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    Just a quick update. From the notes I have seen from the other ones probably not a huge amount to add but the main suggestions were Any cost - direct debit If lots of people in one house buy overall cost capped ie a family discount Season ticket holder starting points to be 150 ish instead of 1000 System made simpler re quees online It was confirmed that there will be no changing the system where if somebody turns up with 40 memberships that one person can carry on buying all those tickets. It was also confirmed that we had bought the land outside the City Stand and Barclay. This for the first time ever allows officially stadium expansion once the roads are adopted. We were told anyone who had previously said they could expand the stadium ( the land was bought 3 weeks ago ) was not being completely honest with us. The club now have the deeds, but I reckon if it ever happens it will be on the Jerrold as they spoke of relocating the car park.
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    Bit of a mad one putting Tettey at CB I know I just thought he was an ox on Saturday and mobility wise might suit him better especially as United have a youthfull midfield. TBF I think we could play Tetts in goal and he would still give 110% and probably keep a clean sheet
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    Question for Jimbo How do our owners continually get promoted when the likes of Leeds, Forest, Derby, Birmingham, Ipswich, Sheffield Weds, QPR, Reading, Blackburn, Sunderland etc can't? If they're all bad owners what are the chances we'd get a good one?
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    Yes this is how I see the whole Neil situation too. He was backed by the board as much as he could be, just he and McNally wasted the opportunities given to them. Delia and co didn't decide not to sign a central defender in that summer, nor did they bring in Naismith or Pritchard or Wildschutt.
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    Moy, Swindo, Dock the Boat and Jools have all gone on holiday together. Obviousy in Britain though, they won’t travel to the rest of Europe. I heard Mad Moy wanted to do a spot of fishing before all the fish emigrate to the EU.
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    Incredibly unfair on the frog, but the resemblance is striking...........
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    I agree with that team myself but wonder if we'll see Mclean in. He had a decent performance at Bournemouth, nothing special but more critically perhaps is the fact he won more aerial balls than anyone else, and that includes Amadou in defence. Suppose it depends how we think United will play..
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    Krul Aarons Amadou Godfrey Lewis Tettey Leitner Buendia Stiepermann Cantwell Pukki Cantwell instead of Onel as I don’t think pace will hurt Man U early on with their pacy wing/full backs. Save him for the 60 minute mark when he can scare the s*** out of them. Leitner with Tettey was the combination that propelled us up the championship looking very comfortable in their respected roles. Tettey sits and breaks up play, Leitner creates and starts moves going all over the pitch. Stiepermann back for his aerial ability (plus I don’t think he’s done too much wrong). The rest pick themselves. Harsh on McLean who hasn’t done much wrong and I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him start. It can even be argued with the threat of James, Rashford etc McLean is an added necessity in there as he’s more defensive and better at breaking up play than Leitner. Do we go for it more as we’re at home and therefore go with Leitner (or Vrancic) or continue to be a tad more cautious and shore ourselves up a bit (McLean/Trybull). Thoughts..
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    Interesting list from Shyster (a name from the past), but he obviously hasn’t heard that ‘PurpleCanary’ has finally been outed by City1st not just as ‘a closet Brexiteer’ but apparently as yet another in the dazzling array of Van Wink’s totally fake posters (hence the inverted commas round the name). VW does not get enough credit for not just dreaming up at least half a dozen cod characters but for giving them such different personalities and styles of writing. I mean, it barely seems credible, but plainly it must be, that Mello Yello, with that offbeat zenlike humour, Rock The Boat, fiercely combative to a fault and perhaps beyond, and Len, for whom everything is a conspiracy apart from those that really are, actually are not genuine people but have sprung from VW’s fertile brain. Not to mention photoshopping so brilliant you would swear it was a genuine image. And the genius to realise back as far as 2004 that there would be a Brexit referendum, when no-one was seriously imagining such an event, and so to start creating these characters, even before joining the board as himself! VW invented Mello Yello in 2004, Paul Moy in 2005, and myself in 2007. In fact all the six or so (some posters get occasionally added), completed by Rock The Boat, Bagster and Len, joined before he did in July 2015. Such incredible foresight on his part. I knew City1st would rumble me eventually. The strain of playing the part of a milksop Remainer was showing in my posts. But I suspect VW had my unmasking factored in all along. Find one Fifth Columnist poster, was his logic, and they won’t look for another, for his really deeply hidden secret-Brexiter double-agent. I guess it would be a real firebrand of a pretend-Remainer, but I am stumped as to who that could be.
