many out there. We don’t score from set pieces, we concede loads of soft goals from crosses and set plays and we gift teams points they don’t deserve and without them really having earnt them. We seem to have to work so hard for any points unlike some of our rivals. Giving that utterly sh*t Villa side 6 points this season is an utter embarrassment (how we lost today is beyond me) but we should and could also have beaten Wolves and Shef U and the capitulations to Burnley, Palace, Villa abs Watford with just a meek shrug of the shoulders were not acceptable. i just want the season over with but it’s going to be heart breaking to see this talented side wasted/broken up and another great opportunity tossed away. We had the basis of a very good side when we went up, we still look very close to being one. It’s really demoralising time see it being chucked away but ultimately the owners don’t want it enough.
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    The model is the model out of necessity, because we have dirt-poor owners. The only way the model will change in the foreseeable future is if the owners change. Jim Smith will gladly explain how likely he thinks that is... There was never going to be a wholesale shake-up of the first-team squad last summer. Not just because of the lack of cash but because it was impossible to know who and how many of the squad would not make the step up, given what a jump in quality this was given their previous levels. I only half-joked before the season started that if the other 19 managers didn't realise Stiepermann was the most one-footed player in the history of the game we would win the league, and if they did then we would get relegated. And he is not the only one of last season's stand-out performers who has found it very hard to make the step up. We were not in a position to assume the worst about so many players and replace them. Plus we also needed to shop for the future. We actually signed nine players in the summer, but only two of them, Drmic and Byram, were for the first-team squad. As were the loanees, Fahrmann, Roberts and Amadou. A justified criticism would be that we placed too much faith in two players, Drmic and Klose, with bad injury records. Could we have spent some more without endangering the model? Possibly. We did try to splash out €15m late on. It would have had to have been players we were certain would be an improvement who would not want the earth in wages and would be willing to take a relegation pay-cut. Only Webber would know if there were such available. A final point. Amid all the talk before and at the AGM about possible stadium expansion, what seemed to get missed was Ben Kensell stressing that upgrading Colney, presumably at some considerable expense, was still the priority, ahead of any extra capacity at Carrow Road.
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    Totally agree with the OP - but I expected this from Day one so have been pretty chilled about the whole season to be honest - I don't feel like this team deserves to be worse off than some of our previous teams, but I also think that given we have such a young and inexperienced team, it was kind of inevitable. I have absolutely no qualms about relegation. Can't bloody wait for it in fact. Yes we'll lose some - Godfrey, Aarons would be prime candidates. But Byram is already in house to replace Aarons and Byram and Lewis is as good a full bakk pairing as you'll find in the Champs. Klose also likely to stay, so we'd need another in but not necessarily a first choice to replace Godfrey but a squad player, and there's a few U23s who will be eyeing up that vacancy so we may not have to look elsewhere. We may lose Emi, and he will need replacing, but I have faith Webber has already got candidates in mind for that, and we've got a couple of promising kids waiting in the wings. May lose Cantwell too but we already have a dominant winger at Championship level in Onel. Pukki I think will stay. He's a hero of the Finnish team, so no danger of losing his international place and I get the impression he likes it in the fine city. He's a hero here too. Swap that to sit on the bench at Villa or somewhere? Doubtful in my book. Like it or not, we're in brilliant shape to go back down and have a tilt at the title again. A few key additions and we may well be in position to come back up and stay up.
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    I'm a happy clapper. I'm content with our owners and our place in the footballing hierarchy at this moment in time, but i also live in the real world. We're almost certain to get relegated, we can't keep the ball out of our net, we have to work too hard to score at this level, we're weak on set pieces and most of our best talent is very young and very raw. I still support the team/club regardless. Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say there's a problem, but there also isn't a quick or simple solution to it. We are where we are at the moment. I hate losing as well, but Pep Guardiola with a 100m budget couldn't save us this season. We're not dropping down to L1 or going to have to endure a fire sale, next season should be very interesting given the budget we'll have. And who knows what will happen in the future. The bottom half of the PL went from very strong to very, very weak between our promotion in 2004 and 2010. We could get promoted again in a few years, adopt the same strategy but find ourselves competing with less intense competition next time round. This is the strongest PL I have ever seen, we've been quite unlucky to be a promoted club this year but circumstance could change in the future.
