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    Thank goodness we can blame Bulgaria for any problems. They have arrived just in time.
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    Ricardo, rock the boat and van wink, shyster says hi , he’ll be back.
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    You missed a decimal point. By the way, I just clicked that link and it doesn't give you your IQ as a result, merely a % of correct answers (100%, thanks for asking). It looks like a data-mining operation, or at least a marketing tool; they make it incredibly easy and tell you you've scored well (you did get 100%, didn't you?!) so that the user thinks, "Wow, I'm actually really clever, maybe I should go for a proper, paid-for Mensa test. But you worked all that out for yourself, didn't you?
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    Looks like only the fiercest of supporters are standing by Trump now...from the Daily Mash. Everyday pr*cks distance themselves from Trump SOME of Britain’s most unbearable pr*cks have confirmed that they find Donald Trump’s level of d*ckishness excessive. Pr*cks who normally rejoice in such qualities as arrogance, bigotry and needless pig-headed aggression have distanced themselves from the US president. Tom Booker, who owns 400 buy-to-let properties and drives a Jaguar with a customised hood ornament, said: “I am a pr*ck. I have a number of blinkered views and am generally hostile towards the underdog in any situation. “However Trump is taking pr*ck behaviour too far, something I never thought was possible. “I’ve always rejoiced in being a pr*ck. Only last week I d*cked a single mum out of her deposit by claiming she had damaged a radiator, but it appears I have my limits.” Advertising executive Norman Steele said: “I’d f*ck anyone over at the drop of a hat, but I don’t want to be lumped in with this guy."
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    A bit hypocritical don't you think??
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    I said it on a different thread, but for Republicans this is a huge step towards achieving their objective of a unified Ireland. Gerry Adams' answer was quite telling when he was asked his opinion on a customs border in the Irish Sea, "We could live with that". It pushes Northern Ireland inexplicably closer to Ireland and further from Great Britain.
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    Welcome Indy. With your funds you can allocate any number of bets from the suggestions of the PUPs and it's not ungiveable to add a few yourself. People tend to allocate £1, £2, or even 50p to bets, but its whatever you want to do really. I've seen 25p and £5 etc. The bets have to be placeable from william hill or bet365
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    that assumes he is even capable of that
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    If the DUP don't come on board then it will fail. If they agree then I imagine the vote would be very close; Too close to call. One factor that could swing the vote Johnson's way would be if the EU makes it plain that it is either this deal or a No-Deal. If there ever was a chance of the EU agreeing to another extension for more talks then the events of the last few days have definitely ended that. An extension now would only be for a general election.
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    I think it might just pass - but only with a referendum added - which I've regarded as inevitable for a year now! Saturday will tell.
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    "For those of you thinking otherwise my IQ is 125 =above average !" It doesn't count if you multiply your original score by 5... Apples
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    Good to see all the Remainers accepting the result and looking at all the positives
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    Apples for a daft bet I’d go with RKC Waalwijk to beat Ajax! I know Ajax have won five on the bounce and Waalwijk have lost five on the bounce but it’s been a funny season here so think an upset could be on the cards! More likely an Ajax win by more than 5 goals! As above like apples please let me have you’re thoughts on the City bets as I’m a total novice!
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    It amazes me that throughout all this it has hardly been mentioned that the DUP is flagrantly ignoring the wishes of the country it claims to represent. Northern Ireland voted to remain although you would never guess it from the antics of the Pro-Brexit DUP!
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    Hi PUPs and many thanks Nutty for that very kind introduction. Here's hoping i can break the curse of the six and earn some cash!!! I'm going to be making my selections early tomorrow afternoon so fire the suggestions in (for my sanity I have a strict "no posting at the weekend" policy)! This week I'll go to Belarus with BATE vs. Gomel (home win). For the City bet I'll go for Leitner to score anytime. Good luck everyone! Apples
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    Hi Nutty, sent you the additional £5 to put towards any bets for this weekends games, good luck.
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    I agreed Neil's time was up a couple of months before we actually parted but hes pretty much proven himself as a good manager. Maybe after a clear out of certain players he'd have been able to progress with us again. Who knows.
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    Oh yeah I agree on quite a lot of this- the people who only post when things are **** aren't worthy of much in the way of respect.
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    I met a nice Czech girl recently, who I thought that I was doing ok with, but it turned out like Slavia Prague she did not concede at home and I, like Pribram did not score away. Slavia Prague v Pribram - Home Win. So naturally my Norwich pick is an own goal to be scored. Odds 6.50
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    Every team has players with pain killing injections or who are not fully fit - Godfrey himself admitted that most of them play with an injury most of the time. The back five weren't actually the main problem against Villa - it was the complete lack of protection which cost us, with no suitable defensive midfielders, no one picking up from the front (including Stiepermann, Pukki and Cantwell) and, to be honest, no strategy to even attempt to defend as a team; this was evidenced when Buendia lost the ball twice in exposed areas and no challenge resulted at all, but had been fairly obvious from about 5 minutes in when Cantwell stopped closing down their right back, and gave Lewis no cover for the rest of the game. Sutton's article is littered with stats and context - how can you say he offers "very, very little"? Unfortunately his article is bang on - we will probably go down unless we address the problem, which is all he is saying, based on all the evidence available. By the way I live near Watford - every single fan down here is blaming their predicament on Troy Deeney's injury absence and is convinced they won't go down. Injuries are just part of everyone's season - we've had all ours at once, but would we really have got anything at Burnley or Palace with a full strength team with the way we played? We were steamrollered by hard, athletic, organised premier league players. I'm fairly confident we will address it though - I don't expect us to play the same system against Bournemouth despite everyone saying we should stick to what we know. This is going to be a tough season because there are no weak teams this year like Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham.
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    What's the difference between making an incorrect early judgement (presumably based on ignorance), and "changing your mind depending on the evidence"? The latter phrase implies that there was no evidence Farke was a quality coach prior to the turnaround last season and he suddenly became a magician overnight, whereas in reality his skills and philosophies have been developed over decades of football experience. Winning the Championship in two seasons would be an achievement for any coach, but factor in the outrageous constraints he was working under in terms of finances and selling key players, and I would suggest that those who could see green shoots of recovery and were prepared to give Farke time are those that were making an evidence-based argument.
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    "Hunter Biden was the son of the Vice President for 8 years—from '08-'16" Surely he's been his son all his life.
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    Those days were different and it's difficult to compare but I think that the feelings I had last season outweighed even the heady days of the 80's and 90's, outstanding though they were. Maybe there is an element of feeling that now is the best time....and in a way that is how it should be - and also this season the win against Man City was as epic as anything we have done in the past...and that was just four games ago. We've had a rough three week spell, no doubt about it, but the teamwork and potential does not just disappear for good after a couple or three bad results. It will return - and imo we will be stronger for those bad results as players come back from injury, spirit is renewed and positivity returns.
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    I did actually, back when I was in school, but as the rule of 3 applies to declared IQ results on the internet (divide the claimed IQ by three to get a more accurate result), I won't be divulging my score. So at least that's one of us who has actually done a Mensa test.