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    After the horror show of the Villa game and our well publicised defensive frailties that's a superb point. When Godfrey went off I thought that a Bournemouth win was inevitable, but in fact we upped our game and looked the team most likely to win it. Massive performances from Amadou and Tettey with Lewis and McLean also very impressive.
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    ..........Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the last person left on planet earth who actually believes the Daily Express.
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    Rhino only ever posts to have a pop at other fans and break his '!' key on his keyboard so maybe he had to make some up to get his jollies this week.
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    Donald Tusk‏Verified account @eucopresident FollowFollow @eucopresident More The extension request has just arrived. I will now start consulting EU leaders on how to react. #Brexit Precisely 28 minutes from your post they were waiting.
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    "Ben Godfrey lasted 50 minutes before departing in a fresh injury scare during Norwich City's 0-0 Premier League draw at Bournemouth Daniel Farke sought to play down fears Ben Godfrey's injury exit at Bournemouth is the latest twist in Norwich City's central defensive curse. But Farke was cautiously optimistic Godfrey will be in his plans for Manchester United's visit to Carrow Road next week. "We have to wait a bit. If I am honest it was a bit too early after the hernia surgery and just one training session," said Farke. "It was worth taking the risk because he was top class in the first half and it was important to have him on the pitch. "Ben was a great leader but after 50 minutes he felt some pain and I hope it was just his body getting a bit tired after the one training session only. "Not a big setback, just a small one. I hope he is available for Manchester United but let's wait at this stage."
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    This is what can happen when you don't throw a game away first half but build into it.
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    Working fine and great picture http://www.hulkstreams.com/livestreamhd/football/england-premier-league/bournemouth-vs-norwich/20191019/1/
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    This looks promising: https://www.strikeout.nu/afc-bournemouth-vs-norwich-city-stream-1
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    Last time I did that, I got half the set back and they all had teeth marks and bits missing.
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    Evening standard reports Delia put some money towards hiring coaches to help transport people down to the march today. I hope that a few quid of that came from Mad Moy’s season ticket
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    A point needs to be made I think that Farke may not have joined at all had it not been for the owners reputation of giving managers a pretty generous crack of the whip. Smart people will look at a club's overall ethos before signing up and I think it's fair to say that even if individual decisions have been wrong in hindsight, that overall ethos has been excellent for some time now.
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    On a positive note, gota say the fans have been fantastic today, havent stopped singing all game.
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    Any long clearance is being hoovered up Ake and Cook. We're missing Stieperman's physicality, if not his ability. Emi and Todd need to protect the ball better in tight areas.
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    Might be in a minority but I'm pretty happy with that first half. First game in a while where we don't look like conceding every time we get attacked.
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    Preparations are underway....................
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    At a rather chilly Colney on Friday evening for City Under 23s v WBA were Delia and Michael, Delia’s mum (99?), nephew Tom and wife with baby (6 weeks?) and Mrs Webber with toddler. Delia’s mum sat in the dugout in her wheelchair but unfortunately wasn’t able to inspire the team as we lost 2-4!! How many other club owners are that dedicated?
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    I think we need a little honesty as to what the different factions want. The 'Remainers' or 'Softer Dealers' don't want an election as Corbyn is so useless but really another Ref (on a deal) The 'Leavers' are s**t scared of a 2nd ref but want an election as Corbyn is so useless.
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    It's a real tough one in defence. Do we persist with Amadou who has had a torrid time of it in the last three games and hasn't looked anything like a Premier League centre back? Do we put someone else in there to allow Amadou to move into midfield, and if so, who? Famewo who has never played anywhere near this level before, or a different round peg in a square hole? Had we not had any of our defensive midfielders back, I would've said that we have to push Amadou into his best position. But luckily we have Tettey, so I'd play him and leave Amadou where he is in the hope that he doesn't get bullied by a Wood or Wesley type, which Bournemouth don't really have. I'd bring Tettey in for McLean and Krul for McGovern, and leave it at that. Hernandez will be an exciting weapon from the bench, and Stiepermann is possibly drinking in the last chance saloon with Hernandez back, as he hasn't been at his best and we could easily move Cantwell inside and play Hernandez next week.
