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    A good read and confirmed my belief that Buendia was the best attacking player on the pitch. At times he was unplayable and hurt Leicester with ease. That's the second best team in England by the way. Well played Emi!
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    Without a doubt, but a fire sale is the kind of forced cheap offloading Chase had to do with the likes of Newsome. We will not be in that desperate position, and should generally get good prices and have some control over who goes.
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    The fly in the ointment here is the desires of the players involved. I'd hope that of our current 'desirable' players, they'd all rather play the second half of the season for us in the Premier League than jump ship to play for a relegation rival or warm the bench at a bigger/better club. If we go down, though, those players' desires may change by the summer. It won't be a 'fire sale' because financially we don't need to sell, but if four or five of our players all get offers from top-flight clubs and decide they want to leave, we'd be foolish to stand in their way. We can play hard-ball for the best price, of course, but nine times out of ten when a player and his agent say they want a move and said move is on the table, they get it.
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    Only took you 12 minutes to get your first bite Jobsworth.
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    Yippee, a s hite deal but you don’t care as you’re only a racist nutjob.
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    For me, fire sale suggests selling cheap- I don't see that happening. I do wonder how much of who we would sell if we went down is in our control though.
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    A big part of me now thinks sod them. They deserve all they get. It will affect me a bit but I am reasonably insulated from oncoming harm. I now have more work than I ever had thanks to brexiters willingness to make it harder to trade with Europe, my sectors main competitors being the Netherlands and France.I am reasonably indispensible at work being the only one that can do my specific job (I won't tell them that it is easier than I make out). I also have a couple of potential routes out if things get too stupid and some assets and savings that can cushion any fall for a while.
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    Trying to watch this is torture. If she's the heir apparent she comes across more like a club rep in Magaluf than a potential Prime Minister.
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    No, not the Mayor’s fault either, this was down to the Norwich supporters acknowledging Madders by the corner flag
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    Nice salads in Greece but I don’t think their food is in the top 10 For culinary delights served in Europe.
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    Can't argue with you there Still for both of us I assume it's a purely academic issue, bit like speculating who the next Ipswich manager might be!
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    Surely Idah is behind Denis in the selection stakes and has scored in the Prem not too long ago so I imagine he would be 1st choice replacement. That is what he is there for. To back up Teemu. To talk of putting Marco in his place is not what having reserve strikers is about.
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    I like ol' Stiep' but please god no. However, if needs must, I'll still be cheering the 9/10 shin rollers he dribbles at goal, in the hope that the 1/10 screamer he occasionally hits finds its way off his boot.
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    From a practical perspective, I'd sell Emi- if we go down we're going to be struggling with the EFL homegrown player rules. From a value perspective, I'd sell Aarons- I think we'd get a very good chunk for him and Byram looks more than capable of stepping up.
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    My understanding too, @PurpleCanary. Johnson is going to work tirelessly to ensure that on the 1st February the EU gets everything they asked for in a WA, including the NI/GB border he said no British PM could agree too. So in 2020 the UK has no cards to play. It will be good to see what the EU's negotiating mandate is, because that is the deal he will agree.
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    Because it's counterbalanced by the joy he gets from winding people up on an internet forum
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    A fire sale involves the forced sale of many items at far below the proper price. I don't see either of those criteria being fulfilled.
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    There won't be a fire sale.
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    We don't have all the cards but we have enough to get a deal done !
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    Some things take longer to cook than others.
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    You wrote that? Really? There are hundreds of thousands of youngsters who play a game of football every weekend - so, no, I don't think it's too much to ask a youngster to play a game of football. But you know very well that wasn't what I was talking about!
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    Assuming we get £50m, I'd happily cash in on Godfrey and buy a couple of other CBs who can actually defend set pieces.