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    The Almighty Binmen are currently losing 2-0 at home to Rotherham. Peterborough winning so The Town down to 2nd place. Oh the joy
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    Johnson is a proper threat to this country. If he gets his feet firmly under the table then I fear for our future. Not just him, but a lot of the people cheering and backing him are some of the worst examples of our countrymen. And don't get me started on Corbyn and some of the Labour MPs that are letting him off the hook on a regular basis.
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    Not really, probably lining someone up who actually knows whats in the WA, wouldnt want to be making it up as he went along now would he.
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    That is the point you bell end
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    Ah, so now we can add the owners of Blackpool, Coventry, Bolton, Charlton, Middlesbrough, Wigan, Swansea among others who have yet to take advantage of being a relegated club. Gonna need double Duracell before long...
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    Well here’s a bit of good news - and now we know that Tettey can play in front of Godfrey and Amadou on Sunday https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/huge-godfrey-injury-boost-for-canaries-1-6335728
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    I’ve no idea what Kiwi just said but my selections are ipswich to win at Sarfend ncfc v Man U - btts
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    PUPS! Kiwi here and guid evenin' again from Glasgae Toon. Love, buckfast, roll and square and dancin' all round. Nutty thanks again you daftie, you bampot for running this hing. How you do it I don't know and also good luck Michael Bailey in your Norwich picks. Right nae messin' this wkend so lets hae yer best efforts tae git in the cash fur the weans and wee stoatin adults wha need oor help. I want as many picks as possible. Risky ones, safe ones and if something is already picked and if you think its a good shout say so, but pick something else. Of course though your pick is your own and life is fast paced. Finally since pledges make PUPS I'll repeat my goals pledge. £1 for every goal in the 4 Scottish Leagues and Scottish Cup this Fri-Sun. The creaking from my scots wallet will be heard on the Richter scale. So let's hope this weekend is a belter. Taps aff and a wee nip if we do.
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    Don't think so. But remember there's no credit to the owners for returning even in the first season. Back to that list......
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    If we play that game you will run out wayyyyyyy before I do. It would be soooo one sided any decent ref would stop the argument. Pound shop battery against Duracell. I'll match your Bournemouth, Watford Burnley Palace and until recently Stoke (Although as getting back up is so easy surely Stoke will do it this season) with Ipswich, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Reading and Cardiff. Then I'll raise you Derby, Blackburn, Fulham, Birmingham, Forest, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby and Leeds. How much juice have you got left?
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    That wasnt quite the point I was making, my point was that all the other policies wont get much air time if Brexit isnt resolved, it will turn into a one issue election.
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    I know exactly what he is saying, and the intention behind. Shame you don't, and so have to rely upon cheap insults
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    Why don't you actually read the bloody thing and try and understand what he is saying. You are the remain version of Paul Moy at the moment.
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    All have postal votes and live in Peterborough
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    more ill informed old cobblers from our closet brexiteer and since when has MPs voting to have the accepted amount of time to scrutinise a bill been 'an arcane procedure' ? christ, even the farken animals in circus bill was allocated more time than this stop stop posting up lies and maybe let one of your other 'characters' have a go Len perhaps ?
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    Well Parliament is following it’s procedures, and I have thought and said that there is a majority for Brexit among MPS. If the ERG had voted for May’s deal it would have passed too - so the PM’s success, as it is, is uniting the Tories and ex-Tories around a bill they could have voted on before. He just stitched up NI to do it. Like the referendum almost half of the MPs against it of course so not a “mandate majority” at all yet. So now there is the process of reviewing what is actually in the deal and if the media were honest they would point that out, not push “silly billies” stories about MPs can’t make up their minds. There can’t be GE until 2/3 of MP’s vote for it and there won’t be one until Labour is satisfied the PM and his team have no opportunity to bounce the UK into an even harder Brexit.
