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    VAR, balls on the pitch, MOTD, pundits etc etc. The list is almost endless. Christ, we've just got 4 points from 2 games, scored 4 goals, had a clean sheet, achieved our first away win and outplayed the Gunners in what was undoubtably a great game of football. All we've had since Sunday afternoon is endless moaning about how hard done by we are by VAR, how we don't get enough credit on TV and even something as trivial as the bloody ball not being given back at the right time. All of which was either marginal, of no importance or totally insignificant and yet we have 200+ posts in those threads. Meanwhile there's virtually nothing about our fantastic team performance and some great individual performances on Sunday afternoon. What's wrong with you?
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    Okay just watched the highlights on MOTD. Here are my thoughts on the penalty incident; - The initial foul for the FK by McLean was a foul (in contrast to what I thought was a fair challenge at the time). - The penalty was a penalty, small amount of contact not enough to justify Zimmermann sticking his arm out to the ball like that IMO, no complaints there. There is contact like this all the time when FKs / corners are concerned and I wouldn’t like to see fouls given for that on a regular basis. - Retaking the pen because of the encroachment by Aaron’s because he was first to the ball, thus gaining an advantage, unfortunately was the correct decision and I’d go further to say that this rule actually does make sense... This was how I thought the rules should’ve been interpreted in my previous page - that the rules appear to be shown differently online is a separate issue, which clearly this needs addressing. This does also explains why all those penalties provided by canarydan were not retaken. However, this doesn’t change the fact that all the waiting around and confusion is farcical, when watching the games live it is a very different experience to the TV. And I suspect this is what has enraged people (rightly) into ranting on here and wildly swearing at their kids (just kidding). It all just feels so unfair and somehow fixed when you are standing and waiting in the stands. If they aren’t going to get rid then I hope microphones are introduced a la cricket in the future and maybe even show the replays and analysis on the big screens. Keeps everyone understanding in the ground and would stop so much negativity / anger with some explanations as to why decisions have been made... although would maybe create even more when the crowd still doesn’t agree or understand...
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    There was a Muslim guy on telly the other day, one of those protesting about the Anderton Park school LBGT policy. He seemed to like women. "God created woman for man's pleasure!" he opined. Obviously hasn't met my missus
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    Are people really upset by the game not being restarted for the second ball? Really? That is some level of straw clutching! All I’ll say is imagine how incredibly unfair it would’ve been if we were about to score at the emirates, but it was disallowed because one of their fans threw a ball on to an inconsequential area of the pitch after initially holding on to it and wasting time? And FWIW I don’t think we can feel too put out about the encroachment either, the ref made it clear pre-penalty, Aarons was clearly in the box and first to it. That he would’ve made it there first anyway without the encroachment is irrelevant to the decision unfortunately, you could say that about any marginal offside ‘he would’ve got there first anyway’ etc. It would be a very confusing way to make decisions.. Think we all need to take off our yellow and green glasses and calm down a bit.
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    The BBC though shouldn’t care about how many Arsenal supporters there are v Norwich supporters. They should instead be providing a balanced view and analysis of what happened in the game. Like how good the Arsenal keeper was for example, how well Arsenal pressed Norwich at the beginning of each half, and how Norwich exploited the Arsenal defensive weaknesses and turned the screw in the latter stages of the game. In the US all I heard was Arsenal’s problem is they don’t have a settled center back pair and it’s tough to build anything without that - well duh, what do you think we have experienced so far this season then? Of course that fact was not mentioned at all, just that we had not spent as much money as Villa and Sheff U.
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    .....but it never ceases to amaze how the football machine is so anti the lower clubs. The VAR decision on Aarons was laughable, he hadn't even got his right foot down in the penalty area when the ball was kicked. Would that have happened if it had been the other way round....no. Then on MOTD 8 minutes of dissecting how bad Arsenal were then less than 2 minutes of minutes of talk about Norwich in a match that on balance we were the better team. That's life as a smaller club, bias bias, bias towards the big clubs. Stinks.
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    How the hell can it be his record? He has never been in power. All the terrorists who have been released were on the Tories watch. It doesn't matter who brought the law in. If you don't like it, revoke it. Did you work out all those silly points yourself or did you get them from Guido or some other Tory Lie Machine. Just look at the dates. The number of police officers in England and Wales fell by 20,600 between March 2010 and March 2019, down to 123,200 officers (126,300 including those from the British Transport Police and those on secondment). As well as plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange in 2012, Khan and eight accomplices planned to build a terrorist training camp on land in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir owned by his family. Usman Khan was British so freedom of EU movement doesn't apply Our security co-operation arrangements with EU neighbours are essential for our safety. If the British people confirm their decision to leave, we will prioritise agreement of a new UK-EU Security Treaty. That is from Labour's manifesto, something you haven't read We will rebuild the whole police workforce, recruiting more police officers, police community support officers and police staff. We will re-establish neighbourhood policing and recruit 2,000 more frontline officers than have been planned for by the Conservatives. We will work with police forces to invest in a modern workforce to tackle the rise in violent crime and cybercrime under the Tories. To deliver these priorities, Labour will work with police and crime commissioners to reform police funding and share new resources fairly, and to ensure that local needs are met. So resources for the police will be shared fairly In fact all in all, all the bullshine you have published is from the establishment who wish to keep the status quo and protect their own self interests, their pensions and their egos. And you faithfully toe the old party line without the ability to question or think for yourself. The vote is wasted on you.
