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    Tettey has continually been our best DM including last season. The period of the season between September and Xmas with Tettey and Leitner in midfield was the most impressive for me. We dug our way out of the poor start of the season, many players still working out how to play with each other and in their positions within the team and Tettey was instrumental in keeping it all together. I had numerous ‘debates’ on here about his effectiveness in the team and as good as Trybull has been, he simply doesn’t offer the protection that Tettey does. So disciplined and so focused, there’s no one better at being in the right place at the right time protecting the back 4. A simple ball to Leitner or elsewhere then got us going again. He doesn’t need the fancy tricks or passing range, he does his job superbly and let’s the rest do theirs. He’s also a leader on the pitch, of which we’ve been lacking of late with Krul and Zimmerman out. A faithful servant that should be much more appreciated
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    Firstly, the best 'restricted view' ticket I've ever purchased! Bar Chris Kamara cheesy grin in my peripheral vison, the view was unblemished! In all a thoroughly hard fought and well deserved point. We needed to stop the run of defeats and we did that. We could have won, and were in the ascendency for a good 20 minute spell in the second half. But chances were at a premium and in all honesty I'd have taken a draw if presented at any point during the game, even when on top. The positives; well for me, I thought we defended much better as a unit. Godfrey had Callum Wilson in his pocket up until his injury, at which point Tettey took over and impressively carried on where Godfrey left off. Amadou was very good too, and read the game very well. I also thought Trybull made a big difference when he came on and I'm delighted to see him back. With all the clamour for Leitner to play (myself included) I'm starting to think Trybull maybe the better all round player. But the biggest positive for me was the return of Hernandez. Boy have we missed him. As soon as he got on the pitch he was running at defenders and causing problems. Our game improved almost instantly, he just gives the opposition much more to think about which creates time and space for others. Chapeau Onel. A mention for Buendia too, he grew into the game and clearly enjoyed the extra bit of space afforded to him by Onel's arrival. As for the negatives, I'll keep it brief as to not overshadow an ultimately positive day. Todd Cantwell wasn't at the races. He gave the ball away too often, and didn't offer any threat going forward or protection defensively. For me, he's the one to make way for Hernandez. Leitner was disappointing too. It pains me to say, as really like him. But he looked lost in the more advanced role. Too slow to press, and just looked unsure of what he was being asked to do. He made very little impact on the game. I think his only position is CDM next to a Tettey or Amadou. I'm not sure he works next to Trybull as both tend to want to play similar balls and be the 'quarter back' player. Anyway just thought I'd add some further views on the game. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out with a positive outcome to boot. Also a special mention for the Onel Hernandez song. I think its to the tune of Heartbeat? Yesterday was my first game this season and I can't recall hearing it before. Sounded fantastic though! OTBC.
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    I don't think I've ever looked at the team sheet and thought "Ugh, Tettey". For me he's a name you look for and hope to see.
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    This is what can happen when you don't throw a game away first half but build into it.
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    Every year he gets written off and every year he proves us wrong and has at least one patch of excellent form. I have to admit that I looked at Billing today and thought that he's exactly what we need when we can afford it, or if we can find one like that, but I'm backing Tettey for another year's deal. Even Webber only wanted to give the bloke a year, he's a survivor! It must be 4 years in a row now when Norwich fans have thought he's past his best and he's proven us wrong, if he wasn't so fragile he'd still be one of the first names on the XI every week. He's going to have to be a candidate for legend status and lets just get his Hall of Fame entry over with now!
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    After the horror show of the Villa game and our well publicised defensive frailties that's a superb point. When Godfrey went off I thought that a Bournemouth win was inevitable, but in fact we upped our game and looked the team most likely to win it. Massive performances from Amadou and Tettey with Lewis and McLean also very impressive.
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    No shortage of sour grape pickers apparently
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    Liverpool fans won’t be happy with that decision. Salt of the earth people who only want fairness.
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    I agree with this. I expected McLean to play in Stieperman's position. Leitner looks better playing deeper.
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    Johnson's latest letter ploy does look very very childish. Obviously just for show for the likes of a few on here although totally meaningless waffle. Of course if the letter wasn't fully valid (it is) he would find himself otherwise detained on Monday. I suspect the courts will be asked to labour this point on Monday as well. What will the clown do next ?
