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    Working fine and great picture http://www.hulkstreams.com/livestreamhd/football/england-premier-league/bournemouth-vs-norwich/20191019/1/
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    This looks promising: https://www.strikeout.nu/afc-bournemouth-vs-norwich-city-stream-1
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    Any long clearance is being hoovered up Ake and Cook. We're missing Stieperman's physicality, if not his ability. Emi and Todd need to protect the ball better in tight areas.
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    Might be in a minority but I'm pretty happy with that first half. First game in a while where we don't look like conceding every time we get attacked.
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    Preparations are underway....................
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    At a rather chilly Colney on Friday evening for City Under 23s v WBA were Delia and Michael, Delia’s mum (99?), nephew Tom and wife with baby (6 weeks?) and Mrs Webber with toddler. Delia’s mum sat in the dugout in her wheelchair but unfortunately wasn’t able to inspire the team as we lost 2-4!! How many other club owners are that dedicated?
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    I think we need a little honesty as to what the different factions want. The 'Remainers' or 'Softer Dealers' don't want an election as Corbyn is so useless but really another Ref (on a deal) The 'Leavers' are s**t scared of a 2nd ref but want an election as Corbyn is so useless.
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    It's a real tough one in defence. Do we persist with Amadou who has had a torrid time of it in the last three games and hasn't looked anything like a Premier League centre back? Do we put someone else in there to allow Amadou to move into midfield, and if so, who? Famewo who has never played anywhere near this level before, or a different round peg in a square hole? Had we not had any of our defensive midfielders back, I would've said that we have to push Amadou into his best position. But luckily we have Tettey, so I'd play him and leave Amadou where he is in the hope that he doesn't get bullied by a Wood or Wesley type, which Bournemouth don't really have. I'd bring Tettey in for McLean and Krul for McGovern, and leave it at that. Hernandez will be an exciting weapon from the bench, and Stiepermann is possibly drinking in the last chance saloon with Hernandez back, as he hasn't been at his best and we could easily move Cantwell inside and play Hernandez next week.
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    And that free agent would be? You can't just accuse the club of not plugging the gaps if there isn't anyone out there. That's cheap.
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    Click on the X - a window will open but if you've got Adblock it will close almost immediately. You'll get several windows openening when you adjust the sound and full screen open but for me they close by themselves. I have had no problems with it at all
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    Emi's been dire again, he just gives the ball away time and time again
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    That is true. All viewpoints are to some extent subjective, and that is fine provided the viewpoint is fair-minded. But in this case the OP – and I didn’t know this at the time but it seems clearly so – is not some fair-minded analyst but a polemicist. He is vehemently – one might say virulently – anti-Smith and Jones, and pops up and posts when circumstances are such that he can plausibly attack them, and disappears when things are going well and he would look stupid to do so. And when he can mount an attack it is not fair-minded. He doesn’t put both sides of the argument. It is all loaded one way, with no acknowledgement of the counter-arguments. The general point, which the OP exemplified, is that data are only objective if they are used in a fair-minded way, and that includes using the data for and against a position, because there are almost always two sides to an argument, even if one side clearly is more persuasive. PS. I would instance Jim Smith (there are others) as someone who is balanced and generally acknowleges both sides of an argument, while having a strong view towards one side or other.
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    I was in Westminster at the Brexit party rally. I'm backing No Deal.
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    Eh????? We only play with one centre forward and presumably we've got Drmic and Srebny to cover that position. And we've got Cantwell, Emi, Stiepermann, Hernandez and possibly also McLean and Leitner to cover the other attacking positions. I don't get the fascination some of our fans seem to have with Roberts. I really hope that his spell with us is a resounding success, but so far I've seen nothing from him that suggests he should be playing in front of the others I've mentioned - and more importantly it appears that Farke hasn't either at the moment.
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    As I understand it the project (not sure whether it is long-term or perhaps more medium-term) is a kind of two steps forward, one step back progression, in which relegation is factored in as a distinct possibility, but in which, by husbanding our resources (ie PL TV money), we slowly develope the squad so that at some point we can get up and stay up, but without overcommitting ourselves financially.
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    What happened to “if we go down, so be it. We’ll have broken even, have some money to invest in the foundations of the club and be better placed for another run at promotion and the PL”? One season of success and suddenly it’s “why aren’t we Leicester?” after a few defeats to mid to lower table PREMIER LEAGUE clubs. Webber always said this was a long-term project and we are still over-achieving on that. Big picture guys!
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    But would it have made us any better...? ... and how do you know in advance that they won't be "a Naismith?" FWIW, I suspect that we do have the money to spend 10 to 15 million if the right player becomes available - just buying bodies for the sake of it is pointless.
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    You are only allowed to have a squad of 25 players. You expect injuries but don't know where they will come. We have 3 central defenders with medium to long term injuries - are you suggesting that we should have gone into the season with six? We spent heavily on a reserve keeper are you suggesting that we should also have spent big on a 3rd choice keeper as well? It is not just that we have injuries, but the concentration of where we have them. If instead of 3 centre backs, we had 3 strikers injured would you have argued that we should have started the season with 4 or 5 strikers? Apart from the waste of money, packing a squad full of players that you do not expect to play damages the morale and dynamic of the squad. e.g. Having 5 premiership quality centre backs means that in normal circumstances, three are not getting a game and can become frustrated. It also means that you have less choice in other places as well.
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    The penny will drop with the happy clappers eventually
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    It's actually laughable when people come on here at a bad time and all they can do is lambast the owners. Haven't you got anything original to say?? We have had the best year ever and we are still in the early stages of this season. Get lost if you really are that fickle, or if you are just Ipsh*t supprters on the troll......get a life.
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    Spot on. This club will never ever progress under her ownership. Unfortunately with a sizeable portion of our yokel fanbase the Z list celebrity cook walks on water.