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    As a Remainer, I'm proud to say that Delia is the (joint) owner of my club. If you're not, well you probably don't agree with a lot of what Sheik Mansur and his lot get up to at home, but I doubt you would turn them down if they wanted to buy NCFC. I'm also proud that my club has got to where it is by doing things the right way, investing for the long-term, shopping for talent wisely, contributing to the wider community and playing entertaining football on top of all that.
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    What the heck does that mean? What the heck it means is that last season we had to perform as a self financing club. And we won the league. Meanwhile clubs like QPR, Reading,Stoke, Bristol City all with super rich owners, finished well below us. Others are not as super rich but have very wealthy owners So with only three promoted from the Championship, some supporters were disappointed and may wonder why they have super rich owners if they don't do well. We don't have to. This year is a complete bonus and any criticism is so blindly stupid that it makes me wonder why some bother following the club at all.
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    They were all CC'd in the same emails.
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    Our recent history is littered with big teams having their worst game in years against us. We really are extremely fortunate in that respect.
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    This for me, and only this. One might even say: 'Nuff Said'
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    I don't think agents consider their client's preferences a great deal these days.
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    Yeah but where do facts and logic get you? Sajid “the economic benefits of Brexit are self-evident” Javid is clearly untroubled by them.
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    True Dartho but they're only 6 or 7 injuries away from being in the shoite.
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    Blades have been very good, wont be troubling the rele spots unfortunately
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    Never have I "liked" or " thankyou'd" so many posts on one page of a thread, to save anyone checking I firmly pro Delia. She may occasionally be ridiculed for the ' let's be havin you" tirade , but is also widely admired and respected for her love and unflinching support of and for the Club. She is a figurehead that most football people are aware of, "Norwich City" ....that's Delia isn't it. Despite a few beatings already this season our Club is a stable , progressive, self funded entity, with almost every bit bought and paid for. I wouldn't swap her for anyone other than a younger version of herself....just so she could carry on for longer. As for Tom, let's not knock him until he is in charge and messing up big time, which may never happen. People bandy around expressions like. ' Suffolk socialists' and Nepotism Tom' while at the same time offering no real alternative other than " someone with a shoiteload of money '. ... though who exactly that might be, given that our current books balanced status means that we would cost a fair few quid to buy. No one is getting their hands on our club for a quid and taking on our debt, cos we dont have one. Long may it continue. Once again .....you dont need rich owners if you have a rich Club. I don't really care if we never win the champions league, the premier league or the Europa league, I do care that we are a real Club, with a defined and well trodden pathway from academy to first team, Bolstered by smart recruitment and quality coaching , giving us a Club that can compete and entertain. If this leads, over time, to us being very successful on the pitch as well , then that is all I can ask. If it all fails and in five years time we are in league one or two and in debt to our eyeballs then I will apologise to all , including BV . Untill then, back under your bridge , Troll.
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    I have to say I thought you played very well, and your game plan was excellent, Wilder got that spot on and deserves great credit - I was impressed how solid your boys looked. And I’m sure we’ll also be far better once we have a single fit central defender available - or 4! But for whatever reason, I notice many people seem to be turning a blind eye to a fact that would cripple any side in the league.
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    Well said Lisa Nandy: Why we should vote for the Brexit bill at second reading Lisa Nandy 22nd October, 2019, 8:20 am Three years after the referendum, parliament is as divided as before and the country is more so. My inbox, like that of every MP, is full of people who live just a few streets from each other demanding we either respect or overturn the result of the referendum. We have gone round in circles for three years. If there was ever a moment for political leadership, it is now. It is time to start making some decisions, and if we cannot, to go back to the country and ask them to choose between what are very different paths on offer for Britain. For three years, most of us have clung to our principled positions on Brexit. The ERG want to cut all ties; the Lib Dems want to overturn the result; Labour is divided into people who believe a soft Brexit does less democratic harm, and those who believe a second referendum can be won and that it will do less economic harm. It has taken us through cross-party talks that achieved nothing, and indicative votes in which those on both extremes knocked out every compromise option in the centre. We have failed at every opportunity to take the offer of a soft Brexit, and now we are faced with a country that is divided and furious – and a Tory Party that has united to likely push through a hard Brexit or no deal at all. For so many reasons, not least the real and immediate consequences for the country, we should be forced to look at the facts as they currently are and not what we’d like them to be. That means engaging with the deal in front of us. Not accepting it wholesale, or nodding it through, but scrutinising and debating something real – the legislation that will enact our exit from the EU, which we pledged to uphold in 2016, and 2017 when this parliament was elected, and to work across parliament to see if there is any prospect of agreeing a way forward. I want to ensure our future relationship is on the basis of a customs union because most of our businesses trade with the EU and the current direction of travel will put many out of business altogether. No country has ever done a trade deal with the EU in just 14 months as the government proposes, so we have a responsibility to make sure there is a bridge to our new trading relationship or risk all the consequences of a no deal Brexit later on. I recognise that for some of my colleagues, the only right answer is a second referendum in which Remain wins. But all of this means putting amendments to legislation. If we are to put a deal to the people, we need a deal to put. If a referendum can be won in parliament, there has to be an amendment to allow it. If we can’t, we have to stop clinging to an unobtainable principle on what our perfect outcome might be, sought from a place none of us want to be in. Politics is nothing if not the hard graft of negotiating through difficult choices in the interests of the many. The rest is protest. It’s time all MPs from every party stopped holding out for our perfect outcome and found the route to compromise. We could, as one Labour colleague put it to me, “keep our hands clean”, and stand on the sidelines watching this go through to the detriment of the people we represent. Or we could allow this to be debated at second reading to fight for the vision of the future we want. If we can’t get the numbers, if we can’t win support, if we can’t win our argument in parliament, then we have to take this argument to the country in a general election and put a real alternative to the people. This is the reality of where we are. It’s time we faced it. Lisa Nandy
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    Who's that? Another woman @SwindonCanary nearly left the navy for?