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    This. Whenever I or others have suggested that we need to tighten up, there seems to be an underlying assumption from some that it means abandoning the 'project' and playing a more direct game with longer passes and aerial balls into the box. It doesn't.
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    Also shows that being a bit more defensive doesn't mean having to totally throw out our style of play as some seemed to think.
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    Rhino only ever posts to have a pop at other fans and break his '!' key on his keyboard so maybe he had to make some up to get his jollies this week.
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    A clap at half time is more than 99.5% of players get when they leave a club mate, I don't understand this weird cult of personality which surrounds an alright right back just because he was media friendly (liked to get in front of the camera). Yes he was a decent right back for 4 or 5 years and a member of a successful team. When's the game for John Ruddy then? Better players have been quickly forgotten, John Polston did almost 200 games in the top flight for us. Just left the club, got a job and on with his life. Now a personal trainer. When was the last time you heard about him? Not sure I understand why there is an attempt by the club, by the player and a small-subsection of supporters to try and manufacture a club legend out of a pretty mediocre player whose achievements were no greater than a fair few of his teammates and pale into insignificance to almost every player we owned in the early-nineties, like our fantastic back five of Polston, Culverhouse, Newman, Bowen, Gunn. Lets not be cheap and tinpot with legend status and reserve it only for special players should we? We've got half a dozen potential true legends in the side right now, and a side which could go on to equal the greats of the late eighties and early nineties, couldn't give a fig about Russell Martin.
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    If you were a neutral or a Cherries fan the 0-0 draw yeaterday was a dirge. If you are simply a Norwich fan it was a triumph against odds, a response to adversity and a heavy defeat and a valuable point with an edge of disappointment not to claim all three. But if you are a purist who understands the nuances of the beautiful game it was a classic moment (they aren't all about goals). The sight of a loyal ageing warrior just back from injury showing such match fitness and stamina. A veteran player taking the armband from a young departing leader and marshaling his troops. A player out of position alongside another still adapting to English football and also out of position and forging a partnership. It was magnificent. Tettey and Amadou roved across the back looking like covering midfielders without back up. Their style and motion added to the drama and the against the odds scenario. Tettey has had some fine moments but this was amongst his greatest and made a forgettable match one to remember. The clean sheet and point are at least as important to our mentality and morale going forwards as the two wins. Necessity might be the mother of invention but she is the grandmother of character.
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    Interesting thread on this weeks upcoming shenanigans.
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    @paul moy is definitely a false flag Remainer account. It's not possible to have the brain capacity sufficient to sustain a human body and be as utterly thick as he is. Therefore the fact he is actually alive makes his posts impossible to be genuine, since if he was that dense he couldn't breath. He's a die hard Remainer admirably maintaining a thick as sh*t Brexiteer character to help further the idea that Brexit voters are dumb. Let it go moy, it's not necessary; Swindon, RTB, ricardo and VW are doing a good enough job on their own.
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    You're right, six is not enough as they are alphabetically ahead of us .
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    It wasn't a foul. See that's the problem, it's so subjective.
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    As much as I hate Liverpool, the Man U goal shouldn’t have stood. A clear foul in the build up, VAR showed that without question. VAR is good, those implementing and using it are worse than useless
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    Why do they keep on about Corbyn? He isn't PM, probably never will be and has had no part of negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement. But when Swindon, Jools, Moy and Co start losing an argument, they start blaming the, I'll spell it out in caps, OPPOSITION. Of course, the OPPOSITION, in HK are hailed as heroes and the rioters as well. The Catalan Officials are hailed as heroes but are OPPOSED to the Spanish Government. But oppose the Tories and you are a Marxist Looney who is intent on bringing the country down and now apparently trying nationalise football. You chaps need to stop sucking those lead soldiers.
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    This. Also unlike in that situation there isn't anyone else in the club even close to serving nearly as long as Tettey so it's a moot point.
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    Oh God, he's started with the fish again.
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    Actually, not that you have the ability to understand, but there is a clear case to answer - He has clearly tried to undermine the letter requesting an extension which is absolutely an offence and has a clear legal precedent with the Padfield Principle (Padfield vs Minister of Agriculture 1968). I'll make a bet with you. If we leave on October 31st, I will never post on here again in this name or any other. If we don't leave on October 31st, you never post on the pinkun again, under any name or disguise. Put up, or shut up. I suspect you have the same level of balls as your fuhrer and for all your bluster won't accept the bet though as you know he is a coward too.
