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    Tettey's out for personal reasons, which is a bit of a worry. I hope his family's all OK.
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    They want to, but first they have to get a removal order....................... there's a dishevelled old bloke who hides in there with a long lens camera trying to get photos of the player's wives and girlfriends ...... (allegedly).
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    The article explains why they've been chosen. I think you're getting a bit hung up on the title 'superfan', it's just a bit of hyperbole which advertisers like to use to get publicity. When we sing "we're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen" I don't think anyone thinks "But are we though?".
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    Time for the death penalty to be introduced for terrorism That would work with suicide bombers. You cannot and will not accept that the bloke was sentenced and released on the Tories watch. You really need therapy about your Corbyn fetish. It really is worrying. To try and blame yesterday's or any other events on Labour when Corbyn has never been in power to orchestrate British Foreign policy is inexcusable and just disgraceful. All the events go further than you really can understand.
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    I speak German and have read the Kicker article and a few more that came up in a google search. At the moment this is pure speculation. Kicker is a highly respected magazine, if they said it was happening I'd believe it, but the Kicker article that started this is just a "what if" article. The title probably gives the tone: "Warum nicht einer wie Farke?": "Why not someone like Farke?". The writer of the article reckons Dortmund need someone who knows the club, who can give the club a defined way of playing and implement that across the teams etc etc and then suggests that someone like Farke would fit the bill. There's not even a hint that this is about to happen. A couple of other articles pick the idea up, but conclude that Farke, who likes it in Norwich, wouldn't leave us mid season, and perhaps not until his contract is out in 2022. He seems to be viewed as honourable. Odd concept in football, that. I've always thought Farke will manage Dortmund one day. And his comments to us about his feelings for Norwich are carefully worded to leave open the possibility of joining Dortmund one day: "Norwich will always be my home in England" and "My heart is yellow". And I wouldn't begrudge him leaving, if that's what happens one day, he's done enough here. And, yes, articles like the Kicker one can develop a life of their own, but at the moment, there is no suggestion that I can see in the German media that this is remotely imminent.
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    I think someone wishes he was in the advert with his scampi loving mate
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    Thank you Empty Mirror. It's great to have a poster who speaks more than one language, especially when some posters seem to struggle with their first language.
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    I think most of us already think you’re a great guy Daniel. We are very lucky and in years to come I think we’ll look back on this period with immense pride and fondness. Make the most of him while we have him I think.
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    He was awful, but I liked him.
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    There was a fair old turnout tonight and I was very grateful that my old workmate Roger Smith had saved me a seat close to the front and everyone appeared to be in good spirits. Fortunately for the Board we got the points on Saturday else the mood of the shareholders might not have been so friendly. The early business was concluded quite quickly with both Stephan Phillips and MWJ been re-elected to the Board unopposed. Ben Dack then gave us a rundown on the finances most of which you will know from reading the accounts. A few of the points I picked up on were as follows. Last years income was £36.5 million while this years income will be £126 million but costs will go up from £42 to £81 million. Ben stressed the point about the increases in players contracts and their promotion bonus. The losses of £33 million this season should turn into a profit of £16 million next season. Zoe Ward next gave us an overview of what they had been doing regarding the training ground upgrade and the first phase of The Nest. We also had the now customary promotional video showing the players enjoying the new facilities and the community work now going on at The Nest. Good to see our club at the forefront of this sort of thing. Zoe stated that the object was to make the club one of the top 26 in the country and thus recognising the difficulty of permanent Premier membership. Questions were fairly routine stuff for us regular attendees. Money for transfers, Ground expansion, Sponsorship deals and are we selling anyone in January just about covers it. There will be money available should we need someone in the window but Stuart Webber was obviously cagey about how much and of course the usual mantra about not needing to sell with the observation that of course everyone has a price. So nothing we didn't know or suspect already. Somebody had a moan about the shirt sponsorship and various other commercial failings but was quickly silenced by Ben Kensall's claim that commercial income had increased by 83%. Mr Kensall also said that there would be an announcement on away membership some time before Xmas. Daniel was asked about VAR and largely said what most of us think. There are some good and bad points that need to be ironed out but we must try to keep stoppages to the minimum. The main point of interest for me was that there now seems to be some serious thought going into ground expansion. The recent purchase of two strips of ground, (one alongside the main stand and the other behind the Barclay) make it possible to begin to plan for developments on that larger footprint. Ben Kensell stressed that this was still very much long term with all the usual caveats about Premiership money etc etc. Call me a pessimist but I doubt very much if we are talking about anything starting within 3-5 year timescale. However for those expansionists among us it is a straw to cling to.
