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    Where’s Swindo today? Is he enjoying a coffee with that Instagram model?!
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    I love Tettey so much I had this special cushion commissioned.
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    I expect when she saw his house she was very keen.
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    As a Remainer, I'm proud to say that Delia is the (joint) owner of my club. If you're not, well you probably don't agree with a lot of what Sheik Mansur and his lot get up to at home, but I doubt you would turn them down if they wanted to buy NCFC. I'm also proud that my club has got to where it is by doing things the right way, investing for the long-term, shopping for talent wisely, contributing to the wider community and playing entertaining football on top of all that.
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    What the heck does that mean? What the heck it means is that last season we had to perform as a self financing club. And we won the league. Meanwhile clubs like QPR, Reading,Stoke, Bristol City all with super rich owners, finished well below us. Others are not as super rich but have very wealthy owners So with only three promoted from the Championship, some supporters were disappointed and may wonder why they have super rich owners if they don't do well. We don't have to. This year is a complete bonus and any criticism is so blindly stupid that it makes me wonder why some bother following the club at all.
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    At least he didn’t choose a random hat off the internet and try and pass it off as his own then try to wriggle out of it embarrassingly obviously when caught in a lie
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    Well, well, look who it is. Surprised you're prepared to show your face around here. Or maybe it's not your face...
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    Disrespectful. Russ may have slowed up in his last couple of seasons, but he was a valued member of our team during that golden period - it appears some people have short memories. Never a CB in my opinion anyway, was far better as a RB, and his clear passion for the club was such that he’d have played as a striker had it been called for - he never hid from anything, even when he knew he was in the firing line. There are 100’s, if not 1000’s, of former City players that are instantly forgettable - and Russ certainly isn’t one of them, he may not be a Holt or a Hoolahan, but he played his part with those boys and deserves a little more respect than such stupid comments as your ‘little clap’ remark.
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    Fair play to the Ipswich fans.
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    Firstly, the best 'restricted view' ticket I've ever purchased! Bar Chris Kamara cheesy grin in my peripheral vison, the view was unblemished! In all a thoroughly hard fought and well deserved point. We needed to stop the run of defeats and we did that. We could have won, and were in the ascendency for a good 20 minute spell in the second half. But chances were at a premium and in all honesty I'd have taken a draw if presented at any point during the game, even when on top. The positives; well for me, I thought we defended much better as a unit. Godfrey had Callum Wilson in his pocket up until his injury, at which point Tettey took over and impressively carried on where Godfrey left off. Amadou was very good too, and read the game very well. I also thought Trybull made a big difference when he came on and I'm delighted to see him back. With all the clamour for Leitner to play (myself included) I'm starting to think Trybull maybe the better all round player. But the biggest positive for me was the return of Hernandez. Boy have we missed him. As soon as he got on the pitch he was running at defenders and causing problems. Our game improved almost instantly, he just gives the opposition much more to think about which creates time and space for others. Chapeau Onel. A mention for Buendia too, he grew into the game and clearly enjoyed the extra bit of space afforded to him by Onel's arrival. As for the negatives, I'll keep it brief as to not overshadow an ultimately positive day. Todd Cantwell wasn't at the races. He gave the ball away too often, and didn't offer any threat going forward or protection defensively. For me, he's the one to make way for Hernandez. Leitner was disappointing too. It pains me to say, as really like him. But he looked lost in the more advanced role. Too slow to press, and just looked unsure of what he was being asked to do. He made very little impact on the game. I think his only position is CDM next to a Tettey or Amadou. I'm not sure he works next to Trybull as both tend to want to play similar balls and be the 'quarter back' player. Anyway just thought I'd add some further views on the game. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out with a positive outcome to boot. Also a special mention for the Onel Hernandez song. I think its to the tune of Heartbeat? Yesterday was my first game this season and I can't recall hearing it before. Sounded fantastic though! OTBC.
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    Too much wine makes you steal images from social media platforms and then claim the person in the image was a girl you nearly left the Navy for, in a vain attempt to disprove you were racist? You're a duplicitous liar. You lie about everything. Including your IQ.
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    The fact I climbed off your Mum p*ssed as a fart having given her one of the top ten best days of her life so far would suggest otherwise.
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    After the horror show of the Villa game and our well publicised defensive frailties that's a superb point. When Godfrey went off I thought that a Bournemouth win was inevitable, but in fact we upped our game and looked the team most likely to win it. Massive performances from Amadou and Tettey with Lewis and McLean also very impressive.
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    Grandson has shown me a post which says its the year 2092 and a politician goes to Europe to deliver a letter about extending Brexit. Nobody can remember how this tradition started or what it signifies.
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    I just don't get this "drop Cantwell" thing, one off game is not enough to dislodge him I don't think it is just one game is it. I am chuffed a local lad is playing for us in the EPL but after that glow has subsided I have to be pragmatic enough to try and improve the team and Onel for him gives us an extra dimension. Emi is not doing it consistently either but I genuinely believe he can turn a game more than Todd.
