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    Thought this was a new term for 'pant wetters' initially.
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    Ever since Webber came in he's been up front about policy and how the money has been spent. So have Ben Kensell and Zoe Ward.When Stuart Webber talked about previous regimes peeing the PL money up the wall he was specifically talking about the club having nothing to show for it. He took pains to point out that nothing was spent on infrastructure at Colney or indeed at Carrow Road. All three were in favour of the canaries bond seeing the Colney upgrade as too important to wait for and obviously in favour of the way the bond would be paid back. They've all three been honest about spending money on infrastructure in the summer, a far cry from McNally's mantra that every penny had to go to the player budget. (Something we all supported at the time). So we know that the strip of land the other side of Carrow Road was brought. We don't know how much for but that is obviously the first part of looking to spend more on the stadium. So I don't see this changing and certainly not suddenly funding a Naismith if we find ourselves in the bottom three in January. As for the rumour about the 15m player on deadline day, and yes it is an unsubstantiated rumour, but obviously if that deal fell through we couldn't then sign a couple of other players instead.
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    It was probably your mate Waveney.
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    Old Snitchy is not telling the truth yet again. The EU did not come out in support of Spain. It let Spain deal with its own domestic problem as it is a sovereign state. The EU has not come out in support of Scottish independence because it won't interfere in the UK's domestic affairs.
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    more ill informed nonsense from van wink, as the EU did not come out in support of Spain (if only that Catalona is Spain) but instead took the line as " “It’s an internal Spanish matter,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told reporters, a position echoed by French President Emmanuel Macron, who held a private meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on the sidelines of the summit. " Scotland is a seperate country, Catalona is not. And what should be noted is that someone who has filled this forum with guff about the EU being too political and making laws that affect the soveeignty of countries (it doesn't) should be criticesed for ....... err, not doing that. As said, your bleat is nothing more than an ill informed attack on the EU. ps any answer to my point that you posted up a bizarre comment claiming that I no longer held that the UK would eave the EU via 'brexit - something you previously posted up under the log in Van Wink. Getting your log ins muddled up again
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    Unlike you Taigo who no doubt gets wood from just looking at Mary Lou McDonald
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    Maybe all I am doing is trying to empathise with a young man who is trying to be the best football player he can be and who is also having to adapt to living with huge amounts of money and exposure to unsavoury types whose only agenda is to try and catch him out. He will undoubtedly learn how to deal with it, but those that condemn him just on the say so of others are quite probably well wide of the mark.
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    Good idea, means test everyone, it's the only fair way. Anyone with income above the state pension should not qualify for concessions, those below, should. Whatever their age. Same for bus passes and tv licence .
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    Just to tidy up the stats. 24/32 (+1 postponed) winning PUPs (75%). 13 from 21 winning (1 postponed) selections (65%). Most profitable pick was lapps with Bristol Rovers at 1.07. This was enough to see Lapps go top of the profitability league. Kathy still leads the PUPs league with Diesel Doris and Parma her nearest pursuers. PUP Wins Picks Win% Profitability Kathy 10 10 100% 3.52 Diesel Doris 9 10 90% 3.26 Parma 9 10 90% 0.45 Lessingham 5 6 83% 2.34 Lincsy 8 10 80% 3.62 Diane 8 10 80% 1.53 Kiwiscot 8 10 80% 1.33 Cosmic Twin 8 10 80% 0.97 PurpleCanary 8 10 80% 0.89 Hammond1612 8 10 80% 0.79 DJ11 7 9 78% 0.71 Greg 7 9 78% 0.46 Jellytot 6 8 75% 1.2 Splutcho 5 7 71% 2.01 Hector Brockelbank 7 10 70% 2.8 Lake District Canary 7 10 70% 0.08 Graham Humphrey 7 10 70% -0.53 Molly Windley 7 10 70% -0.54 Til1010 7 10 70% -1.18 Feedthewolf 6 9 67% -0.66 LeedsCanary 5 8 63% 4.05 Vazzza 5 8 63% 2.93 Lappinitup 6 10 60% 4.06 GMF 6 10 60% -0.83 Mr Apples 6 10 60% -2.17 SwindonCanary 4 7 57% -0.06 Twidio 4 7 57% -0.91 Crabbycanary 5 9 56% 1.24 Hansterbubble 5 10 50% -2.55 nutty nigel 5 10 50% -2.82 Fenway Frank 4 8 50% 2.05 MMMK 3 6 50% -0.42 KingCanary 3 6 50% -1.23 Mandie Moo 3 6 50% -1.45 First Wazzock 3 6 50% -1.57 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PUP Wins Picks Win% Profitability Lappinitup 6 10 60% 4.06 LeedsCanary 5 8 63% 4.05 Lincsy 8 10 80% 3.62 Kathy 10 10 100% 3.52 Diesel Doris 9 10 90% 3.26 Vazzza 5 8 63% 2.93 Wooster 3 8 38% 2.85 Hector Brockelbank 7 10 70% 2.8 Lessingham 5 6 83% 2.34 Fenway Frank 4 8 50% 2.05 Splutcho 5 7 71% 2.01 Diane 8 10 80% 1.53 Kiwiscot 8 10 80% 1.33 Crabbycanary 5 9 56% 1.24 Jellytot 6 8 75% 1.2 Cosmic Twin 8 10 80% 0.97 PurpleCanary 8 10 80% 0.89 Hammond1612 8 10 80% 0.79 DJ11 7 9 78% 0.71 Greg 7 9 78% 0.46 Parma 9 10 90% 0.45 Lake District Canary 7 10 70% 0.08
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    That's not football.....that's water sports........