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    To the simplest of points here - presuming you have a laptop, all you need is a HDMI cable to attach it to your TV - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/storefront?filterId=OFFER_FILTER=PRIME << All the games are flagged up quite clearly. You don't need a firestick to watch on TV, just a cable to link your laptop to TV.
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    What really niggled me was Aubameyang doing his somersault after scoring a penalty (a free shot at goal from 12 yards) and missing miserably the first time. What next? Sliding on his knees after winning the toss?
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    The only explanation is that he is an excellent, intelligent coach, and his team are doing a consistently impressive job.
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    Just noticed Amazon are offering the Fire Stick for £19.99 but delivery is 11th December !!! So definitely Argos looking a better bet for Wednesday. My advice is don't leave setting it up until the last minute unlike a "friend of mine"...
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    Reminded me of Tetty's debut. Bit (occasionally very) ropey on the ball, but clearly has an important role in any team as a destroyer. I'm also confused as to how anyone but the Mayor could have been voted MoM yesterday. Finely taken goal from Todd, but asides from that, Mclean was miles ahead of everyone today for me - including the arsenal players.
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    Personal, so I like others hope everything is ok.
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    Zimmerman was better than 5.5. Made one mistake in an otherwise disciplined, authoritative display. Harsh. Amadou made one equally big mistake yet gets a 7. He had a fantastic 2nd half but the first he was a bit all over the place at times, simply roaming to wherever the ball happened to be. Midfield cut through too easily because of it. Seemed much more disciplined after half time and was much quicker at pressing and in the tackle than everyone else. Overall some good signs.
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    Who in the country gives a t*ss about Arsenal? North Londoners? I certainly don't and I don't think that many people around the country do, they have been underperforming for years and it is staid, stale punditry and guff from the BBC that gives us the likes of that ex-Arsenal defender who's name escapes me on a programme where he talks about the "good old days" when he played for Arsenal. Shearer is the same. If only they would ring the changes a bit more, get more variety of pundits in with a more balanced approach, they might get a bit more credit for their programmes.
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    Let's be honest, Joe Public is more interested in Arsenal than Norwich, so it's only natural that the national media talks more about the bigger clubs than the smaller ones. If you want a Norwich-centred report then you need to read the local stuff.
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    They got there in the end. Man U still useless unfortunately.
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    It occurred to me yesterday just how much Farke has confounded us with the way that individual players have consistently defied expectations and stepped up to new levels. Obviously some players just weren't going to cut it - Franke, Husband and Watkins spring to mind - but so many other players have started poorly, looked out of their depth, and then gone on to play a vital role. Vrancic, Stiepermann, McLean, Srbeny, Cantwell, Tettey... all players whose place in the team (or even the squad) has been questioned, and they've all come through to make important contributions. I'm not saying that none of the criticism was justified at the time - I for one was constantly beseeching Farke to drop the useless Vrancic from our midfield in the first half of the 2017/8 season, for example. But what I've really noticed is how we keep adjusting and stepping up as a squad. We're incredibly lucky to have Daniel at the helm, and now we've got through the worst of our injury problems (touch wood!) we look set to have a real tilt at staying in this league against the odds.
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    Love the way everyone’s completely ignored the point of the OP Can someone just confirm already: is Rosenborg a genetically-engineered flower breed or not?
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    Honest to God I thought this was about some sort of court case when I saw the title.
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    Preston away. Might be able to make that game. Both games I've been to at Preston we've lost as well. Including Neil Adams last game in charge.
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    I'm up for the one or two appeals per game from each coach approach that has been mentioned. That works fine in the NFL. They way VAR is operating now is just silly.
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    And a beautiful corner of the Emerald isle.
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    This is a fake account - the Guardian has ALREADY forced it be removed "Pretending to be Guardian columnist" It is however clearly targeted at those too dumb to realize (the lowest decile) who simply lap it unquestionably up and copy. The real question is as to your motives in looking up up this deceitful rubbish in the first place! If you are going to be voice for this kind of fake news it really is time you departed this site.
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    It's all pointless, the Suffolk Socialists have ordered the coach and the squad to not have a cup run as the boy Vince keeps telling us but NONE OF YOU EVER LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think the closest to me is Bristol City or Forest Green Rovers away, so I'm hoping for them. Opps ! forgot Bristol Rovers
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    Terrorist events do not take place in Poland or Hungary because these countries do not admit these people into the country Probably because their foreign policy isn't sticking their noses into places they shouldn't. We no longer have the resources to think we are a power. It just this old romantic notion of Britain. Just like the old tabloid headlines. But while we stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA every time we become a target ourselves.
