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    I have no idea whether Labour's internet plan is feasible and/or economically sound, but it really is beyond hilarious to see Tories/Brexiters nationally and on this forum complaining that this is an unfounded and unrealisable promise. I try not to do whataboutery (being able to destroy Brexit arguments quite easily without resorting to such tactics) but honestly it would be obtuse not to in this instance. The entire case for Brexit as put forward by the Leave campaigns and now by Johnson as a PM trying to win an election to make Brexit happen has been one gargantuan lie from the outset. And a lie that will scr*w the UK economy for years to come. Against that, one possibly overblown commitment on one sector of UK life hardly adds up to a hill of beans by comparison.
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    it reminds of the advice for cooking sausages "pr ick with fork "
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    Oh dear! Hint: If you want to lead a life less frustrating, I'd suggest never looking at FB footie groups!
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    I'm know he wasn't with us long but Dean Ashton has to be up there. He pretty much had it all except blistering pace. What a career he could have had ,had he not been struck by such a serious injury.
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    Just surreal feeling here in Finland. Been following national team actively since late 80s, watching most of the games during years. So often starting qualifiers with big dreams and dose of hope, going through times of despair. And finally the dreams came true. In Finland, this qualifying was often referred as the dream of generations. Today it felt so real when I was watching the match with my father and my children (only on tv though, as could not manage to get ticket).
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    Every Party can be accused of meaningless soundbites, ya daft *****. All you ever think about is getting free stuff at the expense of people who've done better than you. You would feel less bitter and much better about yourself if you aspired to something in life that didn't render your days relying on government subsidies.
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    Obviously the byword or phrase is "embrace the future". The one filled with uncertainty. The one that despite a vote to leave was held up because of the ERG and Irish Tories. Squeak as much as you like RTB and Jools, your lot fcuked it right up. And you haven't got the manners, the decency to admit it. Three and a half years and now you are saying people are fed up and want something done. But just like the arrogant, smug attitude that prevails, it was someone else's fault. Corbyn, Delia, Mike Riley, Todd Cantwell, anyone but your elected mates. Lower than a snake's belly.
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    "Mice are not, as is commonly assumed on Earth, small white squeaking animals who spend a lot of time being experimented on. In fact, they are the protrusions into our dimension of hyper-intellegent pan-dimensional beings. These beings are in fact responsible for the creation of the Earth."
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    Jamal is (IMO) easily in the top 3 performers for us this season. I couldn't understand the crowd getting on his back when he had to play it back to retain possession. Watford had 10 men behind the ball, at least two of which were cutting off the passing route down the line and more players cutting off the route into central midfield. What were they expecting him to do, dribble past 3 players before making a pass? I doubt Messi would have fancied it most of those situations. Disclaimer: This message was brought to you by the 'Keep The Faith' membership group, and sponsored by Nigel Worthington.
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    Magic Grandpa Praises Privatised Italian Railway It’s rail nationalisation day on Labour’s grid, and to get the train rolling Magic Grandpa put out a shiny video comparing the UK’s rail network to Europe’s; where according to Magic Grandpa the trains are cheaper, better faster and there’s no gravy train for shareholders. Undermining Magic Grandpa's messaging, however, was his use of footage of the super-fast Italian train, Italo – the country’s new privately-owned and operated high-speed rail service… Presumably, Magic Grandpa will also be avoiding mentioning UK fares are the second cheapest in Europe when booked in advance and far more frequent. First class fact-checking… November 18, 2019 at 10:30 am
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    The latest siidetrack to the ongoing discussion ref investors, with old financial discussions being rolled out only goes to prove how careful we must be with the money we DO actually have. As Hoggo clearly pointed out , neither method provides guarantees of success. What I am pretty sure of is that if we gave it the bigun, moneywise.....and it failed, there would be massive calls for whoever was at the helm to be hung, drawn and quartered . . . quite possibly by those calling for investment and spending. It's very easy to call for change , not so easy to sort it out if it goes titsup. The path chosen by those who are actually taking responsibility for running the club is much less risky. If I owned a reasonably successful football club that I loved , no way would I sell out to anyone, I'd pass it on to a relative if possible. That's what most people would do with almost any property wholly owned and paid for . It's not as if Delia and Michael need the dosh to pay for retirement/ nursing home which is the dilemma a lot of people face nowadays . God luck to em , and best wishes to Tom when he takes over , let's give him a chance .
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    Why are you so convinced that full fibre is necessary with 5G networks coming that can transmit huge amounts of data at high speeds? Depends where you live. Landline and full fibre is essential where I live. Wireless is not conducive to granite homes and BT tekkies told me wireless is affected by most things you have running in the house. And to say that something has doubled doesn't mean anything if the original figure was small. There has been no excuse for this nation to be so far behind with our set up and finance. It is clearly the importance of BT to its shareholders first that is the problem. When I was having fibre put in, and could n't get a firm date for it, I contacted BT several times and was told they had nothing to do with OpenReach as they were separate companies, even though their vans said it was and shortly after, they were told to split the companies. Innovation happens and it won't be held up because a company is publicly owned. I agree a court case could hold things up but that shouldn't make it an obstacle. However I do believe that energy and the trains need to be nationalised before BT.
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    I don't think we'll sell any current first team players in Jan. Simple as that.
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    As pointed out on twitter, not only is he lying about the time - "Local residents" means "cronies from the local Tory party"
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    Whatever happened to the truth? Why did we stop caring about it? Meanwhile Dominic Raab tweets another lie or he has the power to make it light at 06:30hrs, you can decide.
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    I think the fact you're having to focus purely on one of those names (who has a bit of a chequered past with Cardiff fans as it is) kind of backs up Nuttys point rather than refutes it.
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    I went to bed at halftime of the Eagles Pats game expecting a close result. I didn't expect to wake up and see we didn't score a point in the second half. Awful performance by the Eagles offence.
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    If only he could achieve promotion eh?
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    This year in Finland the presents will not be bought by Joulupukki (Santa) but Teemupukki. He should bring us some too.
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    I’d like to spend an evening with Holly Willoughby. I’m realistic enough to know it will never happen, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t got any ambition to.
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    Well, it is a fact that no-one has made an offer since the company became a PLC, which I think was around 2000, so since we had spells in the new-era mega-rich Premier League, became debt-free and started selling out the ground, and with the land for stadium expansion. As to potential buyers being put off from making an offer by 'impossible' conditions, there are two points. One fan's impossible conditions are another's highly sensible safeguards against charlatans and asset strippers. Secondly, anyone really serious about buying the club would hardly be put off anyway. If the conditions really were designed to put off even genuine buyers, then making an offer and publicising the absurdity of the restrictions, along with a detailed and costed explanation of the planned deal, would win fans over (in a way Cullum never did) and force S&J to take it seriously.