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    40 years of the two tone label, I almost want one
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    Great to read through, in particular: " It will test our players, it will test our staff, and it will test our supporters. It’s easy talking about culture, environment, having a great club to be at, we believe in the plan, let’s do it our way, it’s the Norwich way – that’s really easy when you’ve just won the league, really easy. Everyone believes it. It’s now, in these periods – and I think I said this at the end of last season – this will all be tested. It’s now going to be tested and we’ll find out more about people’s characters during this period. We’re lucky that we’ve got people here who will support our players through that because this is a growth period for young players." For me, some supporters wont pass the test. They never do when things get difficult. But this time I do believe the majority will.
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    I like the idea of 40 years of Serious Drinking
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    The amount of time some of you spend checking up on other fans it's a miracle you ever watch any football...
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    Always gotta see it coming
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    a very honest post. a very honest post
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    Get your designs in for 40 yrs of the Farmers Boys or 40yrs of Cathy Dennis.
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    If Waveney bought one would he then become Chubby Checker?
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    And scampi to an idiot
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    It wasn't Finland's day. I'm rooting for Finland to qualify for the Euros for many reasons. A: I don't think they ever did, it would be great to watch Pukki at that level. B: If they qualify from their group, they won't need to play extra playoff matches, so Pukki won't need to leave for more international games C; If they qualify from their group, Hungary steps up one place in the playoff rankings...
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    That is not funny in any way.
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    In fairness that other thread has about 7 replies and including the original post not a single line about Webbers Interview. Agree that it's easy to support the team when all is well and the only things we're worried about is who's gonna nick Farke/Webber/various players off us. It's when times get tough that your supports going to be tested and in football it doesn't matter who you support. It will happen
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    Every post is a wind-up and I'm surprised he still gets so many bites.
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    sence and senceability by Jane Auctin (mine) a novel following the lives of three sisters... Miss Spellin. Miss Informed, Miss Judged and their Wiltshire cousin Miss Inlink. Their tranquil lives are disturbed one day by the appearnce of a distant relative, Johnny. Or 'foreign' Johnny as he becomes known. A family man with numerous offspring whose language is accepted by the sisters but not by their Wiltshire cousin who rails against him and his family even being in the same county. Further unrest follows as the Wiltshire cousin seeks to have the tenancy rules of the estate changed so Mr Grant (Johnny) and his wife Immi can be thrown off the estate. This leads to Mr Grant being accused of theft (stealing jobs) and partaking of heathen practices... namely eating food that has taste to it. After a long and protracted campaign of hate by the Wiltshire cousin, along with other local ne'er do wells the unrest has grown. However the passing of mandatory 1Q tests by a newly elected (more) Liberal government sees the cousin and many others deemed not fit for decent society and so they end their days in Marshalsea Prison, and Mr Grant's extended and hardworking family join him to not only fill the gaps left by those deemed intellectually dimished, but to increase the vibrancy and colour of society.
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    Jeez it’s like Grindr on here...
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    I popped around to my Mum & Dad's the other day, I saw my Dad slumped over the lawnmower sobbing, I asked Mother what was wrong? She said. "Don't worry, he's just going through a rough patch."
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    Someone stole my antidepressants. Whoever it is, I hope they’re happy
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    Sean Connery's agent gives him a call. "Sean, I have a job for you. A few months work but a lot of money. They want you to play the King of the Elves in a new Lord of the Rings TV franchise. Only one thing though, you'll have to learn some Elvish." "Some Elvish?? But I can't shing."
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    I hope you get lots of sweets when you go out trick or treating, but don’t eat too many, and remember that the scary films aren’t real. Have you got a good costume this year?
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    Everyone knows you’re a racist Swindo