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    I was more talking about the OP and his inability to read.
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    And the weirdest thing is that this season has seen a raft of changes to protect the QB and limit the contact! Makes you wonder by doing that it’s opened the QB’s to be more prone as they aren’t expecting the tackles?
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    Give him a 2 year contract and a Tetteymonial. But lets not mug him off like we did Hoolahan and make him share it with somebody who isn't eligible for one.
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    Boris has complied with the law by sending the letter but has also made it clear that he does not want an extension. There is therefore no case to answer and meanwhile the clock ticks down to leaving on 31st Oct...... LOL
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    I would agree "absolutely superb" is a bit over the top. Satisfying maybe, good consolidating performance, encouraging, etc etc. We have had a difficult few weeks, but yesterday has put a stop to that, will have restored some confidence and belief and just given us a bit of relief from the onslaught that had we lost could have made the next few matches even harder. So it's all good, players back from injury, a solid performance, a clean sheet and looking forward to the next match.
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    Has proved his worth again and again. As a senior figure at the club his experience and knowhow is invaluable and it is a pleasure to watch him play. He has over the years become more disciplined and better able to read games and know what is needed in any situation. I would credit Farke too in developing him further - and the way he slotted in at CB yesterday was superb.
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    The UK has no influence in the EU One of the "reasons" we voted to leave, if you remember
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    An explanation of what democracy is.
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    Also the Titans absolutely suck so you made a good choice!
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    We are so lucky to have him, especially given our injury situation. I would argue that Trybull is just as fragile but if you play in a position where have to tackle you are bound to get knocks.
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    The Government is a absolute failure, It's not even real, so many have changed sides and been put on the side lines, all without a bye election A FALSE GOVERNMENT !
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    Johnson only cares about himself, just like you that cares f uck all about the UK - you desperately want Brexit as some sort of personal victory, whatever damage it may do to the UK. You’re a rambling, sad little man.
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    Legend for me already. He may be fragile but he's given everything he has to the cause.
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    Re: defence, clearly having Tettey back made a big difference, but the guy doing live updates also suggested that Aarons and Lewis weren’t bombing forward as much as usual; being tighter doesn’t necessarily mean being defensive, it is often small tweaks needed.
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    No more than the usual drunks who can't control themselves and get carried away with the 'excitement' of it all. IHowever it should not be too difficult to identify those responsible, and not only given them a banning order for 10 years, or so and hand them a couple of hundred hours of community service ie doing something useful with their Saturdays rather than behaving like absolute ar seholes. And while there is the concern about setting a precedent I think this is a case where the FA should see the bigger picture and allow this game to be replayed as there doesn't appear to be anyone from either club at fault - and hopefully this will actually set a precedent, line in the sand where such behaviour, and cretins, are dealt with robustly.
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    Unbelievable, John. And in this week of all weeks. Can’t we kick them all out with Brexit...
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    Also shows how much easier it is to be more defensive if you have defensively minded players available to you. Which we didnt have in our recent games. And Farke reiterated that point pretty much every interview...some still didnt get that.
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    Hopefully further evidence today that DF is a quick learner and knows how to make the most out of international breaks. Sounds like the lads took a more 'pragmatic' approach to proceedings today. An important point indeed and the elusive clean sheet, away from home too. Krul, Tettey, Trybull and Onel being available obviously good for confidence, options, experience & flexibility. We do seem to be more effective against the "footballing" teams. Interesting that Srbeny got the nod ahead of Marco too - perhaps Trybull in for Godfrey altered the plan somewhat. Well done to the lads and bring on Manure!
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    Agree wholeheartedly with the OP. Bournemouth didn't play well at all, but Amadou and Tettey in particular were fantastic and dealt with everything. Had Bournemouth had a physical centre forward to challenge them it could've been a different story, but against teams who only have smaller attackers they could be ok until the specialist centre backs return.
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    First away point and first clean sheet - great stuff. There is a little part of me that thinks we could have gone one better - we were the best team 60mins onwards.
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    Totally agree. A confidence enhancing point. Lets just hope Ben Godfrey is back soonest
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    It's almost certainly the best central defensive partnership available to us at the moment........... (hoping Godfrey makes a quick recovery).
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    Agree. And have we stumbled upon our best central defensive partnership?
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