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    She's stating the bleedin' obvious, but what a total hypocrite she is! Kuenssberg's reporting was severely, pro-Remain in the first couple of years + proceeding the referendum vote and the only reason she's saying this now is because her favoured Labour Party lost heavily and she and the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation are frit of Boris's and the Conservatives threat to delegitimise the biased organisation, which is laughable as they pretty much delegitimise themselves. Number 10 has rightly been boycotting Radio 4's 'Today' programme and Sarah Sands, former editor of the latter, has stated "It’s a pretty good time for the Right-wing to put the foot on the windpipe of the corrupt broadcaster."
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    A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all forum posters.
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    Merry Christmas, my first little one on the way mid-January so slightly distracted from the Holiday festivities!
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    Interesting in an eye-rolling way that posters who have been wrong on an industrial scale claim to be certain about what abilities I might or might not possess. As it happens more of an Epic of Gilgamesh fan. But I can very well see why Johnson might have been enough drawn to The Iliad to learn snippets of it, the saga being sparked by the adulterous actions of a preening egoist. One can imagine the self-regarding self-identification. And perhaps he never got far enough through to find out just what catastrophe this rampant selfishness brings down on his people.
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    ....and probably for a very good reason! Fifty years ago I could have recited substantial amounts of the Illiad in the original ancient Greek, even though I didn't have the elitist education that the liar did. I did nevertheless go to a grammar school that still believed that teaching teenagers Latin and ancient Greek, and expecting them to memorise huge chunks of poetry and prose in the original was a good use of curriculum time in preparing them for life in the second half of the 20th century However since I had no interest in pursuing a career based on **** and coating the **** with a pretentious show of faux learning to hide a total ignorance of the modern world (highlighted by the liar's disastrous time as Foreigh Secretary - yes I learnt Kipling as well but unlike the liar I actually understood it), the moment I'd scraped through my Latin and Greek O levels I realised that I needed to fast forward three thousand years. There were many good things about my education and I've always felt fortunate to have had it rather than the fairly ropey version that many of my contemporaries received but it was backward looking and long out of date in a number of areas. The liar is 10 years younger than me, so by the time he was learning the Illiad by rote I had already forgotten it all and was designing and writing computer software. He, on the other hand, still thinks (and acts!) as if he were living in Britain in Victorian times.
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    Maybe he means they were so far left that they went all the way around and popped out, highly surprised, on the right.
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    ...but not anywhere near as nonsensical or lacking in reason, logic, evidence or basic common sense as someone predicting top 4. They're trying to Lakey - you just won't let them. OTBC
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    I'm proposing a knighthood for Corbyn in the New Years Honours list. In recognition of all he did to ensure a Tory victory in the GE.
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    Horrendous amount of natural talent and flair. More so than even a James Maddison, I might suggest.
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    Racism is not society's problem. Society may have to deal with the consequences. But racism is an individuals problem. If you think you are superior to someone just because of their race or colour then you are at odds with society.
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    Calling Pete, calling Pete, last call for Pete. Flashmob Eyeore Convention now taking place on Pinkun message board.
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    And this time it is Highland Canary in a double act with Midlands Canary so we are totally spoiled for miserabilism...
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    Mat Hancock suggests this is possible. We'll start off with 0 points but a win will mean that we don't lose 3 points and will also gain 3 points so that makes it 6 new points.