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    I’d go with: Krul Aarons Zimmermann Godfrey Byram Amadou Trybull Hernandez McLean Cantwell Pukki
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    Murderers on Timberhill or Wig & Pen on Palace Plain.
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    I've heard BMG are the most accurate of pollsters.
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    EU referendum voting intention: Remain: 52% (+1) Leave: 48% (-1)
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    ComRes 43/33 Opinium 46/31 BMG 39/33
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    Something I've heard from someone who is in a position to know.
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    Lewis is back, so do you think Byram has earned his starting berth, or does Jamal walk straight back in? I hope Byram gets the nod as he's earned his right to start, else sends out the wrong message that some are automatic starters regardless of performance. Jamal and Max are great at getting forward, but Sam's a better defender Think we'll need a stronger defence against Arsenal tomorrow
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    BMG poll apparently lead now cut to just 6%. Lots of dummies being spat out (and not just the ones on here).
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    So yet another trial finishes and no-one can be found to take the full blame. I understand the families will never be able to get over it, but surely to goodness this has to end now. No more trials, no more attempts to find a culprit. We all know the decisions that were taken, we all know who was invloved and we know pretty much exactly what happened - and no one person can be found to take the ultimate blame....presumably because there isn't one. Yes, the person in charge on the day is the obvious choice, but then he should not have been put in charge with his lack of experience, so the responsibility is disspiated into someone higher up the chain who put him in charge and then on up the chain...... It was plainly a collection of sorry circumstances that led to the tragedy and many lessons have been learned from it, but it was thirty years ago and everything is known about it that can be known. Never forgotten, because of the horror of the occasion - and it is plain that complacency should never happen in planning the policing of sporting events - but the continual turmoil is doing no good for anyone. So shouldn't it now be allowed to rest?
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    A Superfan is someone who supports and follows the team to just the extent I do. Less is laziness and more is showing off.
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    I apologize if I have offended anyone with my comments about not going overboard, but that is what I believe is happening. This is not “a major terror incident” which is the reason the BBC will apparently now allow the PM to appear in a weekend interview without committing to an Andrew Neil interview. If we are really interested in finding out about the government policies around monitored release and what went wrong here why not ask the Home Sec? Governments must focus on the big issues and as tragic as this event was, what we are doing in Syria, what we are doing about those Brits who went to fight in a Jihad, what we are doing about maintaining gun controls, whether we can control the spread of nuclear arms, the price of insulin and other life saving drugs, the state of our economy and reducing global warming are exponentially more likely to affect the number of lives at risk from “incidents” than inspecting our navel over what the police / prison service could have done to prevent this week’s knife attack. The overboard I refer to is this will now become the platform for a “tough on crime” campaign to distract from debate on all those issues, with accusations of “open borders encourages more terrorists” when we all know it is a complete lie, one of the people who fought the attacker being a Polish chef. There are good and bad people all over the world, the policy must be to constrain the bad, demonizing people based on faith, race or geography is where political charlatans go.
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    that won´t stop Islamic extremists, dying is part of it for them
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    Thanks Rob, you're a I think we have a great chance of adding to the pot with these. I placed them to our best advantage and we have.. Rangers £5 Bet 365 1/5 £6.00 Pukki to score £5 Bet 365 13/10 £11.50 Not forgetting PUPAnon's insurance... Norwich to lose £2 Bet 365 3/4 £3.50 Draw £1 Bet 365 10/3 £4.33 And I found a fiver down the sofa near where mrs nutty sits Over 3.5 goals £1 Bet 365 1/1 £2.00 Ben Godfrey anytime £1 Bet 365 12/1 £13.00 Tom Trybull card £1 Bet 365 3/1 £4.00 Parma’s bet builder £1 Bet 365 22/1 £23.00 Norwich to win £1 Bill Hill 10/3 £4.33 Good luck Rob and of course our beloved Canaries
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    With respect Surfer I doubt that you or I know if relatives of people who die in car crashes are going through the same emotions or not. Being brutally murdered in the street for, presumably political reasons, by a person totally unknown to you is very different thing to come to terms with than an accident. Attributing reasons, almost tacit justification, to this man's actions, such as the invasion of Turkey is looking to shift the blame away. It quite simply needs to be condemned, which you haven't done, and maybe understanding that phrases such as "going overboard" on the day that it happened are likely to be looked at as insensitive, at the least.
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    That's some serious **** about face thinking there RTB. You cheer the far-right, authoritarian National Socialist style governments of Hungary and Poland while blaming all the Germans for the rise of National Sociaists in Germany. You cheer hate preachers like Robinson and Hopkins while decrying the hate preachers of Islam. You bemoan the fact that this "man" has been let out of jail while cheering the government that has been in charge of the justice system for nearly a decade. And who are the "lefties" trying to "shut down discussion"?