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    If it wasnt for us you would still be standing on railway sleepers in the River End with someone pissing down your leg
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    what about older pop stars ? Codger-go-go, Paul Nolonger Young, Bet Shop Men, Idle Billy ....... they could get some kind of discount even Cliff who is now a year off his 80th could sit in with the kids in the family enclose ..................................or perhaps not, on second thoughts
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    Yeah, let's have a "Logan's Run"......Remove them hedonistic and horrid old people (and curtail them passports) - thus eliminating the dystopia that infects our current society.....Youth and exuberance is the honest and only way to a Utopia.....(Via Nandos, Call o' Duty, smartphones, Pizza, trendy lager an' beer, man buns, alexa, childhood obesity, tattoos, holidays abroad, recreational drugs, knife crime, benefits, must have it wannit nows, reality TV, shoit music and other stuff.....etc, etc, etc)....... A future beckons....."Lord of the Flies".......
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    Nice work Administrators, what was contained in one thread and easily ignored or engaged in is now spread all over the board. Would you say that deleting the long running Brexit thread has achieved whatever you though it would?
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    I've not been on here since Thursday...are we now having to resort to guerilla Brexit threads? Apples
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    Everyone knows you’re a racist Swindo
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    Some people still don't get it that along with supporters being the twelfth man, they can also be the opposite and have a negative effect on the team. Most supporters are great and I am sure Webber is right that the majority will keep singing from the same hymn sheet, but we see on here how quick some people are to turn. Supporters can have a positive effect or a negative effect at a match - it is up to each individual to choose how they will be. We are in an incredible period at the club - still getting to grips with the PL and having to do that in a difficult injury situation - but with a club set up that is as good as at any time in our history......just look at the quality around the place, not just in the first team but in the U23's and academy. This is the best time to be a Norwich supporter - if a few people are losing the plot because of two away defeats and a home loss that was made all the worse because of the injury situation, then they have very short memories. It is less than four weeks since one of the most memorable occasions ever at CR. We need gumption, not snowflakery.
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    I didn't know what 'sence' was so assumed it was something different.
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    sence and senceability by Jane Auctin (mine) a novel following the lives of three sisters... Miss Spellin. Miss Informed, Miss Judged and their Wiltshire cousin Miss Inlink. Their tranquil lives are disturbed one day by the appearnce of a distant relative, Johnny. Or 'foreign' Johnny as he becomes known. A family man with numerous offspring whose language is accepted by the sisters but not by their Wiltshire cousin who rails against him and his family even being in the same county. Further unrest follows as the Wiltshire cousin seeks to have the tenancy rules of the estate changed so Mr Grant (Johnny) and his wife Immi can be thrown off the estate. This leads to Mr Grant being accused of theft (stealing jobs) and partaking of heathen practices... namely eating food that has taste to it. After a long and protracted campaign of hate by the Wiltshire cousin, along with other local ne'er do wells the unrest has grown. However the passing of mandatory 1Q tests by a newly elected (more) Liberal government sees the cousin and many others deemed not fit for decent society and so they end their days in Marshalsea Prison, and Mr Grant's extended and hardworking family join him to not only fill the gaps left by those deemed intellectually dimished, but to increase the vibrancy and colour of society.
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    They've been talking about it for a while but I don't think there are any active plans. I get the impression though that if/when Bournemouth get relegated, which will probably happen at some point over the next 5/10 years, they'll probably do a Wigan and slide into obscurity as they aren't actually a very big club.
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    Yeah, pointless trying to cherry pick this away fixture.