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    Probably not a popular opinion but I don't think they should be spending big on anybody; that ship sailed in the summer I'm afraid. If we start panic buying over-priced players in January, then how exactly is this season going to be any different to our previous recent excursions to the top flight? Sort it out in the Summer or plan to go down in the Spring. If any younger players for the future appear on the radar at a good price, then by all means snap them up. OTBC
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    We have had a rash of racist incidents at high profile matches in recent times. Everyone is blaming it as a societal problem which of course it is but football gives a forum for the bigots to carry out their racist bile whilst hiding amongst a crowd of their peers who will not identify the miscreants. Football needs to start to put its house in order to stamp racism out by taking positives steps to close parts of grounds where home supporters are found to be guilty i.e. Chelsea and Tottenham recently hitting clubs in the pocket. Start with small areas maybe a few rows where the racists congregate which seems to be close to the touchline. Then if the racism is not snuffed out close parts of the ground and then deduct points. Racists will be swiftly identified and not be welcomed. The FA and EPL need to start taking the strongest action to start taking this seriously. And urge UEFA and FIFA to take progressive action to take the matter seriously rather than the half hearted approach they have adopted. Racists not welcome at Carrow Rd and happily not in attendance. Not the same at all clubs. Decisive action needed now. Will we see it maybe not.
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    That was rather good. Andy Townsend what a player he was and Disco Dale. Wise words from Dave Stringer; "you don't deserve anything in football, you earn things".
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    I agree. After a good start to the season he’s struggled for a spell when people started to pay attention and close him down quickly, now he seems to have adjusted and is showing he can deal with that. If he continues to play like this things could well look up for us. i saw a young Maradona play for Argentina at Wembley in 1981 when he’d recently come into their national side and he looked amazing, I really think Emi has the potential to reach that level .
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    I'd recommend the "Sunderland Til I Die" documentary to anyone who might not have seen it... Utterly compelling stuff !
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    Careful, he’ll accuse you of being Morty.
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    A lot of these people just don't see it as racism I think. Their attitude is he's black so I called him an effing black so and so and if he was Welsh I'd have called him an effing Welsh so and so, if he was ginger an effing ginger so and so, etc. They would say they aren't really racist and it's just part of letting off steam at a football match, hence why they don't abuse their own black players. So to answer your question, both stupid and selective.
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    All of Coldwar Steve's work has her delightful presence.
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    Surprise Surprise Whats Cilla doing behind the tree?
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    We could afford to pay £10m, just of itself, for a player. It does seem we genuinely offered more than that for the Rennes attacking midfielder who ended up going to Nice. I suspect Farke's point is more that many of the players who would cost that and who would be able to go straight into the starting eleven would drive a harder bargain on wages, and any possible relegation wage-lowering clause, and on the length of contract, than we could afford. And especially in January.
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    You can but most who appear to get frustrated and moan that we’re losing games against Wolves and United, but fail to appreciate the good standard we are playing against. So resign yourselves to the inevitable and then just enjoy the football, it’s funny how the crowds of relegated teams towards the end of the season normally pick up the atmosphere and inevitably leads to some decent performances as the pressure is off. Well let’s just accept we’re going down and enjoy each game, up the atmosphere at home and put less pressure on the club and players on here, other forums or at the ground.
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    No suprise that the Brexiteers want wall to wall commercial TV. It is after all aimed at there low mental level
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    Your wasting your time expecting anything sensible from RTB. " Nazis were National Socialists, in other words Nationalists of the Far Left". - RTB " The National Socialist German Workers' Party commonly referred to in English as the **** Party was a far-right political party" - people who are not stupid.
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    He managed to con a lot of gullible Tories, one of them gave him a knighthood despite being warned he was a 'wrong un'.
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    What an enjoyable watch Alex and some great memories came flooding back.
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    I read an article on the BBC last week about the new owner of Beitar Jerusalem, an apparently notorious club in Israel. They have a massive problem with hatred towards Arabs and Muslims. The new owner’s solution was to threaten to personally sue anyone who displays racist behaviour. The club sent letters to individuals that they had identified, accusing them of behaviour that damaged the reputation of the club. There were two reported racist incidents last season and none so far this season. He has suggested that FIFA and UEFA should think about using this approach. I don’t know whether our laws would allow this course of action but something needs to be done because the current deterrents are not sufficient.
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    Aah the good old days of challenging at the top of the league and cup runs. Who would imagine now that we were once contenders for a league and cup double. Had a lot to think big Bob Chase for
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    Like I say, shoitestirrer, whose predictions are so very very predictable. The most predictable being that the subject of football passes you by as you seem to be more interested in Todders gloves or Tommys missus. Tragic.
