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    Sorry, but this “we played youngsters before and that turned out great” argument is simplistic in the extreme. Farke and his team looked at Jamal, Max and Ben and decided for each one the risk of playing them was justified. Maybe they will think Famewo is also worth the risk, but if they don’t play him, it will be because they have used their considerable skill and judgement and decided he isn’t currently up to it.
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    That's probably because the Socialist and the Morning Star don't have enough pictures?.......
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    Not hugely. I've always thought that they were good owners with good intentions but they lack the funds to consistently compete at this sort of level. I think people underestimate just how unique last season was and how difficult it will be to replicate- having your free agent striker score 30 goals and 4 young players step up and become regular first-teamers in one go isn't something you can just do every year. My view is the owners are fine but I'd like them to be more open-minded about what happens after them- just handing the club down to their nephew doesn't sit well with me.
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    Not saying anything new or profound here, but it bears saying once again............................... God, we're lucky to have this guy!
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    A good servant during our first time in the Premiership under Lambert. > https://www.shrewsburytown.com/news/2019/october/morison-announces-retirement-with-ambitions-to-enter-management/
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    I bet Kenny Everett was your favourite comedian and, like you, was about as amusing as chlamydia.
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    We had a collective off day against Villa and of course the injuries had an effect but I do also agree with Sutton that we should have adapted a little in the circumstances. Indeed I think Farke and the players should have adapted during the game once it became clear that they were consistently pressing Leitner and pinching the ball off him (or later in the game Buendia) thus giving them a free run on our penalty area on about a dozen occasions with no challenge going in. They should have adapted and avoided playing the ball into Mo in such dangerous areas or if they were going to do that Kenny needed to drop deeper and at least get some tactical fouls in to break up the play if we lost the ball. I also think its the case (and I don't think this is controversial) that we defended so much better against Man City because we didn't have the ball very much and thus were able to keep our shape better. The full backs were not bombing up the pitch and leaving space and we were generally a more disciplined and a tighter unit. I think that's what Sutton is suggesting we need to do in other games until we are coming out of this injury crisis and I don't disagree with him. I think the thought was very much "Villa at home let's do our thing" and we just went out there and tried to attack with abandon and they were ready for us an caught us out. I accept that the personel available gave us limited options other than to put out that starting line up but you could tell the full backs to sit in a bit and have Mclean playing deeper and just generally try and make it a tight game where you have a chance of sneaking a win or drawn rather than just going out all guns blazing and leaving the defence totally exposed.
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    an interesting report " Price and Pagliara boasted about their links in Belgium, Italy and England and made allegations about the behaviour of other prominent footballing figures such as Steve McLaren, Harry Redknapp and manager Neil Warnock, among others. " https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/oct/17/tommy-wright-former-barnsley-coach-allegedly-took-bribe-court-told and https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7583745/Barnsley-football-coach-two-agents-plotted-bribery-bid-profit-players.html
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    Hi all, apologies to those whose picks I'll miss but here are my (hopefully) super six for the weekend. Many thanks for the all the suggestions received! Juventus vs. Bologna (home win). Frank Lampard's Chelsea vs. Newcastle (home win) Young Boys vs. Neuchatel Xamax (home win) Slavia Prague vs. Pribram (home win) Cowdenbeath vs. Broxburn Athletic (home win) AGF Aarhus vs. Silkeborg (home win) All the best Indy and everyone else this weekend! Apples
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    If think Junker's comments were taken more seriously than they should have been. It was a simple question dodge by Junker as he did not want to get drawn on commenting on the extension when he hadn't consulted any Heads of State or other key players. A simply, "we don't need to talk about that because we have a deal". It's looking increasingly more likely that an extension will be granted, though with any luck there will be a caveat that ensures some sort of meaningful resolution to make certain that it will be the last. And the way I see it, a second referendum is the only outcome that offers certainty, a general election does not.
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    "He earned his spurs from a doctor". A withering put-down for the cowardly, draft dodging Trump.
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    I remember an incident against Fulham at CR, when a "fan", while Steve was running near the sideline, yelled to to him "Steve, you're ****e!", to what he responded by looking back and making a "sod off" kind of gesture... I thought he did not deserve it. I remember him as a not particularly skilled but hard-working player. Best of luck to him.
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    I posted yesterday that if the DUP voted against then Johnson would definitely lose, but I see today the FT and Sky have number-crunching that leaves him only two or four votes short without those 10. It seems that more and more of the ERG have decided they won't vote the way the DUP does anymore. My guess would still be that he will lose, but a lot can happen in 24 hours. My fantasy is that Johnson falls short by one vote, and it turns out to be Theresa May getting her revenge on him and the b*stards of the ERG... To add: The FT guesstimate, for example, has only seven Labour MPs voting for. As keelansgrandad indicates, with rumours of more than double that, it could be the Labour 'rebellion' figure is being underestimated. The usual reasons are that these MPs are afraid of a No-Deal as the only alternative, and/or are falling in line with how their constituents seem to have voted. But there is another calculation, which applies to the ex-Tories as well. Johnson's deal is potentially more economically damaging than May's. Difficult to imagine, but true. However that is pretty much all contained in the political declaration/future trade talks, which are not set in stone. So, the pragmatic temptation goes, avoid the catastrophe of a No-Deal by voting for Johnson's nonsense and then hope the election produces either a Labour or an anti-Tory government to negotiate a much softer post-Brexit deal.
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    You are over reacting I just wanted to know who he wants to join. have a chill pill love
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    I thought he was well disrespected in his time at the club. He was better than many gave him credit for and he did have to compete with crowd favourite Grant Holt
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    Except Jason then gets killed by his rotting boat* falling on top of him. Classical allusions often have a sting in the tail. *Symbolism alert - rotting boat equals the Tory party, the electorate, vengeful ex-wives and/or mistresses...
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    Meanwhile : this smells of being desperate or drunk - "Like Jason in search of the golden fleece, the Prime Minister has overcome the mightiest of obstacles to return with a deal that fulfils the mandate of the referendum vote," writes @Jacob_Rees_Mogg
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    Er........ 650-8=642 not 648. There's a fair chance that a handful of Labour MPs will vote for a deal - and the 21 ex-Tory MPs may vote for a deal too. Most of them voted for May's Withdrawal Agreement.
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    I can guarantee you it won't be as utterly retarded as that nonsense about the EU getting rid of the monarchy, forcing us to take the Euro (though that's a plus in my opinion) and stealing our nukes (though we shouldn't have any anyway). I cannot get my head around how utterly stupid you would have to be to swallow that complete horsesh*t.
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    Jools's new avatar??
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    You have made a very compelling argument for wind power in some of your posts, TL. Combined with greater efficiencies in battery storage, I think you could be onto a winner
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    Tranmere v Southend- home win For our game I’ll go for Amadou to get a yellow card
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    I disagree. Our situation is not comparable to Watford's, where they are blaming all their woes on injury to one player - or ManC come to that, where the loss of one CD was apparently the cause of defeat against us. Emi & Todd may not have been great defensively, but that does not explain the complete shambles that ensued every time Villa attacked. The defence looked completely bewildered, as if nobody had a clue what to do, & I believe that's because we had no Tettey or Trybull to protect them or organise them (& i believe Tettey remains the best player we have for this role) & no Krul to bark instructions to Godfrey & Amadou (LDC reports that he is very vocal in this respect). I repeat we were missing 3 specialist CDs, had no DM available, & a 3rd choice goalie, one who hasn't the ability to play our system (although I don't think he's a bad goalie). All of this made the game simply a bridge too far.
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    Believe Hanley is out for 7-8 weeks ZLF!