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    Players who try to create will give the ball away more than others. It is the risk of trying to make things happen. There were a few that were certainly avoidable in recent games but if we want him to play in a way where he will provide chances we also have to be prepared for him to lose the ball when doing so.
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    See what I mean - gardens have a user's manual! Just like tech!
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    A flawed referendum question which is why we are still here 3 years later. I'm not so much stating what I want to happen as opposed to what I think will actually happen (although admittedly they are the same thing.) That is that we are on the path to a second referendum where Remain absolutely will be an option.
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    This is my point. Only one of those options is a definitive option. You're once again stacking those who want a deal with those who would leave with no deal which as your own poll just stated is a lowly 20%. If there is a 2nd referendum it wouldn't make the mistake of the last one. It will be remain vs an actual leave proposition (if not 2)
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    Oh Hog, you are naughty... Haha I for one find it absolutely fascinating how some of the high and mighty posters seem to be rather fickle after all. Incredible how (and for whom) opinions change with circumstance. Doesn't stop them giving others grief for having different ones though, does it...? How about that.
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    I get what you're saying re Lakey's change of direction, but we're football fans and it is our right to be completely fickle!
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    Some highlights here: https://hofoot.toclipit.com/player/html/x9cy4OzpKh?popup=yes&autoplay=1
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    Looking at the latest city utube on today’s training session, Todd Cantwell looks like Messi - hopefully he bottles some of it for Saturday!! Good to see Krul, Vrancic and Tettey all in full training. What with Pukki scoring two, I feel the wind changing !!!!
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    In my opinion your analogy doesn't work because in that example you and anyone in that taxi with you will want to head to that same destination, you might disagree one which is the best route but overall you are all in agreement of where that taxi should take you. That can't be said of the 52%. According to the poll Swindon just posted only 20% want no deal? What % of those who want a deal and perhaps voted for Brexit believing they would get one would vote for No deal vs Remain? For me an analogy would be theres a group of 10 at a club who just took a simple binary vote on "Do we leave this club" 6 vote yes and the decision is made. Only then do we realise of those six, three wish to go to another club, 1 (woops) want to go home and the other 2 want to go for food. You're saying that for the original 4 who wished to stay it's tough luck, they were outvoted and now we follow the 3 to the other club. Doesn't work for me.
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    Man City have struggled defensively with only Laporte out. Shocker that a newly promoted team struggles with their RB, LB and 3 CB's all injured at various stages... Not to mention all your holding midfielders being injured alongside...
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    If this is their level of intelligence, I don't we have much to fear. ??? Especially from their grammar which is correct. Mind you, they probably checked it before they printed it.
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    Perversely I'd rather we concede from our attacking players giving the ball away rather than our defenders
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    Often not on this forum. The whole 'oh you thought Farke might not be good when we finished 14th and couldn't score but now we're top of the league you love him so you're fickle!' argument gets made quite a bit. I think being willing to change your mind depending on the evidence is a good thing, quite a few on here seem to disagree...
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    There maybe other more comfortable descriptions than fickle to describe this but open-minded certainly isn't one of them.
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    Todd's ball retention stats are right up near the top, and his distance travelled is usually at the top. Admittedly, he gave the ball away twice in the first 15 mins at Palace, but hardly at all vs Villa. People see what they want to see but the challenge atm is to get the ball to Todd early and in the right positions. We frustratingly failed to do this at Burnley and Palace but hopefully this will improve at Bournemouth.
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    Steptoe and Harold
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    If the DUP scuppers a deal this will have implications for Johnson's election strategy. It will be harder for him to blame the EU when it will be so plainly those 10 MPs who were the problem. No doubt Johnson will still try the tactic, but it will lack the credibility it would otherwise have had.
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    "The man with ice in his veins...."
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    Gardening always seems pretty complicated to me (I don't do it if possible) - I always get things wrong. How do you tell where to prune something or when is the right time to plant something (I know not midwinter). What plant goes in what soil - what soil I have for goodness sake? Which plants need plenty of water and which must be watered sparingly; which need sun or shade. Is this tree normal or sick - there are a million questions that I don't know the answer to - it all seems very technical to me. And that's before I even start to get to grips with the equipment that I have seen people use...
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    Good words from Best For Britain. "Although Brexiters know what they voted for, they are waiting to hear from Johnson to find out what they voted for."
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    After 5 hours they are still available !
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    "Hunter Biden was the son of the Vice President for 8 years—from '08-'16" Surely he's been his son all his life.
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    Great to read through, in particular: " It will test our players, it will test our staff, and it will test our supporters. It’s easy talking about culture, environment, having a great club to be at, we believe in the plan, let’s do it our way, it’s the Norwich way – that’s really easy when you’ve just won the league, really easy. Everyone believes it. It’s now, in these periods – and I think I said this at the end of last season – this will all be tested. It’s now going to be tested and we’ll find out more about people’s characters during this period. We’re lucky that we’ve got people here who will support our players through that because this is a growth period for young players." For me, some supporters wont pass the test. They never do when things get difficult. But this time I do believe the majority will.
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    Didn't you RWNJs do this last election? Invent some crimes, make up some chant and then vote for the most corrupted **** on the planet. And you're dumb enough to fall for it again.