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    Yes they are looking at lots of ways. The 9 am Monday morning rush was even noted by the club as a pure lottery. I think we have to appreciate that they are going to take away all the ideas from all the meetings and although they openly say they will never please everyone they will look at lots of ideas and then put them back. My view was that how they do that depends on the scheme ie if you are garunteed 2 big games for instance no one will buy a ticket they will apply, should it be ( dare I use the word ) Loyalty based then people will have their window to get them in. They also were going to speak to the people that run the ticket system to see if they can change some of the anomaly’s that exist at present. They were also asked ( which they seemed to take on board ) that once logged in you are given 10 minutes instead of 30 to stop people ringing their mates, but I stress that was a suggestion by fans. A couple of things I probably should have thought to put was ( I am trying to remember these figures ) there are 7551 away premier, 550 standard and roughly the same amount of home premier. There are just under 22000 season ticket holders. I was quite shocked to hear that for most home games between 1500 and 1800 people do not use their seats. It was agreed that the club should ( they also advised this was something already started ) be more active in getting these back into buy back. One suggestion was that you are given £15 for putting your seat into buy back but that is paid into the season ticket holders bank account shortly after the game was played, not next year and that way you also get your money if you don’t renew. Decisions will be made over the coming months, with the heads of fans groups involved. I would hope however that the information fed back by fans at their various meetings will prove more of a basis of their decision. Any points based scheme it was stressed will not involve this seasons away games but based on the 1 or 2 previous championship seasons. Of course ( please don’t let this happen ) should we get relegated this particular problem goes away next year, but of course will hopefully then raise its head again the year after. Hope this all helps as I didn’t just want to repeat the previous threads. The bit about the ground was interesting especially as Ben had responsibilities for Highbury becoming The Emirates. He seemed like he couldn’t wait to find a way to persuade the rest of the board.
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    As we don't have any Guido updates, here's one from the Daily Mash. You could have had Brexit by now if you hadn’t been such d*cks about it BRITAIN’S Remain voters have pointed out that Brexit could have happened ages ago if Brexiters had not been such tw*ts about it. Half the country explained that in 2016 the UK was pretty much resigned to Brexit, the Tories had a majority, and the whole thing could be done and dusted if not for kn*bheads pushing their luck. Tom Booker of Maidenhead said: “You won, yeah? So when are you planning to get over it? “Honestly, three years ago everyone was like ‘Well, that’s it, Brexit.’ Then May laid down all her impossible red lines, then she lost her election, and ever since it’s been like watching a thick bloke trying to argue his way out of a speeding fine. “You could have had it! All you had to do was stay in a customs union and you could have stopped immigration, which was all you cared about anyway. But no. “Nobody had heard of bloody no-deal before last summer but suddenly that was all you wanted and nothing else would do and look where it’s got you. “Now we’re at the point where you’ve got an actual Brexit deal actually passed and the first thing you do is stop everything because you’re not allowed to ram it through in three days. Seriously?” Brexiter Norman Steele said: “It’s not us. It’s everyone else.”
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    This one for me too. McLean hadn't been in great form of late but he did play well against Bournemouth. I also think Leitner looked more comfortable deeper so I'd put him back there and try McLean more advanced.
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    I would have thought that Jaywick (Clacton) would be more suited - as that seems a place that has the same attitude to 'foreigners'. Though it is a bit odd that given how few 'foreigners' they are in the area they some how blame them for their plight. But that's brexiteers for you
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    The Mayor on a recent holiday...
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    He was tried in that position a couple of times in his first season and I think he suffered from the same problem Leitner did against Bournemouth, in that he was often in the wrong position (often too close to Pukki) to make use of his range of passing, and he's not particular dynamic (although more dynamic than Leitner, and less than Stiepi). It's the Mayor for me. He'll fancy it against Man Utd. He gets a crate of Buckfast for every win over a 'big team' - it's what makes him jump so high.
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    Krul Aarons Amadou Godfrey Lewis Tettey Leitner Buendia McLean Cantwell Pukki Would like to see McLean in the 10 role. Technically better than Stieperman, good shot from distance and decent in the air. Hernandez on later, and Trybull to help shore things up if we're ahead.
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    I think its fair to say that us doing pretty much exactly what Sutton suggested and coming away with our first away point on Saturday kind of vindicates what he was saying and also indicates that Farke himself had come to the same conclusion after the Villa game.
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    Only an idiot makes definitive predictions about Brexit but... The only way you will get a Brexit with a customs' union (and perhaps not even then) is if Johnson calls for and gets a general election and the result is either a Labour government or an anti-Tory, anti-Hard Brexit coalition.
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    To avoid being here for Brexit day next week, I am off to Beirut on Tuesday for a holiday. It says something when I would rather be in Beirut than the U.K.
