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    Sad occasion for my first ever post . My first Norwich hero . As a little boy I was lucky enough to sometimes go in the players lounge after games with my Dad . Dad was popular with the players as he worked for the then Norwich Brewery Company/Watneys and many of them had an eye on taking a pub when they retired , although I don’t think Dunc did . He’d always come over with a drink for me and say hello and ask me what I thought of the game . And as he approached he’d always roar “Duck , low flying haggis !” . Got me every time ! Wonderful man , great memories . Cheers Duncan Forbes . Bless your heart. RIP .
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    A huge number of people in this country share their views. About 52% at a guess
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    To be fair the issue youre referring to isnt "women commentators" it's simply bad commentators. Of which there are men and women. However, I do understand and partially agree that there is reason to believe positive discrimination has led to female commentators getting to commentate on big matches before theyve really proven themselves elsewhere.
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    Stupid and inaccurate post which helps nothing and noone. As for Lazio, club punishment seems the only option left.
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    That you would attempt to describe 17.4 million people of this country as being Neo-N azis demonstrates both your lack of intelligence and vileness of your character. That KickItOff would 'like' your post is of no surprise. But do carry on, because the more you try to paint normal people as something they are not, it just stiffens our resolve to see the that the democratic process is safeguarded against the likes of you.
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    So we have BJ voted in as leader primarily on a promise to get us out of the EU in the 31 Oct. A single objective upon which he will spectacularly fail and his whole Cabinet now having to scramble to try and ameliorate his failure. We then have Steptoe who faced with one of the weakest governments in history has his own party squabbling about whether they want an election. Whatever next?
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    That doesn't happen me as my wife like to ask daft questions during the game. It's just like being in the River End.
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    Bring back Barry Davies. Best football commentator ever.
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    Oh god, here we go...
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    This has not been said. As TVB said the OP could have made his point better and the thread title is misleading. I don't think the commentary was the best last night when Lacazette missed a shot simply saying "And that's why he hasn't been getting in the team" was clearly pure guesswork and incorrect as in actual fact he has been out injured for nearly 2 months. It has nothing to do with gender though, I've never liked Michael Owen as as a commentator and Troy Deeney had a bit of a nightmare on Soccer Saturday a few weeks back but then again like the Carney last night these people don't have the years and years of experience that the others do. Least favourite has to be Jonathon Pearce though. Never forget his meltdown over goal line technology during the 2014 WC.
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    One of the other main criteria was 350million per week for the NHS, not joining the imaginary EU army (which 4 years later is still imaginary), and not having 70 million Turkish migrants flooding the country (which 4 years later Turkey is still a million miles from joining the EU and doesn't even want to, a policy it has pursued for at least 6 or 7 years now).... so we'll call it quits on that fornt shall we? You don't want to leave, why can't you just admit it. You knew what you were voting for, leaving by any means necessary, and now you have the chance to back it, you're running scared and making excuses why we shouldn't. Entertaining as it is, it seems a trifle spineless to me that a proud patriot such as yourself would be so adamant about blocking the will of the people and refusing to leave the EU....
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    That’s not your point though is it? The thread is called “women commentators on men’s football”, you made it about the commentators being women. If that’s not what you want to draw attention to, then call it “poor commentators on football”. And please don’t use the word “lady” when you mean woman unless you always call men “gentlemen”. Nuff said P.S. That is my favourite piece of video from last season without question. Absolutely superb.
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    Couldn't give a shoite if the commentator is m or f as long as they dont hype and tell it like it is.
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    I have some photos available if required.
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    Thank you, that’s my point, as I said there’s a lot of superbly talented lady pundits who are great on tv and commentary, but it’s hard to listen to poor commentators who ruin the pleasure of watching the game through just talking for the sake of it! The same for men too.
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    This is how I will remember Big Dunc. I was there that day. What a miserable match , but what a legend. A sad end to a wonderful sporting life. Closure for the family. Rest in peace now.
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    Either 30 or 31 February is guaranteed Brexit Day
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    Just a quick update. From the notes I have seen from the other ones probably not a huge amount to add but the main suggestions were Any cost - direct debit If lots of people in one house buy overall cost capped ie a family discount Season ticket holder starting points to be 150 ish instead of 1000 System made simpler re quees online It was confirmed that there will be no changing the system where if somebody turns up with 40 memberships that one person can carry on buying all those tickets. It was also confirmed that we had bought the land outside the City Stand and Barclay. This for the first time ever allows officially stadium expansion once the roads are adopted. We were told anyone who had previously said they could expand the stadium ( the land was bought 3 weeks ago ) was not being completely honest with us. The club now have the deeds, but I reckon if it ever happens it will be on the Jerrold as they spoke of relocating the car park.
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    Of course we count Luton
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    This is so sad and feels like losing one of your own family not just the football family we all love. He once told me that he was only ever carried off once in his career and that was shoulder high. He also admitted he was not a good footballer but would stop anyone who was. Sunday will be an emotional day for everyone that were fortunate enough to know the man or who saw him play.
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    Lol Morgan signed Big Dunc from Colchester at a time when Mid-table Div 2 (Champs) and a cup run was the best we did. By the time he hung up his boots we'd had 8 seasons's in the top flight and 2 Wembley cup finals. Duncan Forbes was a massive part of that success. I'd say the modern era would not have happened without him. So many memories from those years but not just the football. He was a big part of the community around the club. When my son Duncan was a baby he used to say "hello Little Dunc, I'm big Dunc". On away trips he'd order a crocodile sandwich "and make it snappy". He sadly spent the last years of his life stricken by alzheimer's. So sad and so unfair. Duncan's wife Janette came to our Still On The Ball group in the summer and shared some great memories and of course a few of those jokes. A Scotsman's favourite dessert? Tartan custard... RIP Big Dunc and thanks for everything.
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    PUPS! Kiwi here and guid evenin' again from Glasgae Toon. Love, buckfast, roll and square and dancin' all round. Nutty thanks again you daftie, you bampot for running this hing. How you do it I don't know and also good luck Michael Bailey in your Norwich picks. Right nae messin' this wkend so lets hae yer best efforts tae git in the cash fur the weans and wee stoatin adults wha need oor help. I want as many picks as possible. Risky ones, safe ones and if something is already picked and if you think its a good shout say so, but pick something else. Of course though your pick is your own and life is fast paced. Finally since pledges make PUPS I'll repeat my goals pledge. £1 for every goal in the 4 Scottish Leagues and Scottish Cup this Fri-Sun. The creaking from my scots wallet will be heard on the Richter scale. So let's hope this weekend is a belter. Taps aff and a wee nip if we do.