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    I stopped listening to Canary Call after Rob Butler took over. Tune in occasionally and don't last long before I have to switch off; he comes across as a self-important, patronising tosspot. Neil Adams, on the other hand, was brilliant; probably on account of understanding how football actually works over many years as a player, coach and co-commentator. Butler is just a sub-Talksport soapboxer with an inflated sense of self-worth. Gross.
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    If a bigger club wanted our players then they will leave even if we had of comfortably stayed up. I imagine that Sheffield United will have a lot of suitors for their players and if they survive comfortably as it looks like they will there won’t be much they can do. All our players are on long term deals. We hold the cards. I think we all know that most of this playing squad will not be here for the remainder of their careers, as like Maddison they will eventually outgrow us. That is the same for pretty much every club bar maybe 3 or 4.
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    Bloody hell, this thread is like a family reunion of those who went completely AWOL last season!
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    So not being Trent Alexander-Arnold is a valid stick to beat one of our talented youngsters with? How perplexing.
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    A very well thought out response and although I don’t necessarily agree that there aren’t players out there for that money that wouldn’t improve the squad I do appreciate that those signings can go either way. I just believe Farkes hands are tied with his options from the bench. If we’re relying on Sberny to come on then we should have given him more viable options for this level
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    Rhodes would have done a job as number two to Pukki but, presumably, we either lacked the ambition to sign him and/or couldn’t afford his wages in the Prem.
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    Can you explain why the table you cite as evidence excludes the likes of Canada and Japan amongst others? Unless you do so, it is only reasonable to assume that the reason that EU.org created their own table rather than use the House of Commons data (which they try to imply they are doing) is to deliberately deceive the naive. I'm not sure, but I tend not to think of you as naive, Jools - deceptive maybe? RTB, however, tends to swallow this stuff hook, line and sinker
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    Webber and Farke do have my trust. I think given a remotely competitive budget they could have had us comfortably mid Table. All the talk of a long term project is fine but going down likely means selling our best young players and for lower prices than if we stayed up. I think far too many underestimate just how much had to go right last season and how difficult it will be to replicate.
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    And there, my friends, is the exact reason why we need to get behind Daniel Farke.
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    Stuart Webber has total control over the amount of capital invested in the playing squad. What a very nieve comment to make. He controls the scouting system, he searches out players with those scouts, he states what we are going to pay for a player, he negotiates contracts, he negotiates the selling of players, he states who will be leaving if they are past their sell by date! he is the director of football, he hires and fires. Farke is merely a coach! he will jog on when it gets tough, as he did at Huddersfield and just as his predecessors have done. That is football.
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    Without having a dig at Aaron’s, I thought Lewis had been the better of the two full backs this season, until his injury. I would prefer a left footer at left back so I would’ve thought there’s some merit in bringing Lewis back in and dropping Aaron’s? Byram is the best defensively and deserves to keep his place.
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    Of course I know how Burnley play, I've seen plenty enough of them to know, and the stats of their games back it up. Youd love to be Burnley now, but you wouldnt have done some years ago, it would be some other team that's currently in the prem punching above their weight. It was us for 3 consecutive seasons not so long ago. Anyway, it's nothing to do with snobbishness. Its just the style of football you like to watch.
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    Yes the club have tried the tactic of throwing money at the problem in January. What I would like to have seen is the tactic of doing same in September- every time we have gone up the chance of remaining was wasted because we left it too late. Ashton & Klose being prime examples of players who, had we signed them six months earlier, would have made the difference
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    On his current form, I'd like to see Tettey playing for us next season whatever division we're in. A couple of years ago we were told he couldn't play two games in quick succession because his knees were shot, but he's playing as well as ever. Definitely need to be succession planning in that position, though.
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    We need a replacement for Tettey for next season for sure. And a bully / target man to give us a physical presence option up top. I suspect we'll be going with Hanley and Zimmerman as our CB pair next year as Godfrey will be snapped up by a big team. So if we can find those people in January no point in not getting them in now, but I doubt those players are interested in us until they know where their own clubs will be next year either. So loans it is for me... assuming we can offload a couple we already have.
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    Can’t agree, we have the talent to create chances as we do, we’ve not taken them, on another day we certainly will score more. That said we played a very poor team low on confidence and couldn’t score, the issue is Pukki doesn’t score we don’t have an equivalent striker as good to replace him with off the bench.
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    Thanks for being the voice of reason Lakey, can't believe the morons on here who don't think we can finish in the top 4!
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    When we are more points from safety than there are left to play for will you still maintain it’s a fact?