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    Thanks Herman. Just seen that there will be a vote later today. Still seems a little unclear as to whether the timescales can be amended or just that the proposed ones are rejected.
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    Probably the reality that they will never play for their club, so the next best thing. Personally and having played a bit of semi-pro football I'd have loved the chance to play away at Norwich in early rounds of the FA Cup. Would have been a dream come true.
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    oh dear, you are not too bright are you ? the above is just a misrepresentation of how it actually is it also suggests that individual countries can set their own rates.........which rather flies in the face of all the guff you lot bleat about the UK not being independent ps where's Len ?|
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    Looks like the reporting was incorrect, he was scouting players for Blackburn Rovers and AFC Barking.
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    Pete's got a lot to answer for...
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    Cantwell has confounded the critics this year to really push on and has earned international honours for his good work, credit where due. The issue I'm seeing is he does not play well against any intense physical press, which is what teams know to do against us until we get better at dealing with it. Against City, for example, he looked excellent as that game was all about the football; since then he hasn't really impacted games (admittedly neither has most of the team). I think in an ideal world I would be bringing Todd on when we're ahead in games, when the opposition isn't so entrenched. Hernandez to start for me so defences have more to think about than babysitting Pukki.
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    I have always rated Tettey and have never quite understood why some have consistently written him off or criticised his passing. Of course if you play him next to another player who only plays simple passes then its going to leave you a bit lacking in creativity and I think sometimes people have not considered that. If you play Tettey next to the right player then he is generally excellent as he has been whenever he's come into the side this season. Its also absolutely no coincidence that in 2 of the 3 games he has played (and he obviously went off injured at Burnley) we have produced our best defensive displays of the season because, as others have said, he is the one who provides the screen for the defence or is capable of the sort of "professional" foul that stops the opposition midfield having a free run on our defence. Unless and Amadou proves himself a worthy replacement in that position Tettey should (fitness permitting) be starting every game and against the better sides I would play him alongside Trybull to really give us that midfield solidity.
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    Put your political bias to one side, if you can, and ask yourselves if you can disagree in any way with this statement. “Clubs are part of the social fabric that binds us together. They are too important to be left in the hands of bad owners who put their business interests ahead of everything else, marginalise supporters and even put the financial security of clubs at risk.” “Sport must be run in the interests of those who participate in it, follow it and love it, not just for the privileged and wealthy few."
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    Tettey has continually been our best DM including last season. The period of the season between September and Xmas with Tettey and Leitner in midfield was the most impressive for me. We dug our way out of the poor start of the season, many players still working out how to play with each other and in their positions within the team and Tettey was instrumental in keeping it all together. I had numerous ‘debates’ on here about his effectiveness in the team and as good as Trybull has been, he simply doesn’t offer the protection that Tettey does. So disciplined and so focused, there’s no one better at being in the right place at the right time protecting the back 4. A simple ball to Leitner or elsewhere then got us going again. He doesn’t need the fancy tricks or passing range, he does his job superbly and let’s the rest do theirs. He’s also a leader on the pitch, of which we’ve been lacking of late with Krul and Zimmerman out. A faithful servant that should be much more appreciated
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    So underrated and quite bizarrely so as its quite a significant proportion of the fanbase rather than a vocal minority- so quite unusual. Just when you think his age or his knees have caught up with him he comes back and delivers. Not as mobile or technical as a Trybull but for pure defensive reading of the game and interceptions he has been our best option for god knows how many years now.
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    I wish I could have had pain-killing injections in my eyeballs after Villa's 5th goal went in.....