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    Tettey has continually been our best DM including last season. The period of the season between September and Xmas with Tettey and Leitner in midfield was the most impressive for me. We dug our way out of the poor start of the season, many players still working out how to play with each other and in their positions within the team and Tettey was instrumental in keeping it all together. I had numerous ‘debates’ on here about his effectiveness in the team and as good as Trybull has been, he simply doesn’t offer the protection that Tettey does. So disciplined and so focused, there’s no one better at being in the right place at the right time protecting the back 4. A simple ball to Leitner or elsewhere then got us going again. He doesn’t need the fancy tricks or passing range, he does his job superbly and let’s the rest do theirs. He’s also a leader on the pitch, of which we’ve been lacking of late with Krul and Zimmerman out. A faithful servant that should be much more appreciated
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    This is what can happen when you don't throw a game away first half but build into it.
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    Every year he gets written off and every year he proves us wrong and has at least one patch of excellent form. I have to admit that I looked at Billing today and thought that he's exactly what we need when we can afford it, or if we can find one like that, but I'm backing Tettey for another year's deal. Even Webber only wanted to give the bloke a year, he's a survivor! It must be 4 years in a row now when Norwich fans have thought he's past his best and he's proven us wrong, if he wasn't so fragile he'd still be one of the first names on the XI every week. He's going to have to be a candidate for legend status and lets just get his Hall of Fame entry over with now!
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    After the horror show of the Villa game and our well publicised defensive frailties that's a superb point. When Godfrey went off I thought that a Bournemouth win was inevitable, but in fact we upped our game and looked the team most likely to win it. Massive performances from Amadou and Tettey with Lewis and McLean also very impressive.
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    Johnson's latest letter ploy does look very very childish. Obviously just for show for the likes of a few on here although totally meaningless waffle. Of course if the letter wasn't fully valid (it is) he would find himself otherwise detained on Monday. I suspect the courts will be asked to labour this point on Monday as well. What will the clown do next ?
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    This. Whenever I or others have suggested that we need to tighten up, there seems to be an underlying assumption from some that it means abandoning the 'project' and playing a more direct game with longer passes and aerial balls into the box. It doesn't.
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    Also shows that being a bit more defensive doesn't mean having to totally throw out our style of play as some seemed to think.
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    Rhino only ever posts to have a pop at other fans and break his '!' key on his keyboard so maybe he had to make some up to get his jollies this week.
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    An explanation of what democracy is.
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    Also the Titans absolutely suck so you made a good choice!
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    We are so lucky to have him, especially given our injury situation. I would argue that Trybull is just as fragile but if you play in a position where have to tackle you are bound to get knocks.
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    The Government is a absolute failure, It's not even real, so many have changed sides and been put on the side lines, all without a bye election A FALSE GOVERNMENT !
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    Legend for me already. He may be fragile but he's given everything he has to the cause.
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    Re: defence, clearly having Tettey back made a big difference, but the guy doing live updates also suggested that Aarons and Lewis weren’t bombing forward as much as usual; being tighter doesn’t necessarily mean being defensive, it is often small tweaks needed.
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    I sincerely hope you mean kicking the racists out....
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    Unbelievable, John. And in this week of all weeks. Can’t we kick them all out with Brexit...
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    Also shows how much easier it is to be more defensive if you have defensively minded players available to you. Which we didnt have in our recent games. And Farke reiterated that point pretty much every interview...some still didnt get that.
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    Hopefully further evidence today that DF is a quick learner and knows how to make the most out of international breaks. Sounds like the lads took a more 'pragmatic' approach to proceedings today. An important point indeed and the elusive clean sheet, away from home too. Krul, Tettey, Trybull and Onel being available obviously good for confidence, options, experience & flexibility. We do seem to be more effective against the "footballing" teams. Interesting that Srbeny got the nod ahead of Marco too - perhaps Trybull in for Godfrey altered the plan somewhat. Well done to the lads and bring on Manure!
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    First away point and first clean sheet - great stuff. There is a little part of me that thinks we could have gone one better - we were the best team 60mins onwards.
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    Totally agree. A confidence enhancing point. Lets just hope Ben Godfrey is back soonest
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    It's almost certainly the best central defensive partnership available to us at the moment........... (hoping Godfrey makes a quick recovery).
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    Agree. And have we stumbled upon our best central defensive partnership?
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    Lose a few games and unsurprisingly we are back to the circle of bollox argument which goes thus; 1. Lose some games. 2. Sack owners. 3. Fire manager. 4. Sell all the players. Start all over again but spend a lot more money than everybody else. A reasonably bright nine year old who knows something about the club and about football history could quite easily pick these arguments apart. I don’t know why any adults would be making them -unless they are binners
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    Sorry but do not think that Hanley or klose are good enough or fit enough for this division. Hanley was not played last season.. with our better scouting network and the added money from promotion, it is not unreasonable to expect us to strengthen an area we were weak at last season. Other teams seem to achieve it..