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    I didn't say that it was, I suggested that it could be. And we don't know the motivation behind The Hague and Paris incidents yet. Your attack on Corbyn is beyond reason, which come as no surprise.... but it might be a good idea not to make public knowledge the stupidity of thought behind accusing people who disagree with you would be voting with the ****'s if they could.
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    I would also suggest that the disgusting portrayal of the fans after the event, has led to the need to clear the names of the innocent.. it also lead to the ignorant carrying on that myth
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    Good evening pups, happy Friday Thanks for all the picks it has helped a lot, as usual I’ve checked the form and league positions and finally come up with a final 6. So fingers crossed CHELSEA v West Ham ,home win LEICESTER v Everton ,home win JUVENTUS v sassulo , home win UTRECHT v rkc waalwijk , home win INTER v spal , home win BLACKPOOL v Maidstone , home win (my pick) Only one game Saturday and I think the other 5 on Sunday my suggestion for the Norwich bet is PUKKI first goal hopefully it’s a good weekend
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    Not trying to make any particular point for or against here, just adding feelings. I have lived on Tyneside almost continuously since 1969 and regularly stood on the terraces at Sid James and Joker Park. My two sons were born here and despite my best efforts are natural Newcastle supporters and Mackem mockers, although they retain a warmth for their Dad’s club. As with myself (born into a Forces family and waking up to football when a kid in Norfolk), their club chose them, they didn’t choose their club. But they have never caught the match day bug because their formative years were in the days of Keegans’ Entertainers, before the big ground expansions, and even if I could have got tickets I could not possibly afford to take my boys to the game. Retired, I now have the time and money to go two or three times a season, with or without them and friends. To do so I have a club membership (free) so as to buy the tickets. I’ve just been on line and if I felt like it I could buy tickets right now in many parts of the ground for tomorrow’s game – ok it’s lunchtime and on tv, but this is The Champions of England coming to town. Even on the box anyone can see the holes in the crowd at Newcastle these days and a businessman friend who has held four season tickets for many years for corporate entertainment has cancelled them because of Ashley. Nowadays my boys enjoy the match if and when, but in truth can take it or leave it. Newcastle cannot fill the stadium without consistently good performances or vitally important fixtures. Many times their stadium is too big whereas we can near fill our stadium come what may, which suggests our stadium is a bit too small. I’m sure there are youngsters in Norfolk who love football but will never get into the match day habit and modest expansion rather than a potentially soul destroying mega-build could fix that. Ok, I think I am making a point!!!!
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    Isn't a man who played for them, even winning a European cup with them,currently occupying a near top spot in the league that he manages in. He's probably hovering over his phone right now, waiting for that call.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50578098 Position Club Division D G T Points 1 Exeter City League Two 55 65 50 170 2 AFC Wimbledon League One 45 65 60 170 3 Doncaster Rovers League One 70 65 30 165 4 Carlisle United League Two 60 65 35 160 5 Wycombe Wanderers League One 45 65 50 160 6 Lincoln City League One 60 50 40 150 7 Norwich City Premier League 60 45 30 135 8 Reading Championship 70 25 30 125 9 Portsmouth League One 55 45 25 125 10 Cambridge United League Two 55 50 20 125 Why can't we be Exeter City. Congrats to all involved, ACN, BEN, NCFSC etc.
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    Byram has to keep his place, as does McLean, so I'd go with that Darth. Hopefully Amadou will show his class in midfield. At last!!
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    She obviously is so i expect season tickets to be free next season.
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    The warning signs were clear at Hillsborough; It was a potentially (more) dangerous ground. This is Wolves v Tottenham Hotspur at Hillsborough... in 1981.
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    Not really. It was a recognition of reality in that if we can't be a permanent member of the Premiership we need to be at least challenging in the top 6 of the Championship. I realise that doesn't please everybody but it fairly reflects our historical status.
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    Firstly, today is awful news for the families of the 96 who have suffered unimaginable pain and grief for too long. After all the recent momentum, closure looked close. However, I agree with the outcome. I believe the tragedy was the result of a chain of events, that started before well before the actual day of the disaster. The FA, the local council, the body awarding Hillsborough's safety certificate, Sheffield Wednesday FC.... the list goes on. To prosecute one person for the failings of many just doesn't seem right, no matter how desperate the families of the victims are. How could anyone reasonably expect the Police Commander that day to make the right call in what was ultimately an unprecedented situation, that was escalating at an alarming rate? I believe he tried to do the right thing in a whirlwind of panic and chaos. Liverpool fans were not to blame. But they did contribute. However, the outcome is likely the same which ever clubs supporters were there that day.
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    The jury heard the evidence and gave their verdict.
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