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    Every year he gets written off and every year he proves us wrong and has at least one patch of excellent form. I have to admit that I looked at Billing today and thought that he's exactly what we need when we can afford it, or if we can find one like that, but I'm backing Tettey for another year's deal. Even Webber only wanted to give the bloke a year, he's a survivor! It must be 4 years in a row now when Norwich fans have thought he's past his best and he's proven us wrong, if he wasn't so fragile he'd still be one of the first names on the XI every week. He's going to have to be a candidate for legend status and lets just get his Hall of Fame entry over with now!
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    Krul 6.5: Didn't really have a lot to do, and what little he did was very routine. Professional job with minimal fuss. Aarons 7.0: His best performance of the season. Gave precious little away defensively and put Rico in trouble a couple of times at the other end with his dribbling. Amadou 7.5: Much better when he doesn't have a striker bigger than him to deal with. Was in the right place at the right time consistently and dealt with everything he needed to. Maybe the only time Wilson got ahead of him was that near post flick, but that was a quarter chance at best. Godfrey 6.5: Wasn't tested too much during his time on the pitch, but like the rest, was always assured when called upon. Didn't give the Bournemouth attackers a sniff. Lewis 7.0: Solid in defence and nullified Wilson. Little effect going forward today and seemed a little nervous early on but grew in confidence and he did the bread and butter very well. Tettey: 8.0: Man of the match. Was our best player in the first half in midfield where he mopped up everything with plenty of challenges and interceptions, and playing out of position in the second he didn't really put a foot wrong either. He's more crucial now than he's ever been. McLean 6.5: Better from Kenny too today. He was more involved than usual, getting stuck in without the ball and looked neat and tidy on it. A couple of openings with shooting opportunities but didn't convince with them. Buendia 6.0: Was his usual busy self and applied himself as always, but whilst his use of the ball was fine in the build-up, he didn't find anything penetrative. Leitner 6.0: Similar to Buendia in possession: looked good in the build-up with simpler passes but didn't offer anything threatening. Had a decent strike in the second half but missed the target. Cantwell 5.5: Not at his best. Lost possession a few times and didn't look as assured on the ball as his team-mates. Pukki 5.5: Worked hard and received the ball in attack several times, but was usually on the left rather than central. Tried a few shots and final passes but very few worried the Bournemouth defence. Subs: Trybull 6.5: Good game from him today. Shielded the defence well when he came and put his body on the line with the shot that struck him in the head. Looked comfortable in possession too. Hernandez 6.0: A short cameo, but put himself about and troubled Smith with his dribbling, although couldn't find the telling cross. Srbeny N/A.
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    So underrated and quite bizarrely so as its quite a significant proportion of the fanbase rather than a vocal minority- so quite unusual. Just when you think his age or his knees have caught up with him he comes back and delivers. Not as mobile or technical as a Trybull but for pure defensive reading of the game and interceptions he has been our best option for god knows how many years now.
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    even ukip are finished as they have fallen out again - appears they tried to all get in the meeting place at once and ended up all falling out of the phone box together
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    A very useful point today and of course with hindsight slightly disappointed it wasn't three. Most of us must have thought we were goners when Godfrey limped off but for some reason we played better after he was subbed. Hernandez looked as though he'll skin a few players this season. Let's hope he doesn't make too much of a habit of falling down stairs.
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    I'm one of those who always think a point away from home is a great result in this division, but I have to say I feel a little disappointed as I thought Bournemouth were there for the taking today. We certainly did not make the most of the opportunities we had, but given the extra injuries and makeshift centre back pairing today I think we can be proud of the players' performance and the overall result today.
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    Ecstatic, but i did hide behind the sofa for the last few minutes
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    I think 0-0 would have been the last option anyone though would happen. There's no sorrys on this thread. Thanks for having a go, I'm sure we will be luckier on your next time
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    I thought we looked good enough to nick that. A good performance but slightly disappointed with a point.
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    This. Whenever I or others have suggested that we need to tighten up, there seems to be an underlying assumption from some that it means abandoning the 'project' and playing a more direct game with longer passes and aerial balls into the box. It doesn't.