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    This is the root of problem with populist right wing - they jump at simple answers to complex issues. It always amuses me when some (not all) Brexiters talk of the 'Commonwealth' by example for immigration by which they mean Canada, Australia, NZ etc - but fail to completely realise that 94% of the Commonwealth by population is India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh (and other Africa / Asian countries). Neither do they grasp that many of these peoples that have indeed moved to the UK, encouraged at the time to fill job shortages, are now as legally British as you and me. It is the result of Empire. That some of these people have not integrated as well as would like and are gullible/susceptible to religious extremism (a bit like the the UK 400 years ago) is an issue which is why on balance I generally prefer European immigration as culturally similar rather than further afield for our unskilled jobs. That doesn't appear however to fit with a Brexiter argument! As to Eastern Europe - we will have to turn a blind eye to their bloody relatively recent history and concerns as to human rights even today (and yes they do still have terrorism and ISIS recruits) - the pogroms - some of my sadly now long passed family walking from Odessa to the UK as very young children. Some of us don't realise how lucky we are to live in a tolerant, decent and above all thoughtful society.
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    If we go down, we won't sign him. Only way we probably will is if we stay up. Which is another reason fans who constantly say "OI PREFER THE CHAMPIONSHIP OI DO BUH. LET'S GOO BACK THERE" drive me absolutely insane. I think the quoted fee was around 10.5 million.
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    All a bit desperate now, isn't it?
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    By the letter of the law - not the Video Assistant to Relegate smaller clubs new rule that I assume has not been sanctioned by FIFA and UEFA an Arsenal player is also encroaching, therefore an indirect free kick to us. Was there any need for Aaron’s to clear the ball ? If we had just let the Arsenal player score following their logic the save would have stood and no retake. They are making up their own rules as they go along. I wonder if this rule change has been communicated to the clubs and managers or if the EPL just think they can change UEFA and FIFA rules as they see fit.
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    Keeping the ball to slow the game down is a valid tactic, I agree. Throwing the ball onto the pitch to stop the game during play is not, and this is something we seriously need to nip in the bud before fans start getting ideas. And the fact that nobody saw it- players included- is exactly why play shouldn't have been stopped.
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    Let's be honest, had an Arsenal fan lobbed a ball onto the pitch when Pukki was lining up his shot for the first goal and the referee disallowed it, we'd be absolutely furious. Idiots throwing balls onto the pitch in order to stop the game when their team is in danger shouldn't be rewarded, or teams/subs/fans would do it all the time and the game would become a farce. The ref was right to ignore it.
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    I haven't seen anyone do this for a few weeks. Where did you see it?
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    Yes, all you'll need is an Amazon Fire stick, about £20 from Argos or similar. We use ours for iPlayer too, we find the interface much better than through our Youview box.
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    Download the prime app straight to your tv. It will then be obvious from the interface as they will flag up the football. Edit I just read the op again. Your controller will have smart button if it is a smart tv, otherwise a Firestick will do it.
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    Er... Yep was stupid but hardly responsible for poor defending. To hold that person responsible is idiotic.
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    It's the basic appeal to the masses. If Brazil lost to Estonia (for example) I doubt we'd be seeing much about how good Estonia were.
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    Another week, another peach of a goal from Todd Cantwell...............
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    The Mayor was MOM by a country mile.
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    And again I'll ask, were the referees wrong with every single other missed penalty this season when a defender had encroached, as demonstrated a few posts back?
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    I think they scored because the scorer stood in 10 square yards of the penalty area all by himself and the ball arrived at his feet. The extra ball in no way intereferred with anything that went on, or didn't go on, in the penalty area.
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    Nothing better than wandering down and voting on the day. You can even abstain in person
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    Was it Amadou who blocked Arsenals last shot right near the end?? I was at other end but just saw the ball perfectly rolling out to the Arsenal player to stroke home, I think I even squealed expecting a goal!
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    Wow, if you are coaching ' grassroots ' ....as in kids, then I hope your pitch side manner is less volatile than your online persona. Take a chill pill, maybe two.
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    Oh, it didn't affect the play, OK then. And Krul would never have saved the penalty if it wasn't for Aarons being a foot inside the box, as defenders are for every penalty since the days of Adam and ****ing Eve. And if you're getting **** about the rules that sideshow Bob lookalike has his hand almost on Zimmermann's tackle, without that push he doesn't handball, a foul by the letter of the law but not given else you'd give twenty a game. Likewise you don't give encroachment because they'd never be a saved penalty ever again. You know 100% that if the tables were turned then we don't get a penalty retake.
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    Yes. Early on seemed to be in positions he wasn't supposed to but a top second half and showed that he doesn't mind getting forward either.
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    The light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little bit brighter every week now
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