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    Little tip for anyone doing the free trial, I believe it's a month trial: Be aware that our game at Villa Park is also on Prime on boxing day, Southampton is on the 4th, so start your trial AFTER 26th November to make sure you're still in it for the Villa game too
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    You can always look back over a season and say what if one specific thing happened differently, but that’s football. It usually balances out over the season, depending on how good you are. Im more interested in the teams above us anyway. Finishing 18th but eight points of clear of Watford is less important than finishing 17th regardless of how many points Watford have got. The Boxing Day Villa game and the game against Southampton are huge games. I quite fancy us to nick a point or three from Arsenal as well.
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    Agreed, I genuinely don't understand the point - I think there's a massive misunderstanding of what Cantwell offers. Vrancic is a fantastic, languid midfielder, but almost the polar opposite of Cantwell as a player.
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    Superb away day, absolutely up there with some of the best. To a man we were committed, but disciplined, with a game maturity rarely seen. We had a plan today, and it was executed perfectly. The away fans were in full voice, and fully supported the players. There was a connection, and both bounced off each other. Felt great, just like last season and the start of this. Special mention to Kenny McLean and Sam Byram. Kenny has had a lot of criticism, myself included, but in the more advanced role he was really effective and his workrate epitomised the team as a whole today. Byram is as good a defender as Godfrey and Zimm. Perhaps not quite as good offensively as Lewis or Aaron’s, although that can be debated after some of his advances today, but he’s a better defender and I think we need that more right now. He has to keep his place. Brilliant day. Leicester next for me, hopefully. OTBC.
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    .......................and not just the brain dead Cantwell critics but the somewhat larger group of brain dead NCFC critics
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    The game has been moved because Sheff Utd's game on Prime is on the Thursday night.
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    ...except Steiperman doesnt win any headers ...or havent you been paying attention you f#cking imbecilic moron?
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    I've watched every minute of every game this season and Todd has been worthy of criticism based on recent performances but today he is worthy of praise. He made some errors in the first half but was awesome in the second and after his goal, he was absolutely everywhere on the pitch. If you compare with Buendia; he has also received criticism for his errors and was dropped to the bench. That's good for him at this stage and will help his development in the long term. The same is true for Todd, he has had a couple of games on the bench and it has paid dividends with an accomplished performance today.
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    Just home from Goodison, haven’t enjoyed a match so much since Wembley , great performance, superb commitment, Zimbo was massive, a big piece of the jigsaw back! Fans tremendous, great singing , highly positive from word go. Even forgive Everton’s worst toilets in the top 4 divisions. Felt victory in my water this morning and had a punt at 13/2 - icing on the cake. ( king canary not even a exclamation mark insight - must have been a good day)
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    Match of the Day singled Cantwell out for individual praise - Shearer was waxing lyrical about his performance.
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    Let us know if he posts anything about peculiar incomprehensible visitors from the east...
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    Being super critical, Cantwell struggled first half. He didn’t offer much, but did work hard and held better defensive discipline when not in possession, which should be recognised as an improvement. Second half though, he played very well, impacted the game in a very positive manner, and took his goal brilliantly. I’m putting it out there though, I’d still rather Emi or Vrancic. Sorry!
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    Now Srbeny is firing we can let Pukki move on
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    Allison Person interviewing Kate Hoey on The Labour Party is the equivalent of Myra Hindley interviewing Rose West on childcare
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    Makes today even more surprising!
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    Very well taken goal. Thought Teemu also did brilliantly to slip the ball through under pressure.
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    Loved Kevin Reeves and the lad in the foreground is Ginger from Wisbech a top lad.
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    Hes gone from not looking out of place at Sloughbottom park to scoring in the best league in the world. Makes you think...
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    He`s a young lad giving his all for City, played well today. The best players in the world make mistakes, Cantwell is a gifted young player and has probably received some unfair criticism. Yes sometimes he loses the ball, makes a bad pass etc but he has a certain quality about him. Some of our boys are very young and will only get better. We should support them not knock them.
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    Lucky he was on the bench instead of Sloughbottom park.
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    Where's Ginger now?
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    From when Tom was first mentioned I assume the plan is by the time it's handed over Tom will have had what, 10 years maybe? I presume in that 10 years he'll have shadowed and worked with a multitude of people in and around football (Webber included) and I guess the aim is he'll have a good grounding into what owning a football club entails. Which to be fair would be significantly more experience than a lot of the foreign buyers who are "first time" club purchasers. Whether that additional experience of being able to watch the running of a football club for a century is better than someone coming in with a 100 million quid, remains to be seen of course.
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    Aye, I don't mind people coming up with solutions to our problems but the revisionism gets on my wick.
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    No hogesar what i said was that if he was playing at Sloughbottom Park on a Sunday morning you would not look twice. That is my opinion and i will stick with that if you don't mind. His first touch is not good and he has no pace of any note unlike a few talented Thursday and Sunday league players i have watched.