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    Also shows that being a bit more defensive doesn't mean having to totally throw out our style of play as some seemed to think.
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    Hopefully further evidence today that DF is a quick learner and knows how to make the most out of international breaks. Sounds like the lads took a more 'pragmatic' approach to proceedings today. An important point indeed and the elusive clean sheet, away from home too. Krul, Tettey, Trybull and Onel being available obviously good for confidence, options, experience & flexibility. We do seem to be more effective against the "footballing" teams. Interesting that Srbeny got the nod ahead of Marco too - perhaps Trybull in for Godfrey altered the plan somewhat. Well done to the lads and bring on Manure!
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    The cooks lack of investment is really beginning to bite now when will she accept responsibility for this nonsense. Can’t imagine any other premier league club not having a single fit CB what a shambles
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    If that’s the price of an away point with our current problems, I’ll happily pay it.
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    Click on the X - a window will open but if you've got Adblock it will close almost immediately. You'll get several windows openening when you adjust the sound and full screen open but for me they close by themselves. I have had no problems with it at all
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    Emi's been dire again, he just gives the ball away time and time again
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    Nope. Do you have any concept of facts and truth?
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    So MacLean takes the forward role in midfield. He certainly won't be the wide player with that lineup.
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    I'm sure the hypothetical billionaire would've brought his great-uncle too.
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    I was in Westminster at the Brexit party rally. I'm backing No Deal.
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    I don't feel like it is my country anymore. I was at a house party last year. For the first few hours it was brilliant; great music, cold beer, scotch older than most attendees, hot tub, top quality nibbles. Then a load of dribbling, racist, old tw*ts came along, p*ssed in the hot tub, drunk all the nice scotch and cold beer and replaced it with warm ale and cheap blends, stuck the Beatles on loop and plonked some Iceland platters on the table. Then tried to tell me, despite them having an IQ comparable to Jimmy Anderson's batting average, that they're smarter than me because they were born first. Should I stay there on a point of principle or cross the road to a party that's got free cocaine and Nirvana?
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    Eh????? We only play with one centre forward and presumably we've got Drmic and Srebny to cover that position. And we've got Cantwell, Emi, Stiepermann, Hernandez and possibly also McLean and Leitner to cover the other attacking positions. I don't get the fascination some of our fans seem to have with Roberts. I really hope that his spell with us is a resounding success, but so far I've seen nothing from him that suggests he should be playing in front of the others I've mentioned - and more importantly it appears that Farke hasn't either at the moment.
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    I think Tettey should be the choice, alongside a more 'cultured' midfielder (probably Leitner). Tommy T is a great player, but he has still been dribbled past a LOT in the games he's played. Tettey, for me, would provide that much needed ballast in front of the defence. Because we're definitely going to have to play Amadou at CB again. It's a shame, but only option really (don't think Famewo is ready).
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    As I understand it the project (not sure whether it is long-term or perhaps more medium-term) is a kind of two steps forward, one step back progression, in which relegation is factored in as a distinct possibility, but in which, by husbanding our resources (ie PL TV money), we slowly develope the squad so that at some point we can get up and stay up, but without overcommitting ourselves financially.
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    You are only allowed to have a squad of 25 players. You expect injuries but don't know where they will come. We have 3 central defenders with medium to long term injuries - are you suggesting that we should have gone into the season with six? We spent heavily on a reserve keeper are you suggesting that we should also have spent big on a 3rd choice keeper as well? It is not just that we have injuries, but the concentration of where we have them. If instead of 3 centre backs, we had 3 strikers injured would you have argued that we should have started the season with 4 or 5 strikers? Apart from the waste of money, packing a squad full of players that you do not expect to play damages the morale and dynamic of the squad. e.g. Having 5 premiership quality centre backs means that in normal circumstances, three are not getting a game and can become frustrated. It also means that you have less choice in other places as well.
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    Speak for yourself, Delia Smith has overseen numerous relegations. The fact of the matter is, football has moved on from owners with no money.
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    Spot on. This club will never ever progress under her ownership. Unfortunately with a sizeable portion of our yokel fanbase the Z list celebrity cook walks on water.
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