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    There’s a big difference in “giving up” or “being realistic with accepting relegation”. Theres no doubt out of all three teams promoted we spent the least, have a young exciting squad and a manager who played the game the fluid technical way which on its day looks superb. Maybe with a bit of fortune and without injuries to our key CB we would have put a few more points on the board by now. Unfortunately now Godfrey is injured we’re short on class at the back having to rely on Hanley for the time being. That said it’s far better to accept the likelihood of relegation and enjoy each game for what it is than try to look at the table all the time. Like Taxes, Norwich relegation is inevitable! The key to next seasons team will be holding onto our own youngsters and development of Idah and other youngsters to strengthen a very strong championship team.
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    It was a very clever move of Boris to decriminalise the non-payment of the licence fee. That way the BBC will die a long, lingering death.
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    Boris should have put privatisation of the BBC in the Tory manifesto to guarantee an even greater majority.
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    Me too, talking to a Leicester fan this morning , first thing he said was " that Cantwell's a nice player" full of compliments he was, about lots of our players and the way we play. Then he went back to Cantwell, reckoned he looked really hard to mark, never considered that myself , will watch out for it.
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    And another really well taken goal on Saturday (he played a big part in the build up too). Apparently Norfolk is going to be invaded by flocks of swallows next Summer...
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    Racism is absolutely everywhere in society, that antifa lot is some of the worst.
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    Racsim is society's problem, not footballs. When you have a PM who has made racist remarks and then gets re-elected with a near landslide, then it strikes me that those up high are quite happy to condone that sort of language and behaviour as its a vote winner. then you have the President of the USA making even worse racist statements...well what do you expect?
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    Leaving aside the irrelevant waffle, factless assertion, false logic (Johnson's landslide won't help much in negotiations with the EU) and the already debunked 'They needs us more...' argument (has Bootle paid no attention at all to how talks with the EU have gone so far?) there is only one real prediction: ''The Johnson government is going to succeed in doing trade deals with the EU and several other countries, and without preserving close regulatory alignment with the EU.' Note for starters that Bootle doesn't give a time limit for these supposed deals. He is not promising they will happen by December 31 2020. Secondly, I have not seen anyone claim that if the UK does a trade deal with Kyrgyzstan, say, or the Federated States of Micronesia it will have to have close regulatory alignment with the EU. As to the relevant question of an EU-UK trade deal, Bootle fudges his prediction by not defining what he means by 'close regulatory alignment'. Without that definition he can later argue that whatever alignment continues to exist really isn't close, provided it is not total. But the real point is that, again, no-one is saying the UK can only have a trade deal if alignment stays close. The EU certainly is not saying that. Only, and this is crucial, that the less the alignment the less of a trade deal it will be. And perhaps, although he doesn't admit it, Bootle understands this reality, because nowhere in that prediction is there any mention of how good these trade deals will be. Odd, that.
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    We needed a new cb before the season started, it’s not a ‘new’ issue; the injuries have just exacerbated the situation but even when all the guys are fit we still have the same defence that shipped 58 goals in the Championship. Quite how or why anyone thought we’d fare any better this season in a higher league with the same tactics and personnel beggars belief.
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    I would also like to see Roberts's loan terminated with someone else who can contribute to the first team XI.
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    Apologies for the tangent, but is that pronounced Purp-leo or Purple-o?
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    I'm quite surprised that people seem to be turning on Webber. He should be praised for what he has achieved here and he deserves a bit more trust/patience/faith than what I'm reading on here. Jumping ship as soon as we get relegated? Based on what? I wasn't there but I'm sure his comments weren't intended as some have interpreted them. After the Man City win, he spoke of how much of an advantage that kind of an atmosphere is to the team. I guess he's just trying to encourage the fans to up it a bit.
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    I am with Hoggy, I think it is great to see a local lad playing in the Prem, let alone scoring.......
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