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    Anyone seen the easily triggered snowflake Jools recently? He must be taking a ‘break’
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    It's weird thing to get riled about. At the end of the day, it made the whole occasion all about Norwich, which worked for me. Rather than having someone relevant to Hoolahan's career like Blackpool or Ireland (there is no one else, is there? Livingston? Shelbourne?) you had two teams chock full of City legends. I know they didn't plan for it when it was announced, but with it coinciding with the title parade it worked so much better than having a weak Irish team. As it was, on the day the current squad celebrated with the fans on City Hall and throughout the city centre, we had two sides full of heroes from previous squads. And it gave us the chance to give Ivo Pinto a good send off too. To be honest, the whole day is pushing for the top ten of best days of my life so far.
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    Interesting point actually about the standard the ref has been reffing at. You’ll quite often see a player get a yellow for a fairly innocuous foul, but it’s the third or fourth they’ve committed. It’s that sort of thing which VAR can’t be used for. Man Utd’s goal yesterday was the perfect example of when the on field ref should go and look at the monitor. If he goes over there, sees that and thinks “yes, I saw that earlier and still think it would have been a soft free kick”, then fine. If he goes and says “oh actually, I didn’t realise he’d made contact but can now see he did”, then great. But at the moment you’ve got the upstairs VAR ref guess I g what he on-field ref saw and trying not to make the on-field ref look stupid. Both of those things can be avoided if the on-field ref makes the decision with the aid of an on-screen replay.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH NO. SERIOUSLY? YOU PROVED 2 OF THE 3 IN ONE POST YOU UTTER TWERP. Liar and thick - tick both boxes. Liar, because that it is not "Pearl", it is a model named Ayanna Jordan (semi-famous on instagram). That exact photo is available in her portfolio here https://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/664566/viewall https://www.instagram.com/ayannajordan/?hl=en Thick, because you are clearly too thick to realise that in 2019 you can track anything down online, especially if it is as simple as doing a reverse image search. It took me less than 3 minutes to find out who this really was. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jesus Christ Swindo, good luck digging yourself out of this hole.
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    I wouldn't necessarily read much into that- their players will naturally be up for Liverpool at home more than Norwich away. Hopefully their inconsistent form means a bit of a comedown next week.
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    I think the best thing is the fact their fans were taking the p*ss out of our draw against Bournemouth yesterday. I know, lack of self awareness and that.
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    If you were a neutral or a Cherries fan the 0-0 draw yeaterday was a dirge. If you are simply a Norwich fan it was a triumph against odds, a response to adversity and a heavy defeat and a valuable point with an edge of disappointment not to claim all three. But if you are a purist who understands the nuances of the beautiful game it was a classic moment (they aren't all about goals). The sight of a loyal ageing warrior just back from injury showing such match fitness and stamina. A veteran player taking the armband from a young departing leader and marshaling his troops. A player out of position alongside another still adapting to English football and also out of position and forging a partnership. It was magnificent. Tettey and Amadou roved across the back looking like covering midfielders without back up. Their style and motion added to the drama and the against the odds scenario. Tettey has had some fine moments but this was amongst his greatest and made a forgettable match one to remember. The clean sheet and point are at least as important to our mentality and morale going forwards as the two wins. Necessity might be the mother of invention but she is the grandmother of character.
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    Probably meant he would prefer to be In midfield , as it would give him a much better chance of renewing his love affair with the back of their net. Though my Norwegian is a bit rusty.
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    One of the first things I noticed about Onel was his tracking back, which really made him a step up from the Murphy twins.
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    Big Dudley, sounds like your envy is getting the better of you again. From a book credited to someone called, Oxford...;) Socialism: “A political and economic theory of social organizations which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” Maybe you mean ‘Marxism’ which “is a transitional social state between the overthrow of Capitalism and the realization of Communism.” - again, from the good book of Oxford. So, following your logic, Delia is therefore working to realize a state of Communism? So, working with your fragmented emotional conjecture which has done nothing but demonstrate your lack of understanding in your use of words, Communism means: ”A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.” Please do share how you see this happening at the club....... As for the ‘dictatorship’ aspect of your Dudley drivel, which means, “absolute authority in any sphere”, Delia is the majority shareholder and owns the business, which is something your ego and mind clearly struggles to accept. So, please, before you attempt to bulldoze your tripe into other people’s worlds, just check yourself. Otherwise you do nothing but look a fool. P. S. - I think it’s awesome that Delia & Michael are is a position to create a legacy for her family. Are you able to do that, or do you waist your time and energy moaning about what you don’t have?
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    Oh, so alcohol turns you into a lying fantasist then. What’s your excuse the rest of the time?
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    Pete's got a lot to answer for...