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    Interesting the comments. I think he's spot on. But I doubt it's anything Norwich fans dont already know and hadnt anticipated whilst we were still in the Championship. When we were beginning to think about promotion it became obvious to me that we were going to have a problem this season. Continue to play the way we do and get mercilessly exploited at the back by better teams with better players (Liverpool had demonstrated this after only 28 minutes of our return to this league) or play more conservatively, and have Jamal and Max defend a bit more (something we genuinely dont know how good they are at) whilst also restricting the advantage this gives us in attack, causing us to lose our overloads and our width, making us impotent in attack. Throw in the lack of a top quality DM (Amadou might be that guy but in an act of double punishment we lose his potential impact in a screening/ball-winning role by having him fill in at CB) Didnt see the Bournemouth game, but an uninspiring 0-0 might be exactly what we needed, and a platform to build upon
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    You should be careful Big D before you have an aneurism. Nothing tests the patience more than sifting through the mental drivel of someone who is in the throws of a tantrum. And, once you’ve caught your breath, please post a link to the football club OWNER’S manual where it states that a football club operates for the fans. Okay, let me see if I can make the bread crumbs small enough so you don’t choke before your ‘aha’ moment. First, I really enjoy eating in 2nd & 3rd generation, family run restaurants. The same, if not more so is true with vineyards. And do you know what? The customers (fans of the food and wine) keep going back to eat and drink more. Why? Because they like it. My point being, you’re not making sense when it comes to talking about how a business should be run. Second, it is my understanding that the Premier League and the Football league operate in what is referred to as a ‘capitalism’ system. Do you know what that is, or should I ask Oxford again? I ask because you do that thing that foolish people do when the validity of their logic and talking points are shown to be false; you ignore the new details and continue with your self-reinforcing idiocy. Anyway, capitalism, so, it may come as a shock to you, but in a capitalist society MONEY comes first. Yes, you need fans (customers) but the Delia isn’t going to die broke trying to keep NCFC in the Premier League. Get it? Also, Carrow road is virtually full EVERY week, with a strong traveling support (shout out to you folks), so my guess is Delia is running her business, the way she wants to. AND....NCFC are playing some phenomenally attractive football. We fans (customers) have the choice to spend our money (financial incremental investment for the exchange of goods or services) with the club at the level we are each capable and comfortable with. (At this time I will not break down the dynamics of the emotional and time commitments, since those are different forms of ‘exchange’.) So, fans (customers) CHOOSE to spend their money at NCFC, because they ENJOY it. Get it? No? Okay. So if YOU are not enjoying it... Thus endith the short version. Why only the short version? Because I’ve learned that you can’t explain to stupid. Do you actually think Delia is a charity case? She’s a successful and rich business women who has created something that she is able to pass down to the next generation of her family. If you can’t respect that, then I would hazard a guess that it is in fact you, Big Diddley Squat, that is the socialist at heart. Go on, search your feelings....it’s okay to admit that you have socialist and communist tendencies and to come out of your closet. After all, thou dost seem to protest too much! Go on Little Rocket Man, own it..... The silver lining here is that your arrogance is a beacon to the younger generation of what not to become.
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    The European Parliament's Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt has reacted to this evening's votes. He said: "You're all thinking: another extension. I am thinking: another three weeks listening to Farage."
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    Interesting listening to Ben talk about how playing with the hernia actually feels and effects your game. We often forget as fans that quite often players, particuarly for us this season, and for a lot of players towards the end of the season, are playing with injuries, its bound to affect performance, but often it is something about which we are blissfully unaware.
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    No. But you just assume that under different owners we'd have the same club but more money and do better. There is no basis whatsoever for that. Absolutely nothing but pie in the sky. As I said earlier, most of these investor owners haven't achieved for their clubs what our owners have achieved with ours. Let alone done better.
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    What the heck does that mean? What the heck it means is that last season we had to perform as a self financing club. And we won the league. Meanwhile clubs like QPR, Reading,Stoke, Bristol City all with super rich owners, finished well below us. Others are not as super rich but have very wealthy owners So with only three promoted from the Championship, some supporters were disappointed and may wonder why they have super rich owners if they don't do well. We don't have to. This year is a complete bonus and any criticism is so blindly stupid that it makes me wonder why some bother following the club at all.
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    Fair play to the Ipswich fans.
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