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    Working fine and great picture http://www.hulkstreams.com/livestreamhd/football/england-premier-league/bournemouth-vs-norwich/20191019/1/
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    This looks promising: https://www.strikeout.nu/afc-bournemouth-vs-norwich-city-stream-1
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    Any long clearance is being hoovered up Ake and Cook. We're missing Stieperman's physicality, if not his ability. Emi and Todd need to protect the ball better in tight areas.
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    Might be in a minority but I'm pretty happy with that first half. First game in a while where we don't look like conceding every time we get attacked.
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    Preparations are underway....................
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    At a rather chilly Colney on Friday evening for City Under 23s v WBA were Delia and Michael, Delia’s mum (99?), nephew Tom and wife with baby (6 weeks?) and Mrs Webber with toddler. Delia’s mum sat in the dugout in her wheelchair but unfortunately wasn’t able to inspire the team as we lost 2-4!! How many other club owners are that dedicated?
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    I think we need a little honesty as to what the different factions want. The 'Remainers' or 'Softer Dealers' don't want an election as Corbyn is so useless but really another Ref (on a deal) The 'Leavers' are s**t scared of a 2nd ref but want an election as Corbyn is so useless.
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    It's a real tough one in defence. Do we persist with Amadou who has had a torrid time of it in the last three games and hasn't looked anything like a Premier League centre back? Do we put someone else in there to allow Amadou to move into midfield, and if so, who? Famewo who has never played anywhere near this level before, or a different round peg in a square hole? Had we not had any of our defensive midfielders back, I would've said that we have to push Amadou into his best position. But luckily we have Tettey, so I'd play him and leave Amadou where he is in the hope that he doesn't get bullied by a Wood or Wesley type, which Bournemouth don't really have. I'd bring Tettey in for McLean and Krul for McGovern, and leave it at that. Hernandez will be an exciting weapon from the bench, and Stiepermann is possibly drinking in the last chance saloon with Hernandez back, as he hasn't been at his best and we could easily move Cantwell inside and play Hernandez next week.
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    Maybe we have to accept dire matches rather than giving games away?
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    Nope. Do you have any concept of facts and truth?
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    So MacLean takes the forward role in midfield. He certainly won't be the wide player with that lineup.
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    So in addition to Krul for McGovern, that's Tettey for Stiepermann. A defensive move but one that was needed. Can't complain at that.
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    I'm sure the hypothetical billionaire would've brought his great-uncle too.
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    I was in Westminster at the Brexit party rally. I'm backing No Deal.
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    I don't feel like it is my country anymore. I was at a house party last year. For the first few hours it was brilliant; great music, cold beer, scotch older than most attendees, hot tub, top quality nibbles. Then a load of dribbling, racist, old tw*ts came along, p*ssed in the hot tub, drunk all the nice scotch and cold beer and replaced it with warm ale and cheap blends, stuck the Beatles on loop and plonked some Iceland platters on the table. Then tried to tell me, despite them having an IQ comparable to Jimmy Anderson's batting average, that they're smarter than me because they were born first. Should I stay there on a point of principle or cross the road to a party that's got free cocaine and Nirvana?
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    It's unreal. And there are utter morons on here that cheer this cretinous, deceitful, hypocritical, charlatan c*nt. If I didn't have kids settled in school I think I'd be packing my bags (probably sort my Irish passport out and move there, like most British businesses over the next 12 months). I miss the ability to be patriotic.
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    I think Tettey should be the choice, alongside a more 'cultured' midfielder (probably Leitner). Tommy T is a great player, but he has still been dribbled past a LOT in the games he's played. Tettey, for me, would provide that much needed ballast in front of the defence. Because we're definitely going to have to play Amadou at CB again. It's a shame, but only option really (don't think Famewo is ready).
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    It’s more than just developing the squad, isn’t it? It’s the physical infrastructure, Colney, and Carrow Road too, even eventually the fabled stadium expansion. We’ve already improved Colney, which is something McNally never achieved, despite calling it out as a problem. It’s the quality of our scouting and coaching teams, which means we can attract promising young footballers and “turn them into £20 million players” or whatever Webber said. Maybe even taking a women's team (I always want to say that in a “Tom Baker Blackadder” voice) into the fold. Man City have done something similar quickly and on a bigger scale by throwing money at it. We have to do it by skill and with a bit of luck over a much longer timeframe. Whether that’s medium or long-term depends on how impatient you are I guess. Luckily, Webber seems dedicated to it for the next three years, although I would have thought it will take longer than that to see all the fruits of his work.
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    Speak for yourself, Delia Smith has overseen numerous relegations. The fact of the matter is, football has moved on from owners with no money.
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    please retract your head from your bottom and give constructive reasoning instead of your response
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    Go and watch 1st division football then binners — true Norwich supporters know what’s going on here , and we will stay strong and support regardless!!