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    or simply you are an habitual liar as pretty much everyone on here will testify to
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    blimey, it's Bluebeard.......the lying lothario of the Pinkun singing with his mates about Pearl (or lack of it would seem)
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    Not good news for you lot when that's the best you've got
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    "To be honest, the whole day is pushing for the top ten of best days of my life so far." So I can take it that you're a tee-totalling virgin then?
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    "Anyone seen the easily triggered snowflake Jools recently? He must be taking a ‘break’" I'm gutted I didn't make it onto his (or Shyster's) list...I must try harder. Apples
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    Always been a Tettey fan and never written him off. Who are these people who did, huh??! Good on him. He continues to do the business for us and although he may not be the prettiest on the eye, his destructive nature is massively important to us in this league as we need a disruptor in midfield. Amadou, once he gets a chance to play DM, may well be an upgrade. But for now Tettey has to play in my opinion.
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    I wouldn't describe them as "headless chickens." But I understand your point to a degree. However, the shear presence of Hernandez and Buendia has defenders thinking well before they get on the ball. The directness of Hernadez actually aids our defensive performance. It's gives the opportunity to get the defence out, and if the ball is lost its usually well up the pitch, in the oppositions full back position, which is of little concern. Quite often it wins a throw in or corner kick. Compare that to Cantwell (two players vying for a starting spot), who often drops deeper, plays more centrally, and looks to play the quick ball rather than hold it up and run at defenders. If Cantwell's quick pass or flick doesn't come off, it more often than not puts the team back under pressure. Emi's similar, but given the choice he starts over Todd. He's the better player, and I just don't like seeing us play both. Have to disagree with your statement on Mo. I thought he looked uncomfortable higher up. He seems to prefer the deeper role with the play in front of him. On Saturday with Mo, Emi, and Todd, we lacked pace and our high press was a yard too slow. I think this was shown by the amount of work Pukki had to do, who was quite often seen between the lines and tracking back. Steipermann and Hernandez with Buendia for me.
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    She retired after significant problems with her irony meter...it was only later that she realised it was just a coincidence meter and she had fundamentally misunderstood the two concepts. Sure it wasn't just to have kids?
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    " Racist. I've proved this before but to put you right this is Pearl an American girl who I nearly left the Navy for " of course you did, mouse brain, with your IQ of 125 and trading on the stock market you are Wiz re-incarnated......................a serial liar and a sad fantasist
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    That's tragic. That is unbelievably pathetic. I'm starting to feel sorry for him.
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    The phrase you should use is not "peanuts" it is "corrupt". It’s such an obvious requirement that as a public office holder you do not award yourself a (no-bid too) contract ... and "I won't make a profit" is also no defense, awarding yourself the contract to avoid usual financial losses because your resort has very few bookings at that time of year is still a financial benefit. I can’t believe you think it’s OK.
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    Liverpool fans won’t be happy with that decision. Salt of the earth people who only want fairness.
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    He touched the man, that doesn't mean its a foul. Origi was clearly looking for it. Referee yards away, I'm more than comfortable the right decision was made.
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    Put your political bias to one side, if you can, and ask yourselves if you can disagree in any way with this statement. “Clubs are part of the social fabric that binds us together. They are too important to be left in the hands of bad owners who put their business interests ahead of everything else, marginalise supporters and even put the financial security of clubs at risk.” “Sport must be run in the interests of those who participate in it, follow it and love it, not just for the privileged and wealthy few."
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    I agree with this. I expected McLean to play in Stieperman's position. Leitner looks better playing deeper.
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    It's a really important topic to all 12,000 of our UK fisherman or 0.018% of the population
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    Oh God, he's started with the fish again.
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    and people still ride bicycles. Some even use pens to write words down on paper ! Sorry to break it to you like this.
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    "Ben Godfrey lasted 50 minutes before departing in a fresh injury scare during Norwich City's 0-0 Premier League draw at Bournemouth Daniel Farke sought to play down fears Ben Godfrey's injury exit at Bournemouth is the latest twist in Norwich City's central defensive curse. But Farke was cautiously optimistic Godfrey will be in his plans for Manchester United's visit to Carrow Road next week. "We have to wait a bit. If I am honest it was a bit too early after the hernia surgery and just one training session," said Farke. "It was worth taking the risk because he was top class in the first half and it was important to have him on the pitch. "Ben was a great leader but after 50 minutes he felt some pain and I hope it was just his body getting a bit tired after the one training session only. "Not a big setback, just a small one. I hope he is available for Manchester United but let's wait at this stage."
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    Okay so this justifies carrying on with Delia, right? Just like Fulham getting relegated justifies spending no money preparing for the EPL. Villa have moved on from Xia and thrashed Norwich 5-1 so that really drives a coach and horses through what you are inferring.
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    Don't remember where I read this, but am pretty sure Webber is a Leeds fan.
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    Don’t. You know what’ll happen.
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